Chaos Of Beauty

Chapter 31 — Suddenly Surrounded Under The Starry Night
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Chapter 31: Suddenly Surrounded Under The Starry Night

Drums of war like thunder, sounding horns urging on.

Wild roars deafens the ears as the sound wave hits, Lin Rui En’s stretched straight body, towering like a mountain as he stands before the mountain slope, after seeing the enemy situation, sword-like brows deeply locks together, lips thin like blade. A burst of rustling trees sounds behind him, he turns around, to see the soldiers use heavily thick wood to solidly repair the horse stables as ordered, their actions lacking in their usual neatness, such low morale practically close to panic.

Lin Rui En takes big strides forward, removing his armour, rolling up his sleeves, as he helps himself to the wooden planks on the ground.

“General, such matters are better left for the rest of the brothers to do it.” The lieutenant who has followed Lin Rui En for many years, hurries forward to advise him in slight alarm.

Lin Ru En’s one hand secures the wooden plank to the water feeder area of the stable, his remaining hand occupied with a hammer, strongly beating the nails into place, answering without even turning his head: “Time is running out, everyone come repair the stables.”

The lieutenant is dumbstruck for a moment, before immediately sprinting off to relay orders. The soldiers have only been trained for just over two months, facing such parade of a mighty force surrounding them, they are all absolutely terrified inside, but seeing General Lin so concentrated in repairing the stable, although they don’t understand the reason for this, their hearts still eases down a little, learning from others to ignore the roars completely surrounding them on this mountain, they busy themselves with the task at hand.

“Have everyone gathered here, act swiftly.” Seeing the soldiers complete their work, the stables already fortified with two additional layers, Lin Rui En puts on his armour, whilst loudly giving out orders, another round of thunderous howls sounds from below the slope, one wave louder than the other.

Eight thousand soldiers very quickly forms a square unit in rows, thick shields held in their hands, looking nervous. Lin Rui En’s eyes slowly drifts across their faces, amongst them, there are even those in their teenage years, soldiers that can even be considered children, armours new and bright, as they stand in centre of the team, the rising of snow amongst the northern wind like ice blades slashing past their faces, causing their noses to be frozen red.

Above the mountain slope, the atmosphere is so solemn it leaves people terrified, only the cries rumbling like thunder are ringing in their eyes.

The armoury sound of tidal waves slowly eases up, Lin Rui En walks up towards the edge of the slope, looking at the mobilisation of the Nu Army below, a chilly air diffusing, he turns around, walking back into the square unit, holding up the iron shield, a raise of his hand, such blade-like posture bringing upon a breeze: “Raise the shields.”

The thick shields sways the light of snow into hiding the black gloss, neat lines forming a protective layer above the heads of eight thousand soldiers, and upon Lin Rui En’s gestured command, everyone stoops into squatting positions, looking like the face of a black wall of shields standing in the middle of the mountain slope.

With no light of sun nor moon, heaven and earth in dejection, shooting arrows falling more densely than that of rain showers, hitting the top of the shields, issuing the struggling sounds of heavy metal clashing, sharp, abrupt, like that of the devil dancing on top.

The soldiers hidden under the shield sounds grieving moans, but no one can hear it, under such attack like raging storm, everyone could only pray for survival. Arrows pierces through the gaps, and soldiers falling under the arrows, their blood splattering all over, yet those surrounding them can only adjust their positions immediately, completely filling up the gaps, the sound of raining arrows swallowing everything else up.

Time grows even more absently blank than that of the snow itself, the arrows coming wave after wave, hidden away from the light all day, the soldiers grits their teeth, persistent in holding up the iron shield in hand, occasionally making a switch of hand, what’s more difficult than bearing with the numb pain in their body, is the splattered blood of their fallen comrades, with not even the time to wipe away the bloodstains nor mourn their deaths, they can only wait for the next round of attack, slowly haunted by the shadows of death.

Up to this very moment, did the troops come to understand the intention behind Lin Rui En’s previous orders to solidify the stables, only by protecting the horses, will they have the chance to bet their all on escaping alive, the stables are completely studded in arrows, very dense, not one spot was spared, practically unable to pin point the slightest little slit.

“General, how much longer will we be trapped for? Would Du Cheng send troops over?” Pulling through another round of arrows, the soldier squatted in the front row, pushes the corpses of their comrades to a vacant spot, unable to refrain from asking this, his voice unable to be suppressed.

Knowing the next round of attacks is instantly coming, Lin Rui En turns around, just about to snap at them, but in that very moment he turns, he finds all the soldiers looking towards him with a type of bright and sincere look in their eyes, some soldiers were hit with arrows on their arms and legs, his hands tightly clenches, mournful anticipation to survive actually carried within their agony, blood endlessly oozing out from their wounds.

“Will come……reinforcements from Du Cheng will come when night falls……” That ice cold voice firmly says, Lin Rui En waves his hand in signal of having the soldiers take on defensive positions well. Under the iron shields, several soldiers reveals a smile, just like the only light that can be seen within this darkness.

