Campus Rebirth: The Strongest Female Agent

Chapter 527: Being Sought After And Being Unwelcomed
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Chapter 527: Being Sought After And Being Unwelcomed

A group of people came in from the dome-shaped door that Yun Jian and friends came through just now. The one leading was Yu Luo whom they had met in the military base while the other six beside her were the members of Battling Dragons.

When Lin Kuan who was bulkier in size came through the door, he was stuck for a moment. All that flesh and blood that weighed over 100 kilograms was truly astounding. Nonetheless, he got himself out from being stuck swiftly and followed the rest to stand behind Yu Luo.

Yun Jian noticed that Yu Luo had called Coach Xu uncle—Coach Xu was Yu Luo’s uncle?

This was probably what people meant by ‘enemies were bound to meet’.

Quirking a corner of her lips up, Yun Jian caught a glimpse that Chu Ning and others had already taken notice of Yu Luo and her team too. It was just that the latter had not seen them yet because Yun Jian, Chu Ning, and others were sitting mixed among the rest of the teenagers.

In spite of it, Chu Ning and the team looked pretty appalled.

Ge Junjian and Ai Guoxun were nemeses. It was predestined that Yun Jian and her team were going to be enemies with Yu Luo and her team when they met. Furthermore, Yu Luo and her team were trying to win with despicable tricks during their duel. It only made Yun Jian and her team dislike them more.

“It’s Miss Yu! Coach Xu is her uncle, you know? And I heard that Miss Yu is a candidate of the Advanced Special Forces! Do you know Battling Dragons caught an executive of a mafia group previously? She’s one of the members!”

When the seven of Yu Luo and team appeared, the teenagers sitting in a circle on the floor broke out into excited discussion. They looked exactly like they were seeing their idol.

That was actually more or less the case. Battling Dragons that was made up of Yu Luo and members had already become the sought after group of F Province’s youth.

Be it in schools or the society, Battling Dragons were sung praises, they were so accomplished despite their young age. In addition, Yu Luo and team had never tried to cover up what they had done—they would even exaggerate and publicize it. Their ultimate goal was to make everyone know how accomplished they were.

Therefore, the seven of them were like idols to many of the civilians.

“Candidates of the Advanced Special Forces? Wow, that’s so cool...” someone chorused promptly with a tone brimming with admiration and veneration.

Feeling their popularity and the adoration, Yu Luo and the rest of Battling Dragons had their heads raised high in pride. Yu Luo, especially, cracked a smile and scanned the venue boldly, looking at the teenagers seated on the floor like she was looking down at ants.

Coach Xu took a look at his niece. Before he said anything, he saw her scanning his group of students and suddenly zeroing in on one slender figure.

Then, he saw Yu Luo pointing at the figure and shouted, “You! Why are you here?”

Yun Jian did not avoid the confrontation. At the receiving end of Yu Luo’s murderous glare, Yun Jian smiled and asked, “Why? Can’t I be here?”

Yu Luo’s gaze was cutting, sharp like a knife. She glared daggers at Yun Jian before pointing to the door, yelling at her, “This is my uncle’s martial club. You’re not welcomed. Get out!”

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