Boss Is Reborn After Everyone's Betrayal!

Chapter 317 - 317 Chapter 317. Group Stage
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317 Chapter 317. Group Stage

According to the arrangement of the Festival Group, if there were trainees from Class A among the 15 teams, the trainee from Class A would be the leader. If there were no trainees from Class A, the group would choose a leader after the grouping was over.

The team leader was mainly in charge of mission arrangements and other work, but he was not the team’s center. The members themselves chose the center of the team.

“Now we’re entering the mutual selection stage. The trainees will take the initiative to sign up for the team they want to go according to the class order, A, B, C, and D. If the captain agrees, the team formation will be successful. If the team leader disagrees, the trainee can only be selected by the team leader who has insufficient people after the class allocation.”

The rules were not complicated, but it was a little cruel for the trainees of Classes C and D. They would again face the awkward situation of being chosen.

Classes A and B were quickly assigned. No matter which team the strong went to, they would not be despised. There were even situations where the leaders of several teams fought for the same trainee. The scene was filled with the laughter of the boys.

Mysterious Person X did not choose his team members on his initiative. In addition, many trainees did not think highly of the song he chose. So after a long time, only one trainee from Class B joined his team.

This trainee was from the Ding Shan battle team and a Mystery man’s X team member.

The other teams were almost complete, but Mysterious X’s team only had two people, which seemed a little bleak.

However, Mysterious Person X did not seem to be in a hurry. It was as if he did not care that the people assigned to his team would most likely be trainees from Class D.

When they were assigned to Class C, the atmosphere was much tenser. The team leaders were like housewives who went to the market to pick cabbage. They carefully selected the members of Class C who were of decent strength and ruthlessly rejected many trainees who took the initiative to be friendly. The process was a little awkward and cruel, and Ding Shan couldn’t bear to see it.

This was the reality of the program. It would not embellish the brutal competition in the industry, nor would it always try to maintain peace on the surface among the trainees. It would even take the initiative to set up various tasks to emphasize realistic and cruel things.

Here, many innocent trainees grew up quickly.

Everyone understood that the entertainment industry was where one could earn a million a day, but not everyone could reach the top of the pyramid. The more benefits there were, the more competition there would be. The more dazzling the winners were, the more miserable the losers would be.

After Class C’s trainees were divided into groups, it was Class D’s turn. The atmosphere at the scene reached an extremely awkward point.

If the trainees in Class C gave the captains the desire to choose, then the trainees in Class D almost didn’t even want to look at them, let alone choose.

Fortunately, many teams were already full. Only a few teams were still short of members. Among them, Mysterious X’s team was the most short of members.

Wen Xiu gloated at Mysterious Person X’s misfortune and thought, ‘Who told you to choose that song? Now, you can only choose a bunch of trash to join your team. Let’s see what you have to compete with me on your first public performance. Maybe the day you perform will be the day you get eliminated!’

Mysterious X looked at the remaining trainees in Class D and chose a few of them.

As these people were trainees from Class D, the other team leaders had no intention of snatching them from him. After Mysterious X had chosen his team members, everyone randomly picked a few trainees from Class D to join the team.

With that, the grouping was over.

Ding Shan looked at the members of Mysterious X’s team and was surprised to find that the people on his team were all members of his original team.

Three of them were from Class D, one from Class C, and one from Class B. Needless to say, the three class D members were probably picked up by Mysterious X because of their friendship with the team.

Class B and C members had a choice, but they still chose Mysterious X, even though he had chosen a song that no one was optimistic about.

What was this? Was he born to be a leader? Even if he made a confusing choice, there would still be people who would choose to follow him.

Ding Shan looked at Mysterious Person X and fell into deep thought.

After the groups were divided, the trainees went to the new independent training room.

The first thing he had to do when he arrived at the training room was to choose the center.

Ding Shan and the other four instructors watched the trainees’ performance in the observation room, and they found that most capable people were actively fighting for the center position. In contrast, many people who felt they were not strong enough gave up.𝒇𝚛𝙚𝙚𝘸𝙚𝗯𝓃𝗼ѵ𝚎𝘭. c𝑜𝘮

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