Face expressionless as he turns around, a look of pain emerges on Lin Rui En’s face. With the doubled weight of such psychological torture, the soldiers’ willpower is already tightened to the highest point……Du Cheng did not even send any news of reinforcement, these words he cannot possibly let out his mouth, no matter what, the defence troops in Du Cheng only adds up to over twenty thousand, Military Advisor will not take the risk in sending troops over, the current situation is everything they must face.

Waiting, only waiting can do, with the Nu army going all out right now, they are impossible to stop, as long as they wait once, once and again, again and again, till they have exhausted their strengths, would they gain the opportune moment to breakout, and before that, he must have the soldiers persevere under the attacks of the Nu army, and not be defeated.

The arm propping up the shield is already slightly numb, Lin Rui En ignores this feeling, silently listening for any movements coming from the front, the palm of his hand oozing with flowing sweat, with full concentration, he prepares to face any unexpected situations.

This one battle, will definitely be the most menacing battle faced in his entire life.

Ear suddenly catching onto the sounds of quiet weeping, without even looking back, he can guess the youngsters has met with such dangers for the first time, thus venting out their fear of death. Heart shaken, his one hand clenches onto the handle of his sword, tightly gritting his teeth, such demeanour much more chilling than that of ice.



Night falls, everything falls into silence, the Nu Army ignites their torches, Lin Rui En overlooks the mountain plains, taking the sight of firelights tightly winding around like a giant python into his eyes, lasting for around more than six hours of attacks, the Nu army also enters a state of temporary rest.

The opportunity has finally come.

Eight thousands young soldiers quietly gets moving within the darkness, pulling the horses out from the stables, organising the weapons they will be armed with, and even pulled out the arrows from all over, adding it to their own arrow quivers, to them, at this very moment, arrows is the most abundant form of weapon they have. Their movements very orderly, despite being in the depths of darkness, they show not even a trace of panic.

Lin Rui En silently watches everyone’s movement, in such pitch black darkness where one cannot even trace the outline of their own hands, he sees every single person’s expressions, looking at those cheeks that still displayed innocence this past noon, already completely covered with the vicissitudes of life, experiencing a situation of life and death, has allowed them to mature into real soldiers, an air of murderous chills flowing in the darkness, spreading across the entire mountain slope.

“General.” The lieutenant runs up to Lin Rui En’s side, handing him a strong bow, a powerful crossbow, taking out a fire lighter from his waist side, a sound of “suo-- ”, lights the front end of the crossbow.

Lending this little lighting, Lin Rui En clearly gets a look of the eight thousand young soldiers standing before the mountain slope, they are already tired, but their current spirits remains high, there are still the corpses of their brothers on the ground, some whose blood not yet dried, they could even smell the faint bloody stench in the air. No one lowers their heads to look, just like how they have already stepped across this obstacle of life and death, lowering the head is a weakness, they are not permitted to live in this scene of the darkest night.

The biting chill weighs heavy, wind like ice blades. Every single soldier steadily looks towards their commander, the lights in their eyes like a torch, brightly shining on.

These eyes are clearly the dark ruthlessness of wicked wolves……thinking this, Lin Rui En faintly raises the corner of his lips, carrying a confident smile, under the encouragement of this smile, the soldiers senses a type of excitement never known to them before, since earlier when Lin Rui En made all early arrangements, having predicted the enemy’s moves, he had already earned their respects like worshipping a heavenly deity, right now, they have even more discovered, that when this cold as iceberg general smiles, turns out he can also be this beautiful.

“Du Cheng still has your elderly fathers, kind-hearted mothers, has your wives and children whom you all dearly miss……want to see them?” Slowly speaking up, Lin Rui En pulls the bow, the string forming a full moon, seeing every solder’s face grow even brighter, he speaks more sharply, “Then live on for me……return to Du Cheng alive.”

Amongst the frosty chills of the “sa” sounding wind, an additional spot of light enters the sky of black ink, piercing through half a mountain of heavy silence, just like a brilliant shooting star falling from the sky. Hitting onto the stable, which had already been piled with flammable straws, in an instant, red light rising everywhere, dying half the sky.

Everyone there knows there is no road they can retreat to, eight thousand people aligned into a team, in a knife-like form, those in the front row holding iron shields, raised to chest level of those sat on horses, following behind were the foot soldiers, tightly arranged into a team, with long handled weapons in hand, even the dark night is filled with such biting chill of murderous intent. The entire team extremely tightly packed, accelerating in speed as they charge downhill. Wanting to take advantage of the enemy whilst they’re unprepared, like a sharp knife piercing into the heart of their camp, cutting off the dot to dots of firelights forming an encirclement, only then would they have the slightest chance of escaping south.

By the time the Nu Army discovers something’s not right, Lin Rui En’s team had already charged up to their faces, the Nu Army lights the torches, their objective obvious, yet the army of eight thousand were like wild wolves amidst the dark night, no trace no tracks, ready to bite with one pounce at any given time, brightly playing along with the darkness, completely unexpected.

