Boss Mo's Predestined Love Brought by Surrogacy

Chapter 646 - The Unrequited Love
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Chapter 646 The Unrequited Love

Gu Manman seemed to find an outlet to burst into her emotions. At this moment, she didn’t need flashy rhetoric but just her true feelings.

Her words were true, so was her emotion. Therefore, Jiang Jingcheng would not treat her feelings as a joke.

Jiang Jingcheng was shocked because he didn’t expect that Gu Manman indeed liked him. The scene made him speechless.

Besides, Jiang Jingcheng thought that he had concealed his affection for Gu Yan successfully. But now, Gu Manman knew it. One cannot conceal his love when he looks at someone he loves. Of course, Gu Manman had looked at him in the same way.

Recently, Gu Manman appeared frequently. Jiang Jingcheng didn’t find it strange before. He only thought she was having fun. That was natural for a rich girl. However, she did that for him.

Gu Manman had confessed her mind to him, but Jiang Jingcheng didn’t know how to make a response.

The unrequited love was hard. Just like the way he treated Gu Yan. He wanted to confess to Gu Yan but he had no courage to do it. Gu Yan was very happy now. His confession would only become her burden.

Maybe he couldn’t tell Gu Yan his affection forever. Jiang Jingcheng knew how it felt to confess to someone who didn’t like himself.

It was so difficult that Jiang Jingcheng felt that he couldn’t face Gu Manman now. Gu Manman was too straightforward and sincere. Jiang Jingcheng thought that he could no longer be with her. He was afraid that Gu Manman’s passionate love would burn himself.

Anyway, he had already put on his clothes, so he picked up the bag and rushed out of the office immediately. He was flustered. Soon, his figure vanished at the end of the corridor.

Gu Manman was stunned. Hilarious! He didn’t say anything but just left?

Gu Manman even suspected that perhaps Jiang Jingcheng had said something to her, but she didn’t hear it.

Of course, it was impossible! Gu Manman just stood there astonishedly, feeling the loneliness without Jiang Jingcheng.

Gu Manman felt sorrowful. She knew that Jiang Jingcheng didn’t like her, and he even hated her self-orientation. She thought that he should at least be touched by her even if he didn’t like her, and Jiang Jingcheng would give her an answer.

However, he just left here without any word. Gu Manman didn’t know what she should do now. She just stood in the office, numb and a little confused.

Her tears kept flowing like running water. The tears had covered her face before she noticed it. She couldn’t remember when did she cry like this last time.

Gu Manman was a tough girl. She had a strong personality. She had never thought that she would be so aggrieved because of a man. She started crying loudly as if tears could ease her pain, no one could hear her anyway.

But those tears won’t be known by Jiang Jingcheng forever.

Gu Manman stopped her crying. Why would she act so shamelessly? Since Jiang Jingcheng didn’t like her, she should let it go and end this feeling.

Gu Manman couldn’t understand why Jiang Jingcheng ignored her after she had poured out her secrets? Now Gu Manman understood her cousin Qi Changfeng. His love for Gu Yan was harsh but without any result.

Gu Manman didn’t want to be alone now, but she got nowhere to go. She couldn’t tell her friends because she would be laughed at by them. Now, she just wanted someone to comfort her.

Who was this one?

“Bro, what are you doing?”

Gu Manman called Qi Changfeng. She usually didn’t want to talk to him. But now, she felt the same sense as he did. Qi Changfeng would know her feelings, so she didn’t hesitate to call him. It was late, and Qi Changfeng must be free.

Gu Manman wanted to have a good chat with him to see how did he think of Gu Yan.

“At home, why?”

Qi Changfeng instantly noticed something was wrong. His little sister was a careless girl, why was she crying? Qi Changfeng suddenly became nervous. He was lying on the sofa, but now he had sat up.

What happened to his sister?

When Gu Manman knew that his cousin must be worried about her because her voice got nervous. That was comforting. Though his cousin always scolded her, he was the only one who would care about her in this situation.

Her cousin, who loved Gu Yan unrequitedly, was also a poor guy. She had to treat him well in the future and help him inquire about Gu Yan’s news. The unrequited love was too hard.

Gu Manman had understood this pain, and she didn’t want his cousin to suffer from it any longer.

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