Campus Rebirth: The Strongest Female Agent

Chapter 971: Wanting To Give Yirou A Wedding Of The Century
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Chapter 971: Wanting To Give Yirou A Wedding Of The Century

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“You...” Hua Yun snapped her head back furiously once she understood what Yun Jian was implying, totally forgetting her supposed elegance of a wealthy married woman.

Hu Chaoqun grabbed Hua Yun’s hand just as she turned and covered the back of it with his fat one, taking the opportunity to grope it and saying, Babe, don’t get angry with people like this. Your health matters more!”

“They’re just jealous that we’re rich while all they’re good at is dishing out sharp remarks. Let’s go, hmph, we’ll make sure to give them a ‘grand’ present when the time comes! That’s for arguing with you, babe!” Hu Chaoqun said and left holding Hua Yun who swayed her hips left and right.

Watching Hu Chaoqun leave holding Hua Yun with her hips cocked left and right, the last bit of Ge Xuan’s dream dissolved.

With a lowered gaze, he let out the breath he held and deflated completely after Hua Yun was helped into the car by Hu Chaoqun and the Rolls-Royce gradually drove off.

The rest who were there could feel Ge Xuan’s forlornness.

Everyone wished for their biological mother to love and pamper them, to see them as the apple of their eyes, like regular parents. Ge Xuan wished the same but his mother had never cared about him.

As Ge Xuan wallowed in sorrow, a pair of strong hands enveloped his shoulders gently.

“Child, don’t be sad. We’re your family from now on.” The corners of Qin Yirou’s eyes were glimmering as she looked at Ge Xuan, her eyes comforting him as if they spoke words.

Ge Xuan felt warmth gushing within him.

“That’s right, Ge Xuan-ge. We’re your family from now on!” Yun Yi announced with a bright chuckle as well.

Under everyone’s passionate gaze, Ge Xuan finally gave a firm nod. If his heart felt like it was dropped into an ice bucket when he watched Hua Yun leave without hesitation just now, he felt like he was a pot of cool water bubbling above licking fire now.


No one mentioned Hua Yun’s visit after Ge Junjian came home. It was not like it was good news. Nevertheless, Yun Jian made a plan in her mind.

Qin Yirou had never had a decent wedding all her life as she lived humbly like a village woman.

With Hua Yun’s provocation, especially, it made Yun Jian want to give Qin Yirou a proper wedding of the century.

Leaping into action from her thoughts, Yun Jian informed Snake.Lizard directly to invite international tycoons to Qin Yirou and Ge Junjian’s wedding using Gu Sha Mercernaries’ name.

This was done without the couple’s knowledge. If both of them found out, they would have been flabbergasted.

Yun Jian knew that her mother had stayed low profile all her life. She just wanted her to have the limelight for once. Life was short and transient. If she had the chance to shine in brilliant glory, she should do it with a dazzle—perhaps there was only one chance like that in her life.

The next day, Yun Jian and Si Yi took Yun Zhu, Duan Li and Duan Ya to the amusement park in the morning.

The three-day break due to Qingming Festival was not exactly long or short. Chu Ning and the other five youths came back from the military school and the girl brought Yun Jian a lot of delicacies. Nothing special happened aside from that.

They had to go back to school soon. This week, it was not just Yun Zhu’s school that was organizing a spring tour, Yun Jian’s school was holding an outing as well. Even Yun Yi’s senior high school was doing the same.

The spring outing should have happened a few weeks ago but the weather had not been the greatest as it kept raining.. With that taken into consideration, the schools decided to have the outing after their students returned from the Qingming Festival break.


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