The sounds echoing throughout the mountain plains.

This is a battle of the lesser attacking the greater, a rush to kill, not counting what means, not counting life and death, the front row of soldiers rapidly charges forward on horse, charging into the unprepared Nu Army ranks, hacking at anyone they see, the neck, the head, the rupture of muscles and bones, such pitiful cries like the grieving of wild beasts as they scream out, instantly spreads throughout the entire mountain plains, not one person cannot hear it.

This is the exacting of vengeance, a dispute whereby blood must be shed in order to resolve it, it is inevitable, and everyone is giving their all to rip the enemy into shreds, amongst the darkness there are battle flags, only the enemy exists in their eyes.

The eight thousand soldiers floods forward, Lin Rui En riding at the forefront, one hand raises, one blade cuts down, the shine of the long handled sword flashes by, bringing with it a stream of blood, spraying out on the ground, one person throws himself forward, and immediately suffers a neat blow to the neck, head already rolling down with a sound of “gu-lu”, body still holding the posture of rushing forward, the enemy troops thus steps on the bodies of their comrades as they advance forward, so he once again makes another swift swipe of his blade, arms flying out, shrill cries endlessly entering the ears, the entire way forward, they are constantly treading through blood and stepping on corpses as they advance.

The murderous air spreads, chaotically stirring together a brutal battlefield[1], blood splattering all over, staining clothes red, even more so dying the eyes red, everyone has practically lost their senses. Unconsciously waving around those weapons that are capable of killing, striking down the enemy. Sound after sound of unbearable pain and screaming, were a kind of auditory stimuli, arousing the soldiers’ inner cruelty and violence.

Killing became the norm, became the necessity, became the greed……

Should the enemy not die, then the one to die will only be oneself, not one soul is able to stop here, one stop, and they shall forever remain on this land for eternity……

He is a butcher, this is hell……

Executing those around him, Lin Rui En’s heart set on fire, spurring him forward, the blood splattering on his face, no longer holds the original warm and wet feeling, numbing senses grows brutally cruel. The people behind gradually decreases, comrades one by one swallowed up in the merciless hellfire, corpse and bones non-existent, used as a stepping tool by other soldiers.

Corpses littered everywhere……whilst slashing down the enemy, he closely watches the battle situation, Lin Rui En knows he himself is about to lose, even if the battle strategy this time is near perfect, even though he took to all means, even though all soldiers exerted their best of efforts, it is still unable to change the outcome of this battle, the difference in strength really is far too great……

Looking ahead, the area where the firelights forms a circle is already at a very short distance away, further charging across half this mountain valley, then they will be able to escape from the mountain path, heading straight to Du Cheng, with just only this little bit of distance, looking at it right now, it has already become a void dimension, impossible to cross, the end of the road, it seems like the dead end of heroes.

“Ah” Lin Rui En abruptly lets out a tragic cry, one strike of the long handled sword, the entire shoulder along with the arm, is hacked off the enemy before his horse, blood spraying onto his armour, and his battle mount crosses over the body of the dead person.

Up to this very moment, did he only just realised, he himself actually doesn’t want to lose, clearly aware there are no eternal victories on the battlefield, loudly laughing as he advances forth, killing all in his way. Those following him grows less and less, yet the Nu Army seems like a steadily running stream, tide after tide rushing over……

Great…great…great…today, allow him to kill to his heart’s content then, only ceasing upon death.

In this moment of chaos amongst the firelights, he suddenly sees such occasion of fire dropping from the heavens, tumbling down from several nearby hills, the light reflecting across half the sky. And the commotion it caused in the Nu Army is even greater, burning fire falling from the heavens, falling in target of that one tent standing in centre of the Nu Army, the Nu soldiers in complete panic, yelling at the top of their lungs as they run towards that direction.

“General” The lieutenant emits a quaking cry.

“It’s General, it’s General……”

Startled by that shrill scream, from his waist there comes an immensely stinging pain, Lin Rui En turns to look back, a Nu soldier grins at him, those eyes holding seeming satire, seeming ridicule, his long handled sword makes a turn, neatly swiping across the Nu soldier’s neck, that moment happened so fast, that Nu soldier practically didn’t even have the chance to show an expression of shock before falling along with that bloodstained sword.

His waist burning hot like fire, Lin Rui En smiles towards the front, all colours brightly reflected within his pupils, hastily sweeping his eyes across the entire area, he can already make out, the reinforcements are not at all many, that sky-of-fire surprise attack is only able to be used to confuse the enemy, as to why the Nu soldiers are so worried for the area the sky fire fell towards, he needs not to think it over, the current confusion caused by the sky fire can only hold on like a flash in the pan, and they, have actually gotten an additional chance of survival, only by seizing this opportunity, can they hope to charge out of this heavy encirclement.

“Kill--charge out.”

Hearing this sound of command, with not the slightest of hesitation, the soldiers rapidly gathers, legs clamping the horses’ body, they leap forward.

