Big Shot's Reincarnation Sweeps the World

Chapter 20
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Chapter 20: She Didn’t Take It Seriously

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

He still remembered that there was once a pretty good student in his class, but Li Mei forcibly transferred that student to her class with the pretext that her class was an ace class and that student deserved a better learning environment. He really detested Li Mei’s way of doing things. She grabbed the best resources but took credit for it all.

Chen Lan was a mathematics teacher and Class 7 also did very well in mathematics. Their average math score on the last exam was only one point less than that of Class One. If Class Seven tried harder, they might overtake Class One in Maths and would teach Li Mei a good lesson.

Unfortunately, Chen Lan didn’t take his suggestion and said, “That’s no good. Since she’s in our class, she’s a member of our class. If we didn’t count her in the first exam, it would hurt her feelings.”

The class teacher of Class Three sighed and let go of the matter.

This young teacher was very talented but too stubborn; she wasn’t as sleek and shrewd as Li Mei. It seemed that it would be difficult for her class to surpass Class One.


In Class 7, the math test was about to start and everyone was very excited.

“We were only one point below Class One in mathematics last time. If we try harder this time, we can definitely beat them!”

“Exactly! I made a bet with the students in Class One. They always talk so irritatingly, just like their teacher, Li Mei. We must beat them this time!”

“Yes, let me check my answer sheet again. God bless me, if my score is five points higher this time, my dad will reward me with a new pair of sneakers.”

The gossip was in full swing, but suddenly they quieted down and looked in the same direction.

Sheng Yang was sitting there and reading an English book, her black hair hanging down and her profile beautiful and delicate, making her look like an elegant ink painting.

As she batted her long dense eyelashes, her gaze swiftly moved across the book, and soon, her fingertips turned a page.

Beside her were piles of several books that she had read.

These books were on the Chinese language, astronomy, and even the origins of mankind. In short, they had absolutely nothing to do with mathematics.

Before Sheng Yang could speak, Fang Duo lunged to her feet and shielded Sheng Yang behind, saying, “Why are you looking at Sheng Yang like that? She’s done nothing wrong!”

Although the students didn’t say anything, they didn’t feel that comfortable.

The math test was about to start, and last time, they were only one point below Class One. Li Mei rejected this student with a poor background and stuffed her into Class Seven. Undoubtedly, Li Mei must’ve had ulterior motives.

Alas, their class teacher was too innocent.

In the last two years, they had been trying their best and gradually narrowing the gap between themselves and Class One. Now they finally had a chance to overtake Class One.


Their goal was about to be accomplished, but there suddenly appeared a strange force from behind, pulling them farther and farther away from their goal.

How desperate were they?

“What are you worrying about?” Ou Ye stood up. He was the most popular in the class and soon calmed everyone down. “Sheng Yang is so smart. I’ll help her study and I think her score can improve by at least dozens of points.”

Upon hearing his words, everyone was relieved.

Yes, Ou Ye was best at mathematics and was the math representative of their class. With his help, there definitely wouldn’t be any problems.

Ou Ye went straight to Sheng Yang and handed her his math notebook. “Sheng Yang, take a look at this. Don’t hesitate to ask me if you see anything you don’t understand. And I’ll teach you a set of tricks for solving math problems which I normally don’t teach others.”

Everyone’s ears pricked up.

Hmph, Ou Ye, this b*stard. He had never taught this to anyone else. It turned out that he was only nice and considerate to beauties.

That was unfair!

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