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Eugene was previously a beggar living in the streets of the 11th Tower. His parents were Master Magicians that have been killed during a mission and what he inherited was their huge debt from the Nexus Organization.

All their assets were taken away from him including the heirloom of his family that would supposedly help him train to become an Adept Mage.

With his mid-grade talent, he can easily become a Master Magician with a good chance of becoming an Adept Mage as long as he has enough resources he could use to train.

Unfortunately, all of it vanished after his parents perished in a mission. He had barely finished his Mana Baptism when this had all happened.

He was unskilled and unable to use his abilities. No one was able to teach him and he was too busy trying to survive. He didn't have the time to study how to use properly use his mana at all.

A few years passed and he was then recruited to become a servant by a small hunter team. From that day on, he started learning how to fight and studied how to use his little bit of mana…

Unfortunately, a tragedy struck their team and he was the only survivor. It may also be a blessing in disguise as that event changed everything for him as he awakened his real talent.

With his experience and decent skills, he built a small organization consisting of skilled, talented, but less fortunate mana practitioners. He shared his knowledge and taught them various Mana Arts he learned while he was still in a Hunter Team.

Furthermore, his parents seem to be watching him from the sky and sent someone to further assist him in his ambition, a Celestial Being!

One day, an extremely beautiful woman arrived in their stronghold and assessed his strength… He thought at first that his organization was about to be destroyed by this Celestial…

However, after showing his fighting skills, he was able to gain her blessing!

He thought that only those with high status in society or great backgrounds can have a chance of being selected by a Celestial.

He didn't expect that by just donating his blood essence, he's able to borrow a helping land from this powerful being!

He was proud of his achievement and he was even thinking of expanding his territory… He believes that with his loyal members and the help of his Celestial, he can maintain the safe haven they have created.

"B-but what is going on now?" Eugene muttered as he looked at the previous mighty Celestial that would always stand by his side.

The Celestial was now kneeling on the ground after a white-haired Celestial slammed her with the sheathe of her sword.

"You still don't understand? We told you that you have to end your contract with her… However, you instead ordered her to attack us… You're crazy…"

"What?! Do you think I can just abandon her? Why are you doing this to us?! We have never harmed you!" Eugene tried to reason out.

"Ugh… So noisy… I don't want to end it like this but it seems that you really have to die, huh…" Rem can no longer listen to this man.

She knows that he's already too attached to the Celestial so he can't just give her up.

'So this is why Vincent ordered to get them killed instead, huh…' Rem thought as she stepped forward to grab the powerless man…

However, with the sudden threat to his life, the man realized that his death is imminent… He needs to do something!

,m "Aahh! Aah! I'm sorry! Please spare my life! I will end the contract with Celestial. Please take care of her. I'm not even too familiar with her. I can no longer advance my cultivation because she keeps taking my blood essence… Please take her away from me." Eugene exclaimed as he saw Rem moving closer.

Although she did not unsheathe her weapon, he knows that using her physical strength would be enough to crush him.

He had barely trained his Martial Skills and focused on practicing Mana after all.


Rem stopped in her tracks as she looked at Eugene who was begging for his life. It seems that this method is really effective. They just caused damage in the surroundings because of the battle and no one died.

"Alright, dissolve the contract then…" She coldly replied.

"Yes… Yes… Number 442, release the contract now!" Eugene immediately said as the Celestial raised her head to look at Luna and Rem before glancing at Eugene… 𝒻𝘳ℯℯ𝑤ℯ𝘣𝓃𝘰𝓋ℯ𝘭.𝑐𝘰𝑚

"Guk…" Eugene felt something off from that gaze and he couldn't help but step back.

Although the Celestial still looked very beautiful, he somehow felt afraid of being stared at by her.

Number 442 then stood up to approach her contractor.

The contract itself isn't some kind of paper that is being signed. This contract is actually a connection to the selected person that is providing her with the Blood Essence…

Without this, even if the Celestial tried robbing others' Blood Essence, it wouldn't be effective at all. They can only recover their Celestial Energy with their contracted Mana Practitioner.


The Celestial tapped Eugene's forehead as he felt that the mysterious connection that he had with her suddenly disappeared.

It felt uncomfortable.

He was already used to having a Celestial by his side that he can use from time to time. With her disappearance, his plan of expanding his territory would remain his dream that would never come to fruition.

Number 442 then looked at Luna and Rem with a frown.

"What now? You're aware that I can't make another contract for a while…" She said with a tired voice. She already knows that the white-haired Celestial in front of her is a Numbered Celestial that should be in double digits… There was no point running away.

Before answering, Rem and Luna brought her out of the stronghold first to talk about their business.

"You'll be fine... You will even thank us for bringing you out of your contract. We didn't mention it to you before but we have already found a replacement for Mystic Link Serum…"

"W-what?! Is that possible? Why didn't you just tell me earlier? Ugh… Anyway, have you been to Qheglena?" Number 442 asked continuously.

Rem chuckled after hearing her many questions but she can understand how she feel.

"It's not like that. Anyway, we just want to recruit someone without telling the benefit first… As for the replacement for the serum… It's better if you try it instead."

Rem then passed over a bottle of healing potion to the new recruit which made her confused for a moment.

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