Due to the sudden appearance of sky fire throwing the Nu Army into chaos, this gave Lin Rui En the perfect opportunity. Long handled sword plunging into the chest of the Nu soldier who was blocking his path, the moment the blood sprayed like a blooming flower, he takes on the posture of clearing the way, courageously advancing forward.

The soldiers receives encouragement, within the dark charms of night, only the Nu Army’s hundreds and thousands of torches scatters halos above their heads, these firelight are practically more terrifying than the darkness itself, blurring everyone’s sights and thus impacting everyone’s confidence, amongst the endless killings, they cannot see hope, hands numb, once again raising, blade after blade, striking at the enemy, until fresh blood dyes the entire ground red as it drips.

The enemy one by one falling, their accompanying comrades one by one falling, the soldiers waves their long handled swords like machines, blood trailing down the edge of the blade as it drips, very quickly disappearing into the darkness. A vast expanse of pains and sorrow spreading through the air, in this brutal battlefield[1], they have not even the time to feel the pain, following Lin Ru En as they desperately charge forward with their all. Only that leading figure on the horse, gives them their only hope, even if their beings are swallowed in the chaos, they can still see that figure open up a bloody path with a single blade, he is towering like a mountain, with unwavering firmness, blood splatters flying by his side, the light of blade, the shadow of sword, nothing able to shake him in the slightest, seeing such a scene, the soldiers stood amongst the killings suddenly understands one fact, this cold as ice young general, on battlefields like this, blade by blade, sword by sword, hovering between life and death, colder than that of ice, stronger than that of iron, inheriting the blood of the Lin Clan, guarding the greater half of this country.

The frosty wind biting cold, lifting wave after wave of bloody stench in the air.

The incomparably brutal killings continues on repeat, hearts gradually growing numb, the sound of rumblings endless, difficult to make out whether it is the enemies’ cries, or whether it is one’s own heartbeat, Lin Rui En looks towards that mountain trail, already at a closer distance, as long as they charge past that final round of encirclement, they will be able to escape from this siege, lending the dark night to escape far from danger……

It is but a small amount of distance left……

A sharp whistling sound pierces through the air, shattering the sound of wind, such sound caused by a lightning fast speed that follows behind, Lin Rui En shifts his body to the left with peerless agility, his body makes a sudden move on the horse, the spear that came flying towards him, practically skims past his scalp, a sort of wet warm fluid comes dripping down his face, his body abruptly oozing with cold sweat due to the fright, taking a little peek back, the lieutenant who is closely following behind was just about to call out something, when his body quakes, Lin Rui En sees himself, whole body covered in blood, all that is reflected in the lieutenant’s enlarged pupils, and just like that, the lieutenant’s stick straight body stiffens, overturning as he falls off the warhorse.

The corpse very quickly trampled into pieces by the battle mounts behind……

The Nu Army’s hundreds of thousands troops actually letting an army of a mere eight thousand breakout from their sieging, they are both angry and in panic, eyes personally witnessing Lin Rui En about to breakout from their encirclement, obeying the commander’s orders, they use all their might in throwing their spears towards the direction they are about to breakout the siege, unable to care for how many comrades they are also accidentally harming within the darkness.

Lin Rui En feels everything blur before his eyes, the sharp pain at his waist invading his body, all before his eyes appears to be so unexpected, so strange, the soldiers following behind falling one by one, very quickly disappearing amongst the inferno of all this killing, he raises his hand, sword dancing into a web of blades.

Before him is only this little amount of distance, how is he to possibly resign himself……?

In front, comes another burst of endlessly raining arrows, Lin Rui En is currently making a protective blade barrier, sound of howling cutting through the air, the rain of arrows passes over the Lin Army ranks, shooting towards the Nu Army that are following behind them.

Lin Rui En is stunned, raising his head with difficulty, he looks towards the mountain trail in front.

In one corner of the mountain trail, several torches are lit up, fifty people aligned into a small squad, spread out in form of a crescent moon, hands endlessly shooting out arrows, blocking the pursuing soldiers behind the Lin Army. At the rear end of the troops is a pale figure sat high up on a horse, under the flickering firelight of the torches, long hair like black ink combed up into a bun, appearance like white porcelain, of extraordinary noble elegance.

In that very moment, Lin Rui En was practically suspecting himself of seeing illusions, the sword increasingly heavy in hand, the pain faintly invading the body from his waist, from time to time, the ears catching sounds of people roaring, horses neighing, all of this, seeming to have drifted very far from him.

In a moment of haze, he vaguely sees the mountain valley below Feng Qi Slope, lush green all around, vibrantly intricate flowers like embroidery works, the gurgling sound of water, everything the same as back then, all of this as though it is the scene right before his eyes, is this brutal hell of a battlefield a dream? Or is the person before him a dream?

