Chaos Of Beauty

Chapter 13 — Helpless
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Chapter 13: Helpless

“Lady Consort, the wind is strong here, your body is weak, please may you return to the palace.” Palace maid Miao Ye feebly voices out, anxiously looking at the beautiful person before her as she gently persuades.

The words lightly drifts past her ears, not at all transmitting to her head, Yao Ying unconsciously nods her head, but does not make a single move, only looking down from the palace walls absent-mindedly.

Silently letting out a sigh, Miao Ye no longer says anything more, standing behind Yao Ying as she quietly watches this doted consort within the inner palace, brows locked in a knitted position, deep in her heart, mixed feelings with all sorts of ups and downs welling up. Since Consort Ying first entered the palace, she has been serving her by her side, many matters seen in the eye, but understood in the heart, it is just unfortunate she is unable to speak her own mind, if not, she would definitely advice this stunningly beautiful girl, worldly matters cannot be forcibly pressed, only by letting go of others can one let go of oneself.


The passing of time is like a grater grating at Yao Ying’s patience and faith, gradually generating an emotional turmoil within, could it be that he really isn’t coming? Lightly, she shakes of such absurd thoughts in her heart, telling herself, news of him returning to the Capital had already been sent to her this morning, there is no way he won’t be coming……blindly making all sorts of disorderly thoughts on one hand, whilst comforting herself on the other, she holds such complex emotions as she quietly waits.

Miao Ye looks at Consort Ying’s face noticeably pale and weak, considering that she is already a pregnant woman, she grits her teeth, intending to walk up front, she shall pull Consort Ying away no matter what, just as she was thinking this, she suddenly sees Consort Ying’s eyes widen, the originally beautifully shaped lips forms an even prettier curve, her face suddenly turning gloriously radiant, brilliant and moving, Miao Ye had actually froze, unable to respond in any way.

“Miao Ye, he’s come, let us quickly return to the palace and await for him.” Smiling so sweetly as she turns back, dazzling all the maids and eunuchs behind her, Yao Ying joyfully speaks, the smile on her face shining with deeply moving innocence. Not waiting for others’ reaction, Yao Ying walks down from the stairs of the palace platform, leading the way towards the direction of Jing Yi Palace.

Miao Ye hurriedly follows after, the words calling out for Consort Ying to slow down had yet to leave her lips, when the one half jogging in front, Yao Ying suddenly halts her steps, turning back around, actually wearing somewhat of a worried look, Miao Ye was puzzled, when Consort Ying’s doubtful voice travels to her ears: “Am I looking really ugly right now?”

Seeing Consort Ying ask this with such seriousness, Miao Ye honestly answers: “Not ugly, this servant has truly never seen anyone who is more beautiful than Lady Consort.” Also, because the wind had already dishevelled her hair slightly, it even more shows another side of Consort Ying, passionately poetic.

Unfortunately the palace maid’s response did not give her the slightest bit of confidence, her hand reaches up to gently stroke her hair, Yao Ying orders: “Quickly return to the palace, I need to tidy up my appearance.” Turning around, she immediately increases her speed as she heads towards the inner palace.

A girl will doll herself up for the one she loves, this phrase is not at all wrong. Thinking this, Miao Ye hurriedly follows behind.


Waves of faintly fragrant incense smoke drifts around in the air, heavily luxuriant, as though inviting people into deep intoxication, the entire palace hall because of the withdrawal of the palace maids and guards alike, opens up into an emptier, quieter, darker space. Lou Che enters the inner chambers of Jing Yi Palace, his brows locked in a crease, the usual faint smile hanging on his face. Towards the inner chambers, with a tone neither urgent, neither slow, neither loud, neither quiet, he calls out: “This subject Lou Che greets Lady Consort, may Lady Consort forever be safely at peace.”

Once his voice steadily travels in, the long curtain is suddenly lifted by someone, a beautiful women in palace attire slowly walks out, her clothing originally of the world’s most luxurious brocade, the most skilful needlework, if worn by others, the clothing will definitely display its glory, but when worn by Consort Ying, it actually appears even more peerlessly beautiful, such beauty that overturns states and cities.

“You’ve finally came.” Her tone carrying complain, as though blaming, as though happy.

Indifferently sweeping his eyes across the person before him, Lou Che’s tone is as calm as still water: “This subject has but only left the Capital for three days.”

