Building The Ultimate Fantasy

Chapter 637 - came knocking on his door
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Chapter 637: Chapter 637 came knocking on his door

Lu fan was quite regretful about the self-destruction of the Fire Elemental God.

After all, this was a quasi-saint level human god. His primordial spirit was extremely powerful and rarely seen.

If it wasn’t for a coincidence, Lu fan wouldn’t have been able to seal the other party’s primordial spirit for his own use.

However, in reality, the Fire Elemental God’s primordial spirit was already close to the end of its life. Even if he didn’t self-destruct, the final result would still be death, self-destruct... only allowed the fire elemental god to choose a more dignified way to die.

“Chaotic god Chrysanthemum... it’s more like a poison. Moreover, a poison that can make my dad’s rating surpass that of a minor poison is definitely very painful...”

Lu fan sighed.


Although the fire elemental god was close to the end of its life, his self-destruct still had a very terrifying power.

A muffled sound rang out.

The formation cauldron formed by the eight trigrams formation suddenly expanded. Terrifying Energy and powerful flames continuously surged within the formation cauldron, as if they were about to drill out and scatter in all directions.

The power was definitely not weak.

After a long time, it gradually dissipated, and a slight energy fluctuation spread out from within.

Lu fan sat cross-legged on the eight trigrams array platform, sighing with emotion.

However, after a long time, he frowned slightly.

If the fire elemental God’s primordial spirit was extinguished, it would be very difficult for the white Jade Palace to be maintained, unless Lu fan got a few elemental god-level gods to act as a resource reserve.

“Temporarily seal the White Jade Palace...”

Lu fan was helpless and could only make this decision.

“When I’m free, I’ll invite a few elemental gods as guests. Then, I’ll reopen the palace.”

For Lu fan, the current situation was already pretty good. At least the cultivators of the five phoenixes had their souls strengthened during this period of time. There were also many people whose souls had undergone a transformation, for the entire five phoenixes, it was also a transformation.

Their minds withdrew from the mission platform.

They leaned against the railings and listened to the wind. Their white clothes fluttered in the wind.

Ning Zhao returned and poured Lu fan a warm heaven immortal wine.

Lu fan felt Ning Zhao’s transformation, but he did not know where this transformation happened.

Ning Zhao’s every frown and smile seemed to have become much more natural.

She picked up a chess piece and placed it on the chessboard. She pushed it against the chessboard and slowly pushed it forward.

Finally, he pushed it to the edge of the chessboard.

It was as if a door had been closed.


By the North Luo Lake.

Daoist Tonggu did not continue fishing. The cultivators sitting cross-legged on the white jade steps were scattered, and there was nothing for him to pay attention to.

Daoist Tonggu smiled. He guessed that the white jade palace would be temporarily closed.

He could sense that the pressure of the palace was getting weaker and weaker. The energy in it seemed to have been lost seriously. However, it was not difficult to guess. The White Jade Palace was the work of a saint, but it had nurtured so many geniuses who had reached the second level of the Soul Realm, the amount of energy consumed was definitely massive.

According to Daoist Tonggu’s calculations, the energy used to maintain the palace alone was equivalent to the combined energy of three of his primordial spirits.

Even if it was him, Daoist Tungu would not be able to support the white Jade Palace.

Therefore, Daoist Tungu sighed with emotion at the mysterious and powerful White Jade Palace.


A tremor resounded.

The door to the palace opened, and two or three souls drilled out from behind the door and into the glabella of the cultivators who were still sitting cross-legged on the white jade steps.

It woke them up from their deep sleep.

The White Jade Palace showed a repulsive force, forcing the cultivators to leave the white jade steps and step on the lake water to return to the shore.

“The White Jade Palace is going to be closed for the time being...”

Daoist tonggu picked up the Fish Basket and said with a smile.

Then, he turned around and left the bank of Beiluo Lake, preparing to find a place to roast the fat fish he caught.

As the brilliant light flowed, Beiluo city once again became noisy.

The closure of the White Jade Palace made many cultivators who had not yet reached the peak of true immortal realm feel somewhat depressed. They had bitterly cultivated in order to be able to enter the white Jade Palace once, but they had not expected.., the White Jade Palace had actually closed.

They watched as the lake water once again surged into the sky.

The mysterious white jade palace slowly sank to the bottom of the lake under the gazes of everyone.

The tyrannical aura that enveloped the entire northern Luo city disappeared at this moment.

The northern Luo City once again reverted to its ordinary appearance.

