Can't Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 897: Investigate
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Chapter 897: Investigate

After Jiang Jie finished speaking, he walked toward Jiang Yao’s room. He was still thinking about how Jiang Yao seemed to be crying when she ran off.

When Jiang Yao and Jiang Lei quarreled, she had cried without any shame. She continued to cry in her room for a while before she finally stopped.

“Ah, you are still so hot-tempered. I thought your temperament had calmed after you got married. I didn’t expect your second brother would provoke you like this.” Jiang Jie noticed that his sister’s eyes were still red. He sighed helplessly. “Your second brother is angry, but don’t lower yourself to his level.”

“He is not my second brother! He doesn’t even let me call him Second Brother now. You will be my only brother from now onward!” Jiang Yao was furious.

“Well, you don’t usually call him Second Brother anyway. Don’t you always call him Jiang Lei? Yaoyao, think about it from another perspective. Do you think that Yang Gaoshu is not good enough for your second brother? But he has fallen in love with a woman like her. How pitiful is that? Why are you still angry with him?”

Wang Xian did not know how to interrupt Jiang Jie’s comforting words. She did not even know what to say. Fortunately, Jiang Lei could not hear him. Otherwise, he would probably explode again.

“If Jiang Lei doesn’t apologize to me, I’ll ignore him!” Jiang Yao snorted and sniffed. She was really angry with Jiang Lei.

“Well, ignore him for him.” Jiang Jie smiled; he felt a little helpless. It was as if his siblings were born enemies. The two of them had been quarreling since they were young; that had always caused him headaches as their big brother.

However, even though they would quarrel, Jiang Lei still doted on his sister ever since they were young. They had never fought to such an extent.

After Jiang Yao had calmed, she coaxed Jiang Jie and Wang Xian out of her room. As soon as they left, she immediately took out her phone and called Ah Lu. She wanted him to help her find a private detective. She wanted to investigate the matters between Yang Gaoshu and the man in the city. Perhaps she could bring Jiang Lei there so that he could see it with his own eyes. It was better than leaving Yang Gaoshu to make things difficult for them.

She would not give a shameless woman like Yang Gaoshu any dignity at all!

She was even more shameless than Chen Lanying!

They had looked at the bowl, but they were thinking about the pot. It was unbearable!

However, Jiang Yao did not expect that she would need to guard against Ah Lu. When she called him, she was still sniffing, so it was apparent that she had just cried. After Ah Lu received her call, he was not in a hurry to find a private detective. Instead, he called Lu Xingzhi, who was still in the army.

“Is there something wrong?” If there were nothing wrong, Ah Lu would not have called him. Therefore, Lu Xingzhi’s first reaction was that something had happened to Jiang Yao.

“Young Master Lu, Director Jiang called me just now and asked me to check on her second brother’s girlfriend, Yang Gaoshu. She seemed to have been crying when she called me.” Lu Xingzhi had told him to pay attention to Jiang Yao’s emotions at all times, so he decided to call the man.

“She’s been crying?” Lu Xingzhi frowned, and his heart twitched. “Check on it!”

Who had dared to make his wife cry? Were they suicidal?

“Very well!” Ah Lu agreed and quickly put away the phone; he would look into the matter.

He did not follow Jiang Yao because it was a small village. Instead, he continued to stay in town and waited for Jiang Yao’s orders. He did not expect that someone would make her cry.

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