Big Shot's Reincarnation Sweeps the World

Chapter 36
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Chapter 36: Sheng Yang’s Weakness

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

In the office, Chen Lan was surrounded by many teachers congratulating her. This was her moment of glory.

“Ms. Chen, you really picked up a good seedling!”

The class teacher of Class Three who once tried to persuade Chen Lan not to include Sheng Yang’s results in the score counting lowered his head and said sincerely, “Ms. Chen, I was too short-sighted. You’re a competent teacher. I should learn more from you.”

“I’m flattered…” Chen Lan smiled, feeling that she was just lucky this time. The new student only came to her class a few days ago.

Li Mei was sitting in the most conspicuous position in the office, but this time no one was around her desk, and the teachers even deliberately avoided her.

Every dog had its day. Fate hadn’t favored her this time.

Looking at the clamorous crowd over there, she muttered sourly to herself, “Hmph, it was just a math test. Regardless of whether she can maintain her status, I’ve seen many students who only excel in one subject. Many students do well in mathematics but terribly in Chinese and English.”

At this time, Chen Lan was flushed from her colleagues’ compliments and said shyly, “The new student isn’t as magical as you said. She once told me that her Chinese isn’t very good. She still needs to work on it.”

Everyone echoed, “Yes, she’s a very promising student. Mathematics is the most difficult subject to master. Now she just needs to make up for her shortcomings.”

Relieved to hear this, Li Mei collapsed in her chair.

Sheng Yang was just a flash in the pan this time. In her class, Han Jingyu was a rare talent who was well-rounded and he had the potential to become the champion of the National College Entrance Examination.

She didn’t regret rejecting that transfer student, not at all!

At this time, the Han Jingyu she was thinking of was passing by the Class 7 classroom. He had taken a purposeful detour today.

Through the window, he saw a beautiful and quiet girl sitting next to the window with her rosy cheek in one hand, reading a book. At such a close distance, under the sunshine, he could see that her dense eyelashes cast a shadow on her fair face.

Is this the new transfer student?

He scored 148 points on the test, and two points were deducted because he didn’t solve one problem perfectly. Mr. Zheng said frankly that even he wouldn’t have perfectly solved that problem. Therefore, Han Jingyu wasn’t to blame for losing two points.

But how did this girl named Sheng Yang perfectly solve this problem?

With this question in mind, he insensibly walked up to the girl standing at the door of the classroom. “Hi.”


It was Fang Duo. She was dumbfounded and she even held her breath.

She was so nervous that she didn’t know where to put her hands and just stood at attention like a soldier.

Her smile was so stiff that even her shallow dimples seemed to disappear.

With her “pretty face complex”, she was completely at a loss for how to face a handsome man like God Han.

Although they were in the same school for three years, she had never had a chance to speak to him before.

He was so handsome and cool, manly and stylish.

His voice was just as she imagined, very masculine and magnetic. “Hi, I’d like to…”

As he spoke, his gaze drifted in one direction and was withdrawn only after a second.

But mesmerized by his handsome face, Fang Duo had been looking at him unblinkingly, so she had noticed even this slight movement of his.

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