Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want

Chapter 418: The Girl She Was Going to Marry Watched Bao’er Walk over
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Chapter 418: The Girl She Was Going to Marry Watched Bao’er Walk over

Mo Chengyu was horrified by Fu Tingyu’s revelation. “Brother Yu, does your wife know how infatuated you are with her?”

Fu Tingyu sneered. “Does your future wife know how promiscuous you are?”

For some inexplicable reason, Mo Chengyu felt a film of cold sweat form on his back. “... So what if she finds out? What’s she to do?”

“I heard that your future wife has returned from abroad. Apparently, she’s a ninth dan black belt in Muay Thai. Auntie seems to have arranged quite a formidable wife for you.” Fu Tingyu sized up Mo Chengyu and what he found made him laugh. “Someone like you is not even worthy of a sparring partner.”

Mo Chengyu studied his body with a critical eye. Though he was not skinny, he was not exactly muscular either. His chest and abdominals were lined with faint muscles that weren’t obvious to the naked eye.

Yun Qichen had also heard of Mo Chengyu’s fiance. He smiled gloating in at Mo Chengyu and said, “You’d best restrain yourself. If your future wife were to learn of your unsavoury habits, the days following your marriage will be challenging.”

“I-I won’t marry a woman with violent tendencies. Even if I’m beaten me to death, I won’t marry her.”

Yang Yuan picked up the bottle of red wine, refilling the empty glass in Mo Chengyu’s hand. She then poured herself another glass, savouring its rich flavour; seemingly lost in her own thoughts.

Mo Chengyu gulped down some wine to calm his nerves.

It was eleven in the evening.

They had all drunk quite a bit, by then. Mo Chengyu was so drunk that he could barely walk without tripping over himself and had to rely upon Yang Yuan for assistance.

They bade farewell to one another, separating at the bar’s entrance.

With an arm slung over her shoulder, Yang Yuan supported Mo Chengyu to his car. She used her free hand to fumble for the keys she thought were in his shirt pocket.

Mo Chengyu snorted in discontent, words slurring in his inebriated state. “W-what are

you-u looking f-for?”

“Where have you kept your keys?”

Yang Yuan did not manage to find the keys in her shirt. In the end, she fumbled through her pants pocket and finally found the car keys. Then, she opened the lock.

Not managing to find his keys in his shirt pocket, Yang Yuan tried her luck with the pockets sewn into his pants. She found them swimming in a pocket and fished it out like an angler reeling in her prey.

In one swift motion, she unlocked the car’s doors and stuffed the intoxicated Mo Chengyu into the car.

Parked opposite Mo Chengyu’s car was Yun Qichen and Fu Tingyu’s cars.

Yun Qichen glanced at the figure of Yang Yuan supporting Mo Chengyu.”That Yang Yuan is surprisingly strong.”

Fu Tingyu turned to face Yang Yuan. She had just shoved Mo Chengyu into the car.

Neither of them thought much of the action nor did they move to stop her; too drunk to form coherent thoughts. They got into their respective cars with great difficulty. Thankfully, they both had chauffeurs.

Having chucked Mo Chengyu into the car, Yang Yuan stepped into the driver’s seat, started up the engine and set her sights on the private villa he owned.

Meanwhile, at Sheng Garden...

A luxurious car, painted with a silver-grey gloss, rolled to a stop at the entrance of Sheng Garden.

Gu Yan spoke to Qin Shu. “You should go and rest. It’ll take two days to prepare the medicine. I’ll see you when it’s ready.”

“Okay.” Qin Shu got out of the car and shut the door behind her. She watched as the car drove out of the compound before turning towards the entrance of Sheng Garden. At this hour, Fu Tingyu was probably still in his study.

The thought of meeting him again formed butterflies in her stomach.

Excitedly, she quickened her steps in anticipation of their reunion.

The security guard saw someone approaching and stuck his head out. When he determined that it was Qin Shu, he hurriedly opened the gates.

