Campus Rebirth: The Strongest Female Agent

Chapter 736: Yun Jian’s Plan—Give Me Your Gang
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Chapter 736: Yun Jian’s Plan—Give Me Your Gang

Ye Kai and Gao Meihan shuddered again in horror. Gao Meihan, specifically, had been scheming to deal with Yun Jian because she had thought that the latter was going to compete with her for Ye Kai.

The ultimate truth about Yun Jian? She was a devil who did not even bat an eyelash when she killed someone! That was right, she was a devil!

She used nothing but a small canister of a potion to turn a corpse into a puddle of blood! If the potion were to accidentally come in contact with one’s skin... those who were present dared not picture it.

Yun Jian, who stood a distance away, curled her lips lightly. She had been doing that and keeping the smirk on but the small upward angle was enough to add to everyone’s distress.


While they were still engrossed in their thoughts, the canister Yun Jian held dropped to the floor. As it was made from a special material, it did not shatter from falling onto the floor.

Nonetheless, when the crowd recalled that the liquid contained turned someone into a pool of blood once it touched one’s skin, they could not help quivering.

No one had ever seen something like this in the market while some people would never get to witness such an item their whole life!

This was because the liquid was a creation of Qing You.

“Co-corpse dissolving liquid created by Elder Qing You?” When an underling of Bear.Might saw Yun Jian using the corpse dissolving liquid to turn Xu Zhouming into a puddle of water, something struck his memory and he asked in a fearful stutter.

“Qing You? The one said to be Gu Sha Mercenaries’ youngest elder, Lady Venom?” someone asked in alarm.

Qing You was a prominent identity in Gu Sha Mercenaries. Other than the boss Yun Jian, she was the youngest elder in the organization. While Snake.Lizard and Tiger.Leopard were elders as well, both of them were significantly older than Qing You.

As for the girl’s moniker as Lady Venom and her name as Qing You, this was something a lot of people knew.

“I remember that Lady Venom follows Gu Sha Mercenaries’ boss closely. The poison she creates is said to be the best in the world! To this day, no one could rival her yet!”

“What Lady Venom creates is usually only for Gu Sha’s boss’ perusal...”

The person spilled all that he knew.

Gu Sha Mercenaries’ boss? Yun Jian? The cloud of doubt drifted past everyone’s head.

“Elder Qing You has always been friendly. If we need the poison she created, she’d give them to us.” Knowing that Yun Jian did not want to disclose her identity, Bear.Might spoke up to clear the suspicion for her.

The canister of potion Yun Jian used was indeed given by Qing You—she had even asked the latter for a few bottles of it back then. Although Qing You had complained about Yun Jian taking away a poison so expensive from her, she had actually given Yun Jian ten bottles directly.

Ten bottles of corpse dissolving liquid basically had the price tag of an astronomical figure in the market! No one had managed to create a similar potion that could turn a man into a pool of blood where no traces could be tracked like this corpse dissolving liquid.

Qing You, however, did manage to create it!

It was just that she was never stingy when it came to giving it to Yun Jian.

Those present were appeased by what Bear.Might said.

After all, why would Yun Jian come here and be the boss of a mere Zhe Province’s second top gang if she was truly the boss of Gu Sha Mercenaries? It was even more unbelievable than seeing red colored rain from the sky.

Having taken care of Xu Zhouming, Yun Jian turned to train her eyes straight at Han Biao and made her way to him despite everyone’s bated breath.

“Wh-what do you want...” Before Han Biao spoke, Cai Wenhui who stood beside him cried out in fright first.

Han Biao was perturbed—after how he had treated Yun Jian just now—but he kept his composure.

“I’ll give you two choices. One, give me Panthers Pack,” Yun Jian told Han Biao curtly staring straight at him without regarding what others said.

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