“General” Amidst the chaos of military forces, he clearly hears the sound of this extremely crystal clear cry, within his eyes, there reflects the image of her anxiously waving her hand, his heart feeling as though a knife came twisting in, gives rise to a throbbing sensation that comes surging up in spirals as it drills into the bottom of his heart.

With soldiers in panic, horses in chaos, such battlefield of wailing and despair, countless faces zooms by before him, there’s enemies, there’s friends, as they flash past his mind, all becomes blurred, growing increasingly distanced and faint until disappearing without a trace, only that waiting figure at the mouth of the path, is so perfectly clear, occupying all of his sight.

His hope for survival suddenly makes an infinite growth, the running warmth in his heart like tidal waves, legs clamping the horse’s torso, he speeds away, right hand armed with a blade, where the hand falls, the light of blood will definitely be seen, displaying such awe-inspiring vigour, he courageously dashes ahead, no longer having the will to die altogether.

Blood red fills the sky……

One man guards the pass, thousands men stands not a chance……

The moment she sees Lin Rui En, Gui Wan suddenly understands the meaning of this phrase. The usually extremely cold and indifferent young general, right now with dishevelled hair, blood leaking all over his face, onto his armour, his clothes, his pants, as though his entire person had been fished out from a pool of blood decoction, not one spot has been spared from bloodstains, with a face of solemnity, chillingly horrifying, such wild way of killing, causing not a single body to be standing within three meters radius from him, not one surrounding soldier did not expose a look of terror, the Nu Army that had always been commonly known as strong and courageous throughout the world, all stands stiff, looking just like they’re seeing a ghost or a monster as they stare at Lin Rui En, avoiding his terrifying madness and brutality, although they are richly experienced in being on the battlefield, their bodies having gone through hundreds of battles, but never have they come across such imposing vigour of ten thousand Buddhas punishing all, crimson red blood, grim expression, invincibly fierce and sharp wielding of the blade--this very scene has been deeply imprinted into the Nu Army’s nightmares.

Even from within the darkness, one can still clearly see the blinding light of the long handled sword, hear the clashing metals of blades, clamouring into the eardrums with a stinging “kuang-si” ring, is this what war is?

The churning in her stomach endless, Gui Wan suppresses the urge to vomit, forcing herself to remain calm, the sweat from her forehead drips down, teeth lightly chattering, yet another sound of heart-wrenching cry drills into the ears, she wanted to instinctively cover her ears, yet her hands were held back by the aching numbness, refusing to listen to instructions as they gently tremble, she wanted to close her eyes, but as though possessed, her eyes are forced to stare straight ahead, her pupils faithfully recording such scene of foul wind and bloody rain.

Such a battlefield of slaughtering.

Tightly gripping onto the reins, Gui Wan forces herself to tolerate the discomfort, watching Lin Rui En charge out that last round of encirclement, a large number of Nu soldiers still following behind his horse, she immediately shouts out: “Release the arrows!” Voice slightly hoarse and unsmooth.

The arrows continuously shooting towards the pursuing Nu Army, under this shielding, the last wave of the Lin Army finally breaks out from the siege, lightning-fast galloping as they head towards Gui Wan’s location. The crescent shaped archer unit immediately disperses, giving way to a form a path, Lin Rui En slightly slows down the horse, looking back, to find the soldiers have already reformed their original crescent moon shape form, pulling out their sabres, an appearance of wanting to put up a desperate fight, such sight makes his heart receive a fright.

Gui Wan had already rode her horse up to his side, her face pale white like paper, grudgingly opening her mouth: “General, they volunteered to do so, should you still not leave, then their good intentions shall be forsaken.” For this rescue mission, she had used fifty people to confuse the enemy, the burning firewood, shooting towards Ye Li’s tent from the top of two hills, right now, another fifty people are to remain behind, those that have been brought here, will all be buried here, she could only feel the astringent bitter pain in her chest, rubbing in a type of desolation that leaves oneself and others filled with grievances.

The mourning within her words goes without saying, Lin Rui En does not hesitate, nor does time allow for him to waste, as he decisively raises the horse whip, along with Gui Wan and the rest of the soldiers, he speeds down the small path heading to Du Cheng.

In heaven’s recording of the fifth year, the first of the second month, Battle of the Jade Governor, the first battle, Lin Rui En with only eight thousand military strength, charges out from the sieging of the Nu Army, this battle being the most dangerous in his entire lifetime, also the most legendary, with generations of people discussing it in great relish. But when escaping, amongst the eight thousand young soldiers, only over thirty remains, the severity of this battle, can be seen in this.

Recorded in the {{Lin Clan Records}}: In heaven’s recording of the fifth year, the second month, the Nu’s main troops of several hundred thousands, invades Du Cheng from the south, entrapping En and a small group within the mountain valley, eight thousand Lin soldiers shocked in terror, the Nu Army launches arrow attacks, En endures such disgrace and stands firm. During the resting Nu soldiers’ time of negligence, with an abrupt rise in revolt, Lin charges forth in advancing, encouraging the soldiers to follow his lead, first cutting off the retreat path himself, in order to raise the army morale, then executing a surprise attack, urgently attacking the Nu’s encirclement. The Lin Army fearless, with outnumbered troops. This battle was a huge uproar, golden drums quaking the skies, streaming blood flying past, En’s sole blade clears the way, in direction of their escape route, beheading all Nu soldiers in his way, the Nu Army greatly alarmed, everyone’s courage running cold, not one general stepping three inches out, not one soldier stepping three steps forward.

