Celestial Era: The Rise of the Full-Time Enhancer

Chapter 32 Wake Up!
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After Vincent managed to appraise 300 items over the past few years, his Basic Item Appraisal Skill was finally upgraded to Intermediate Appraisal Skill as a reward from the system.

Thanks to that, he now has better information about the Cryogenic Chamber underground.

The previously unknown information about the chamber has been filled up completely allowing him to understand it even more.s

[ Origin Form: Cryogenic Sleep Chamber ]

[ Quality: Legendary

Number of Enhancements: 10/10

Durability: 1,000/1,000

Description: A Cryogenic Sleep Chamber that is in perfect condition. The world's mana is supplying it with energy to preserve the being inside.

Remarks: Fully Enhanced Object. There will be no Enhancement results if Enhancement Skill was used. ]

Vincent did not make any enhancements on this item at all. After his Appraisal Skill was upgraded, he appraised this chamber and it was already a +10 device.

He's unsure who enhanced this thing but if he would make a guess, it would probably be the manufacturer of this device itself.

As for its name having 'Origin Form', he didn't think too much of it since it's just a name anyway.


Vincent took a deep breath as he stood in front of the chamber.

"I'm planning to leave this place and I'm not sure whether I can still come back. I don't know if you'll be mad if I wake you up but I hope you'll be thankful instead…" Vincent spoke as if he was talking to the being inside the chamber.

Of course, he knows that he's not being heard but he just felt that it's right to give some excuse before he disturbs the being inside.

Then, Vincent walked around the capsule-like chamber and cleaned its left side with a piece of cloth.

The metallic gray and blue design of the device was already covered with dirt and dust. Nevertheless, Vincent can still recognize the buttons at the side.

The buttons weren't that noticeable at first as they were just like small bumps on the smooth surface of the device, however, Vincent knows that there was no way there wouldn't be any controllers to operate this thing.

Soon, the unlabeled buttons appeared in front of him.

He doesn't know what to press to open this thing but since there are only four buttons, it should not be that difficult for him.

Anyway, his grandfather and the village chief didn't know that it has these buttons at all and they tried to just forcefully break this thing open.

It's not surprising though. Since they have never encountered such a modern device.


Vincent, who was currently equipped with all his high-level weapons and gears, pressed the first button. If something attacked him, he must be prepared.

However, nothing happened.

He tried to press the second one, the third one, and the last one… but nothing happened.

"Hmm? That's weird…"

He then tried to press them all at once and soon, the chamber finally had a reaction!

Vincent's heart skipped a beat as he watches the chamber starting up like an engine.

The blue linings from the device turned red indicating that something has really happened. However, it seems to be taking some time so he can't help but be nervous.

'Whatever the being inside was, it shouldn't be that dangerous, right? Aside from that, it is probably old already or something…'

Clank! Clank! Clank!

Vincent heard a mechanical sound from within the chamber as its hatch finally opened!


A puff of cold air gushed out lowering the temperature of the room.


Vincent nervously stood near the stairs ready to get out at any moment. In truth, he also prepared a simple trap to cover the entrance with a large rock if it got dangerous.

Of course, he's hoping that there will not be a need to use his trap at all.

As soon as the smoke or the fog from the Cryogenic Chamber dissipated, Vincent saw a human figure inside who was still lying in its fetal position.

"A woman?"

Vincent knitted his brows as he looked at the naked woman in front of him. He stared at her carefully to see whether she would move or not.

"Hmm?" Vincent suddenly had an urge to get closer.

Well, it's not that he's excited and he actually felt a bad premonition so he wanted to confirm whether he had seen it correctly.

'This aura… Where did I feel this before? And that mark on her shoulder… Is that a number? Wait--I need to get closer.'

As soon as he thought that what he saw was a number, Vincent already had an idea that the fair-skinned naked woman in front of him is a Celestial Being!

What's even more surprising is that it's most likely a Numbered Celestial Being!

He heard that there were only 999 of them all around the world!

Vincent's breathing got heavier as he slowly approaches the woman.

As soon as he had gotten closer, he was finally able to appreciate her beauty… and find the number.


It's the weakest Numbered Celestial!

"W-what now?"


Vincent muttered as he noticed that the woman is not waking up. He then observed her body for a moment and confirmed that she doesn't seem to be breathing at all.

'Her chest is not moving… Is she dead already?'

Vincent felt a bit of pity as she looked at the woman he suspected as a Celestial Being. She seems to be young. Perhaps around twenty years old with a healthy body.

She also has as long black hair that reaches her waist as she appears very seductive in her current position.

Aside from that, her skin seems soft and smooth as Vincent had an urge to touch her---

"Ugh~ What am I thinking of doing to an unconscious woman. Tsk… Is this the effect of not seeing the opposite sex for many years?"

Now, Vincent felt pity for himself.

As he started having random thoughts about the woman, the Cryogenic Sleep Chamber suddenly burst with energy before pouring it towards the woman.

It was as if the device was charging the Celestial Being!

This only took half a minute before the woman finally opened her eyes and gave him an apathetic gaze.

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