Chaos Of Beauty

Chapter 12 — Why Not Get Drunk?
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Chapter 12: Why Not Get Drunk?

Peach blossom planted and exposed in heaven, is not [like] the typical flowers found on earth.[1]

Summer is soon here, the chilly air has already left, and the morning sun warmly shines upon the people. Fiery Xi Shi has been awakened from her dreams, mumbling her curses: “They don’t even think to let people have a nice sleep, coming earlier day by day.”

Walking to the front, Xiao Ya Zi hears this and looks back, grinning as he says: “Ever since the gentlemen upstairs started staying here, our place has been getting busier day by day.”

Instantly sending him a sharp glare, Fiery Xi Shi scolds: “Who told you to speak?” Inside, she was overcome with confusion, the night five days ago, after that exceptionally beautiful “young man” came in, the rest inn has indeed been getting busier and busier by the day, that esteemed guest whose name is unknown, spent the first two days with refined scholars of Qu Zhou, drinking tea and discussing literary, then after the two days, stopped doing so, the people who were interested also came in swarms, towards such a trend, Fiery Xi Shi does not like it and is indeed shocked, a sense of unease quietly enveloping her heart.

She has read countless people, yet she just cannot guess the identity of this esteemed guest at all, but from looking at the person’s behaviour these past two days, she senses that the matter is not actually as simple as drinking tea and discussing literary, as for what exactly the key to this is, at the moment, she cannot really explain it herself.

“Madam, they’re here.” Xiao Ya Zi’s flippantly cheeky voice shocks her awake, looking over the lobby, even her head was starting to hurt, could it be that all the scholars in the world has gathered in this rest in?

Discreetly sounding a cry, she pulls on an over exaggerated smile, greeting the masses of black headed people below: “Gentlemen, why has everyone gotten up so early today?”

The majority of the scholars within the lobby, raises their heads, upon seeing someone slowly make their way down from upstairs, a tall and thin person of scholarly appearance, rises and returns the gesture, “Madam, has the gentleman woke up yet?”

Within the big lobby, not one person knows what the unfamiliar guest is called, amongst them, there were also those that have not even seen “his” face before, although they know that the person can very possibly be a lady, they still follow the attendants addressing of “gentleman”, hence the word “gentleman” becoming “his” exclusive addressment.

A professional smile hung on her face as Fiery Xi Shi answers: “The gentleman’s hour of rising, you should all know already, no matter how much earlier you wait, it is no use, it is better if you all come back in an hours count.” She lightly waves her hand, advising them to return home, unfortunately, the people in the lobby showed not a single response, not one person had any thoughts of leaving.

Lightly sighing, Fiery Xi Shi turns back and shouts towards Xiao Ya Zi: “Quickly go prepare breakfast for everyone, or else in a while, they wouldn’t have the strength to hold a ‘literary meeting’.” Thinking that it is no use speaking to these blockheads anymore, even her hospitableness to serve the customers has completely disappeared without a trace, Fiery Xi Shi turns around and heads upstairs.

Walking down the hallway, she reaches the semi-layer that the esteemed guest is staying in, halting her steps, she quietly thinks to herself for a moment, and then leisurely walks over, as she has expected, she sees the maids Ru Qing, Ru Ming heading towards the floral hall with an incense burner, presumably in preparation for receiving the guests in a while, she takes three steps forwards, calling out to Ru Qing: “Maid Qing, has your master gotten up?” (Note: The floral hall is the Chinese equivalent of drawing room - a room aside from the main living room where guests can be received and entertained)

Hearing her voice, the two maids turns towards her, seeing that it is Fiery Xi Shi, they both reveal a sweet smile, probably because Fiery Xi Shi is open and direct by nature, Ru Qing, Ru Ming have gotten familiar with her in such a short time, Ru Qing greets first: “Gentleman is already up, in the floral hall.” Fiery Xi Shi hurries forward, approaching the two maids, the three of them chatting and laughing, as they head towards the floral hall.

At the floral hall, one can see the eight brawny men expressionlessly guarding every corner of the floral hall, Fiery Xi Shi is no longer bewildered by this scene, she had long realised, the esteemed guest is never left alone, if not the two maids then there are the eight personal bodyguards, creating a sense of being heavily guarded.

“Is it San Niang there?” A voice as fragile as jade sounds, ringing out from behind the curtains, her tone neither hurried nor delayed, smoothly carrying a rhythm, a feeling like that of each syllable rippling through one’s heart.

