Bigshot, Your Wife Is With Her Tarot Cards Again!

Chapter 6
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Chapter 6: Rakshasa’s Illusion

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Zhou Hao! What are you doing? You’re holding a knife...”

Jiang Mo wanted to grab the knife, but Yun Qin stopped her. “Didn’t you notice? He’s not Zhou Hao anymore.”

At this moment, Zhou Hao’s eyes were filled with hatred and his expression was strange. It was obvious that he was possessed by a ghost.

“How is this possible? It’s impossible!” Jiang Mo could not believe that the person who shared her bed became like this. She kept looking at the two people who were confronting each other as if she could not believe her eyes.

Yun Qin narrowed her eyes. This Rakshasa in front of her was bold. Not only did it dare to possess the host during the day, but it also dared to attack her.

“Go to hell!” Zhou Hao suddenly jumped up and held the kitchen knife tightly as he rushed straight towards Jiang Mo.

Seeing Jiang Mo standing there in shock, Yun Qin raised her leg and kicked Zhou Hao. Unfortunately, she was too weak. Zhou Hao only staggered and then continued to glare at her fiercely, waving the kitchen knife.

After pulling Jiang Mo behind her, Yun Qin controlled a large amount of evil energy in her body and directly smashed it into Zhou Hao’s body.

“Ahhhh!” The knife in Zhou Hao’s hand suddenly fell to the ground. It was as if there was a huge struggle occurring in his body. It was so painful that he kept screaming. When Yun Qin saw this, she immediately went forward and locked onto Zhou Hao’s throat, crazily sucking the evil energy from his body.

“Yun Qin! Be careful!” Seeing this, Jiang Mo was so anxious that tears were about to come out. At this moment, in her eyes, Yun Qin’s action was no different from asking for death.

However, she didn’t expect that under Yun Qin’s suppression, Zhou Hao started to quiet down, as if he was falling asleep.

“You reckless ghost!” Yun Qin suddenly shouted in a low voice. As if she was chasing a black shadow, she rushed into the bedroom.

After waiting for Zhou Hao’s condition to stabilize, Yun Qin was waiting for the Rakshasa to leave his body. When she saw the Rakshasa escape, she immediately used her evil energy to contain it.

However, after entering the bedroom, Yun Qin discovered that the room that was decorated in a European style turned into an ancient courtyard with pavilions, railings, and waterside pavilions.

Although Yun Qin had eyes that could see ghosts and gods and a body that could absorb the evil energy of the world, her body was still an ordinary person. She could not resist the illusions and tricks of ghosts that could blind her eyes and ears. Therefore, under the charm of the Rakshasa, Yun Qin sank into its illusion.

However, although her five senses were blinded by the illusion, her body was still in Jiang Mo’s apartment.

Therefore, after Jiang Mo saw Yun Qin rush into the bedroom, she saw that she was in a daze. She restrained the unconscious Zhou Hao and called out to Yun Qin, but received no response.

Jiang Mo gritted her teeth, left Zhou Hao behind, and ran into the bedroom.

Who knew that the moment she entered the bedroom, her whole world suddenly changed into an ancient courtyard.

Although Yun Qin could distinguish ghosts from the rest of the world, she had no other way to suppress the Rakshasa except to devour the evil energy.

Sensing the strong evil energy around her, Yun Qin calmed her heart and guided the evil energy into her body. In just a few breaths, Yun Qin absorbed a large amount of the Rakshasa’s evil energy.

Just as Yun Qin was absorbing the Rakshasa’s power, she suddenly realized that a person ran past her.

“Jiang Mo!” Yun Qin called out to her subconsciously, but she realized that Jiang Mo did not react at all. She only continued to run forward.

Was this an illusion created by the Rakshasa or was it really Jiang Mo? Yun Qin was anxious and increased the intensity of her absorption.

However, from Jiang Mo’s perspective, a wooden house suddenly appeared in front of her. In the main hall of the house, a man and a woman were dressed in classical wedding clothes and were getting married.

The woman was extremely beautiful. She had a small face the size of a palm, her skin was snow-white, and she had a pair of willow-like eyebrows. Her eyes were filled with affection, and her lips were like cherry blossoms. She was exceptionally alluring.

As for the man who was getting married, Jiang Mo took a closer look. It was Zhou Hao!

“I pronounce you husband and wife!” A man’s long voice sounded out of nowhere. The beautiful woman in wedding clothes glanced at Jiang Mo indifferently and lifted her skirt to kneel.

Seeing that Zhou Hao was about to complete the ceremony with this woman, Jiang Mo’s heart pounded and subconsciously shouted, “No!”

Then, she rushed forward.

However, when Jiang Mo was approaching the two of them, Zhou Hao and the woman smiled at her and ran out of the side door hand in hand.

Jiang Mo was stunned on the spot. Looking at the wooden door that was slammed shut, she was at a loss.

At that moment, a voice in her mind kept urging her, “Go! Go! Zhou Hao is going to marry another woman...”

“Zhou Hao belongs to someone else....”

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