Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please

Chapter 307.3 - A Path to Life or to Death
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Chapter 307.3: A Path to Life or to Death

“Senior, those people have come but unfortunately, many of them lost their lives.” Ying Ge said in a low voice, her tone grave.

Qing Lan Fei was slightly taken aback. “Who..... is here?”

“There are many of them, including people whom you care about.” Ying Ge said, as she waved her hand lightly through the air. An image immediately appeared before her and a familiar figure slowly came to be revealed.

But he seemed to be moving alone by himself, as there was no other person beside him. And the place he was at looked strange and unfamiliar to Qing Lan Fei, who did not know what kind of a place it was even though she had lived in the Mind Free Peak for a number of years in the past.

“Jing Yu.....” Qing Lan Fei’s hands subconsciously clenched up, and a tinge of worry came to fill her eyes.

Why has he come? And how did he manage to find this place?

Why isn’t he with Little Bei and the others? Is he doing this without any of the others knowing anything about it.....

“It’s not just him.”

Ying Ge went on to say, and her hand waved through the air again. Qing Bei’s face that had several streaks of blood on it then appeared on the screen, his expression nervous, like he was hiding from something and his situation did not look highly optimistic.

“They are all searching for you.” Ying Ge said with a serious face as she looked at Qing Lan Fei. “Senior, now that these people are here, the security at some places would inadvertently loosen slightly. This is the best time for you to leave here.”

Qing Lan Fei looked startled. “Leave?”

“I told you that I will help you.” Ying Ge’s sweet and pretty face was resolute as she gripped Qing Lan Fei’s hands tightly, and she then saw the chains bound around her wrists start to melt bit by bit. In the span of a few breaths, the bindings have disappeared completely.

Having been shackled under those heavy bonds for such a long period, Qing Lan Fei found herself a little unused to the feeling of having her hands freed. But what surprised her even more was what Ying Ge had just done.

“Have you lost your mind? If Master finds out.....”

But before she could even finish, she saw Ying Ge use the same method to dissolve the chains around her ankles.

“Let’s go.”

Ying Ge helped her up gently, letting the still weakened Qing Lan Fei lean her full weight onto her, as they made their way towards the exit a step at a time.

There was naturally someone keeping watch over the Flame Devouring Ice Demon and when they saw Ying Ge bringing someone out, they quickly went up to stop her with a wary look on his face.

With a calm cool face, she said in an expressionless voice: “Deity Yan Po gave his orders that this person must not die as yet and is to be given elixirs to prolong her life. The Flame Devouring Ice Demon is not a suitable place to nurse her and I was sent here to bring her to the Deity’s residence.”

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