“The saint ruins have sunk to the bottom of the lake. Perhaps, one day, this saint ruins will open again.”

“When that time comes, we must become Mystic Immortals and have the qualifications to enter the ruins.”

“I heard that after entering the ruins, one can understand one’s true heart, which will be of great help to their future cultivation. Many mystic immortal experts’cultivation bases have increased rapidly after they came out of the palace. Since the third Prince of Great Xuan, Zhao Qingzhi, came out of the palace, he has now entered the realm of Golden Immortal, becoming the youngest golden immortal expert in history!”

The cultivators conversed with each other.

However, it was still difficult to conceal the appearance of northern Luo City’s prosperity and decline.

Northern Luo City, which once had tens of thousands of immortals gathered together, began to decline. Streams of light swept out like comets, scattering in all directions. They were the scattered cultivation experts.

And the golden origin star, the fire origin star, and the newly opened wood origin star had all become popular places for cultivators.

Perhaps it was because of the stimulation of the saint ruins, more and more cultivators threw their enthusiasm into cultivation.

And many geniuses emerged from the five phoenixes.

As the geniuses from the human ancestral land entered the five phoenixes, the number of cultivators from the five phoenixes increased instead.

Every genius from the human ancestral land would train thirty experts for the five phoenixes. If there were no resources, it would be too difficult to train them in a short period of time. Therefore, the geniuses from the human ancestral land would bring the resources from the human ancestral land into the five phoenixes, they would take in disciples, train them, and invest the resources into the five phoenixes, causing more and more cultivators to become stronger and stronger.

Lu fan was very satisfied with this situation because he was the biggest beneficiary.

As more and more cultivators of the five phoenixes grew, the amount of spiritual energy that Lu fan could get would increase.

The level of immortal martial arts of the five phoenixes would also slowly increase.

The immortal essence of the five phoenixes became more and more stable, and the Little Raindragon that cultivated with the immortal essence had unknowingly become stronger.

Lu fan was happy and relaxed.

The fate tower, the cultivation planet created by the three beast ancestor statues..

These cultivation holy grounds made the five Phoenix cultivators chase after them crazily. Therefore, the current Lu fan felt very relaxed.

Being able to become stronger while lying down, that was what he was talking about.

Of course, going from the twelfth level to the thirteenth level of Qi refinement was not as simple as he had imagined. Vaguely, Lu fan seemed to have felt a bottleneck.

However, Lu fan did not mind. He would think about it when the bottleneck was reached. Right now, he had not even filled up the required amount of spiritual qi. It was too early to think about all this.

With the support of the time array, time passed in an orderly manner.

In the blink of an eye, a thousand years passed.

The cultivators among the five phoenixes were all working hard in their cultivation.

Zhu Long had long entered the great Luo immortal realm. She was comprehending the yin-yang profound. Because there was no beast ancestor statue to help her comprehend it, Zhu Long’s improvement was rather slow. However, her yin-yang profound had also reached 40% .

After mastering 80% of the profound meaning, she could break through to the quasi-sage realm. The current Zhu Long was still a little lacking.

Apart from Zhu Long, Tantai Xuan and Lu Jiulian had also broken through to the Great Luo Immortal realm a thousand years ago. However, after a thousand years, their cultivation had improved very slowly. This was even when Tantai Xuan had reached the second level of the Soul Realm.

Originally, Tantai Xuan was comprehending the fire source profound meaning. He cultivated the fire of karma. However, eight hundred years ago, Tantai Xuan felt that the fire source profound meaning was not suitable for him. Because his progress was too slow, he sat in front of the sea of bitterness alone for four hundred years, he studied the life and death profound meaning.

After that, he studied 10% of the life and death profound meaning every 100 years. Now, he grasped 40% of the life and death profound meaning.

Lu Jiulian was good at all kinds of profound meanings and his mastery was not weak either. Both were around 40% .

Other than these three great Luo Immortals, the five phoenixes had given birth to two great Luo Immortals in the past thousand years.

One was Sima Qingshan, who had drawn into the Dao. The profound meaning he studied was the wood source profound meaning. It was ordinary and ordinary.

In the eyes of many great Luo Immortals, it was very inconspicuous and low-key.

The other was Bai Qingniao, who had used the fire source profound meaning to become a great luo immortal. In the past thousand years, he had grasped 60% of the fire source profound meaning!

He was almost on par with Luo Yang, the Peerless Heaven’s favorite of the ancestral land of the human race. He had stunned the world.