Fiery Xi Shi’s birth name is San Niang, just that it has been many years since people called her that, to hear it right now, it actually feels as though she is in a dream, hurriedly replying: “Gentleman, it is I.” Walking up to the curtains, she stops at a spot five steps away, these past five days, “gentleman’ would always be separated behind the curtains when meeting the guests, and would never let anyone come within a five step radius, five steps, thus became the strict rule.

“San Niang is no outsider.” The figure behind the curtains lightly says, upon hearing this, the two maids immediately steps forward, rolling up the curtains.

Directly facing the one behind the curtains, San Niang could not supress sighing in praise, the person’s peerless elegance, even as a woman, she cannot compare to such, laughingly saying: “Gentleman, you have gotten up so early today.”

Looking at Fiery Xi Shi in admiration, the corners of Gui Wan’s lips hooks up into a beautiful curve, she had not seen such straightforward attitude for a long time, and especially likes it, “San Niang has also gotten up really early.”

“Those scholars have been coming earlier by the days, I too have no choice,” Having said that, she quietly observes the “gentleman’s” attitude, unexpectedly, the opposition only smiles indifferently, showing no clear indications at all.

Not knowing whether to call it disappointment or whether other emotions are rising inside of her, Fiery Xi Shi sounds a sigh, when suddenly, she smells a faint and clear, flower-like fragrance, turning her head towards it, on the other side of the curtain, a flask of wine rests on the table, as someone who has excessively loved wine her entire lifetime, she hastily asks without restraint: “Gentleman, what wine is this? So fragrant.”

“Plum blossom wine.”

“Plum blossom wine? So it was brewed with plum blossoms, no wonder the fragrance is so faint and clear.” Full of praises, Fiery Xi Shi happily says this.

Hands casually stoking the neck of the wine flask, Gui Wan silently sinks into her thoughts for a moment, seeming to have recalled something, “Since San Niang is so fond of it, go ahead and take it.” Gently giving the wine a push towards her, allowing Ru Ming to pass it to Fiery Xi Shi.

Fireworks sounding inside of her, Fiery Xi Shi murmurs: “This wouldn’t be right, is this not taking away someone’s goods?” Suddenly raising her head again, saying: “Gentleman has yet to eat breakfast, and you’re drinking wine?”

“Not drinking, smelling.” Lazily explaining, Gui Wan smiles as she watches Fiery Xi Shi take one big mouthful of wine.

Mouth filled with aroma, she smacks her lips together in satisfaction, Fiery Xi Shi quips: “Can you get full from smelling?”

“That is not it, I originally thought that smelling it will be able to get me three points drunk, who would have known that I am still so wide awake.” Half-jokingly answering her question, Gui Wan lightly raises her brows, a look of innocence immediately revealed.

Slightly stunned, Fiery Xi Shi loudly laughs, “Gentleman must be joking, only by drinking the entire flask, do you have the possibility of getting drunk.”

Gui Wan also laughs along, three points of frivolousness revealed between her brows, “San Niang you’re already drunk……” Spoken in a sighing tone, making Fiery Xi Shi shocked.

Composing herself, she once again looks over the person in front, Fiery Xi Shi seriously asks: “Is Gentleman afraid of getting drunk?”

“I am,” Gui Wan sits up straight, her eyes deep and bottomless, “This thing called wine, is it not something that can only be savoured when half drunk, half sober?”

“If you have not been completely drunk, how could you know that the feeling of being completely drunk is not any better than being half drunk? Has Gentleman never heard before, this thing called wine is a thing that dispels grief? If not drunk, how is one to dispel grief?”

Hearing those words, Gui Wan reveals a look of confusion, lightly repeating Fiery Xi Shi’s words once again, seemingly hit with realisation, seemingly hit with regret……thinking for a while, she suddenly brightens up again, that resonant voice even more penetrating as she lightly laments: “What limits the affection of slightly cold weather and drizzling rain holds, unable to prevent the passing of spring. What harm is there in getting drunk for one’s lord, only afraid when sobered up, the heartbreak that follows……” [1]

Holding the half-filled flask of wine, unable to bring herself to drink it, Fiery Xi Shi quietly stares at the “gentleman”, only feeling that her every move blends in with her carefree beauty, her every syllable, every tone, is able to touch people’s hearts, like a light breeze beckoning people to dance along with her, intoxicated by her, just now, the slightly sad feelings she portrayed, clearly travels across in this moment, affecting Fiery Xi Shi’s own feelings, discreetly pulling herself together, she laughingly says: “Gentleman has such refined interests.”

