Chaos Of Beauty

Chapter 17 — Deluded Feelings
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Chapter 17: Deluded Feelings

In heaven’s recording of the second year summer, an urgent letter was sent to the Nu Capital from Yu Xia Guan, the Celestial Empire’s Grand Secretary, Prime Minister Lou’s handwritten letter was delivered to the Nu King, after Nu King spent some time reading through it, he sent for his second son Ye Li to be immediately summoned back to the Nu Capital, unfortunately Prince Ye Li was acting on his own will at the time, refusing to withdraw the troops, Nu King was furious, personally paying a visit to the Nu military camp outside Yu Xia Guan, kicking up a huge ruckus with Prince Ye Li, at the time, those who witnessed the scene outside the tent personally narrated, the historian truthfully reads the recording as follows:

Nu King extremely furious, swinging his palm right onto the prince’s face, roaring out: “In this world, is there no other beauty to this Ye? For one woman, you recklessly resort to war, where has our great Nu’s hundred generations of heritage gone to?”

Prince Ye Li was stunned, bitterly smiling as he answers: “The beauties of this world, what has it got to do with me? I need only think of the Lunar Goddess’ one ear, as if I got it, all the beauties of the world reduces to naught.”

Nu King was speechless, after a moment of silence, he seriously speaks: “If not the strongest, how are you to obtain the Lunar Goddess, if not the most honourable, how are you to protect the Lunar Goddess? If you want to obtain the Lunar Goddess, you must certainly first obtain the world.”

Hearing this, Ye Li silently falls into a daze, half a day later, the troops retreated back to the Nu Capital.

Outside Yu Xia Guan, after the Nu troops have all retreated, there was once someone who passed on the words from outside the camp to Prime Minister Lou, jokingly asking: “The beauties of the world are many, why hold onto one person?”

Lou Che faintly smiles, answering as follows: “The beauties of the world are many like grass, only my wife Gui Wan, is the only one person in the world.”

Only Gui Wan, is the only one person in the world.

Descendants later engraved this phrase onto a tablet, and in the autumn season of the same year, the Nu Tribe’s Lunar Goddess Temple, carved out a stone statue of the Lunar Goddess, the Lunar Goddess’ appearance was actually different to as described in the legend told throughout generations of the Nu Tribe, with delicately beautiful facial features, similar to that of Celestial Empire women. As for Prince Ye Li, he is whole-heartedly concentrating on the state affairs and military situations, his heart void of any distractions.

This matter has been recorded as “Yu Xia Summer Turnover”, planting the fuse for the later “Battle of the Jade Governor”.


Lush green trees thickens the shade in this long summer day, image of the tower reflected in the pond. Crystal beaded curtains swaying in the gentle breeze, a full frame of roses, fragrant overflowing the entire courtyard.[1]

Roses blooming in splendour, lush green trees casting shadows in the surrounding, outside Yu Xia Guan, the summer heat is scorching hot, a grand, strong team is ready to set off in return to the Capital.

Lou Che has already left the Capital for more than a month, the palace has urgently called for him several times, but all were ignored, as he accompanies Gui Wan in touring around places of great scenery and historical sites in Yu Xia Guan, up to this very moment, he has already reached a point where he can no longer delay his return to the Capital. As for Lin Rui En, because they have been hearing nothing from his older sister who went spying into the Nu Tribe, he had made his way here to Yu Xia Guan, right now, the Nu troops have already retreated, so having passed on matters regarding the city checkpoint over to Lin Ran Yi, he too is preparing to join them in returning to the Capital. Considering the matter of Gui Wan getting abducted, this time, the team is heavily guarded, large in scale and greatly vigorous.

The horse carriage has already changed into summer bamboo curtains, greatly ventilating and cool, Gui Wan sluggishly leans against the carriage frame, the scenery along the way looks as though it is flying past, only entering the eye very briefly. In a situation of extreme boredom, she sees Lou Sheng riding the horse absentmindedly, seeming to be in deep thoughts, struck by an idea, Gui Wan waves her hand, making Lou Sheng follow alongside the horse carriage.

“Madam.” Riding his horse forward, Lou Sheng bows his head in show of respect, he is responsible for Gui Wan’s safety, and dares not to show any negligence at any given moment.