The five phoenixes were gradually becoming stronger. From the initial stage of becoming an immortal martial artist, they could not be considered weak immortal martial artists.

Time was still moving at a leisurely pace.

The five phoenixes were also slowly becoming stronger.

It was as if there was a large hand pushing all the cultivators in the five phoenixes forward steadily.


Elemental world.

The Endless Sea of fire churned, and the sound of cracking could be heard.

In the next moment, a terrifying pressure turned into a huge wave that rolled over. Then, the three elemental gods emitted three-colored lusters and floated above the Sea of fire.

The wood elemental god, the Water Elemental God, and the Earth Elemental God, the three elemental gods, looked solemnly at the body of the fire elemental god that was bathing in the Sea of fire.

They could see that there was a crack on the body of the fire elemental god.

The space between his brows cracked open, as if the aura of life was disappearing.

“The emperor once said that the fire elemental God did not die. His primordial spirit was only sealed, but... now it seems that the fire elemental god... is dead.”

“His primordial spirit was completely extinguished, and the connection between his body and his primordial spirit was severed. That is why his glabella split open.”

The wood elemental god was quite knowledgeable about life force.

The other two elemental gods sighed.

“It’s a pity that an elemental god died so noiselessly in our godfiend race...”

They had never imagined that the fire elemental God would die so tragically after making a trip to the world ruins.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Suddenly, a golden light exploded, causing the Sea of fire to stop rolling.

The golden light dissipated, and a human figure appeared.

The gold elemental god hovered in the air with a star map in his hand. His gaze swept past the fire elemental God’s body, which had completely lost all signs of life.


“Yes, dead,”the wood elemental God said.

“The humans have harmed an elemental god like us. We... must take revenge!”

The Gold Elemental God’s body emanated an endless aura of ruthlessness.

“The Elemental God is the ruler of the fire elemental world. The humans have killed our ruler. We will definitely retaliate!”

“Gather all the gods of the fire elemental world and attack the ancestral lands of the humans together!”

“Exterminate the human race!”

A mighty voice rang out from the mouth of the Gold Elemental God.

Immediately, the entire fire elemental world began to boil and explode.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A blazing pillar of fire shot up into the sky. After it dissipated, three gods that were condensed from flames released a terrifying aura.

Three powerful late-stage heavenly god-ranked gods.

Not only that, the heavenly god-ranked gods roared. The great dao-ranked and immortal-ranked gods also roared.

“Revenge for the Fire Elemental God!”

The fire elemental gods exploded with unprecedented cohesiveness.

In the void.

The wood, water, and earth elemental gods looked at the gold elemental God in surprise.

“Is this a complete declaration of war against the Human Race?”

“Are you crazy? The human race still has saints guarding the depths of the primordial universe. If we exterminate the human race, aren’t we afraid of the Human Saints causing trouble?”

The water elemental god frowned.

“Just don’t exterminate the human race. Just kill the human experts and leave the weak human race to continue reproducing.”

The Gold Elemental God said indifferently.

“Turning the human race into a small race in the primordial universe, isn’t this what we have been doing all along?”

“Moreover, the human saints are the most reasonable. It was the human race who killed the elemental god of our gods first... We are just taking revenge.”

“According to the humans, we had a good reason.”

The Gold Elemental God sneered.

Then, with a wave of his hand, he unfolded the star map.

“This is the location of the star mark where the fire elemental god was imprisoned. Not far from this location is the ancestral land of the humans. This means that this new immortal martial world is very important to the ancestral land of the humans...”

“The ancestral land of the human race used to be unbreakable, but now, there is a breakthrough.”

And this breakthrough was the new Immortal Martial World.

The Gold Elemental God gathered the other three elemental gods and conspired together.

Since they had decided to do it, they naturally had no way out.

“Moreover, even if we don’t have this excuse, we can’t just sit back and watch the human race continue to grow stronger. We still want to attack the ancestral land of the human race... After all, the three ancestral beast statues have fallen into the hands of the human race. What does this mean?”

“It means that in the future, the human race will very likely produce many quasi-saints or saints... in the end, they will exterminate our godfiend race.”

“This is a race war. If you don’t exterminate the human race, the human race might exterminate you.”

A cold voice rang out from the mouth of the Gold Elemental God.

The other elemental gods were silent. They understood that the gold elemental god was right. The godfiend and the human race were like fire and water. They could no longer be reconciled.