Facing a powerful army’s siege, thousands beheads the tigers and wolves, the clattering of a tiger’s courage, does not get better than this, such heroic aspirations, is peerless in this world.

The moment Lin Rui En breaks out from the siege, Nu King Ye Li stands outside the tent watching the soldiers put out the flames, hearing the reporting from the messenger soldier, immediate anger surges up his heart, the Nu Army had entrapped Lin Rui En with a force full of power and grandeur, yet they actually let him charge out of the heavy sieging with a mere eight thousand military strength, the Nu Army’s death and injury count totalling up to more than twenty thousand, “peng” a heavy punch hitting the wooden pillar outside the tent, his face turning sullen, seeming to assess his thoughts, he makes a prompt decision: “Quickly prepare the horses, guarding officers to immediately follow me in pursuit.”

Several generals surrounds him, fighting to speak their words of persuasion first: “Sire, this isn’t right ah, a desperate foe must not be pursued, besides, Du Cheng has already been surrounded, they cannot last another few days……”

One jump onto the great horse, led over by the soldier, Ye Li’s angered face looks towards everyone, a whip in mid-air, shocking the surrounding generals to move out the way, he loudly shouts: “Before daybreak, Lin Rui En must be put to death, definitely cannot allow him to flee back to Du Cheng.”

The Nu King’s personal soldiers--the guarding officers with Ke Zhan as leader, immediately closely follows after the Nu King’s horse, Ye Li hastily commands the deployment of troops in order to completely siege Du Cheng, before leading more than a thousand troops to swiftly pursue Lin Rui En, taking the route from a deep slope of a mountain path, directly rushing to Du Cheng.


Leaves fade, flowers withers, it is originally the bleak winter season, with the morning rays still shallow, light fog filling the air, all appears misty as though covered by a veiled curtain, Gui Wan’s horse smoothly dashes ahead, not a thing from roadsides entering the eyes, sitting through the bumpy ride on the horse, she stares attentively at Lin Rui En, the crease between her brows deepening, the weariness on her jade-like face unable to hide her state of panic.

When Lin Rui En had managed to escape, she had already discovered his body carries countless spots of red, his left shoulder, arms, thighs, all covered with dozens of wounds, big and small, but all of these are not at all fatal, so why does he seem to be withholding some sort of sharp pain, several times he had almost fallen off the horse, could it be……

Not daring to think too much into it, Gui Wan’s heart bursts into feelings of grieving and sorrow, hundreds of feelings swarming into her heart, the three months period, she originally thought it will pass within a blink of an eye, who knew worldly matters would fool around with people, encountering such dangerous situation. To her surprise, she suddenly thinks back to the blizzard in the Capital, the snow drifting all over the skies, he cruelly breaks apart from her hand, the warmth of his fingers coiling around her heart, one touch leading to a heart filled with grievances……gritting her teeth, be it pain, be it sorrows, no matter how tough it gets, she shall still await for news of him.

“General” Seeing Lin Rui En’s body sway, Gui Wan softly calls out, Lou Sheng rides up to him first, seeing Lin Rui En’s eyes turn bleary, face looking wan, greatly startled, he stands stunned, unable to utter a sound.

“It’s nothing.” Forcefully pushing out those two words with incomparable difficulty, Lin Rui En practically exhausted all the energy in him, the piercing pain at his waist depleting his lucid mind, right now, everything before him blurs into white, a scene of haziness, he already gets a great sense that he can no longer push on any further.

Realising the abnormality in the situation, Gui Wan’s heart fiercely tightens, immediately ordering to slow down the speed, before jumping off the horse, Lou Sheng had already stopped Lin Rui En. The soldiers that had just escaped death all became aware of such uneasiness, all dismounting from their horses.

The pacing of her steps extremely heavy, Gui Wan step by step walks up to Lin Rui En’s horse, where he is still sitting in an upright posture, she takes a deep breath, gently calling out: “General……”

This soft melodic voice like the sound of clear running mountain streams, calls backs his wandering mind, turning his head, he looks down at Gui Wan who is watching him from the horse’s side, those reddish eyes, the surfacing of tears, is for him?

