CEO He : Please Don't Love Me

Chapter 377 Mo Roulan Doesn’t Want To Go To He Mansion
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377 Mo Roulan Doesn't Want To Go To He Mansion

Mo Roulan stepped out of the elevator in a daze. Shen Youlin followed her silently with a frown on her forehead. After Mo Roulan's loud 'what', Lin Qianru had just told her that He Jian had talked to her about the dinner at He Mansion the day before yesterday and she had already given her permission. Mo Roulan had seen that her mother looked a little guilty after seeing her reaction. She sighed as she understood that her mother seemed to have forgotten to tell her.

She didn't really want to go to He Mansion.

Remembering her past as well as present life moments that involved Grandfather He or He Zhuang, she didn't wish to traumatize herself by going there and getting insulted again. Grandfather He had already insulted her enough during their first meeting. However, even if she wanted to refuse, she couldn't really do so in front of He Jian. So she had just nodded her head and after that, she had left the apartment silently. "Why do you need to go to his house for dinner?"

Shen Youlin whined as she said these words from Mo Roulan' behind. Mo Roulan sighed again. She also wanted to know the answer to this question. "I don't know." 𝘧𝑟𝑒𝑒𝘸𝑒𝒷𝓃𝑜𝓋𝑒𝓁.𝒸𝑜𝘮

She said honestly and Shen Youlin said immediately. "Then, don't go."

She can try that. Mo Roulan thought inside her heart but didn't say anything.

Shen Youlin was disappointed but she also stayed silent. The next moment, however, she suddenly stopped walking and asked Mo Roulan.

"Roulan, why did you say just now that you will go by bus? Are you not going to go with me?" Mo Roulan stopped walking and after a moment, she turned around to look at Shen Youlin. "Yes, I will be going by bus."

Shen Youlin's face fell. Was it because of her? She couldn't help but wonder silently. However, Mo Roulan spoke the next moment. Stepping forward, she held Shen Youlin's hand and said "Youlin, It is not because of you. I …I just feel comfortable if I go by bus, okay? Try to understand me."

Mo Roulan pleaded. Shen Youlin's head was lowered as she looked at the hand that was held by Mo Roulan at this moment. After a few moments, she nodded her head. Mo Roulan smiled in relief and she suddenly hugged Shen Youlin. Surprised, Shen Youlin's eyes went wide because of the sudden hug. Her hands almost rose to hug Mo Roulan back but then she lowered them down as she remembered what she had promised to her 15:53

brother. She would try her best to touch Mo Roulan as little as possible. So she patted Mo Roulan's shoulder lightly and said "Okay, now you should leave, I suppose if you will go by bus otherwise you will get late."

That really made Mo Roulan break the hug and step away from Shen Youlin. With wide eyes filled with panic, she looked at her wristwatch and immediately said 'bye' to Shen Youlin. Today, she didn't want to get late. Shen Youlin sighed as she looked at Mo Roulan's departing back. She then walked toward the car that was parked in front of the building. "Good Morning, Miss Shen."

The driver greeted Shen Youlin as soon as she was near the car. He also stepped forward to open the door but Shen Youlin stopped him and said "I will go on my own to college. You can leave."

Finishing her words, Shen Youlin held her bag that was placed on her shoulder with one hand and then walked towards the exit of the building regardless of how much the driver shouted behind her. Standing outside the elevator, He Jian was silently looking in the direction where Mo Roulan had left just now. He saw everything. She preferred to go by bus. He heard her say. His blue eyes didn't have any emotion as he continued to stare in the same direction. A moment later, he suddenly said to Chu Feng

"Take out the car. We will leave for the company."

Chu Feng was surprised. There was still some time left but since his boss said so, Chu Feng didn't dare to question and silently went to ask the driver to take out the car. 'The kitten seems to be angry…'

He Jian whispered as a small smile graced his lips. He should not have talked to her like that. He really regretted that helmet his jealousy took over him. Mo Roulan didn't even know why he behaved like that. She didn't have any inkling about his feelings. It was reasonable for her to feel angry. He Jian came out of his trance when he heard his phone ringing inside his pocket. The car was already parked in front of the building. He slid the screen to answer the call as he walked toward the car. Chu Feng opened the door for him. "Jian"

Liu Ji Fan's voice came from the other side of the phone and it sounded sleepy.

"Did you call me last night?"

Inside his mansion, Liu Ji Fan got up from the floor. Last night, he couldn't sleep inside his room. He constantly had this fear inside his heart that Tian Yuan would leave him and he wouldn't even get to know about this. So he couldn't stop himself from coming to check again and again. In the end, he just slept outside the room Tian Yuan was sleeping in. And in the morning, when he woke up he found that He Jian had called him so he called him immediately. "Yes, I did. Is everything alright?"

He Jian's voice was cold and indifferent but the question still made Liu Ji Fan's smile warmly and he answered softly "It is not but I am trying to set everything alright. Why did you call?"

He Jian was silent for a moment before he said "I want to merge our company with He Corporation. I wanted to talk about this with you."


Liu Ji Fan's eyes brightened instantly as he thought that once they merged then he would be in City H and he could Tian Yuan there too. It would be good. So Liu Ji Fan said immediately "I don't have any problem."

"Alright, we will discuss more later."

After this, He Jian hung up while Liu Ji Fan suddenly looked toward the new beginning. Perhaps a new beginning for him and Tian Yuan.

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