Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want

Chapter 223: Go for the Wool and Come Home Shorn
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Chapter 223: Go for the Wool and Come Home Shorn

Fu Tingyan and Jiang Yu looked at each other. They had grown up together, so they could tell what each other was thinking with just one look.

Jiang Yu looked at Ye Xue. “Give me your bag.”

Ye Xue lowered her head, her cheeks were slightly red. She sat there without moving. She did not want Jiang Yu to search her bag because she was afraid that he would see the diary in it.

Jiang Yu frowned. “Are you going to admit that you’re a thief?”

Ye Xue hurriedly replied, “I didn’t steal it.”

“You’re still saying that you didn’t steal it? You won’t even let Young Master Jiang check your bag. You’re clearly feeling guilty. You must have stolen it.”

Jiang Yu’s eyes darkened and he looked at Wu Yue coldly. “Can you shut up before we verify it?”

Wu Yue felt a chill run down her spine and didn’t dare to say another word.

“Just let Jiang Yu take a look. Although searching your bag is disrespectful to you, this is the fastest and most effective method,” Fu Tingyan said.

Jiang Yu’s expression darkened. He felt that Ye Xue’s character was really weak. She knew nothing else other than lowering her head.

Ye Xue pursed her lips tightly and finally took her bag out from the desk.

Jiang Yu took the bag and poured her things on the desk so that everyone could look at what was in it.

Other than a few books, homework, and notebooks, there was nothing else.

Wu Yue looked at the things on the desk in disbelief. The wristwatch was not in there. What was going on? She had clearly put the wristwatch in Ye Xue’s bag. How could it be gone?

Jiang Yu looked at the things on the desk but didn’t see the wristwatch. He looked at Wu Yue coldly and said, “Have you seen it clearly? Shouldn’t you apologize to her in front of the entire class?”

Wu Yue’s face turned pale.

It was time for Qin Shu to speak. “Wait a minute.”

The few people in front of her looked at Qin Shu with confusion.

“After searching through Ye Xue’s bag, shouldn’t we search Wu Yue’s desk as well? She said that she had searched her desk several times before she came, but she couldn’t find the watch. She insisted that Ye Xue had stolen it even though she did not have any evidence. Was she trying to frame Ye Xue so that she would lose her guaranteed spot in uni?”

After Qin Shu said that, she glanced at Wu Yue. Wu Yue lowered her head guiltily and looked at Jiang Yu and Fu Tingyan.

Qin Shu had not said that she would search Ye Xue’s bag herself when Jiang Yu had searched Ye Xue’s bag because she and Ye Xue were on good terms. If she searched the bag and couldn’t find the watch, Wu Yue might accuse her of helping Ye Xue.

“I’ll go take a look.”

Jiang Yu felt that what Qin Shu had said made sense. He walked straight to Wu Yue’s desk and took out her bag. He squatted down and looked under the desk. He reached in and grabbed something that looked like a watch. He took it out immediately, it was indeed a watch.

He took the watch and showed it to the other students. Then he walked straight to Wu Yue and said coldly, “The watch was under your desk. What else do you have to say?”

Wu Yue’s face turned red. She reached out and took the wristwatch back. She stammered and explained, “I looked for it just now and didn’t see it. Maybe it was because I was too anxious, so I missed it.”

Jiang Yu’s voice was still cold. “Then apologize to Ye Xue in front of everyone.”

Wu Yue pursed her lips and clutched the wristwatch tightly in her hand. She had clearly put it in Ye Xue’s schoolbag. Why was it under her desk?

She suddenly remembered that Qin Shu had entered the classroom early. Could it be that she had discovered it and sent the watch back?

Wu Yue was puzzled. She walked to the podium unwillingly and said to the entire class, “I was wrong to accuse Ye Xue. It was because of my own carelessness that I didn’t search through my desk properly before accusing her. I’m sorry, Ye Xue.”

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