Celestial Era: The Rise of the Full-Time Enhancer

Chapter 33 Not A World Of Swords And Magic?
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"Uhmmm… Hello? I'm Vincent, nice to meet you."

He finally breaks the silence as he gave his most gentle smile to her. He wanted to appear as harmless as possible as he even hid his weapons behind him.

He didn't want to start a fight and he would rather have a seat with her and talk about life.

Luckily, the woman gave a reaction although it wasn't that positive.

She just blinked her eyes a couple of times before looking around. Well, there is nothing much to see in this underground so she quickly shifted her eyes to Vincent.

'That blue eyes… It feels like I'm being X-Rayed or something…' Vincent felt a bit uncomfortable being stared at.

"I-is everything alright?"

Perhaps because he had no one to talk to over the past few years, he stuttered with his words and almost bit his tongue.

"Where am I?"

The woman finally spoke as she asked him a question.

'Good… She doesn't seem to be an aggressive type. I can do this.'

"Ehem… We are underground where your sleeping chamber was kept hidden. It's in the middle of a forest and was brought here by my grandfather many many years ago after the dungeon where it was previously located started to collapse."

It's not the entire truth but he can't just tell her that his grandfather stole the chamber out of that dungeon after all.

The woman didn't react to his answer as she instead carefully stood up and got out of the Cryogenic Sleeping Chamber.

Of course, the woman was still fully naked and she doesn't seem to be shy at all. Nevertheless, Vincent decided to turn his gaze as he brought out a towel from his bag. He would normally use this to wipe his gears including his cane.


He was about to give it to her but he realized that it was a bit dirty and seem to smell as well.

'I can't taint her with this smelly towel…'

He wanted to go out first and return to the cabin to find some clean clothes for her.

However, he suddenly heard some mechanical sounds again. It was coming from the sleeping chamber as it wrapped around the woman's body making it a full-body armor!

She only left her head without any cover as she decided to face Vincent.

Anyway, the way it enveloped her body seemed like nanotechnology. It wasn't even bulky at all! It probably only coated a few centimeters around her body.

This appears more aesthetic than the armors worn by the two Numbered Celestials he had seen before.


Vincent's eyes lit up after seeing this scene. He's now sure that this world isn't a normal world of swords and magic!

'I knew it! These Celestial Beings are definitely not from this world as well. At the very least, the technology they are using was not!'

"Ehem… May I know your name? I have no intention to fight you. I'm just curious about you since you've been living in that device for so many years."

"You can call me Nine Hundred Ninety-Nine…"

The woman answered with her fairy-like voice as she controlled her armor to show her shoulder with a 999 tattoo.

"I see… I heard about your existence. You guys are Celestial Beings, right? May I know what are your plans now?"

Vincent cautiously asked. To be honest, he was still guarding against any ambush that may happen. Although she sounds like she wouldn't hurt him, he can still recall how the Celestial Beings can be brutal after all.

"Celestial Beings. Yes. Unfortunately, I can't tell you my long-term plans for the safety of both of us. However, I wanted to know more about the current situation of the world and you might be able to help."

The Celestial Being said.

Of course, Vincent is not the best person to ask about the situation in the outside world!

He has been living in this isolated part of the forest after all! He only knows about the path going to a couple of nearby cities and some random information he got from his grandpa.


Half an hour had passed after the two left the underground chamber to go up and breathe some fresh air.

Within the time that had passed, both of them learned more about each other.

Celestial #999 learned that Vincent had mostly lived in this forest and was completely unaware of the situation of the kingdom he was in.

He's not even aware of the name of the current ruler of the nation. Nevertheless, Vincent's memory was still quite good so he still remembers all the stories that his grandfather had shared with him.


The Celestial Being even showed interest in the existence of the Barbarians outside their kingdom.

On the other hand, Vincent learned so many things from this Celestial! Though she seems to be prohibited to tell about their origin, he managed to get the answer he wanted as he indirectly ask her questions.

Though she didn't say it directly, Vincent realized that the Celestials seem to have come from several spaceships outside this planet.

That is something that truly gave him goosebumps...

He was unable to dig deeper but Vincent was already satisfied to know about this.

Then, he realized that she was currently unable to exert her 'celestial powers' because she had been sleeping for too long. Though she's not completely powerless, she's definitely weaker and can only exert 10 to 15 percent of her abilities.

She also said that it would take quite some time to get her powers back.

"I'm actually planning to leave this place already. I'm thinking of going to the nearby city and perhaps find a job and live there…" Vincent said as he doesn't have plans to reveal that he's planning to look for his arranged marriage.

"Hmm… I know that you don't have any bad intentions after observing you for a while. I'm sure you can tell that I don't have plans to mess with you as well. If it's alright with you, can you bring me with you to the next city?"

Vincent nodded immediately as he has no reason to refuse to travel with this beautiful woman. Furthermore, he might get more information about the Celestial Beings if he stayed with her. This is an opportunity that only the prestigious clans could afford after all.

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