“Three days?” As though feeling hurt by Lou Che’s coldness, Yao Ying’s light, tenderly pretty voice slightly quivers, “These three days have been longer than that of a year ah~.”

Declining to comment, Lou Che remains silent, solemnly standing near the doors of the inner chambers.

Unease and dejection rapidly flashing by the face, and with another change, a sweet smile replaces the fleeting expressions, Yao Ying sweet and delicate voice calls out: “Che, come in and take a seat.”

“This subject dares not to act rashly, Lady Consort is expecting a child, it is best to take good care of your body. Now that I see Lady Consort is safe and sound, this subject’s heart is put at ease, and hopes to request my leave.” Lou Che pays his respect, intending to turn around and leave just like that.

“Wait.” A tenderly desperate voice suddenly sounds, even Yao Ying herself was surprised, she heartbreakingly says, “Do you think that I used mild illness as a reason to cheat you back? Are you mad at me? I really did not lie to you.” Each word like a sob, with unlimited desolation, wanting to restore some of the things she has gradually lost.

Attentively staring at that sort of face that one cannot help but to be moved by[1], Lou Che loosens up his expression a bit, gently consoling: “I do not blame you, nor am I mad at you……” It is just that he is regretful, why did he have rushed back when they were outside Qu Zhou City?

Hearing his answer, seeing his expression like a stranger to her, she does not feel relieved, and instead feels even more sorrowful, softly saying: “Do you already not care anymore? Towards everything regarding me, do you not care at all now?”

His feelings moved by such soft voice of hers, Lou Che bitterly smiles: “You are already pregnant now, don’t think too much, just take care of yourself.”

“Why do I have to take care, why? Why do I have conceive the child of a man I do not love……?” Her emotions had almost come crashing down, because of the suspicions and jealousy held in for a long time, the longing endlessly torturing her exhausted heart, in this moment, she loses the reason that she had dressed up for, neglecting any sort of manners or bearings, not caring for the appearance she had just tidied up, Yao Ying let loose the tears and weeps aloud.

Shocked by the situation before him, Lou Che’s brows tightly knits together, walking up front, he looks at Yao Ying whose face is already filled with tears, saying: “Ying-er……calm down, I need to talk to you.”

Aware of her own impropriety and distress, Yao Ying was also rather embarrassed, taking in a deep breath, the sounds of weeping gradually comes to a rest, an upright bearing stands presently as she calms down her strained heart, tenderly looking at Lou Che, waiting for him to speak.

After signalling for her to sit at the settee, he takes a seat nearby, his face of such radiantly warm elegance, showing indistinguishable emotions as he says in a low tone: “In future when your child is born, if it’s a boy, it may very possibly become the next generation of monarch……” Ignoring Yao Ying’s expression of complexity, he continues explaining his analysis, “I believe you should be able to sense, just how much the his majesty loves you, not caring for other people’s perception, three thousand worth of doting love all on you alone……”

“But I do not love him.” Hurriedly cutting off Lou Che’s words, Yao Ying shows inexplicable panic.

“His majesty’s magnanimity towards you is already something that has never happened before, don’t continue to persistently go on like this anymore.” As though advising, as though reproaching, Lou Che throws out such words that harbours chilling implications.

Tears uncontrollably rolls down her face once again, Yao Ying smiles, such smile that looks even more sorrowful than that of her tears, “If he truly is infinitely magnanimous towards me, why not let me go?”

“Do you think his majesty is unaware of your very doings? Me coming to your palace, could he possibly not know of this? Yet he has never once blocked us, do you know why? He is waiting, waiting till you come to understand, waiting for you to let go of your stubborn persistence. Such magnanimity like this, not every man is able to achieve.”

Tears hanging on her face, she attentively thinks through his words, upon recovering herself, she harbours a thin trace of resentment, sadly asking: “For what reason are you persuading me like this for today? Is it for me? Or is it for yourself?”

Sighing, Lou Che’s elegantly handsome face reveals a thin smile, “It is for you, and also for myself.”

“For me?” Yao Ying softly croons, “You are doing this for yourself……your heart is not here, what are you thinking about? Where has your heart gone to?” Each word questioning, her heart feels as though it is cracking, the questions does not seem to be directed at Lou Che, but is directed towards the reality that she herself could never bring herself to face this entire time.

