Breakers SS #3 Felicias Special Day
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Breakers SS #3 – Felicia’s Special Day

The demon king had three queens.

The most prominent one among the three queens was 1st Queen Anastasia Nekrion. She was a powerful influence both inside and outside the castle, to the point that people said there was another demon king in the palace.

Among the former queens of the Demon King’s Palace, there were a few who were similar to Anastasia. Titania Nekrion, her mother, was famous for her political power and talent. The 3rd and 4th former queens were also the owners of a tough political power.

But there was a crucial difference between them and Anastasia.

2nd Queen Titania Nekrion couldn’t make the 3rd and 4th Queens join her side. Even the 3rd and 4th Queens, who were known to be quite close, didn’t have a fully cooperative relationship. And above them, there was the 1st Queen who could be called Zanskal’s agent.

The queens of the former demon king all kept each other in check. No matter their exceptional abilities, there was a limit to raising their voices in the palace.

But Anastasia was different.

Anastasia had a good relationship with the 2nd and 3rd Queens, who were her half-siblings. The 2nd and 3rd Queens didn’t keep her in check. Rather, they gave her strength, so the environment itself was different from the other queens.

She was truly unbeatable in the Demon King’s Palace because she had half-sisters as the queens, or because the demon king was truly in love with his queens. Count Carack, who stayed in the shadows, was able to block her, but he also maintained a friendly relationship with the 1st Queen.

Now 1st Queen Anastasia ruled the queens’ decree, but she kept to the appropriate line. All of her actions was for the ‘demon king and Demon King’s Palace.’ She stated that she was the queen, not the demon king.

After 1st Queen Anastasia, the one who stood out was 3rd Queen Caitlin Moonlight. She was regarded as the mascot of the Demon King’s Palace, and represented it whenever there was a foreign event.

The 1st Queen had the most power in the palace, but the 3rd Queen was the one who appeared as the demon king’s partner in most events. For that reason, there were many in the Demon World who chose the 3rd Queen as the most favoured queen.

Compared to the prominent 1st and 3rd Queens, 2nd Queen Felicia Doomblade wasn’t so conspicuous. She often held tea parties as one of the queens, but she didn’t meet with the main people inside the palace or show up to outside events like the 3rd Queen.

Because of that, 2nd Queen Felicia was treated as the queen of emptiness, who didn’t have both power or love. Some even compared 2nd Queen Felicia to former 1st Queen Aishar Ragnaros, because both of them were trapped in the Demon King’s Palace without noticeable activity.

In fact, that was very wrong. 2nd Queen Felicia was indeed bound to the Demon King’s Palace. But the reasons for it were different from the expectations of others.

“Shutra is too much.”

Felicia cried out as she laid the pen down in front of piles of paper stacked like a mountain on her desk. Unlike the criticism of Felicia doing ‘nothing’, she was suffering every day.

The demon king was suddenly crowned, so his support base was weak. There were supporters of the queens, but it was naturally lacking compared to the former demon king.

The scarcest thing was the number of the trustworthy servants. The draconians, who boasted the most powerful forces in the Demon World, were in a political confrontation with the demon king.

Of course, it was possible for each queen to bring in people from the outside, but a ruler with a weak political base would make the kingdom shaky. 1st Queen Anastasia also prevented the influence of the former queen Titania Nekrion, causing a chronic shortage of workers.

‘I committed to filling that gap.’

She couldn’t give the task to Caitlin, who wasn’t an adult yet and who would be clumsy with paperwork.

‘Someone who eats meat can’t be seen to be eating.’

Anastasia had said as she handed over a large amount of paperwork to Felicia. Of course, Anastasia was also suffering from a tremendous amount of pressure, so Felicia couldn’t complain.

“Anyway, Shutra is too much. Is he too busy to meet me? This hobby is very exhausting.”

It wouldn’t have been so difficult if it was only paperwork. The greatest cause for Felicia not leaving her desk all day was the demon king.

