Boss Is Reborn After Everyone's Betrayal!

Chapter 104 - Little Fox, be Happy
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Chapter 104: Chapter 104. Little Fox, be Happy

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

There were too many private messages. Whether it was good news or bad news, Ding Shan had gained a lot of fans over the past few days. It could be considered a new climax of her career since she won the Best Actress award.

Ding Shan flipped through the messages for a long time in boredom. She gradually forgot that she was looking for that big-shot fan. She began to focus on replying to the messages left by her fans.

Xiao Zhao advised, “Sister Shan, don’t tire your eyes out. There are so many messages. You won’t be able to reply.”

Usually, celebrities with a bit of status would not reply to the private messages left by their fans. Only those who were particularly outstanding would have their cards flipped.

However, Xiao Zhao understood that too much was going on recently. Sister Shan must have been very touched. The fans helped a lot. Sister Shan wanted to express her feelings.

After all, the relationship between fans and celebrities could be described as “Water can carry a boat, but it can also overturn a boat”. It should be a two-way journey.

However, Ding Shan’s body was weak, and she had put in a lot of effort recently. She was exhausted.

Ding Shan nodded. “I’ll pick a few. I won’t tire myself out.” Although she said that, Ding Shan’s hand did not stop. She tried her best to give the fans a good response.

As she replied, she saw an individual account.

Most of the fans had the logo of a loyal fan. They were all accounts that had been by Ding Shan’s side for a few years and were of a very high level. However, this account was newly registered and was of a superficial level. The list only focused on Ding Shan; the profile picture was a landscape map. It should be a view of a tall building that overlooked more than half of the city.

Ding Shan seemed to have sensed something. She clicked on it and saw that the person had only left one sentence, “Little Fox, be happy. You’re still suitable to be bright and attractive.”

Ding Shan frowned with a face full of question marks. This sentence, combined with the profile picture that showed a view, instantly made Ding Shan think of a middle-aged man in his forties or fifties who had some achievements in his career but was slightly greasy.

“Little Fox?” It was similar to the “Little girl” in the overbearing CEO literature many years ago.

Ding Shan flipped through the information on this account again but could not find any helpful information. It was as if this person had temporarily registered this account to say this sentence to her.

However, the stranger it was, the more suspicious it was. Ding Shan could only click on the profile picture and study it carefully.

Xiao Zhao noticed that Ding Shan was not replying to her private message. Instead, she was staring at something very seriously, so she went over to take a look as well.

“Eh? Isn’t this the Empire State Building?” Xiao Zhao zoomed in on the picture and recognized the surrounding buildings.

“Empire State Building? The tallest building in the city center?” Ding Shan also knew about this building. However, she was not very familiar with it. Usually, she would take a car to rush to various filming locations, so she did not have the opportunity to go shopping. She did not have a sense of direction. All she knew was that it was the tallest building in the city and was ranked among the top buildings in the country; moreover, it was private.

Xiao Zhao nodded and pointed at the picture to explain to Ding Shan, “Sister Shan, look at the building next to it. It’s the SARFT general administration and this one. It’s a shopping mall. It must be the Empire State Building from these directions and heights!”

Ding Shan nodded. So that was how it was.

Xiao Zhao asked, “Sister Shan, where did you see this picture? Logically speaking, it’s private. From the angle of the picture, the floor looks especially high. It’s not something that an ordinary person can take a picture of.”

Xiao Zhao pouted. “Sigh, rich people are nice. They stand at such a high place every day and look down on little ants like me who are busy. It’s as if they’re from another world! Are rich people not afraid of heights?”

Ding Shan could not help but laugh. “That might be the case, but rich people are busy too. Money doesn’t come from the wind.”

Xiao Zhao nodded in agreement, “That’s true, but some people do manual labor while these rich people do mental labor. With just a thought, they can earn money in no time. But Sister Shan, you’re different. You earn money by relying on your beauty and talent. I think you’re even better than them! Hahaha! Beauty and acting skills are talents! The heavens are giving us food!” After saying that, she winked at Xiao Zhao.

Ding Shan smiled and pinched

Xiao Zhao Yuan’s face, watching her mischief.

Xiao Zhao was a little curious. “Who shot this? Big Boss, it must be a perfect one!”

Ding Shan opened the private message and showed it to Xiao Zhao.

Xiao Zhao was also a little amused by that weird sentence, but she quickly began to imagine it, “Sister Shan! Do you think this may be the big boss fan who helped us delete the dirt and remove it from the trending searches? Look! Does the Empire State Building show that he does have the capital, Little Fox? Maybe he loves animals? Cheer up. This is caring for you! Bright and seductive… … God, why does this sentence feel a bit flirtatious!”

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