Boss Mo's Predestined Love Brought by Surrogacy

Chapter 563 - Do not made do
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Chapter 563 Do not made do

This was a big mall, but Gu Yan had never been here before. As soon as she entered the mall, she began to examine the interior decoration of this building from the perspective of a designer. Well, it was very good, very tasteful, and not vulgar. In general, it was an extraordinary and refined shopping mall.

Gu Yan took Mo Yichen’s arm and pulled him to the shopping guide. After they knew that the children’s clothing was on the third floor, they walked to the elevator.

“Well, we have to buy a thick coat. It’s getting cold.” Gu Yan said. Then she looked at Mo Yichen, who only wore a thin sweater, and became dissatisfied. “Don’t you feel cold? Just wear this?”

Hearing Gu Yan’s questioning, Mo Yichen felt guilty. Seeing that they were already on the third floor, he quickly pointed to a shop and said, “Look, this dress looks good!”

Gu Yan’s gaze followed Mo Yichen’s finger. When she found that what he pointed was a little girl’s winter dress, she was angry because she knew that Mo Yichen wanted to fool her. Mo Yichen was also embarrassed. He made the situation worse.

“I promise I will wear the thickest clothes from tomorrow. Now let’s pick the clothes for Xiangyan first. And you can punish me later. I have no complaints, okay? My wife.” Mo Yichen said with his silver tongue to make Gu Yan happy. It was just because he didn’t think the weather was cold enough.

Sure enough, with a woman in the family, he couldn’t do everything at will.

Gu Yan thought the clothes that Mo Yichen put at home were all summer clothes. At best, she could find a sweater. Since they were already in the mall anyway, she could buy some clothes for him after she bought clothes for Xiangyan.

He said she could punish him just now. Was she such a shrew in his heart?

“Am I being so fierce?” Gu Yan reflected on herself. But she didn’t think so, so she asked Mo Yichen sincerely.

In fact, Mo Yichen didn’t think that Gu Yan was fierce. But he was afraid of his wife. When his wife was angry, he was scared.

“No! I think you are the gentlest girl I have ever seen.” Mo Yichen always praised Gu Yan, because Gu Yan was indeed irreplaceable in his heart.

Mo Yichen always liked this kind of lover’s honeyed words. Gu Yan always blushed when she heard it, and then her heart was as sweet as honey.

Gu Yan did not respond to Mo Yichen, and walked into a children’s clothing store, but the blush on her face already betrayed her. Mo Yichen saw Gu Yan’s shyness and followed her happily.

“Hello! What can I do for you? Are you buying pregnancy products?” The shopping guide of this children’s clothing store greeted them enthusiastically when she saw them coming in. Seeing that they didn’t bring any children, she thought they were expectant father and mother coming to prepare clothes for the baby.

The guide glanced up and down at Gu Yan’s waist. It was still exquisite. Gu Yan was wearing a slim skirt today, so the lines of the whole body were perfectly outlined, especially the slim waist without the flab. After taking a look, the shopping guide secretly marveled at Gu Yan’s good figure that didn’t show any signs of pregnancy. Then the shopping guide thought that maybe it was a short time since Gu Yan got pregnant.

Gu Yan was taken aback. Then she shook her head quickly and spoke incoherently, “No, no, we are buying adult clothes.”

The shopping guide was also confused. So, why were they in the children’s clothing store?

Mo Yichen felt Gu Yan was even more cute. He couldn’t bear to look at her embarrassed appearance, so he explained it for her. It was okay for him not to speak, and he made Gu Yan even more embarrassed when he spoke.

“We buy clothes for the baby’s elder brother. He is five years old.”

This time, Gu Yan was surprised, but she wasn’t given a chance to refute. After understanding Mo Yichen’s meaning, the shopping guide began to enthusiastically guide them to the boys’ clothing section. Then the guide was hyping every piece of clothing.

Gu Yan was not influenced by her, but only concentrated on choosing clothes according to her own preference. Mo Xiangyan inherited the advantages of her and Mo Yichen. He was good-looking, so he must look good in anything. However, Gu Yan was still unwilling to casually pick the clothes. She must pick the best-looking clothes.

In the end, Gu Yan bought several sets because Mo Xiangyan had to change the clothes. The shopping guide knew that Gu Yan was a big client, and then her words showed more enthusiasm. Finally, Gu Yan said that she was going to check out and asked her for help.

“Would you like to buy something for the baby on the way? Although the baby can’t be seen now, he still needs a lot of things!”

Obviously, the shopping guide misunderstood, but Gu Yan didn’t want to explain anymore, because she couldn’t say it clearly. Mo Yichen also didn’t say anything. He was so happy to be misunderstood. After all, he planned to give Mo Xiangyan a younger brother or sister...

When paying the bill, Gu Yan used her own shopping card. Mo Yichen agreed. After all, they were family. However, children’s clothes were not cheap. A few clothes ran out of Gu Yan’s money in the card. Gu Yan thought that when she bought clothes for Mo Yichen later, he had to pay for it himself. After all, she never brought money when she went out.

They just left this children’s clothing store. The difference was that Mo Yichen carried a lot of things in the big and small bags. Gu Yan wanted to help, but Mo Yichen didn’t agree. Therefore, he carried them all by himself. For Mo Yichen, it didn’t matter to hold a few pieces of clothes.

Gu Yan just asked the shopping guide and knew the men’s clothing was downstairs. Therefore, she took Mo Yichen straight downstairs, and it happened that the clothes in the first store was that Mo Yichen usually wore.

Mo Yichen was a picky person on clothes. But he even would like to wear sweater knitted by Gu Yan. So, it seemed that he was not very picky...

Mo Yichen was worried, and he never liked shopping. Although it was a pleasure for him to go shopping with Gu Yan, he was unwilling to try on clothes.

Although he was very moved by Gu Yan’s care and consideration for him, Mo Yichen still couldn’t help showing the expression of willingness to die. If Gu Yan asked himself to try, would he try or not? He was not out of shape recently, right? If he just followed the previous size to buy, would Gu Yan agree?

As for Gu Yan, she was obsessed with the rows of clothes, imagining what Mo Yichen would look like after wearing these clothes in her mind. After seeing a row of clothes, she vetoed one after another.

Although Mo Yichen was fit for each clothes, Gu Yan still wanted to choose the best clothes.

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