“Ying-er,” A soft sound of gentle calling, Lou Che stands up, “Rather than clinging onto the past, why not take a good look at reality, the person in your eyes is no longer me, it has not been for a long time.” Making a sudden turn, he walks towards the outside, his walking pace showing no signs of faltering.

Frozen on the spot, Yao Ying could not even muster up the courage to call out, distractedly watching Lou Che’s leaving figure, her mind in a blank state, muttering the words: “You no longer care for me? Will you no longer care for me anymore?”

The open and deserted space carries her voice into Lou Che’s ears, unable to stop himself from looking back, towards the lost soul, he says: “As long as you are in the palace, I will look after you to the end.” No longer looking back anymore, he resolutely leaves, no longer able to hear the gracefully mournful cries within the palace, perhaps even if he is able to hear it now, it will no longer make its way deep into his heart……

With hurried steps, he heads towards the entrance of the palace, eager to return to where his heart lies as soon as possible, he has come to understand many things, and also let go, thus feeling more relaxed than ever before.

A burst of sharp bell ringing sounds, rippling out to every little corner within the imperial palace’s courtyard, Lou Che’s steps comes to a halt, raising his head in slight surprise, this act of alarm is using the “imperial bell”, unless in times of utmost emergencies, it is not to be used, why would it be sounding right now?

Having not yet thought of anything, quick and fragmented footsteps had already chaotically approached, numerously complicated figures of palace maids and eunuchs all looking a mess, a panicking figure walks up to Lou Che crying out: “Not good, Lady Consort Ying is going through miscarriage……not good……”

Upon hearing this, Lou Che freezes on the spot, his brows lightly twitches, his face holds a thin layer of chill, thinking to himself, Gui Wan is only escorting her brother, there shouldn’t be any problems, once again turning back to look in direction of the palace, he purses his thin lips, helplessly sighing as he heads back towards the palace……

This choice has made it impossible for him to leave the palace for seven days, that is until the shocking news reached the Prime Minister Estate……


No matter how many hundreds of unwillingness and hate is harboured within the heart, right now it is all of no help, this is what Gui Wan is thinking as she lies in centre of the bed. Right now, her body has no strength whatsoever, even speaking is met with great difficulty, forget resisting, she helplessly watches the sweet and charming girl before her, loosen her hair ribbon, remove her earrings, fiddling around with her entire face, and even rubs on some sort of sticky substance onto her face.

After all the hassle, that sweet and charming girl looks from left to right, saying in satisfaction: “All done.”

Hearing this, Ye Li approaches, attentively looking over Gui Wan, he reveals an expression of wonder, immediately lowly laughingly say: “Mo Na, bring the mirror over.”

Mo Na immediately grabs a mirror and holds it in front of Gui Wan’s face. Upon looking into the person in the mirror, Gui Wan is rendered speechless, the appearance of the person in the mirror has gone through a complete change, extremely ordinary, with a pale complexion, looking just like an ordinary weak and sickly woman, her heart sank, thinking to herself, if she is to leave the city looking like this, she is only afraid that no one would even think she is the Prime Minister Madam.

Taking the mirror away, Mo Na grins, asking: “How is it, my skills ain’t bad right?”

If the skills wasn’t used on me, I would heartily sing my praises, Gui Wan who was thinking of such reply finds that her facial muscles, could not even make out the words, and could only give up, her heart bursting into a sense of being at her wit’s end.

Ye Li walks up to her, taking out a set of commoner’s outer clothing she did not know when he had prepared, and covers Gui Wan’s body with it. He extends his arms to lift her up, and says to Mo Na: “It is almost daybreak, let’s go.” Having said that, he strides out of the room.

Within the dark night, three people comes out to the rest inn’s back courtyard, where four people has long been waiting aside with horses and a horse carriage. Gui Wan is unable to move in Ye Li’s arms, it seems that only her eyes have been granted freedom, unable to help herself from intently looking around, within the dark night, nothing can be clearly seen, and she only knows that there is one girl three men, two young and two slightly older.

The group of people seems to be surprised by Ye Li’s action, but does not say anything, dispersing in a very orderly manner, each making their own preparations.