“Your mind is occupied with troubled thoughts, are you thinking about Ran Yi?” Gui Wan laughingly says, having stayed at Yu Xia Guan for over a month’s time, not only is it her who admires that woman as great as her male counterparts, even this stern Lou Sheng who’s careful with his every word and smile, also have feelings for Lin Ran Yi.

Tightly sealing his lips, Lou Sheng’s entire body stiffens, lowering his voice a few notches: “Madam must be joking. What position do I hold, towards a descendant of the Lin military family, how could I possibly dare deem myself worthy[2]?”

Noting how his words were said not without lament and regret, Gui Wan lightly smiles, “Is this of your own narrow outlook? Didn’t think that one as carefree and easy-going as her, also cannot be spared……” The last of her words sounding like a sigh, laced with an inaudible hint of light ridicule as it escapes her mouth.

Getting along with her for over a month, Lou Sheng already knows that the person inside the carriage’s thinking and behaviour is different to that of the average women from elite official backgrounds, towards her, he holds a sense of deep respect, plus with her peerless elegance, she is naturally easy to get along with, a look of bitterness surfaces on his face as he says: “It is difficult to satisfy both sides in such worldly matters, so how could I possibly impose on such?”

“Impose?” Gui Wan softly mutters, her intuition tells her Lin Ran Yi may not necessarily hold no feelings, just that behind such feelings, is an entanglement of far too many external factors, and preparing to reveal it is difficult, leaving her in a helpless position.

Could it be that worldly matters are really up to mankind to propose a course of action, whilst success depends upon the will of the heavens?

Whilst the two of them were talking, the entire team gradually slows down, Lou Che and Lin Rui En turns around on their horses, one left one right arriving by the side of the horse carriage, Lou Che points to place ahead, saying: “There is a pavilion up ahead, in such hot weather, let us take little rest there.”

Gui Wan follows the direction his finger points at, indeed a place of cool shade and peace, nodding her head in agreement, the team very quickly arrives at the pavilion, temporarily taking a break.

Entering the cool pavilion, they had yet to sit down, when they hear a burst of racket sound all around them, Gui Wan curiously looks back, the soldiers originally taking their own break outside the pavilion, were somewhat thrown into disorder at this moment, all surrounding one person, in this midsummer time, the person being surrounded was actually dressed in thick layers of winter clothes, with dishevelled hair, clearly a crazy woman, completely breaking out in madness, and is even muttering something constantly. Lin Rui En’s soldiers are indeed well-trained, arranging themselves in neat rows, forming half a circle, neither allowing her to break in, nor causing her any harm.

Gui Wan carefully watches, this crazy woman is blind, disorderly bumping here, disorderly charging there, not even the slightest sense of direction. A soldier closest to the pavilion notices Gui Wan observing eyes, issuing a command: “Hurry and send this lunatic away, his excellency and madam still needs to rest.”

The crazy woman upon hearing this command, loudly laughs out loud, yelling out: “Life is life, fate is fate, everyone else is drunk, only my heart alone is sober……you say I am crazy? Could it be that you are wide awake then? Hearing your sharp voice, yet your middle qi is insufficient, showing that you are outwardly strong inwardly weak, let me think, ah……I know now……you will certainly live a life of widowhood with no son……” After done speaking haltingly, she appears extremely excited and satisfied, laughing to herself, such crazy laughter neither high nor low diffusing into the air.

Hearing her crazy talk, no one else shows any reaction, yet that soldier’s face pales, he himself clearly knows, he has a daughter right now, and his wife has just passed away last year. This crazy woman’s every word has actually hit the bullseye, the soldier’s mouth part, tongue knotted, unable to produce a single sound.

Lin Rui En frowns, waving once towards the outside of the pavilion, softly yelling out: “Give her some money, and let her go.”

The soldiers had yet to accept the order, when that crazy woman suddenly quietens down, no longer disorderly bumping here, disorderly charging there, she quietly mutters a few words, inquiring: “Who is it? Who was it that spoke just now? Why do you hold such air of vindictiveness? Prestige harboured within cold, vindictive air overflowing……who is it?”

