Can't Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 1368: Don’t Blame Me
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Chapter 1368: Don’t Blame Me

Wen Yunfang sat in the passenger seat; she was so angry that she was trembling. However, she still gritted her teeth and teased the two of them. She said, “Gu Changshu and Gu Junhui, you two are really close.”

Brother Ding stood at the side and squinted his eyes as he looked at them. He said, “The newly married couple is probably cursing me in their hearts for keeping them separate.”

“How can that be?”

Jiang Yao shook her head repeatedly. “I know that you are doing this for my own good, Brother Ding. You don’t want me to meet Brother Jing.”

“It’s good that you don’t blame me.” Brother Ding smiled and told the driver to drive them away.

Then, Jiang Yao looked at Lu Xingzhi. She waved her hand and took in the look of reluctance in Lu Xingzhi’s eyes.

Lu Xingzhi’s personality was unshakable. Nothing could make his expression change too dramatically, obviously.

When he was happy, he would laugh, but he rarely laughed aloud. Most of the time, he would only laugh with his eyes, and the corners of his lips would twitch slightly, or he would even laugh in a low voice.

When he was unhappy, he would only hide his emotions behind his eyes.

No matter what, if one did not observe him, one would not be able to see any changes in his emotions.

If it were not because he was too reluctant to part with her, perhaps Jiang Yao would not have been able to capture such emotions in his eyes at that time.

Jiang Yao understood that as long as she and Lu Xingzhi were separated, not only would he be reluctant to part, but he would also have to worry about her safety every minute and every second. He regarded her as more important than himself.

The driver was Sister Wen. Wen Yunfang sat in the front passenger seat, while Jiang Yao and the servant sat in the back seat. The servant was a quiet person, so naturally, she would not talk to Jiang Yao. Meanwhile, the two people in front were in a bad mood. Therefore, the mother and daughter did not speak along the way.

The four of them arrived at Xiang City in silence. As soon as Sister Wen heard that Jiang Yao was staying downstairs, she immediately asked Jiang Yao to move upstairs. Her original room was given to the new servant.

After Jiang Yao entered the new room, she heard Sister Wen call out to Wen Yunfang in the study. The first thing she said was that Wen Yunfang’s methods of torturing Gu Junhui were too feeble. If Gu Junhui told Brother Ding about staying in the small guest room on the first floor, Brother Ding would overthink it. He would think that the mother and daughter were guarding against Gu Junhui and Brother Ding.

She saw Wen Yunfang clench her fists and sit on the chair in the study room, crying. Wen Yunfang’s injuries were much worse than Sister Wen’s. Even when she was lying down, it would aggravate her wounds. Her body seemed swollen.

“Mom, Brother Ding didn’t treat us like family at all. He said he would send a servant to take care of me, but isn’t she here to spy on us? Look at that servant’s expression; she’s so arrogant!” Wen Yunfang was angry about that. “Look at my injuries. I’ve worked for him for so many years, but I can’t beat his daughter! Brother Ding is rich and capable, but we haven’t helped him for so many years, would he have his current position?”

“We’re a consolation prize for him. How do we compare to his biological daughter? I’ve been too stupid all these years. I helped him wholeheartedly. He hadn’t returned to his home for more than ten years, and he never mentioned them. I thought he thinks of us as his wife and child. I’m so stupid. How can we be the same?” Sister Wen sneered, “I should have killed Ding Xiaomei and her brother back then.”

“Mom, what should we do now?” Wen Yunfang asked. “Send someone to find Ding Xiaomei’s brother? But it’s been so many years. What if we can’t find him? What should we do? If we can’t find him, we’ll never be able to return to Shu City. “

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