Ye Li carries Gui Wan into the horse carriage, his gaze fixed onto her, speaking in a soft voice: “The road ahead is going to be hard on you, just endure it for now, hm.” His hand reaches out to gently stroke her face, only to find that it doesn’t feel right, helplessly withdrawing his hand, he tidies Gui Wan’s collar for her, before turning around and jumps out the carriage.

Just a little while later, Mo Na enters the horse carriage, her personality seems to be lively and cheerful as she brightly says: “Guess we’ll be keeping each other company along the way.”

Even if they take a different stance, Gui Wan cannot bring herself to hate her from deep within her heart, besides, a girl with such straightforward personality is practically rare within the Celestial Empire.

Mo Na is quite talkative, in addition to her charmingly moving appearance, her one-sided talking is also not something unexpected, so the atmosphere within the carriage will not get dull and boring. Right when Gui Wan’s thoughts go through a series of fast changes, the horse carriage jolts, starting to get moving.

Silently sighing in lamentation, Gui Wan could neither cry or laugh, could it be that she really has to head to the Nu Capital?

No one answers her soundless question, only the sound of Mo Na’s laughter and the carriage’s wheels reminds her of the cruel reality.


“Are you tired?” At a teahouse not far from Ru Shui City, a man of dignified bearing tenderly asks his wife, although his pronunciation is rather stiff, his words are not at all short of any gentle consideration, causing many women resting within the teahouse to be envious, one after another, they all turn their heads towards the direction of the table the man is sitting at.

A high and mighty Nu man with a pale sickly woman, also accompanying them is a charming beauty, no matter how one looks at it, this group just looks rather strange, but seeing that Nu man’s deeply loving expression and actions of greatly attentive consideration, really does touches the people around them, towards such an ordinary sickly wife, his deep affections is so precious.

Lightly taking a drink from the tea that was brought to her lips, Gui Wan gains a panoramic view of the behaviour and actions from those surrounding them, finding it truly laughable, could it be that the people in this world, all has such shallow perception, unable to see the true facts? Sighing to herself, she wells up with worries, how is she to solve the dilemma before her, could it be that she really is going to be forced to go to the Nu Capital?

“Here have something to eat, in a while we shall be entering Ru Shui City.” A sound of reminder enters her ears, Gui Wan turns her head to face Ye Li, thinking how everything had been caused by this person’s very doings, a wave of anger rises within her, unfortunately her voice had been sealed, unable to produce a single sound, and so she can only coldly glare at him.

Half amazed half enchanted, Ye Li deeply gazes at Gui Wan, nearing Gui Wan as he softly says besides her ear: “No wonder why people say you women of the Celestial Empire, be it smiling, be it frowning, all are of flirtatious expressions, even when you’re fired up with anger, you still make my heart beat uncontrollably fast, from now on, don’t let other men see you in such furious state.”

From the corner of her eyes, she notices Mo Na reveal a smile, Gui Wan really felt embarrassed, with Ye Li saying such words, she is neither happy nor angry, within that moment, she does not even know how she should react. Upon getting along with them these past few days, she has already noticed, the personality traits of Nu people are completely different from that of the Celestial Empire people, the Nu people do things directly, bold in their expressions, even their display of affections is obviously bare. Ye Li is even more recklessly daring, so unacceptably overbearing.

Sensing Gui Wan’s displeasure, Ye Li no longer dares to take another step further in expressing himself, leisurely smiling, he starts to eat. Suddenly, a rumbling sound nears them, he raises his head to look outside the teahouse.

A gust of dust rises on the main road, yellow smoke filling the skies, not long after, a team of guards quickly arrives outside the teahouse, neatly arranged in rows. The teahouse immediately turns silent, everyone looks outside in surprise, forget how strange of a matter it is to have a team of guards show up here, but to actually have two young women leading them, everyone present cannot possibly not be in wonder as they simultaneously look over.

Upon seeing the guards and the two maids Ru Qing, Ru Ming, Gui Wan’s eyes shines brightly. All of a sudden, her shoulder tightens, in an instance, the tiniest amount of remaining strength left in her body is also drawn back as her body reclines, falling back into a generous embrace, Ye Li’s voice sounding beside her ear: “What’s wrong? Lady Wife, is your body not well again……?” His tone filled with worries, only the closely held Gui Wan was able to clearly see the playful yet sharp warning in his expression.

