Campus Rebirth: The Strongest Female Agent

Chapter 888: Assaulting My Mother-In-Law. Letting It Slide
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Chapter 888: Assaulting My Mother-In-Law. Letting It Slide

Ge Xuan rarely ever heard his father criticizing him like this. More crucially, he had never heard him praising someone in the tone he did since he was a child. Basically, his father was someone who would never compliment others to Ge Xuan. That was why he was surprised.

“Never mind, forget it. It’s useless talking about it. Let’s go home.” Feeling a slight headache from arguing with Ge Xuan, Ge Junjian told Ge Xuan whilst rubbing his forehead and ruffling his hair.

Ge Xuan did not want to concede but Ge Junjian had spoken. He was no longer a child either and had understood Ge Junjian after years of being father and son. There was no room for turning back whenever Ge Junjian did something.

Well aware of the fact, Ge Xuan dropped his pursuit of the matter.

Bang! Just as Ge Xuan had calmed his raging emotions and was going back with Ge Junjian, they heard the noise of a heavy thud.

Both Ge Xuan and Ge Junjian swiveled back at the same time to check out the situation.

All they saw was Shen Jie who had just gotten up and regained his sight after wiping the soil and mud off his face with a napkin getting kicked down to the ground again by Si Yi in a violent lift of leg. That was what made the loud noise.

As Si Yi kicked Shen Jie flying, the latter’s bones clattered from it. Shen Jie did not even expect that the reason Si Yi had not followed Yun Jian back into the house just now was so he could stay and teach him a lesson.

Shen Jie was still dazed when he dropped to the ground after the kick while his bones were noisily knocking against each other. In the next second, his pained cry shot off the roof. “Ah! My leg! Argh!”

The crisp crack of his bones was evident that the bones in his leg were shattered. Si Yi had crushed the bones of his leg in just one kick!

The rest who were present shuddered from Si Yi’s overbearing action, especially Ge Xuan and Ge Junjian. They were just watching Si Yi stand next to Yun Jian quietly but it turned out that...

Yun Jian had just helped Qin Yirou into the house and Si Yi acted more brutal than the girl. He broke Shen Jie’s bones in his leg in just one kick and elicited such terrifying cracking noises as well.

While others watched Si Yi in terror, the latter, with his long legs, strolled to Shen Jie who was hugging his leg and squealing on the ground.

“Wh-what are you going to do?” Ge Xuan and Shen Jie’s two other friends who saw Si Yi making his way toward them felt shivers running through them once they recalled Si Yi’s earlier action. Now that he was coming for them, they were actually scared into retreating.

Si Yi kept his silence as he came to Shen Jie. Crouching slightly, his muscular hand with prominent joints made a harsh grab on Shen Jie’s collar. Lo and behold, Si Yi’s yank pulled Shen Jie who was flailing on the ground up directly.

“Ah! You... What do you want?” Shen Jie was drenched in sweat in a matter of seconds from the pain. As he set eyes on Si Yi, his gaze looked like he was seeing some monstrous beast.

“Did you think we’ll let this slide just like this when you dare assault my mother-in-law?” There was a murderous glint flashing in Si Yi’s sharp eyes. His lips curved into a smirk and his expression exuded an unmistakable sense of savage.

Shen Jie was quivering in pain. His stomach that Yun Jian had kicked earlier was still throbbing.

He was not joking! Si Yi looked like a king who overlooked the world; his tall stature was not at all at odds with his flagrant words. There was even a piercing sense of authority that commanded submission.


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