Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want

Chapter 55: An Uneasy Man
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Chapter 55: An Uneasy Man

“You even prepared a birthday present for him. And yet you’re still saying that it was a coincidence?”

The man’s voice was cold, and he sneered with a hint of mockery.

Qin Shu hurriedly shook her head. “I really met him by chance. I didn’t prepare a birthday present for him.”


Things had already reached this point and yet, she still wanted to lie to him.

“Babe, what’s so good about him? That you have to lie to me again and again? To make yourself suffer for him?”

The man’s subconsciously increased his volume due to his anger. The veins on his forehead could be seen clearly.

“I didn’t lie...”

Fu Tingyu’s slender fingers propped her chin up. He lowered his body and blocked the words that she was about to say.

Bright Garden

Fu Tingyu glanced at the person on the bed. He pursed his lips, opened the door, and walked out.

The door closed with a bang.

Qin Shu lay on the bed. Her clothes had just been changed.

At that moment, she was feeling a little sleepy.

She recalled what the man had said in her ears. He said domineeringly over and over again, “You are mine. You can only be mine.”

“Don’t leave me.”

The man was extremely uneasy and seemed to have panicked. It was as if someone had stolen his treasure that he had treasured for a long time.

In the depths of his pitch-black eyes, fear and heartache could be seen. It made her heart ache.

But she also felt a bit aggrieved.

He didn’t see anything and he didn’t ask anything. He simply brought her back without listening to her.

When she thought of this, tears slid down her eyes silently, wetting the pillow.

The study

The study was pitch black, the atmosphere was oppressive and suffocating.

Fu Tingyu’s tall and slender figure was seated on a leather chair, his back facing the desk.

Beyond the window, pale moonlight shone on his body through the glass window. The cigarette between his fingers flickered, and the thin grey smoke blended into the night.

The man’s devastatingly handsome face was hidden in the night. His strong possessiveness was like a beast lurking in the dark, roaring non-stop.

The restless elements in his blood were also clamoring non-stop.

Knock, knock.

There were two knocks on the door.

Following which, the door was pushed open. The ice-cold aura that greeted him made Shi Yan shiver.

He didn’t dare to turn on the light and mustered up his courage to walk in.

The closer he got to the desk, the stronger the cold aura became.

“Fourth Master, this is the Young Madam’s schoolbag.” Shi Yan lifted the schoolbag in his hand, not knowing what to do with it.

After a long period of silence

Since he had not received a response, Shi Yan was prepared to put the schoolbag into the room next door.

“Young Master, I’ll put the schoolbag into the room next door then.”

Fu Tingyu’s body moved a little. He recalled that the girl had mentioned that she wanted to give a gift to Shen Yaohui. However, she didn’t seem to have managed to give him the gift.

That meant it was still in the schoolbag.

Just before Shi Yan turned around to leave, Fu Tingyu’s turned around to face the desk.

“Bring it here.”

Shi Yan didn’t dare to tarry. He placed the bag on the desk.

Then, he turned on the light.

The pitch-black study room instantly lit up.

Fu Tingyu stared at the navy-blue bag in front of him. His slender fingers unzipped the bag and soon, he began to search inside.

Shi Yan stood at the side and stared at the bag without daring to breathe. He was afraid that the Fourth Master would find some incriminating evidence and get angry again.

Fu Tingyu searched for a long time but he could not find the scarf. Other than a laptop and a few packs of snacks, he could only find textbooks and notes inside.

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