‘Please, Noona is the only one who can do this.’

She closed her eyes and could still recall In-gong begging her in a sweet voice. His pheromones were fully released so she couldn’t refuse at the time. No, she didn’t even think about rejecting it as she nodded.

So, her days were busy. It had been over two years, but she still hadn’t finished the task.

Felicia took a breath again and lifted a piece of paper. It was from Amita.

There isn’t enough Heavenly Wine!I should receive five Heavenly Wines for the wedding dress and wedding gifts.Heavenly Wine!Heavenly Wine!

Felicia briefly looked at the paper and frowned. The contents of Amita’s protest were correct, but she wasn’t frowning because of Amita.

‘There have been a few concubine interviews already.’

She could understand it with her head. The previous demon king had over 10 concubines. It was a tradition of the Demon KIng’s Palace to use arranged marriages to deepen their relationship with other species in the Demon World.

But this was this, and that was that. Even time a new concubine entered for assessment, Felicia oversaw the screening, filing, etc.

‘But are concubines really necessary?’

It would be nice if a concubines weren’t needed. Felicia murmured before focusing on the papers again. It had already two years but Amita still didn’t know that the main ingredient of the Heavenly Wine was the demon king.

‘Won’t it be really serious if they know?’

Maybe Amita might turn into a woman to become a queen or concubine candidate. The memory of when Caitlin said ‘Shutra is delicious~’ flashed through her head. Amita was originally someone who became a fool over the Heavenly Wine.

Felicia smiled and wrote down her acceptance on the piece of paper. They could make many transactions due to the Heavenly Wine. It was better to listen to this demand.

She filled in a few more documents before receiving one concerning Carack. It was about the manor that Carack ruled, and Felicia paused for a moment as she recalled Delia, who was Carack’s 1st wife and master of his estate. Delia’s belly had been slightly swollen a few months ago, so she would give birth soon.

‘Oh my god.’

Delia would become a mother. Felicia couldn’t help laughing and unconsciously touched her belly. She thought it would still be a while before she had a child, but it was a strange feeling.


Felicia spread out her fan and bit her lips. It was at that moment.


Caitlin opened the door to her office. Even though she became a queen, she still dressed in clothing comfortable for fighting.


Felicia meant for her to calm down a bit, but Caitlin kept approaching Felicia with flushed cheeks.

“Unni, I brought you a gift.”

Every time Caitlin went on a trip for an event, she would bring back a souvenir. This time it was a small box, so Felicia could guess by the size and shape of the box.

“Is it food?”

In fact, Caitlin often brought food as gifts. Caitlin nodded.

“Yes yes, it is a really delicious special product. It is delicious, but not as much as Shutra.”

Felicia smiled and opened the box. A sweet scent filled her nose.


“Well, this is truly more delicious.”

Deep in the night, Felicia suddenly spoke in the middle of a passionate kiss. The words were strange, but In-gong laughed and stroked Felicia’s cheeks.

“Noona is also delicious. Delicious like chocolate.”

“That makes me cringe.”

It wasn’t a joke. No, who did he learn that from? Was it from Carack?

But In-gong just kissed her again and licked his lips.

“Yes, it really is the taste of chocolate.”

It was nonsense. Unlike In-gong who was like living food, Felicia was an ordinary dark elf.

But Felicia was curious so she asked with a slight frown, “What is chocolate?”

“Well, it is like this.”

In-gong approached Felicia again, causing her to shyly close her eyes. There was a sweetness that stimulated the tip of her tongue.


“Ah, it is a good ending.”

The man opened the cover of the virtual reality device and took off the helmet with a satisfied expression. On one side of the virtual reality device, the name ‘Knight Saga Re’ clearly appeared.

‘It truly is well made.’

In-gong lightly touched the title on the screen before raising his body. The clock showed that it had been one hour already.

‘My parents will come soon.’