With her shoulder bone locked in his hold, she could not make even the slightest of resistance, Gui Wan could only helplessly lean against Ye Li’s shoulder, whilst everyone else is thinking that that pale and sickly woman’s illness is acting up again, not one person noticed the inside story. Deep inside, Gui Wan grew desperate, with vague uneasiness, she recalls everything that happened since the moment of encounter in Qu Zhou, she has thoroughly fallen into a disadvantageous position, completely losing head start in the matter, although she senses that someone has been controlling the development of events from behind the scenes, right now, she has not even a single clue, despite the past few days of her paying special attention to their conversations, Ye Li has been deeply unpredictable, not even letting slip half a word of revelation.

Ru Qing, Ru Ming dismounts from their horses, and walks up to the teahouse, attentively looking around the inside, having scanned the entire place, the two people simultaneously reveals a look of disappointment, they signal the soldiers behind them to have a rest, the guards dismounts from their horses one after the other, planning to rest for a while at the teahouse.

Ru Qing walks up front, asking the owner of the teahouse: “Storeowner, these past few days, have you by chance seen a really beautiful woman come by?”

The owner responds with a smile, courteously saying: “There are many women who are really beautiful ah, half a li from here there is a widow selling tofu, she is also very beautiful, there is also that……” Everyone within the teahouse upon hearing this, all guffaws out loud. Ye Li also could not hold it in and lowly laughs, lowering his head to look at Gui Wan, his eyes revealing arrogance and amusement.

Hearing the owner endlessly list the women he finds beautiful, Ru Qing grows impatient, Ru Ming walks up front, coldly cutting off the owner’s chatter: “Who’s speaking of those regular blush powders, the one we’re looking for is a……” Suddenly coming to a stop, she temporarily could not describe Gui Wan’s appearance in detail, unable to sum it up by saying: “In any case, one who is difficult to forget upon one look, just someone who is exceedingly beautiful.”

Everyone freezes, before laughing out loud again, such words are equal to saying nothing at all.

Ru Qing waves her hand to stop Ru Ming from speaking further, lightly shaking her head twice, the two people withdraws from the teahouse. Ru Qing speaks up: “The matter should not be publicised.”

Nodding her head in agreement, Ru Ming looks far into the distant, softly saying: “Just who could have taken Madam away? There’s not even a single clue……”

“It is all because of our poor protection,” Ru Qing displays an expression of shame, and also concern, “The Madam of the rest inn in Qu Zhou is probably the only one who seen the people that abducted our Madam, but she couldn’t remember anything when she woke up. This is far too strange.”

“Such loss of memory should be caused by some sort of mind manipulating martial arts or sorcery.” Ru Ming quietly answers with slight teeth gnashing hatred.

“The Prime Minister Estate’s spies have already gone to investigate all aspects in this case, a trail will be found in no time.” As though consoling Ru Ming, Ru Qing reveals a trace of smile, but then quickly gathers it up, the two of them sadly letting out a sigh. Hearing something sound behind them, they look back to see a small group of travelling Nu merchants, one who is supporting his seriously ill wife, as they all brush past Ru Qing, Ru Ming. Ru Ming upon seeing this ill woman, unconsciously takes a step back to give way, it is in this moment of passing by, that the man takes a deep glance at both Ru Qing, Ru Ming, and at the same time, both their hearts receives a chill, unknowingly standing fixed on the spot, following behind is a charmingly pretty girl who sweetly smiles at them, causing the two of them to find it extremely weird.

Only after seeing the few Nu people enter their horse carriage, heading off in the direction of Ru Shui City, did Ru Ming return to reality, turning her head to say to Ru Qing: “After a little rest, let us get moving again, we still need to continue searching for Madam’s whereabouts.”

Ru Qing lightly nods her head, looking over at the far away travelling Nu merchants, not knowing for what reason, her heart just seems to be feeling empty, as though something seems to be amiss……


It has already been a few days since she heard the liveliness of people, Gui Wan half lies within the carriage, her eyes prominently filled with dejection, her drugged body has not even the littlest strength to lift the carriage curtains, her heart filled with complete sorrow, she clearly knows, the carriage team has already left the Celestial Empire’s borders, hence why they are surrounded by such peacefulness.

In her moment of deep thoughts, the carriage curtains is suddenly lifted high up, the silhouette of a tall, strong built appears before Gui Wan’s eyes. Carrying a smile, Ye Li sits beside Gui Wan in the spacious carriage that is not at all crowded with two people there. Gui Wan closes her eyes, right now, she really is not in any mood to put up with him.