The humans had killed countless gods, and the gods had also killed countless humans.

This was a blood feud.

Only experts at the level of the Emperor and saint could balance each other. The experts below them could only be killed!

Only those who survived had the right to continue developing.


The Gold Elemental God’s lips curled up slightly, his gaze sweeping over every elemental god.

“This time, we have the support of the Emperor.”

The elemental gods’pupils constricted when he said this, and they no longer had any objections.


The Gold Elemental God landed in front of the fire elemental God’s corpse.

Then, he raised his hand.

Bits of golden threads extended out, like living thread worms, drilling into the fire elemental God’s body.

“What are you doing?”

The Water Elemental God asked.

“Refining his corpse into a puppet and making him personally seek revenge on the humans... before he dies, he will definitely have an endless amount of resentment to vent.”

The gold elemental God said calmly.

The hearts of the other elemental gods could not help but sink. They looked at the fire elemental god with an inexplicable sense of sorrow.

It was too tragic to be refined into a puppet after death.

However, the gold elemental god seemed to have a connection with the emperor. Since the Emperor did not say anything, they would not meddle in other people’s business.

The god-demon token was soon spread.

The gods and demons of the five elemental worlds were mobilized.

Like a black cloud, they gathered in the starry sky. There was a terrifying power brewing and engulfing everything.


The black-and-white Empress left the realm ruins and walked slowly in the starry sky.

But she was extremely fast. Everything around her passed by like lightning.

Suddenly, she stopped.

She pinched the furry black-and-white beast.

“Take a good sniff. Do you still remember the pale-faced young man you’ve always wanted to eat?”

“I’ll let you eat him if you find him.”

The black-and-white Empress looked at the starry sky around her, which didn’t seem to have much difference. She was a little dazzled, so she simply asked the black-and-white beast directly.

She was a road-blind. The starry sky was so big, but they all looked the same. How was she supposed to find him.

Although she could choose to deduce, once she did, it would definitely alarm that person. She didn’t dare, so she chose to let the black-and-white beast come.

Raising it for a hundred billion days, she could use it for a while.

Under the black-and-white Beast’s furry fur, there was a big nose sticking out. It sniffed fiercely in the starry sky, causing a terrifying storm and huge waves.

The black-and-white empress was talking about the Azure Dragon. The black-and-white beast also had a deep memory of the Azure Dragon.

Therefore, after sniffing fiercely, it pointed in a direction.

The black-and-white Empress’s graceful body instantly swayed like water waves, and she quickly walked in that direction.

With the black-and-white Beast’s guidance, the black-and-white Empress did not take the wrong path again.

She silently traveled through the starry sky.

Soon, she arrived in front of the ninth heaven.

“Oh? A human quasi-saint.”

Her primordial spirit swept past and sensed the mysterious old man blocking the entrance to the ninth heaven.

A quasi-saint blocking the road was still somewhat troublesome.

If it was before her cultivation base had recovered from devouring the wood origin beast ancestor statue, she might have felt that it was a bit troublesome. But now, it was fine.

The space rippled and seemed to be rippling.

The black and white empress carried the black and white beast and walked towards the entrance to the ninth heaven.

The mysterious Cang Old Man didn’t seem to feel it and didn’t react at all.

The black and white empress carried the black and white beast and walked straight towards him.

The black-and-white Beast held by the black-and-white Queen was very naughty. When passing by, it stretched out a paw and patted the old man’s head.

The old man’s hair stood on end!

Who hit him?

I looked around and there was no one there.

“Is it that Bastard Tungu again?”

Xuan Cang old man muttered a sentence, for a time, the heart can not help but anger from the heart.

He originally thought that since Daoist Tonggu was injured, he would just give in.

However, the more he thought about it, the angrier he got.

You’re injured, and that’s why you attacked me?

Sooner or later, he would have to reason with Daoist Tonggu.

The black and white empress also felt speechless and almost exposed herself. Then, she pinched the black and white beast and looked at it indifferently.

The black and white eyes became colder and colder.

It was as if the black-and-white beast was going to be skinned and boiled in the next moment.

The black-and-white beast curled up and trembled continuously.

He didn’t dare to hide anymore.

If he kept hiding, he would be a grandson!

Compared to the late-stage quasi-sage old man Xuan Cang, Daoist Tonggu’s senses were clearly sharper.

When the black-and-white Empress stepped into the five Phoenix Starry Sky.

Daoist Tonggu, who was fishing in the northern Luo Lake for his retirement, suddenly felt his heart skip a beat, as if a supreme crisis had descended.