Uncertainly extending his quivering hand, seeing the loose hair scattered by the side of her cheeks, he brushes them away, to find that Gui Wan did not avoid him, he actually feels somewhat overjoyed, touching up onto her face, a scarlet red mark is subsequently swept onto her delicate skin, his heart bursting into panic, as he uses his fingers to wipe away the bloodstain, but finds the bloodstain growing bigger and bigger, and only then did he discover his very own pair of hands are completely stained in blood……heart overcome with dejection, he freezes the gesture, when his hand is met with sudden warmth, wet droplets of crystal water has dripped onto his hand, he looks over in surprise, seeing Gui Wan’s lips gently open, seeming to be saying something, yet he is unable hear it clearly, why……

“General, please hold on, we’re immediately about to arrive at Du Cheng, you see, the city walls are already in sight……” Gui Wan’s tone choking back as she speaks, wanting to call back Lin Rui En’s easing consciousness, when she gets no response from him, her heart stings in pain, raising her head to meet his eyes, that type of intrinsic brilliance seems to have already turned faint, face of ice-like indifference has also dissipated, leaving behind what seems to be tenderness……the loving affection she has always seen in Lou Che’s eyes, suddenly appears within Lin Rui En’s orbs, Gui Wan is slightly stunned, the northern winds harshly blows, but her senses has already gone numb, yet the palm of his hands carries its own type of warmth, a bitterly sour feeling rises within her, and she could no longer suppress the tears pouring out her eyes.

Why cry? Lin Rui En’s fingertip catches those teardrops like a string of pearls, even he himself doesn’t know why, at the same time his body gradually grows cold, he still feels so warm in his chest, bursts of warmth spreading from his palm into his heart, causing him to have difficulty in understanding why his heart feels pained, yet also feels traces after traces of happiness.

She shouldn’t be crying……he already broke out from the heavy encirclement did he not? He still needs to protect Du Cheng, as well as her and the greater half of this country, protecting them altogether……under the siege of that powerful army, that type of extreme desire to escape from danger, is just as strong as how much the other soldiers want to return home. Clearly aware that within the Lin Estate, his older sister is no longer there, back home there is no longer anyone to inquire for his wellbeing[2], but he still looks forward to returning……

He was wrong……from beginning to end, he was always in the wrong, he should not have soft-heartedly paid for the bill when they first met, he should not have protected her down to the most thorough consideration at Feng Qi Slope, he should not have been unable to bear her sorrows, bending down to pick up the handkerchief for her……he is wrong to such outrageous extent, even worse that he greedily fell in love with her, loving a woman that does not even belong to him.

How could he have been so foolish? Foolish to the point, that to this very moment, he clearly knows of his own wrongs, yet he still has no regrets, seeing her tears, it is worth it……

Even if he is wrong, it is still worth it……

Such scalding tears, fingers gliding across Gui Wan’s face, Lin Rui En tenderly spreads a blooming smile, he suddenly comes to understand one thing, that day he went to pick up his older sister’s corpse, the meaning behind the smile her face withheld. Sight gradually blurring, a grey shadow looming over, the whole world abruptly loses its glory, as he tries his best to open his eyes, but is unable to exert any strength no matter how much effort he puts in.

Tired, he is too tired……should take his rest now.

His entire lifetime, depleted on horseback, slaughtering countless enemies, with such illustrious military success, he sits high up on the horse, looking down on the world, with his body of flesh and blood, he protects the greater half of the country, his home, his nation, the world. He protected countless families, yet he himself has none, he has no wife, no children, nor does he have any more relatives left in this world, his every blade and sword, his bloodstained battle gear, what has all of this came in exchange for?

He suddenly really wants to live life all over again, if there is this chance, he will not choose to spend his life on horseback, he wants to personally plant some flowers, having nothing better to do but look up at the blue sky, if he is able to meet her again, what else would he want to do for her? Shelter her from the wind and rain, hold up the umbrella for her, accompany her in slowly walking down that little asphalt street, listening to her laughter filled talking.

Hot blood flows out from the wound at his waist, eyelids uncontrollably closing slowly, the world gradually sinking into darkness……

Ears hearing the hurried horse hooves, around a thousand people, he really wants to open his eyes, to personally tell her this. Hot tears escapes from the corner of his eyes, no matter how much he wishes to open his eyes, he no longer has the strength to do so.

He suddenly feels unwilling, originally thought there is nothing for him to hang onto, but only now does he realise, here, there is still someone he is so dearly attached to.

So unwilling……

“General” Such a shrill sound of mournful cry, Gui Wan wants to reach out to support his falling body, but all is in vain, as she personally witnesses Lin Rui En overturn from the horseback, heavily falling into the snow. He carries a faint smile, tears falling from the corner of his eyes, hit with such heart-breaking pain, Gui Wan chokes back her sobs.

His armour that has long been dyed blood red, is glowing black, blood gushing out from his left waist, penetrating the snow, a striking sight of brilliant red.

This cold like frost general, thus abandons the realm of the living, Gui Wan suddenly finds it unacceptable.

What kind of outcome is this considered? She cannot possibly accept this, several times he has saved her from times of crisis, she still owes him so much saving grace, yet to return his favour, yet he gives her no chance……

Wailing cries rising all around, the surrounding soldiers could not refrain from wailing out loud, this person who led them out from that slaughtering hell, has now closed his eyes, their hope, Du Cheng’s hope, instantly collapses.