In-gong reached out to the Knight Saga Re package on the desk. There were illustrations of the characters on the front, with some conspicuous ones. Felicia, Caitlin and Anastasia. As he gently brushed a hand over the illustrations, a voice was heard behind him.

“Master, why am I missing?”

Green Wind solidified and looked at the package with a disgruntled face. Then someone spoke like she was stupid.

“That is just a game that a human made from recorded history. It is natural that it can’t contain everything from our world.”

It was the white woman. The two people always fought but the white woman always won. But today was a bit different. In-gong laughed at their expressions and said.

“No, Greenie is also here.”


The white woman asked with surprise. Green Wind’s eyes sparkled with elation as she bragged.

“I am also on here. What is this?”

This was only one set of illustrations, so not everyone appeared. Green Wind was elated by In-gong’s words, while he dealt the heaviest blow to the white woman.

“Of course, Conquest doesn’t appear.”

This caused the white woman to pout, while Green Wind poked out her tongue. Green Wind was the only one who could make the mild-mannered white woman like this. Instead of watching the reversed relationship between the two, In-gong placed the package back on the desk. Then In-gong heard a strange voice.


“It is just a massage chair. Noona doesn’t need to make sounds like that.”

In-gong glanced at Felicia who was sitting in the massage chair. But she didn’t listen to him as she kept moaning.

Exactly three years.

It was the amount of time Felicia took to create magic that traveled between worlds. It was the result of Conquest’s knowledge and the Demon King’s Palace vast resources, but it was truly a great accomplishment.

“Shutra, this is amazing!”

Caitlin smiled widely as she ate something on the table. In-gong laughed and nodded.

“Chicken and Cola are great.”

It was chicken made an hour ago, but she was still eating it. Of course, there was a lot.

“I think this is too small for a demon king.”

Anastasia, who was sitting on the couch, looked around and said with a displeased expression. It was a big apartment but for Anastasia, it felt like a room.

‘Well, it is natural.’

She had been a princess since she was born.

“Prince, can I eat some more?”

Carack, who was rummaging through the fridge and kitchen, asked In-gong. The rice cooker for six people looked like nothing in Carack’s big hand.

‘I shouldn’t have brought him.’

But it was only for a second. From the moment In-gong first thought of traveling between words, he expected to go with Carack.

‘We will go back in two days.’

It wasn’t ordinary to be able to move between worlds, so the magic couldn’t be used at any time. There were many things involved, but In-gong didn’t know the details. Felicia and Anastasia just said there was nothing they could do for two days.

“Noona, you can get up now.”

In-gong forcibly turned off the massage chair and pulled Felicia up, while she muttered in a blank voice.

“Uhh... a massage chair is the devil’s invention.”

“It is because of Noona.”

He had never seen such a sensitive reaction to a massage chair. Was this due to the nature of the dark elves? After a cup of cold water, Felicia trembled like she had regained her spirit. She turned to In-gong with a more focused expression and asked.

“Shutra, are your parents coming now?”

“Yes, although I don’t know if they will understand.”

His face and body had changed. He thought of ways to convince them, but he wondered if things would turn out that well.

“It will turn out okay. Shutra.”

Felicia smiled, as if telling him not to worry. In the Demon King’s Palace, ‘Shutra’ was a magic word that made anything possible.

“Please explain it if I become stuck.”

“Believe in me.”

“Yes, I’ll let you experience the taste of chocolate.”

In-gong gently kissed Felicia and looked back at the front door. At that moment, Felicia’s ears pricked and she stiffened. She could hear footsteps beyond the door.

“They’re coming.”

Caitlin put down the chicken and Cola, while Carack closed the refrigerator door. Anastasia remained elegant, but her shoulders were slightly stiffened due to tension. In-gong gulped. Felicia grasped In-gong’s hand tightly. The two people reflexively exchanged glances and laughed.

Many things happened, but these two people were always together.

Then the door opened. At the same time, In-gong and Felicia opened their mouths.

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