Seeming to have not seen her action, Ye Li extends his arms, lightly tapping at few spots on Gui Wan’s body, Gui Wan opens her eyes, looking at him in puzzlement, he only smiles apologetically, and takes out a really small pill, gently pinching Gui Wan’s chin as he stuffs the pill into Gui Wan’s mouth.

In her mind, the memory of that time when she got poisoned is far too unforgettable, Gui Wan unconsciously retreats, but finds that there is nowhere to retreat to, she doubtfully looks at Ye Li, Ye Li acts innocent as he shrugs his shoulders, laughingly saying: “No need to be afraid, it’s to relieve your body’s soft tendons.”

With slight urgency, Gui Wan moves her hand, because the acupoint channel has been unblocked, it has indeed recovered a lot, immediately half pulling up her body, she lifts the curtains at the side of the carriage, not caring for the aching of her entire body as she takes a look outside, and completely freezes on the spot, turns out the scenery beyond the curtains is of such unfamiliarity……

Skies of boundless yellow, difficult to make out whether it is sand or soil, the entire space expansively open and empty, half of the sunset seems to be of another side of the sky with a defeated sun red like blood, a vast array of colours rendering the entire sky, looking like a piece of great landscape painting, everything before her eyes seems to be a grand and heroic piece of writing, calligraphed by the heavens, revealing the boldly unconstrained heroic spirit of the wilderness, here, there is no graceful restraints of Jiang Nan, no dazzling glory of the Capital City, here, is a scene of wilderness without any artificiality of manmade developments.

Stunned by what she has seen, Gui Wan could not help but to softly mutter the words: “So beautiful……” Such astonishing view of nature, makes one feel infinitely small.

Speechlessly watching Gui Wan with a smile, Ye Li also sighs, the many women of the Celestial Empire who had come here before, if not crying then they would be throwing a tantrum, because the desolation of this place frightens them, only the woman before his eyes, is able to see the beauty of this place at one glance, sensing the magnificence and power of this remote place, he silently sighs in praising, as he looks at her side profile in captivation, Mo Na’s skilful hands may have camouflaged her elegant face, but it cannot possibly cover up the clear magnificence of her peerless temperament and grace.

Absently letting go of the curtain, Gui Wan feels hundreds of feelings gather in her heart, although moved by such beautiful scenery before her, the dilemma she is in also instantly shrouds her heart, the last time she saw Ru Qing, Ru Ming was outside Ru Shui City, after around twenty days of travelling, she has already far left her homeland, all on her own, coming to this unfamiliar nation, what is she to do? And how is she to return?

“Suo Ge Ta,” Lightly calling back Gui Wan’s empty consciousness, Ye Li says with a rare show of gentleness, “Do not worry, just give it one or two days, and your body will be able to restore its comfort, the aching pains will also disappear.” Perhaps he has thought of how overbearing his actions has been, he speaks apologetically.

Looking at Ye Li, and once again looking at the wonderful scenery outside, she slightly calms herself down, Gui Wan reminds herself that she cannot panic no matter what, she must think of a way to let news of her reach the Celestial Empire, this is her most urgent priority. Thinking how, along the way, Ye Li’s ingenious arrangements of all sorts and every flawlessly[2]planned out steps taken, coupled with a great possibility of someone playing dirty tricks from behind the scenes, she definitely must not panic right now, with one wrong step, all the following steps will be wrong, right now, she cannot afford to take a single wrong step at all.

Her movements are free now, her thoughts process has also started to turn exceedingly fast, Gui Wan half leans to the side of carriage, resting to attain mental tranquillity, and at the same time, entering her deep thoughts. A melodic tone suddenly drifts past her ears, she lightly moves her body, once again glancing outside, in this open space of wilderness she sees no other human figures, puzzled, she has no idea where the singing has flowed along from, upon closer listening, the singing seems to be of the Nu Tribe’s native folk song, not only is such melody and rhythm distinctively different from that of the Celestial Empire’s songs, it is also sung in the Nu language, but the words “Suo Ge Ta” can be vaguely heard in the lyrics, Gui Wan is greatly surprised, although she has already heard those words numerous times, she does not know of the actual meaning behind it.