The northern wind unaware of their sorrows, lowly howling as it passes by, the wind and snow carrying a biting chill, paining her eyes as it scrapes past, half squatting her body, she desperately tries to lift him up, he is a famed general who carried the world, how could he possibly be left fallen here so desolately? He is a hero, and should be enjoying the support of the people as he enters the city, she cannot not let his corpse be exhibited in the wilderness, definitely cannot.

Lou Sheng silently comes forth to help her, having just stepped forward one step, a piercing howl sounds amongst the wind, coming lightning fast, he extends his hand to shield Gui Wan from the front, whilst shouting out: “Careful.”

The sound of tearing muscle so clear, Gui Wan blankly looks towards Lou Sheng, on his arm there is actually an arrow plugged in, blood dripping out, dripping onto Lin Rui En’s battle gear, looking at the position, the arrow seems to be deliberately targeting Lin Rui En. Gui Wan’s body trembles in rage, her heart aching in pain, widening her eyes as she glares towards the sudden arrivals.

It’s her!

Truly, definitely her!

Why would she appear here? That fair face covered in bloodstain, pale blue clothing dyed blood red like plums, just that, that pair of clear orbs that had always contained a faint smile, in this very moment, is colder than that of ice, within the look of dismal, stabbing into him is a deep sense of hatred……

It’s killing intent! Ye Li is thoroughly stunned by such killing intent with not the slightest attempt of covering up, staring ahead dumbfounded, he notices a well-built figure, that man carrying sword scars on his face, protectively standing in front of Gui Wan and Lin Rui En, further taking a closer look at the state of the person lying on the ground, he too is able to guess the truth. The original plans of deployment are shattered by this strange scene before his eyes, and at this moment, he does not know what choice he should make.

The person he has always dreamt of is right before his eyes, and she is actually holding such look of seeing her sworn enemy, as she coldly glares at him, causing him to not dare make a move, he has once dreamt of countless different scenarios of their reunion, but not one is as shocking as the one he faces right now. Abruptly discovering he is holding up the bow and arrow against her, he slowly lowers his hand, the Nu soldiers also puts down their bow and arrows.

Ye Li opens his mouth, wanting to say something, two years filled with all sorts of longing, such love that has already been engraved into his bones, in the past he has thought of thousands of words to say, but all is stuck in his throat when met with her sharp eyes, finding it difficult to utter a sound, he wants to take a step forward, but finds that even this is of great difficulty.

Only now does he come to realise, separating him and this woman is not in fact a mere few meters of distance, but is a great divide, such that is mixed with the boundaries of two nations, a step away, yet so far apart.

No longer caring for Ye Li and his party, Gui Wan and Lou Sheng together, lifts Lin Rui En’s corpse onto the horseback, turning to command everyone to get on their horses, under watchful eyes, the cornering of a thousand, they leave in a calm and composed manner, not giving the slightest care to the Nu Army’s prying eyes of a tiger.

“Sire……” Ke Zhan loudly shouts, looking strangely towards Ye Li, unable to understand why, under such a great opportunity, they are simply letting them walk free, one should know, even if it is Lin Rui En’s corpse, it is still of extreme value to take it back.

A wave of a hand shutting up the soldiers, Ye Li stands amongst the snow and wind, eyes seeing Gui Wan and her party leave, he knows, he and she, no longer has any hope in this lifetime, just now, the resoluteness in her eyes have clearly reminded him of this point.

He and she, are separated by too many things, be it the opposing stands of two nations, be it the shedding of blood between clashing soldiers, be it the death of Lin Rui En, that divided them into two worlds, affinity leading down an estranged path.

Just that he, still cannot bear it.

Cannot bear pointing the arrow……

“Sire……” Ke Zhan walks up to him, seeing their brilliant and wise king driven to distraction right now, both eyes blank, seeming to hold yearning, also seeming to hold remorse.

Grievingly letting out a heavy sigh, Ye Li turns around, the snow slowly descends, melting on contact with his face, ice cold to the point of holding not a trace of feelings, he rigidly speaks up to set a command: “Tell the main forces to siege Du Cheng, have them surrender within three days, refusal to do so, kill!”


[1] Brutal battlefield here is actually correctly translated as Shura’s battlefield- Xiū Luō zhàn chǎng / 修罗战场 - a phrase deriving from Buddhism, Shura - not to be mistaken for Asura from indian mythology - spent his lifetime with warring as his objective, Shura’s battlefield refers to the death match pitted between two sides, people often uses “Shura’s battlefield” to describe the brutality of the battlefield. Which later extends out to the meaning of “when a person goes through a desperate plight, they will go through the struggle of battling against death” - such that they lose all humane senses in face of death as there is nothing else to fear at this point, hence the taking to all brutal means to survive.

[2] The original phrase for inquiring for one’s wellbeing is xū hán wèn nuǎn /嘘寒问暖 which literally translates to asking whether you feel cold in winter, asking whether you feel hot in summer.

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