Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want

Chapter 335: Filled with Joy, Well, Stay Focused
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Chapter 335: Filled with Joy, Well, Stay Focused

The air conditioner was turned on in the bedroom. It was so quiet that one could hear a pin dropped on the floor.

Qin Shu concentrated on her notebook as she was copying. Her mind was still recalling Fu Tingyu’s request. She had never done it before, therefore, she felt that the request was too demanding.

Fu Tingyu walked in slowly and saw Qin Shu sitting at the table with her back facing him. She was holding a pen as if she was writing something. He walked over curiously and deliberately slowed down his footsteps.

It was merely three meters away, and he had now stood at her back.

Qin Shu didn’t notice that a man was standing behind her. She was concentrating on writing the words I love Fu Tingyu wholeheartedly.

Fu Tingyu was tall and slender. He could easily see what she was writing standing behind her.

Holding a silver fountain pen with a notebook the size of a palm, she was writing something seriously.

He lowered his pitch-black eyes and his gaze fell on the notebook. He saw the words writing on it.

‘I love Fu Tingyu’.

The words were written in block letters, and the rows were very neat.

He stared at the words for quite some time. Since the words were written in block letters, it covered up her unique handwriting.

He had seen her handwriting before. The writing was fluid, natural, and slightly ostentatious.

He watched her holding the silver pen and wrote one stroke after another. She wrote it with all her heart. After she finished writing a page, she turned it over and continued to write.

It somehow looked like a teacher watching his student doing her homework, where the former was watching attentively and the latter writing carefully.

Qin Shu held the silver pen and licked her lips. She lifted her hand from the notebook and subconsciously reached into her backpack for candy.

She paused when her fingers touched the zipper of her backpack. She felt that there was an invisible wall pressing down on her back and a constriction feeling in her chest. There was also a feeling of chill down her spine. She could sense that he was standing behind her.

She was concentrating on copying and preoccupied with his request. That was why she was not aware that he had walked into the room.

Qin Shu put her hand back to the notebook. When she looked at what she had written, her face turned red again.

She wanted to give it to him after she had written it a thousand times. She did not want to write this sentence repeatedly in front of him.

Holding the edge of the notebook, she was about to close it when a large hand pressed on it and also on her hand. She could not move it.

His hand was beautiful. His fingers were long and slender, with well-defined knuckles. His palms were huge with well-manicured nails. He could easily hold her hand in his palm.

His body temperature was relatively low. When they held each other’s hands, she could feel a sense of coolness.

Qin Shu raised her head and saw him bending over. His well-defined facial features carried an irresistible charm when he bent close to her. She could smell the unique aura emitted from his body.

“When did you come back? Why didn’t you say anything?”

Fu Tingyu looked at her. Her cute pink-white little face with a pair of brightly shined eyes was too attractive. He could not take his eyes off of her.

“I noticed that you were so preoccupied. Therefore, I didn’t want to disturb you.”

“Ugh! I bet you snuck in on purpose!” thought the girl.

“I heard from Ye Leng that you went to look for Nishinozawa again. How was it?”

“I can go back to the Jiang City the day after tomorrow.”

Fu Tingyu’s eyes were fixed at the notebook. When he remembered that his name was written all over it, he was delighted.

Holding the edge of the notebook with his slender fingers, he brought it closer to him.

Although they both knew it and she would show it to him sooner or later, Qin Shu still felt slightly embarrassed now that he was holding it up to read.

She wanted to grab the notebook from him. “Wait until I have finished copying, then you can read it.”

He suddenly stood up straight and she could not grab the notebook from him. “I want to read it now.”

He looked at the characters in the notebook closely. He felt a bit different from just now, but he was still a little excited.

It was the same feeling as when someone you had liked for quite some time actually had the same feeling towards you.

Qin Shu wanted to divert his attention as she saw him reading the notebook attentively. “Did you find out who had kidnapped Nishinozawa’s woman?”

Still focusing on the notebook, Fu Tingyu answered casually, “I have no idea. The other party hid it very well.”

Qin Shu frowned hearing this. They hid it so well that even he couldn’t find it out. In other words, the other party was targeting him. “Could it be someone from the Crimson Sand Organization?”

Fu Tingyu looked at her soberly. He frowned slightly. “You don’t have to be concerned about this. Concentrate on the writing. I want to get it in the shortest time possible.”

He placed the notebook in front of her and signaled her to finish writing it as soon as possible.

As for other issues, he didn’t want her to get involved.

Looking at the notebook in front of her, Qin Shu didn’t continue asking, “I’ll try my best to finish writing it as fast as I can.”

Seeing her lowering her head, Fu Tingyu pursed his lips and suddenly stretched out his arms to hold her up.

Qin Shu was unprepared for this sudden movement and she grabbed his arms subconsciously.

This was to let her know what he was thinking.

“Rather than thinking of those trivial matters, better spend time thinking more of me .”

He whispered with his deep and magnetic male voice coupled with a little dissatisfaction.

Qin Shu explained that if she didn’t think of him, she would not have thought of those other things. All these were connected to him and were hidden with dangers. If it was not dealt with carefully, he would be injured, or more seriously would...

At dinner time.

There were several dishes on the table. Fu Tingyu purposely instructed Shi Yan to order the dishes from a Chinese restaurant. One of which was spicy beef.

Qin Shu liked to eat spicy food. When she saw there was a spicy dish on the table, she used the chopsticks to pick up a piece of meat putting into her mouth.

A pair of attractive eyebrows were knitted.

The beef was spicier than she thought.

“So spicy...”

Seeing her facial expression, Fu Tingyu who was sitting opposite her, glanced at the dish and understood immediately why she frowned.

He handed a glass of cold water to her. “Drink some cold water. It would make you feel better.”

Qin Shu hurriedly took and drank the glass of water. It soon eased the burning sensation.

Fu Tingyu picked some lighter dishes and placed them into her bowl. “Eat something lighter.” He felt very bad seeing her frowning due to the spiciness.

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