Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please

Chapter 305.1 - Lian Shi’s Origins (3)
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Chapter 305.1: Lian Shi’s Origins (3)

That’s right, from the very beginning, it had been a one sided affair of her own making the entire time.

He had never expressed any feelings for her before isn’t it?

Maybe he might have come to love her, but their identities had destined that they could only be opposing enemies.

She had wanted to help him, but even after she sacrificed herself, not only was she still not able to be of any help, she had made him detest her even more.

But what she found the hardest to believe was still her father. She had thought that her father’s words that day had only been said in a fit of anger, and she was still the child her father loved the most, and would not be so hardhearted towards her.

In reality, she had just overestimated herself, and underestimated her father’s coldhearted callousness.

She thought that being the chosen heir to the throne, was merely a ceremonial front put up just to show the people outside.

Afterall, among the numerous children that Father has, not a single one could stand shoulder to shoulder against her, regardless whether it was in terms of cultivation, stratagems, or wit. How could he possibly give up on such an outstanding candidate as his heir, and go on to choose to groom all those useless bums?

But..... she had been too naive.

Though her father did favour her greatly, and had recognized her as the future heir to the throne, but the dignity and prestige of their race would forever be more important than anything else in his heart.

That was because he was not only just a father, but also the ruler of the entire gods race.

If their race came to be humiliated by the demons because of her this time, they would be seen to be inferior to the demons thereafter. Even if people did not explicitly say anything, they would secretly blame him for not looking after the greater picture, and had shamed the entire race of the gods.

Hence, no matter how reluctant and painful it was to him, he could not possibly bow his head and show weakness before the demon race.

It would be a lie to say that she was not disappointed by her father’s decision, but she would never hold it against him, as she really understood that her father was given no other choice. Having thought it through in her heart, she was able to see things from another perspective and it did not bother her that much anymore.

In the vast and expansive palace of the demon race, the place felt sinister and empty. The demon disciple who had brought the woman in here had long retreated from there a long while ago and there were only three people in that place at that moment, just like it was when they first met.

With devilishly bewitching violet eyes, the man with an outstandingly good looking countenance was cold and aloof like he was back then, standing with his hands behind his back without saying a single word, a thick impenetrable gloominess roiling deep within his eyes.

None among the three of them, opened their mouth to say anything, and the air was thick and heavy, deadly silent.

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