As though she did not hear those words, Gui Wan laments: “I originally thought everyone is drunk, only I alone am sober, didn’t think that, it is actually everyone who is sober, I alone am drunk ah……” Such tender voice faintly disperses in the air, not minding if anyone hears, upon raising her head, she sees Fiery Xi Shi’s puzzled expression, Gui Wan could not help but to laugh, laughing prettily without restraint, she diverts to another topic: “San Niang, can you tell me, what are the rumours circulating around town lately?”

Suddenly snapped back to reality, Fiery Xi Shi was secretly amazed, this “gentleman” has many changes in expression, suddenly angry, suddenly laughing, suddenly displeased, suddenly worried, her thoughts makes it hard for others to read, hearing her question, she slowly starts speaking, recently there has been certain ballads circulating around town, singing of a beauty bringing disaster to the country, the monarch loves beauty, does not love the country.

Listening to Fiery Xi Shi describe in detail the sudden increase of rumours outside these days, Gui Wan’s thoughts were half in the light, half in the shade, seemingly smiling yet seemingly not smiling, unable to make out whether it is joy or sorrow, content or worries……


Standing at the counter of the rest inn, managing the accounts whilst sending her regards to the leaving customers, Fiery Xi Shi’s thoughts spins, her mind continuously playing back this morning’s conversation in the floral hall, she just gets the feeling that that “gentleman” is deeply unpredictable, whilst still conversing, she asked the “gentleman”, whether she thinks those ballads are right or wrong, the “gentleman” sounds a faint laugh, asking back, what worldly matters are definitely right or definitely wrong, everyone is only showcasing their abilities.

Is it the case of everyone showing their abilities? Smiling as she shakes her head, personally thinking that she has been confused by the “gentleman”, because of her one phrase, she herself has been in a restless all day today.

Raising her head, the customers have pretty much all left, stretching her lazy waist, she walks out from the behind the counter, Fiery Xi Shi was just about to shout out to the dozing Xiao Ya Zi to close the business, when she glances outside to see a few horses and a horse carriage stop outside the rest inn, looks like there are yet another group of customers, restoring her smile, she stands at the doors, waiting to serve the customers.

Dismounting from the horse, getting off the carriage, there are actually six people who has come, smiling deeper, she thinks to herself, these past two days, the rest inn practically seems to have won a fortune, watching as the people approaches, her smile stiffens, the six people are dressed strangely, is very different to the Celestial Empire, they are clearly Nu people, the Celestial Empire has always shared a hostile relationship with the Nu, her rest inn have never served Nu people before, walking upfront, she blocks their path, smiling as she says: “Everybody, our rest inn has already ran out of room.”

Suddenly realising that amongst the six people, there is a bright and beautiful woman, brilliantly smiling to her, without the chance to let that smile sink in, her shoulder is hit with pain, and her vision turns black as she involuntarily sinks down……

“Mo Na, tone down your actions, careful no one finds out.” The voice comes from the mouth of a young man, with a built taller and stronger than that of the Celestial Empire, further showing his extraordinary looks and mightiness, a pair of eagle-like eyes reveals sharpness, carrying a domineering air and imposing manner by nature.

“Your highness can rest assured, there is practically no one in this big lobby right now, we won’t be found out.” The woman called Mo Na charmingly smiles, further showing her incomparably bright looks, remarkably touching.

Giving her a nod that practically could not be seen, he looks upstairs with complex feelings, it is upstairs, where “he” is staying right, the one who saved him under the moonlight and also the one who planned to harm him, the one who he cannot indulge his feeling for, the one who has left him absolutely captivated and also the one who makes him gnash his teeth in hatred……

The dozing Xiao Ya Zi in the rest inn, has yet to grow aware, six strangers have broken into the rest inn.

Only the two lanterns hung at the entrance, is unceasingly swaying in the wind, the light scattering, light and dark overlapping, making the moonlight in the darkness set off an extremely unusual eeriness……


The fifth day……is it already the fifth day?

Finger lightly tapping on the wine flask, rhythmically, slowly, feeling an icy coolness at the tip of her fingers, Gui Wan finds it pleasantly soothing, the smell of clear and light fragrance lingers in her nose, gradually blurring her sober tenacity, looking a bit like she is in a trance, she looks at the wine flask, prettily smiling as she sighs, could it be that she is drunk?

