Celestial Era: The Rise of the Full-Time Enhancer

Chapter 36 The Three Tiers
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Vincent's first urge was to help the weak and injured. However, he knows how dangerous this world was and it's always better to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Aside from that, he also does not have a good impression of the nobilities considering what happened in his small village many years ago.

He's not even sure who was right or wrong in this incident. Yvette's side might be the real troublemakers here and the pursuers were just exacting revenge for their family or something like that.

In short, he wanted to be thorough if he decided to give a hand.

"Shall we leave?" Tara asked after noticing that Vincent doesn't seem to plan on doing something yet.

"Let's watch them for a little bit more. It seems that they are also planning to cross the Withered Mountain, so maybe we can discover any useful information from them. Aside from that, I want to see how that magician will fight against their pursuers."

Vincent silently said as he wanted to see how magicians fight against each other. His grandfather didn't teach him much about practical combat after all.

He mainly focused on teaching him Tier 1 Mana Arts but did not bother giving him a lesson on how to use them in real battle.

Tara remained silent as she decided to just watch the battle unfold in front of them. Her face shows that she wasn't interested in this but since she decided to accompany the mysterious Vincent, she had no choice but to remain here as well.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The two abled guards who were in front of Yvette were immediately outnumbered as they fought two enemies at the same time. No matter how well-trained they are, they only have two hands and their Mana hasn't fully recovered yet.

They can only rely on their combat techniques and better weapons to fight them off.

On the other hand, the remaining pursuers waved their swords at the remaining injured guards and killed them so easily!

"Protect the lady!"

"Do not let anyone come close to her!"

"Yes, Sir!"

The injured guards shouted as they did not lose hope even with such a disadvantageous position.

They are all well-disciplined as they moved in unison.

"They're injured already! Just kill them fast!"

Their enemies weren't threatened by the six guards who surrounded Yvette. They waved their blades as they overpowered them easily.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

After two or three strikes, the guards' arms would be unable to handle the clash and would dodge in order to avoid their next strikes.

"Kill that woman! Hurry!"

As the injured guards dodge their attacks and relied on their armors to avoid injuring their vital parts, it created an opening for the enemies to pounce on Yvette.

"Hmph! Die now!"

Yvette wasn't just watching her guards fight for her. They have actually bought her some time in order for her to release her Mana Arts.

"Pyro Blast!"

As soon as she finished casting her magic, a wave of uncontrolled flame scattered from her hands!

It hit the enemies including the injured guards!

However, it seems that this is within their calculation since their armors were able to ignore their young miss' Pyro Blast.

It appears that their armors indeed possessed some kind of magic as well.


"M-my arm!"


Some of the enemies who were directly hit were immediately burned. Only four managed to raise their defense and protect themselves from harm.


"Oh~ I knew it… She's at the level of Master Magician with that Tier 3 Mana Arts… Mana to Element Conversion Magic."

Vincent muttered as soon as he saw the Pyro Blast thrown by Yvette.

Tier 1 Mana Arts allows the practitioner to control the mana within their bodies to create simple magic like Mana Gloves and Mana Shield including the Shrouded Steps.

Tier 2 Mana Arts are magic that can be released from the practitioner in its bare form. They were like Magic Bullets, Mana Bomb, Mana Arrow, and some tracking magic. 𝐟r𝑒ℯ𝘄𝐞𝙗nov𝚎𝙡. 𝑐𝘰𝘮

As for the Tier 3 Mana Arts, they are elemental magic. From simple energy called Mana, the practitioners would then convert them into elements creating powerful magic.

Raizen said to him that only Master Magicians can learn Tier 2 to Tier 3 Mana Arts.

He heard that there are Tier 4 and Tier 5 Mana Arts, but unfortunately, he didn't manage to hear about them at all considering how he couldn't even learn Tier 2. Raizen deemed it unnecessary to inform him about those things.

"Ahhh… But she's too weak now. Those enemies are still resisting."

Vincent saw how the pursuers killed the guards one by one. They didn't die so easily though, they made sure to bring one with them even with the cost of their lives.

Even after being stabbed, he saw how they would still pounce on the enemy in front of them like a beast.

The enemies were even seen hesitating to approach the leader of the guards who were already stabbed by three swords on his body.

"Calvin! No!" Yvette saw her personal guard get stabbed by three swords and still stand up. It was such an incredible sight and Vincent couldn't help but wonder how he could do that.

"Y-young miss… I'm sorry, you should run…"

Calvin's eyes were filled with regret. He's unable to protect his master in the end. There are still four enemies who were perfectly fine and Yvette will be alone once he died.

She was also kneeling on the ground since her mana has been drained by now. She has been fighting against their enemies since early this morning after all.

"Just die already!"

The leader was already furious after seeing the casualties on his side. He threw a dagger at Calvin as it penetrated his throat and finally killed him.


Since Calvin was no longer being protected by Mana, it went smoothly this time as the others heaved a sigh of relief.

"Tsk… You people really fought hard. I didn't expect that you can still kill so many of us even while you are all injured. Ugh, I really can't underestimate the nobility, huh."

The leader of the group couldn't help but complain after seeing the many dead bodies in front of him.

"You three, take that girl and cut her tongue. I'm planning to just kill her but it might be better if I manage to sell her to those perverted old men in the city. I need money to recruit more people after all."

"Yes, Boss!"

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