The black and white empress was a creature of primordial chaos, a creature of primordial chaos that could be compared to the Divine Devil Emperor. The pressure and threat she brought was enormous.

Daoist Tonggu hurriedly put down the fishing rod in his hand.

With a flash, he appeared in the five Phoenix Starry Sky.

The Daoist robe on his body fluttered in the wind.

He took it out and flicked it.

The space between Daoist Tonggu’s brows instantly split open, and an eyeball appeared.

Heavenly Eye divine ability!

When Daoist Tonggu used his divine ability, under the sweep of his primordial spirit, all abnormalities could not be hidden.

Soon, Daoist Tonggu saw it.

Somewhere in the five Phoenix Starry Sky.

The first thing he saw was a long leg that was as smooth as jade that was faintly discernible in the hem of his long dress.

Then, he continued upwards..

It was a ball of black and white furry meat that was about to come out.

Daoist Tonggu was stunned.

Then, a pair of black and white eyes appeared in the Sky Eye, cold and indifferent.

What a familiar pair of eyes.

Daoist Tonggu couldn’t help but Shiver.

Holy shit..

It was her!

What a Hot Woman!

She actually came knocking on his door? !

Daoist Tonggu hurriedly put away the sky eye, his whole body covered in cold sweat.

Black and white empress!

A Chaos creature in the world ruins, a chaos creature that could be compared to a divine devil emperor or a human saint..

Why wasn’t this big shot staying in her palace? Why did he come to the five phoenixes? !

Daoist Tonggu felt that things were about to get out of hand.

It was hard to tell which side this woman was on.


“Could it be that this woman is here to look for the bamboo girl?”

Daoist Tonggu took a deep breath. He felt that this possibility was very high.

If Zhu Long’s eyes were open, they would be black and white.

And the eyes of the black and white empress were originally black and white... Now, the truth was about to be revealed!


The black and white empress was incomparably cold.

Her indifferent voice exploded in Daoist Tonggu’s ears.


Daoist Tungu wasn’t angry. He smiled and said before returning to the five phoenixes.

If she told him to scram, scram. What he was most afraid of was that this woman wanted to kill him to silence him.

A saint level existence. Daoist Tungu felt that if he didn’t know what was good for him, he might really be silenced.

After Daoist Tungu left.

The black and white empress didn’t mind. She hugged the black and white beast and walked out with her slender legs. A gentle breeze blew against the hem of her dress. Then, she disappeared into the five Phoenix starry sky as if she had teleported.

She reappeared once again in the five Phoenix Continent.

She restrained her aura and was like an ordinary woman.

However, that peerless beauty was destined to make her extraordinary.

The place where she descended was the imperial capital of Great Xuan.

She stood on the bustling streets and was surrounded by pedestrians.

The black-and-white empress frowned.

The noise entered her ears instantly.

However, the people around her were shocked by the beauty of the black-and-white Empress and the noise was endless.

Many self-proclaimed scholars wanted to go up and strike up a conversation.

However, the black and White Empress’cold temperament persuaded countless people to leave.

There was nothing interesting about a group of mortals.

The black and white empress raised her head, and her deep gaze looked towards the north, towards the direction of Buzhou Peak.

There... was a familiar aura there.


The black and white empress couldn’t help but smile.

She glanced around and saw that she was surrounded by a crowd of mortals. As she smiled, it was as if her eyes were about to pop out.

The black-and-white empress raised her red lips and threw out a small fur ball, the black-and-white beast.

Roar! ! !

The black-and-white beast immediately turned into a huge object and landed on the ground. It roared fiercely in all directions.

The group of mortals were scared out of their wits.

The black-and-white empress floated up and landed on the black-and-white beast. She did not care about the mortals and pointed in the direction of Buzhou Peak.

The black-and-white beast immediately pounded its chest and roared.

Then, it smashed its heavy fist onto the ground.

Its body soared into the sky and transformed into a stream of light. When it crashed down again.

It was at the foot of Buzhou Peak.

Sitting on the back of the black-and-white beast, the Empress’s posture was lazy. She raised her eyes slightly and looked at the peak of the mountain.

At the peak of Buzhou Peak.

Zhu Long, who was sitting cross-legged on the green stone, suddenly trembled.

Her long eyelashes trembled slightly, and she opened her eyes somewhat uncontrollably.

She looked down the mountain.

The gazes of both parties instantly collided.

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