Bigshot, Your Wife Is With Her Tarot Cards Again!

Chapter 39
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Chapter 39: She Felt so Wronged

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Thus, the two of them mechanically followed Yun Qin out.

Standing under the warm sunlight, the two of them came back to their senses and heard Yun Qin say, “Not long ago, Yun Rou drugged me with an aphrodisiac and sent me to sleep with a man she designed. She even prepared to make a video recording in order to ruin my reputation.”

Yun Zhao and Yun Jin’s eyes instantly widened, especially Yun Jin’s. He felt his blood pressure rising and wanted to tear Yun Rou apart with her hands.

“But halfway through, I regained some consciousness and escaped. However, my consciousness wasn’t very clear, so I accidentally barged into Song Yin’s room.”

“He was affected by the aphrodisiac fragrance on my body, and since his body wasn’t in a good condition to begin with, we... Later, I woke up and I was very scared, so I ran away. As for him, I think he fainted.”

“When I returned home, I discovered that Chen Yuan brought her whole family to watch me make a fool of myself, but they didn’t get a chance. They were probably very disappointed.”

“If I were still as stupid and weak as before, I probably would have been tricked to death by them.”

Yun Qin described what had happened in a very calm tone. Her gaze was misty, because to her, this was something that happened in her past life.

“Girl, you...” Yun Jin choked for a moment, and then he slammed onto the chair angrily. “Damn it!”

He only thought about how much Yun Qin must have suffered to be able to change from a prideful little girl to her current state.

Yun Zhao’s eyes were already red. He had a thousand words in his heart but when he opened his mouth, all he could say was, “Xiao Qin, I’m so sorry.”

Yun Qin shook her head. She did not need Yun Zhao’s apology. She just wanted Chen Yuan and her daughter to pay with blood.

After saying that, Yun Qin closed her eyes to rest. She no longer looked at Yun Zhao and his son.

After returning home, Yun Qin said a few words and went back to her room to catch up on sleep. Even though Yun Zhao looked at her as if he wanted to say something, she ignored him.

She needed to rest because she had more important things to do in the afternoon.

After arranging with Xu Guang yesterday, she agreed to accompany him to visit old Master Song this afternoon.

When she woke up, she was surprised to find that Yun Zhao and Yun Jin were not around. There was only a small note on the table. It was written by her brother, Yun Jin. It said, “Dad thought everything through. We are going out to do finish some business. Take care of yourself!”

Looking at such coquettish and cute words, Yun Qin smiled slightly, changed into a set of clothes, and left the house.

Xu Guang was already waiting downstairs. After she got into his car, the two of them drove to the Song family who resided in the main city district.

Although they lived in the center of the capital, the Song family lived in an ancient prince’s mansion, which had a history of more than a thousand years.

The Song family’s old master was a famous merchant in the past. He bought the abandoned prince’s mansion through legal means. After a few renovations, the Song family settled down there.

Even though the Song family was the most powerful aristocratic family in the capital and was able to shake the status quo of the capital with a wave of their hands, the Song family masters never ventured away from tradition and, thus, never moved out of this large mansion.

Although the descendants of the Song family all moved out, the elders remained in the mansion. This was a symbol of the power and status of the Song family.

Standing in front of the red-brown door of the Song family’s old mansion, Yun Qin and Xu Guang were both a little nervous.

Yun Qin felt as if she was going to meet her in-laws so she was nervous. Xu Guang was purely afraid of the old Master song, so he was scared out of his wits.

Old Master Song was once a powerful figure in the capital. Even though he retired, his reputation was still there. Therefore, when old Master Song mentioned it, Xu Guang obediently sent Yun Qin over.

The gatekeeper opened the door and respectfully led the two of them to the lobby. A spirited old man was sitting in the main seat, looking at the two of them leisurely.

Before the two of them could speak, old Master Song took the lead and said, “Number two, is this your girlfriend?”

Xu Guang was the second son in his family, so Master Song called him “number two”.

Xu Guang’s expression immediately became awkward. He scratched his head and explained, “Grandpa Song, this is the one I told you about last time...”

Halfway through his words, he looked at Yun Qin and was at a loss.

What exactly was Yun Qin’s identity? Was she a Taoist priest or a Yin-Yang Master?

Yun Qin seemed to see Xu Guang’s dilemma and took the initiative to step forward and greet him. “Hello, Grandpa Song. My name Is Yun Qin. I’m not Xu Guang’s girlfriend.. I’m here to accept your commission.”

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