Seeing her ear to the side to listen, Ye Li lowly laughs, saying: “Are you listening to the song? This is a song that all us Nu people knows how to sing, do you like it?”

Turning her head to look at him, she originally didn’t want to pay any attention, but this singing is indeed comfortable and nice to listen to, it strikes a deep chord, thinking how her acupoint channels have already been unblocked, she is able to speak again, Gui Wan asks: “It’s sounds nice, what song is this?” Upon speaking, she finds that her voice sounds as light as mosquitoes, incomparable frail.

Slightly knitting his brows, Ye Li says: “To explain in your Han language, this song is an ode to the goddess, it is also a song we Nu people sing to express our love to the one we love.”

A faint expression of realisation appears on Gui Wan’s disguised face, Ye Li is amused upon seeing this, gently asking: “Do you want to know what the lyrics are? I’ll sing it for you.”

Getting slightly carried away, Gui Wan throws out the words: “No need to trouble Brother Ye Li.”

Knowing that she is originally one who is as calm and indifferent as the light clouds and breeze, and also knowing that she has the intentions to purposely distant herself, Ye Li acts as though he did not hear her answer, clearing his throat, eye locked onto her, as he sings out loud in the Han language:

Suo Ge Ta, ah, Suo Ge Ta

Water-like pearl

Cloud-like jade casket

Your appearance like an angel, bright and clear

I am your loyal servant

For your beautiful smile

I am willing to give up the best thing in the world

Suo Ge Ta, ah, Suo Ge Ta

Clear is the rising sun

Cloudy is the rosy morning glow

Your appearance like a goddess, flawlessly beautiful

I am your reliable knight

For your gentle sweet words

I am willing to defend our expansive homeland

Suo Ge Ta, ah, Suo Ge Ta

The sky is the horizon

The sea is the corner

Your body of a fairy, luminously bright

I am willing to be your affectionate lover

For your loving tenderness

I am willing to give up my freedom and life

Ye Li’s bright and clear voice lowly shrouds the entire carriage team, his singing gentle and pleasant, such magnet-like voice accompanied by traces of tenderness, echoes throughout this vast land of endless wilderness. Gui Wan half closes her eyes, not daring to look directly at Ye Li, hearing such moving singing, her mind grows slightly confused, as she thinks of herself, thinks of Lou Che, thinks of her prosperous homeland……

The few people outside the carriage all listens to the waves of singing, their faces revealing smiles like that of flowers, in this moment, they have all gone back to their own homeland, a surge of homesickness gives rise within their hearts. Right when everyone was deeply immersed, a hurried horse appears amongst the yellow horizon, and a loud voice travels over from afar: “Your royal highness, Prince Ye Li……Eldest Prince has come to greet you……”

The singing within the carriage comes to a sudden stop, Gui Wan also opens her eyes, what, Ye Li has an older brother? Raising her eyes to meet Ye Li’s, his eyes reveals a look of complexity, in it, there harbours a sincere smile, a trace of intoxication, a trace of concern, there’s also a trace of tenderness……


[1] The phrase one cannot be helped but to be moved by or wǒ jiàn yóu lián /我见犹怜 is actually more accurately translated to anyone cannot help but to love her upon seeing her, but my translation in the text more accurately fits in with Lou Che’s viewpoint at the time, and also, I think that this translation of the phrase can cause a bit of confusion because primarily the phrase is used to refer to a woman far too beautiful that one cannot bring themselves to hold negative feelings towards her. So it is not necessarily love that Lou Che is feeling here, he just simply cannot bring himself to get angry at Yao Ying.

[2] The original phrase used for flawless here is tiān yī wú fèng / 天衣无缝which literally translates to a seamless heavenly robe.

“worldly matters cannot be forcibly pressed, only by letting go of others can one let go of oneself” - quote of the day! If only that palace maid is able to actually speak her mind and tell Yao Ying this. Honestly Yao Ying could be a somewhat of a likeable character, but we just have to always see her in such tear-filled clingy state, which causes my negative feelings towards her character to grow, thinking about it carefully though, she too is victim to a pitiful fate. From her very first appearance in Chapter one, where we got the impression of her as a very prideful person who loves herself to the shattered girl now who is losing grip of everything she cherishes. Thinking about it this way, perhaps clinging onto Lou Che is also her last hope of clinging onto her past where happy memories and days of ease lies.

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