The one who clearly said would rush there and rush back when leaving, has still yet to show up……unable to tell whether it is disappointment or melancholy inside of her, she still smiles ever so freely, just that she feels faintly stuffy inside, inadvertently entangled……

Finger tapping on the lid of the pot, a light sound suddenly rings, Gui Wan was momentarily surprised, and only then did she realise she used a bit too much strength, laughing to herself, she places down the pot lid in hand, capping it back onto the wine flask, and at the same time, covering that clear and light fragrance. She gathers up her disconsolate musings and looks outside the curtains, the scholars have all left, only Ru Qing, Ru Ming remains standing in waiting within this floral hall.

Gui Wan lifts the curtains and walks out of the floral hall, raising her head to take a look, the skies has actually darkened already, after such a tiring day, it is time to get some rest, she faintly smiles as she waves her hand, signifying her intentions to return to her room.

Ru Qing, Ru Ming leads the way in front whilst the eight guards follows behind, the group of people heading towards the second floor room.

As they were walking up the stairs, a lady on the second floor walks towards them, her complexion a sickly wax yellow, movements particularly slow, carrying the appearance of one who is ill, her hands carries two pots of food dishes as she walks down the stairs. The stairs are very narrow, Ru Qing, Ru Ming could only turn to their sides in order to let her past, just when they moved aside, the woman seems to have received a fright upon seeing so many people, her foot slips and she loses her balance, her body tilts forward, about to fall down the stairs, Ru Qing, Ru Ming simultaneously reaches out, one on the left, one on the right, holding her body up from the sides, the two pots of dishes instantly flips onto both their bodies. The two maids, afraid that Gui Wan behind them will be harmed, lightly creases their brows, neither dodging nor giving way, they simply allow all the soup and sauce of the dishes to splash all over their bodies.

The woman realises the disaster she has caused, hurriedly bowing in apology, repeatedly bowing down to waist level, Ru Qing, Ru Ming sees how pitiful she is, and could not bear to further reproach her, fortunately, only their clothes had been dirty, no harm was actually inflicted.

Upon returning to the second floor, the eight guards automatically disperses into their own room, Gui Wan quickly orders Ru Qing, Ru Ming to go change their clothes, watching the two maids take out clothes and quickly heading to the bathroom with flying speed, Gui Wan could not help but smile, walking into the room, she pours a cup of tea, upon lowering her head, she finds that her own outer clothing has also been splashed with a few drops of sauces, lightly creasing her brows, she places down the cup in hand and walks into the inner chambers, untying the jade buckle on her waist, the silver belt slides down from her waist, and she slowly takes off her outer clothing.

Suddenly getting a really strange feeling that greatly bothers her, Gui Wan clearly senses the presence of a second person within the room, halting her movements, she was in the midst of speculating when suddenly, the sound of drinking tea can be heard from behind her, her heart receives a sudden fright, beating several times faster, she was rendered a flustered state as she slowly looks back.

It’s him!

Ye Li sits at the table holding the cup of tea she had just poured, taking his sweet time in savouring the taste. Upon seeing this scene, Gui Wan only found it incessantly absurd, her mind completely blank, immediately sensing the dangerous vibe, lightly pressing her lips together, she was hesitating whether to cry out loud or not, calling over the guards, but immediately abandons this thought, Ye Li’s attitude is too laidback, giving her an unfathomable feeling.

“Your bodyguards cannot come right now, no need to waste your efforts,” Ye Li leisurely takes a drink of tea, his gaze firmly locked onto Gui Wan, half containing enjoyment, half containing complexity, “Long time no see, Yu Wan.”

That lengthened tone of addressment, spoken from his somewhat stiff accent, slightly seems as though he is bitterly clenching his teeth in hatred, Gui Wan is slightly startled, hundreds and thousands of thoughts running through her head. Steadying her emotions, she calmly smiles sweetly, looking as though she has run into an old friend, “So it is Brother Ye Li.”

Didn’t think that she would actually be so carefree, Ye Li’s expression suddenly deepens, coldly saying: “Didn’t think that I would still be alive to see you again.”

“Brother Ye Li is no ordinary person, so how could you possibly run into mishaps?” Voice of orioles, pleasing and gentle, Gui Wan’s smile remains unchanging, refusing to retreat and instead advances, she takes two steps forward, her slow steps reaching the outer chamber, turning a blind eye to Ye Li’s solemn expression, she takes hold of the teapot and a cup, self-servingly pouring herself a cup of tea, handing it over to Ye Li, she laughingly says: “To any offences caused, may Brother Ye Li forgive magnanimously.”