“Young Madam, why are you back so late? Please hold on for a minute. I’ll inform the staff inside immediately.”

Qin Shu motioned the security guard to stop. “There’s no need. It’s already very late. Everyone should be in bed. I’ll let myself in.”

“Alright then. By your leave, Madam.” The security guard smiled, locking the gates behind him. The young madam was truly a considerate person.

Sheng Garden was quiet at this hour.

Qin Shu strolled into the living room deserted living room, not a waking soul in sight. She climbed the stairs up to the second floor.

Before she did so, she became cognizant of the fact that she was absolutely filthy. She had not changed her clothes since she hiked down the mountain and her body was covered in a noxious film of sweat and soil. It was a truly unpleasant combination.

Deciding against meeting Fu Tingyu in her present state, Qin Shu ambled to the washroom with the intention of making herself presentable.

She pushed open the door to the master bedroom and switched on the lights. The pitch-black room was instantly illuminated.

A brief scan of the room told her that its furnishings were untouched since she left.

She stepped into the study and placed her backpack on the desk before walking out.

Opening her closet, she retrieved her silken nightgown and made a beeline for the bathroom.

It took her half an hour to shower and ten minutes to blow dry her wet hair before she walked out.

She spent half an hour in the shower and another ten minutes drying her hair with a blow dryer.

Her nightgown was a comfortable fit. It hugged her body in all the right places.

She stepped out of the master bedroom and headed for the study.

Fu Tingyu got out of the car the moment it stopped at the front porch.

Shi Yan hurried out of the car to lend his aid. “Fourth young master, please allow me to help you.”


Fu Tingyu dismissed him with a wave of his hand, walking in alone. His steps were shaky and uneven. It looked like he was about to fall at any moment. Yet, despite all odds, he managed to stagger his way to the master bedroom.

He flung open the doors of his closet, grabbed his bathrobe, and teetered his way to the bathroom. It was not long before the sound of running water could be heard emanating from within.

It took him almost double the amount of time he usually needed to shower with his head spinning in circles.

Eventually, the bathroom door opened, and he walked out in a light-coloured bathrobe. His dizziness seemed to have been exacerbated by his shower which was reflected by the scarlet flush staining his fair cheeks.

His empty bed beckoned and he found himself drawn to it like a moth to the flame. He wanted to have a smoke before he slept but he could not resist the dizzy spell that struck him. Instead, he collapsed onto the bed and decided to rest for a while.

Qin Shu had wanted to give Fu Tingyu a surprise but when she pushed open the door to the study, she found herself shrouded in darkness. Flicking the light switch on did little else. It merely revealed that the study was empty.

She checked the lounge and then their bedroom. Both sites were bereft of his presence.

If he wasn’t in his study, where had he gone?

Qin Shu did not dwell long on this particular mystery. She decided to head back to their bedroom. She would use the landline there to give him a call and ask him where he was.

Wandering back to their bedroom, Qin Shu was dumbfounded by the sight of Fu Tingyu sprawled over the bed.

He had not been in the room earlier when she had gone looking for him so it came as quite a surprise to her.

He must have returned in the time she had taken to visit him at his study. Did he even shower before crawling into bed?

Stealthily, she made her way over.

Just then, Fu Tingyu rolled in her direction. His back that had been facing the door was now replaced with his front profile.

Fu Tingyu narrowed his phoenix-like eyes, staring at the elegant figure framed by his doorway. When he caught sight of who it was that stood there, he froze; thinking it a trick of the light. He blinked, willing the illusion away, and realized that he was not stuck in a dream. She really was there, and she approached him with muffled steps.

Qin Shu noticed Fu Tingyu’s unwavering gaze as she drew closer to him. The way he refused to move or speak to her was unlike him and she could not help but wonder if he was still angry with her.

She approached his bedside and drank in his motionless form. His hair was wet and drooped down to his long eyebrows in messy strands of tangled beauty.

She called out, “Baby Yu.”

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