Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want

Chapter 336: Running Away from Home Again, Must be Falling Sick. k
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Chapter 336: Running Away from Home Again, Must be Falling Sick. k

Qin Shu looked at the perpetrator who was with a pitiful expression. She couldn’t get angry with him.

Forget it. He was her husband. She could only dote on him.

She looked at the dishes in her bowl which were all light food. She then glanced at the beef in the other bowl. She could not enjoy it now.

She could only quietly eat the bland dishes in her bowl.

After the dinner, Qin Shu returned to her room to continue copying the sentence.

A thousand times. Although it was only five words, it was time consuming to finish copying it.

Knock, Knock.

Halfway copying, she suddenly heard two knocking sounds on the door.

Qin Shu turned to look at the door. If it was Fu Tingyu, he would have come in directly without have to knock it.

She put down the pen to open the door.

When she opened it, Ye Qing was standing outside with an anxious look.

She flashed her eyes doubtfully. “What’s the matter?”

“Young Madam, your pet cat is nowhere to be found.”

Ye Qing had heard Shi Yan mentioned before that Bazong, the Little Tsundere, was Qin Shu’s favorite pet. How could she not be anxious it had gone missing now?

Hearing that Bazong had gone missing, Qin Shu was worried. “When did you realize that it was not there?”

Ye Qing replied, “When I wanted to go to feed it with fish, I noticed that it was not there.”

Hearing that, Qin Shu hurriedly ran straight into Ye Luo’s room. Since Bazong had always be taken care by Ye Luo, it would sleep in his room at night.

The door to Ye Luo’s room was open, Qin Shu ran in swiftly and looked at the sofa where Bazong would normally sleep. Other than two pillows, there was nothing else on the sofa.

Ye Qing also ran in to the room. “Young Madam, I’ll go out and search for it.”

When Qin Shu ran out from her room just now, she didn’t notice anyone was in the living room. She quickly asked Ye Qing, “Wait, where did Yu go?”

Ye Qing stopped and looked at her. He knew that she was referring to Master Si. “Master Si went out not long after you entered the room.”

Went Out? Qin Shu looked at the time on her watch. It was already nine o’clock. What was he going out for?

She looked at Ye Qing. “You go and look for it.”

Hearing this, Ye Qing stepped out immediately.

Looking around the room, the air-conditioning was turned on and the windows were closed tightly. Bazong couldn’t have climbed out of the window.

She thought that Bazong would not have run away again after the last incident. However, at the end, it still ran out.

Although she knew that Bazong was smart and intelligent, It was still very dangerous in a foreign country with an awful public security.

Qin Shu did not want to consider too much and she was going out to search for Bazong as well.

This hotel was the best at this area in terms of decoration, equipment and service. It also covered a large area.

Qin Shu searched around the hotel rooms but she find it. At the end, she stepped out of the hotel.

There were street lights on both sides of the cement roads in between the roads.

Qin Shu looked at the night sky. Although she was anxious, she could only search aimlessly.

Bazong’s hairs were black. Night was its best protection color. If you couldn’t see its eyes, you would not have noticed that it was there.

If she ever brought it outside in future, she would definitely install a locator on its body. If it happened that it went missing, she would have known its location.

After searching for an hour, Bazong was still nowhere to be seen. She became increasingly anxious.

When she walked to a green area, she heard a few coughing sounds. “Cough cough...”

Qin Shu heard it and saw a person sitting on a bench not far away from where she was. Under the streetlight, she could see the face clearly. It was Jun Li.

He covered his mouth with one hand as if he was holding back a cough.

She quickly ran over and stopped in front of him. Seeing him furrowing, she asked worriedly, “What’s wrong with you? Do you need me to call an ambulance?”

Jun Li knew who the person was when he heard the familiar voice, He held the silk handkerchief tightly and put his hand on his lap. He looked at her and shook his head. “No need.”

From the moment Qin Shu saw him, she had noticed that he seemed to be sick. When she heard him coughing just now, she was even more certain that he was sick and it seemed to be quite serious.

“You seem to be pretty uncomfortable. It’s better to go to the hospital to check.”

Jun Li smiled at her. “Thank you for your kindness. My throat was a little itchy just now. I couldn’t stand coughing for a few times. It’s better now.”

Qin Shu glanced at his smooth forehead which was full of beads of sweat. The weather was so hot but his face was very pale. Seeing that he insisted on not going to the hospital, she couldn’t force him to go.

“Alright. Why are you sitting here? It’s quite hot.”

Qin Shu also sat on the bench to rest before continue looking for Bazong.

“I stayed in the air conditioner for a long time, so I wanted to get some air. What About You?” Jun Li’s voice was very light.

“I came out to look for my pet. I don’t know where it went.” Looking at Jun Li’s pale face, Qin Shu was still worried. “You don’t look well. Are you sick?”

Jun Li replied with an “Um”. “You went abroad bringing along your pet?”

“My pet is clingy. Anyway, it’s not much of an issue. Therefore, I brought it along with me.”

In fact, Bazong and her were the best partners. Between them, they had a high degree of tacit understanding and were also efficient in performing tasks.

“I’ll go back first. You continue looking for your pet.”

After saying that, Jun Li stood up and left.

Qin Shu looked at him walking away. He was a little hurried as if he was rushing back for something important things. He started coughing again after walking for a short distance, even his steps had become chaotic.

“Cough cough...”

It was quite a frightening sound hearing this in a silent night.

Qin Shu quickly stood up and was prepared to catch him up. Just as she was prepared to do so, she stopped when she saw a man running from a distance to support him.

If she guessed it correctly, the man who came should be his assistant or special assistant. If that is the case, she did not have to worry about him.

After Jun Li left, Qin Shu was prepared to continue looking for Bazong. However, when she turned around, she saw a pair of dark green eyes staring at her. Its small figure was blended into the night, making it difficult for others to notice.

“Where had you been? I had been looking for you for ages, but still couldn’t find you. I thought someone’s fish had lured you away.”

Although Qin Shu was angry but was completely cooled down the moment she saw Bazong.

She took a few steps forward, squatted down in front of Bazong, and embraced it in her arms.

Bazong raised its head to look at Qin Shu and meowed at her. It was a low “meow” as if it was not happy.

“Feel aggrieved?”

Qin Shu thought of Ye Luo. During this period, Ye Luo had been looking after Bazong. It was perhaps Bazong was used to be taken care by him, so after he left, Bazong was a little upset?

Bazong curled up in Qin Shu’s arms, drooping its head and looking listless.

“Ye Luo will be back in a few more days.”

Comforting Bazong by massaging its head, Qin Shu walked towards the guest room.

After taking only a few steps, she heard a male voice coming from her back.

“Wait a minute.”

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