Breeding Dragons From Today

Chapter 5: Lucca Caravan
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Chapter 5: Lucca Caravan

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When Du Lu dived down, the red light on his body illuminated a few wild wolves, and a disappointed expression appeared on Joelson’s face.

Du Lu had not even made a move, but the dragon’s might alone had scared the wild wolves so much that they did not dare to move.

His body was tightly crouched on the ground, his tail tightened, and smelly liquid flowed out from under his body.

Du Lu did not spend much effort to complete the task that Joelson had given him. One claw after another, with a few claws, he smashed a few wild wolves into minced meat.

Joelson casually threw out a fireball spell and set a wild wolf on fire.

This made Joelson feel that it was not interesting at all.

Joelson wanted to meet a few more powerful magical beasts. Ordinary beasts like wolves might be a bit of a threat to ordinary people, but it was not challenging at all for a tier 3 fire dragon like Du Lu, it was completely impossible to test Du Lu’s true strength.

Joelson rode Du Lu around the forest for a long time.

He was so frightened that he did not know how many poor beasts were there, but he did not encounter a single magical beast. He had no choice but to command Du Lu to return the way he came.

In the next few days, Joelson would ride Du Lu and fly around outside.

The main reason was to cultivate Du Lu’s battle awareness.

Du Lu had been living too comfortably in the Dragon God Ranch. He did not want Du Lu to become a dragon that only knew how to sleep and act coquettishly.

In the future, Du Lu would definitely become an important battle partner for him.

Therefore, he had to cultivate Du Lu’s battle ability.

In the past few days, Joelson had also been continuously planting dragon scale fruits.

Currently, there was only one farmland on the ranch, and he could only plant five dragon scale fruits at most. The seed price of each dragon scale fruit was 100 gold coins.

The gold coins produced by Du Lu every day was just about the same as the consumption.

Joelson had thought about upgrading the small dragon nest to the intermediate level. That way, he could earn a total of 5,000 gold coins every day. However, the cost of upgrading required 10,000 gold coins, so Joelson had no choice but to temporarily give up on his plan.

After a few days of traveling, Joelson and Du Lu finally encountered a magical beast.

It was a python that could spit out tornadoes to use as a blade. Its strength was around Tier 2.

However, Du Lu’s dragon might made the tier 2 magical snake not have any desire to fight. It only dared to run away and did not even dare to look back.

After eating a meal of roasted magical beast meat, Joelson roughly understood Du Lu’s strength.

Below tier 3 magical beasts, he was invincible.

“Young Master Joelson, we will arrive at the capital in another three days!”

After traveling for more than ten days, the young Martin’s originally young and tender face had become somewhat weathered, but annoyed him appeared to be very excited.

Because he knew that young master Joelson was about to become a noble and great mage.

And as his servant, young Martin felt incomparably honored.

Joelson poked his head out of the carriage.

Looking at the scenery outside, he could not help but sigh.

The scenery along the way had become more and more beautiful in the past few days. It was no longer as desolate as before, which made him feel very good.

“Who is it?!”

Suddenly, someone shouted loudly.

Just as Joelson’s carriage approached, three or four guards wearing leather armor and carrying swords stood out.

The guard’s faces were full of vigilance, and they were ready to attack at any time.

Little Martin did not see such a situation. He was shocked and immediately shouted, “I am the valet of Baron Edward’s family. Don’t attack! We are all good people!”

When the guards heard this, they were all puzzled.

In this place, who knew that Baron Edward was a person from that mountain ravine again.

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Hearing this, Joelson also felt a little funny. He came to the outside of the carriage and said to the guards, “We’re just passing by.”

The guards saw a handsome young man who had a noble air about him. The atmosphere eased a little, but they still did not completely let their guard down.

“What happened?”

A middle-aged man who was a little fat and dressed very luxuriously came forward and asked.

A few guards explained the situation to him.

The middle-aged man went up and talked to Joelson.

Joelson pretended to accidentally reveal that he intended to go to the capital Magic Academy. After hearing this, the middle-aged man’s attitude towards Joelson instantly changed.

“I see. Our caravan is also going to the capital. Sir Joelson, why don’t you come with us? It won’t be so boring on the way.”

After the middle-aged man learned that Joelson was a magic apprentice, he warmly invited Joelson to join their caravan.

Joelson agreed.

It would be a few more days on the road. It would be good to have a few more people to talk to.

After the conversation, Joelson learned that the middle-aged man named Benson was the steward of the caravan. The caravan belonged to the Lucca Chamber of Commerce, which was very famous in the capital.

In order to make friends with Joelson, the future mage, Benson specially gave a carriage to Joelson.

Joelson was also very happy. After all, the carriages of the caravan were much better than his own carriage.

Joelson followed the caravan for two days. Every day, Benson would invite Joelson to eat with him.

“Sir Joelson, after passing the mountain in front, we can reach the capital after another day of walking.”

Benson said to Joelson as he rode on his horse and looked at the mountain in front of him.

Joelson nodded, feeling a little happy in his heart.

The days of traveling these days were too boring, and it was very inconvenient.

Right now, Joelson only wanted to take a bath and find a big bed to sleep on.

“Mr Benson.”

Joelson suddenly pointed at the last few carriages of the caravan and asked curiously, “What are those carriages loaded with?”

Joelson had been holding this question in his heart for several days.

Most of the carriages of the Lucca caravan were used to transport the magic beast skins and magic crystal ores purchased from the far west.

But the last few carriages were covered with thick black cloth, which made Joelson a little curious.

Benson had a strange look in his eyes and said with a smile, “Those are just a few low-level magic beasts alive. The noble ladies in the capital all like to keep one as a pet.”

Joelson nodded and did not ask any more questions.

Low-level magic beasts?

Joelson had seen people bringing food to the carriage.

Could magic beasts still use knives and forks?

However, since Benson did not want to talk about it, Joelson did not ask any more questions.

The caravan moved forward for a while and passed by a dense bush.


Suddenly, there was a piercing sound in the air.

A few guards at the front of the caravan fell to the ground, their bodies filled with arrows.

“Quick! Prepare for battle! There are enemies!”

The caravan instantly became chaotic.

The guards drew their swords one after another and spread out in formation, protecting the entire caravan’s carriage in the middle.

Benson’s expression became very nervous. Even though his mental strength far surpassed that of an ordinary person, Joelson still heard him say in a low voice, “Damn it! We’re in trouble now!”

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