Gazing down at the tea before his eyes, Ye Li could not bring himself to say anything, the original scenario he had envisioned in mind is significantly different to this, the person before him has cut straight to the point, pouring him a cup of tea in efforts to make amends, causing him to feel at loss, watching the tea leaves float around on the water surface, his feelings becomes even more complex.

Unable to stop himself, he thinks back to the severe injuries from last time, it was also a situation where this pretty and handsome “young man” held a cup of ginseng soup, standing by the bedside, somewhere in his heart, he was touched for a moment, reaching out to accept the tea, drinking it in one gulp.

Seeing him down the tea, Gui Wan’s heart relaxes a little, she sits herself down at the other side of the table, sitting at the same table with Ye Li, comfortably chatting as she would with family: “Brother Ye Li, it’s been half a year, your charismatic demeanour is even more radiant, it must be because your injuries from before have completely healed right?”

Each and every sound ringing at his heart, each and every word sincere, Ye Li was startled for a moment, his cold expression loosens up a bit as he lightly answers with a sound of “En.”

The two of them quietly sits there, Gui Wan leisurely chats about all sorts of things, Ye Li’s expression has also calmed down, the two of them appearing as though they returned to the days of recuperating in the old building.

Seeing that Ye Li no longer seems to be in dispute, Gui Wan secretly relaxes, on one hand she was chatting none stop, on the other hand she rapidly has a change in thought, thinking of a way to get away.

Ye Li also was not as calm on the inside as his outer expression shows, looking at the Gui Wan before him, the chaotic feelings causes unrest within him as he finds it difficult to think properly. He has been betrayed by the one before him once before, but managed to fled back to the Nu, this past half of the year, he has never once been able to forget this woman, his heart always missing her, as long as he sees her, he definitely would not easily let go of the opportunity.

He got people to paint a portrait of her, because the appearance was drawn from words, the painting eventually took two whole months, going through a change of over ten artists, to actually produce the final outcome that he was satisfied with. At the time, he had even been teased by his older brothers, it does not seem to be painting an enemy, seems more like painting his beloved.

His beloved? Turning his head to see her smile like that of spring flowers, his heart bursts into waves of throbbing, originally thinking that he wanted to see her only for payback, but only when seeing her today, did he realise how severely wrong he was, turns out, he had only wanted to see her once again……

“Didn’t think that you are actually Lou Che’s wife……” In the midst of thinking, the words had already left his mouth.

Shocked, Gui Wan was completely caught by surprise, she herself has never spoke of her identity, how could he have known? Deep inside, she lets out a wretched cry, on the outside, she simple answers: “Brother Ye Li really is infinitely resourceful.”[2] There seems to be praising, seems to be sighing.

Attentively observing her, Ye Li’s eyes shines brilliantly, “I believe……your husband must extremely dote on you.”

The look in his eyes puts her in an uncomfortable position, Gui Wan lightly laughs, weakly asking: “Brother Ye Li, exactly what are you trying to get at?”

“Has he not told you, the matter of me sending a painting from a thousand li away?” Once the words left his mouth, his hand suddenly reaches out, across half the table, grasping hold of Gui Wan’s fair wrist.

In a blink of an eye, her wrist had been firmly seized, Gui Wan conceals her shock, her wrist jolts, but does not move in the slightest bit, anger rushes up to her head, considering the current situation, she does not take any action, saying: “You baffle me, exactly what is this matter?” Vaguely getting the feeling that someone had leaked her whereabouts to Ye Li, a sense of unease overcomes her heart.

Ye Li stands from his seat, leaning over before Gui Wan’s face, Gui Wan receives a shock, immediately standing up to retreat, unfortunately, her wrist had been seized, Ye Li’s one exertion of strength pulls her into his arms, sitting himself down in Gui Wan’s seat.

Anger further deepens, within Gui Wan’s smile there holds iciness, “Even if you are the Nu Tribe’s prince, this is still far too presumptuous of you.”

Sensing the anger from the person in his embrace, Ye Li laughs, ridiculing: “And here I thought you don’t get angry……” Looking at her, he suddenly speaks again, “Your angered face is also very beautiful.”

Taking in a deep breath, she calms down, a shallow smile once again resurfaces, “Brother Ye Li, what exactly is it you want?”

