Celestial Era: The Rise of the Full-Time Enhancer

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The sudden appearance of the flying swords surprised not only Magnus but also Elena and Ayla…

Flying weapons weren't common after all. In addition to that, most of these weapons were only made of light materials since even though it is said that they are flying, they are still being controlled by Mana Strings connected to them. The heavier they are, the more difficult they are to control.

However, to their surprise, they couldn't feel the presence of Mana Strings on these swords. They have similar reactions to Shane and Brycen who had seen these flying swords as well.

Furthermore, the swords are also quite heavy so using them as Flying Weapons should be a very bad idea.

'Wait… Are those one of his legendary weapons again?!' This idea immediately crossed their minds since they know that Vincent has seemingly inherited a nation's worth of treasure.

Magnus frowned after seeing the flying swords coming after him, they weren't something that his Demonic Eyes could cancel…

He tried to remove the Mana Strings as quickly as possible just like any normal magician would but to his surprise, he couldn't find these mana strings. Magnus had no choice but to be on the offensive as well.

Vincent suddenly felt a familiar mana fluctuation coming from Magnus…

'Is that his original Mana Art?' He thought.

During their previous battle, Magnus used Flame Dragon Lightning Technique which caused some trouble to him. Although it has been over two years since that battle, Vincent can still remember it since he would rarely see an original Mana Art.

'It's stronger, huh… I need to take this head-on or the training grounds will be destroyed…' Vincent thought as he glanced at his surroundings.

They did not set up a strong Barrier Formation here.

If he decided to dodge this attack, he would have to spend quite a lot of money to repair the structures standing here.

Vincent then controlled the three Wind-Blessed Swords and formed a triangular formation. This is another attack pattern of the swords targeting his opponent's three sides.

The swords also started moving in a circle while maintaining the triangular formation. Vincent didn't immediately order to attack as he was planning to release the swords once Magnus used his Original Mana Art.

However, Magnus seems to have noticed VIncent's plan as instead of targeting him, he targeted the three swords first!

"I'll destroy your toys first!" Magnus summoned a flame dragon surrounded by lightning and targeted the Wind-Blessed sword in front of him.


With Vincent's command, the three swords moved in unison as they targeted Magnus' body.


The first sword lost its strength after being targeted but the Flame Dragon didn't stop moving… It crashed on the second flying sword while the third sword was evaded by Magnus…

"Did you see that?" Magnus arrogantly said. He looked at Vincent provocatively while his summoned flame dragon surrounded him.

'It is still not disappearing? Just how long can he maintain it…' Vincent was interested in Magnus' technique as he can tell that the mana used to summon the dragon isn't a small amount. It means that maintaining is quite difficult as well.

As expected of the Sixth Disciple, Magnus is truly a talented individual.

Vincent smiled at Magnus as he just activated his controlled units again. His Wind-Blessed Swords received significant damage reducing their durability by almost 10%. Nevertheless, it wasn't at a critical level so he decided to just stick with these weapons to defeat him.

As soon as the swords floated again and made another formation, Magnus realized why Vincent was only smiling… He had literally felt that the imbued mana on those swords had disappeared after striking them… However, they can still be controlled even in that state!

It was quite unexpected.

He didn't have time to taunt Vincent again as the swords started moving faster…

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Head, Shoulder, and Right Leg!

Vincent targeted his head ruthlessly since he knows that Magnus' Mana Barrier can stop his swords in time.

As for the man's shoulder and right leg, Vincent didn't hold back and imbued them with a vast amount of Pseudo-Celestial Energy… Injuring Magnus on his limbs should be enough to win this battle.

"Not bad, Vincent…" Magnus said as he opened his palm and controlled the Flame Dragon Lightning to protect his body…

The sword targeting his head was sent flying away by the Flame Dragon but the two that were targeting his limbs almost pierced the summoned dragon and hit his body!

It was close!

Magnus realized that those two swords were a strengthened version of Vincent's attack. If not for the lightning arcs that stopped its movement, those swords would probably pierce his body.

'Tsk… You're really trying to end this duel with only these Flying Swords, huh… I'll show you my new Mana Art.' Magnus no longer hesitated as he prepared to use the Mana Art that he has been training on over the last two years.

This is a technique he directly learned from Ignacy after his defeat two years ago.

On the other hand, while Magnus was planning his next move, Vincent was disappointed that his attack didn't end the battle.

'Tsk… I spent 50 units of Pseudo-Celestial Energy on that… I should just try again.' Vincent thought as he controlled his three swords to try and launch another attack…

Magnus' preparation was delayed because of this…


Swish! Swish! Swish!

Magnus did not panic as he did his best to crush the swords into many pieces. His control over the Flame Dragon started getting better…

However, the swords were too slippery!

The sword can move like a ghost unable to be caught no matter what he does… He had to change his tactic and controlled his dragon to self-destruct as soon as it was pierced by the swords.


Clank! Clank! Clank!

The swords struck the ground as Magnus finally found an opportunity to use his new Mana Art…

However, to his surprise, his Mana was already depleted!

He didn't notice that when he wasn't using his Demonic Eyes, Vincent would activate his touchless Mana Drain!


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