Once those few sentences left her mouth, the entire army was somewhat stunned, this crazy woman with her crazy talk, yet her every word hitting bullseye, freezing on the spot, they do not know what to do, Gui Wan could not help but to grin, waving her hand in signal, allowing the soldiers to disperse.

The crazy woman notices the surrounding resistance has disappeared, stumbling and colliding, staggering left and right, slowly waddling her way to the pavilion. Gui Wan pities her loss of vision in both eyes, making a nearby soldier go up to aid her, who would have known that the moment the crazy woman touched the soldier’s hand, she would immediately throw it off, shadily letting out a grieving cold laugh as she says: “I’m not blind, you’re the ones that are blind……just walk your own paths.”

Charging her way to the front of the pavilion, she shakes her head all around, lowly saying: “The one who spoke just now, may you allow me to read your life? Give me your hand, I will read your bone……”

Lin Rui En has already been fighting in battlefields since young, towards such strange power of mystical talk, he has always paid no attention to it, his face remains cold as he utters not a single word.

Gui Wan was truly quite interested in this woman, once her childish side is worked up, she makes an eye signal, making Lou Sheng go up to offer his hand, Lou Sheng walks up, presenting his hand before the crazy woman, the crazy woman grabs it in one go, immediately ceasing the area below the wrist, both her hands filthy, grease stains all smeared onto Lou Sheng’s hand, yet Lou Sheng did not even frown in the slightest bit.

“No……no, he is not the one who spoke, you may also hold vindictiveness, but it definitely is not high and mighty, not suitable for a general.” The crazy woman laments whilst ridiculing, “The one you love will definitely die for you……half a lifetime as servant, dying all alone……”

Lou Sheng uncontrollably shows a change of expression, as pale white as paper, withdrawing his hand, he stops her from speaking anymore. That crazy woman does not mind, chuckling a few sounds. These few sounds of chuckling travels into everyone’s ears, all feeling as though it is stabbing into them, a bitter wind blows, shooting up from their backbones.

Lou Che sits in the left corner of the pavilion, his eyes keeping watch of the entire situation, gently waving his fan, he jokingly says: “Didn’t think that this place also has such an odd character, to be able to identify heaven’s will.”

The crazy woman immediately turns her head towards the left corner, a face of absolute shock and disbelief, “An air of literary? Clear noble air of literary, why……why is the air of literary and military alike appearing at the same time? What is this place?”

Up until this moment, Gui Wan gathers up her mood to watch the drama unfold, seriously observing this crazy woman stood in centre once again, lightly asking: “Since you are able to make divine readings of fate, how could you not make out where you are?”

The crazy woman suddenly speaks no longer, turning her head towards Gui Wan’s direction, stilly staring as she stands there, not making a single move.

Although knowing her eyes cannot see, to be stared at by her like this, Gui Wan still finds it strange and unpredictable, Lou Che upon seeing this, was just about to call for someone to send the crazy woman away, when the crazy woman suddenly look as though her entire body is trembling, approaching Gui Wan, her quivering hand reaches out, murmuring: “Give me your hand, allow me to read your bone, speak, speak for me to listen to.”

All the soldiers receives a huge fright, all looking towards the expressions of those inside the pavilion. Lou Che’s face like spring breeze brushing against one’s face, appears slightly displeased in this instant, Lin Rui En apart from looking surprise, watches Gui Wan, seeming worried.

Gui Wan was slightly stunned for a moment, turning her head in consideration, she bites her lip before prettily smiling, suddenly saying: “Alright, I shall allow you to make a reading.”

Lou Sheng walks up, carefully eyeing the crazy woman, afraid that she would act outrageously, the crazy woman unsteadily extends her hand, placing it onto Gui Wan’s wrist, the soldiers were all hit with a sense of being so appalled they could not bear to see the sight, Gui Wan’s fair wrist like snow, is actually being smeared with dirt and grease stains right now.

Pinch holding it for a long while, she suddenly kneels on the ground, heavily kowtowing, muttering: “……is a lady consort, a lady consort……phoenix entering Jiutian (nine skies division in heaven)……”

Every single person froze on the spot, the soldiers’ faces filled with anxiety, no one dared to speak, Lou Che’s face suddenly turns cold, the fan in hand closes with a swish, whacking it against the stone pillar of the pavilion, coldly saying: “What nonsense is this, come up, and send her out.”