“We Nu people are unable to be deeply treacherous like people of the Celestial Empire,” Such words hidden with cold bitterness, Ye Li says, “What we want, shall all be directly snatched over, as for me right now……” Half of the sentence remains hanging, with unlimited gentle charm, his words carrying ambiguity……

With a turn of the head, she directly meets Ye Li’s eyes, outpouring with affection, heartbeat quickening, Gui Wan freezes, her mouth half opened, yet her voice refuses to come out.

“Gui Wan…Gui Wan……you’re called Gui Wan?” Ye Li with but an inch distant away from Gui Wan’s cheek, gently calls out her name, with unlimited tenderness, disregarding the stiffened body of the person in his arms, he laments, “To think you even lied to me about your name.”

Hearing the light calling of her own name from his mouth, Gui Wan’s entire body turns stiff, but also becomes even more certain of her own speculations, someone had leaked out the information, if not, with thousands of mountains and rivers distance, how could Ye Li possibly have such crystal clear knowledge of this?

“From now on, let us just call you Suo Ge Ta, after you return to the Nu Capital with me, you will be Suo Ge Ta from henceforth.” His words with such certainty displays his firm confidence.

What an imperious barbarian, to even change her name for her, Gui Wan’s brows lightly raises, she speaks surely: “Brother Ye Li must be joking, I am Madam Lou, how could I possibly go to the Nu Capital?” Her words hidden with warning, this place is also a city in the heart of the Celestial Empire, her identity is not one that anyone can casually profane.

Lightly letting out a laugh, Ye Li could not help but to scoop up a few strands of her hair, seeing the strands of black satin in his hand, an unknown feeling of satisfaction suddenly arises, “Had I not made infallible preparations, how could I have come here so rashly……Suo Ge Ta, come with me back to the Nu Capital, I will love and cherish you for a lifetime.”

A wave of quivering hits her heart, Gui Wan freezes on the spot, hundreds of different feelings gathering within her, she recalls how someone has once also seemed to have promised her this before. Secretly lamenting, she voices out a reminder, her tone completely icy with not a trace of feelings: “As long as I go missing for three days, all official roads will set up strict precautions, you cannot possibly return to the Nu Capital safely.”

“If you do not try, how could you possibly know?” Ye Li’s face reveals a look of teasing, he tightens his embrace on Gui Wan, speaking into her ear, “Follow me back, hm?”

Feelings of anger rises up, she had yet to say something, when a wave of dizzy spells hits her, her body loses control of itself as she falls backwards, completely sinking into Ye Li’s arms, unable to muster up the slightest bit of strength, her heart starts to panic, knowing her situation has lost the oppurtunity of initiating a move, she has already fallen like the wind.

Aware of her unwillingness, Ye Li hugs her, lightly persuading: “What he can give, I can give you all the same, don’t struggle, the one who will be hurt will only be yourself.” Hand reaching her soft and delicate face, his eyes filled with tenderness and firmness.

Slightly parting her lips, she finds that she does not even have the strength to speak, Gui Wan’s heart sinks, she could only leave him to place her on the bed and watch as he walks to the door, after calling out towards the other side of the door, a figure walks in, to think that it would actually be the woman at the stairs with a sickly complexion, and even had a bad fall, helplessly, she lets out a sigh, so from the very beginning, she had fallen into the trap.

The girl with a wax yellow complexion enters the room, taking a look at Gui Wan from left to right, sizing her up from top to bottom, before revealing a smile, opening her mouth to say: “Your highness has good eyes.”

A shallow smile surfaces on Ye Li’s face, “There’s not much time, Mo Na, quickly change her outfit.”

The wax yellow complexion girl nods her head, saying: “Let me make preparations.” She once again leaves the room door, not long after, she comes in holding a face washing basin, approaching the bed.

Upon seeing her face, Gui Wan was surprised, clothes unchanged, but that face of sickly wax yellow complexion actually transformed into one that is beautiful and captivating, the sickly appearance of before gone, immediately knowing this is her real appearance, Gui Wan also becomes aware that she is an expert of disguises.

Thinking of the capable people Ye Li has brought along with him, clearly they have come fully prepared, giving up her struggles, she leaves the girl called Mo Na to have her way with her. Deep inside, she secretly ponders, looks like she can only act in accordance to the circumstances, whilst thinking of countermeasures.


[1] Opening poem - Anxiety of a Beauty by Qín Guān / 秦观.

[2] The proverb for infinitely resourceful in Chinese is shén tōng guǎng dà /神通广大 literally meaning of heavenly powers and extensive reach. A term used to refer to one’s superb skills and abilities, and can also be translated asomnipotence.

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