A harsh sound of barking, icily clear, freezing people, the soldiers hurries forward, was just about to pull that crazy woman away, but the crazy woman still kneels on the ground, muttering to herself: “You all don’t believe it, don’t believe it, how could there be such fate in this world? What fate is this……lady consort, definitely a lady consort……” Entangled in pushing and pulling with the soldiers inside the pavilion, she is unwilling to leave, her mouth continuing to call out, “Believe me, you are definitely fated to become a lady consort, everyone has their own fate, you cannot defy the heavens……”

Gui Wan also frowns, appearing unhappy, seeing that crazy woman continuously struggle, yelling and screaming, she stops the soldiers, her lips hooking up into a faint smile, she says to the crazy woman: “In your lifetime of reading fate, has there been any errors?”

“No, I will never make a wrong divine reading. There are many intricacies in fates within the world, heaven’s will is as such, human doings cannot defy this……”

“Then it shall start from me,” Gui Wan cuts off her long winded words, already slightly annoyed, resolutely saying, “I do not believe in your heaven’s will, my life, is not up to others to decide on, my life is up to me and not the heavens, you got that?”

Once the crazy woman hears this, she does not dare to move, suddenly turning around, stumbling her way out as she heads off, a manic laughter emitted from her mouth, unstoppably repeating: “My life is up to me and not the heavens……ha ha ha, so this is how it is, so this is how it is……”

Up until she was very far ahead, that insane laughing of hers still echoes into their ears continuously, high and low, hysterically wilful, shocking everyone there into slight unrest.

Lou Che’s expression does not look too good, and Lin Rui En expression appears complex, originally a time of rest has become somewhat heavy and strange, after taking a rest, the team once again set off. Gui Wan having been troubled by that crazy woman, her heart was not feeling particularly pleasant, when walking out of the pavilion, she cannot help but to glance back, her eyes catching onto the plaque on top of the pavilion, lightly reading the words above: “Jun Mo Pavilion? This pavilion is called Jun Mo Pavilion?”

Jun Mo Pavilion……gentlemen mustn’t stop, could it be it was really wrong to stop here?


[Jūn mò tíng……jūn mò tíng / 君莫亭……君莫停 - Jun mo means gentlemen mustn’t whilst the Chinese word for pavilion (tíng / 亭) is similar to that of the word stop (tíng / 停), an ironic name for a pavilion which is typically an ideal resting spot, yet the name of it serves as a warning for people not to stop here.]

[1] It’s been a while, but here comes another poem ^_^ …Summer Day At The Mountain Pavilion by Gao Pian.

[2] In the translated text above, I chose to use the words deemed worthy so that it flows better and makes more sense, the original words used were gāo pān / 高攀 which can be translated as seeking or claiming connections to those who are of a higher social position.

Interestingly, this Jun Mo Pavilion seems to have made its appearance in quite a few other c-novels aside from this one, along with the crazy woman, though I have no idea how it actually came about haha

A short Chapter but with this very Chapter , we can just put Ye Li behind us for now, the greater problems from hereon lies within the palace……

*poem mentioned in Chaos of Beauty Chapter seventeen

{{Summer Day At The Mountain Pavilion}}

Lush green trees thickens the shade in this long summer day,

Image of the tower reflected in the pond.

Crystal beaded curtains swaying in the gentle breeze,

A full frame of roses, fragrant overflowing the entire courtyard.

[Note that the crystal beaded curtains is used to metaphorically describe the crystal clear water, sparkling under the sun as the breeze makes the little waves and ripples appear glittering]

《山亭夏日》 《Shān Tíng Xià Rì》

绿树阴浓夏日长, (Lǜ shù yīn nóng xià rì zhǎng)

楼台倒影入池塘。 (Lóu tái dào yǐng rù chí táng)

水晶帘动微风起, (Shuǐ jīng lián dòng wéi fēng qǐ)

满架蔷薇一院香。 (Mǎn jià qiáng wēi yī yuàn xiāng)

The poem depicts a beautiful summer scenery, written in a way similar to how you would describe a skilful painting. And although neither the poet nor the mountain pavilion is mentioned in the poem, the poem is said to be written in a way where readers are able to picture this mountain pavilion with the leisurely figure of the poet in it.

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