Big Shot's Reincarnation Sweeps the World

Chapter 14
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Chapter 14: A Little Sweet Girl

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Sheng Yue’s heart did a flip then her heart welled up with resentment.

Even though they weren’t in the same class, as long as they were in the same school, she would still feel Sheng Yang’s influence.

Noticing Sheng Yue was distracted, Han Jinyu raised his eyebrows and knocked gently on the table.

For a moment, Sheng Yue was flustered out of fear that he would look up and see Sheng Yang, but it was already too late…

Han Jingyu had slowly raised his head and glanced out of the window.

Sheng Yue stared at him, flustered.

In an instant, a flicker of appreciation appeared across Han Jingyu’s eyes. Indeed, such a gorgeous girl was rare. She was literally the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

But only after a short while, Han Jingyu withdrew his gaze, showing no expression on his face.

“My God, God Han is God Han. In front of such a beautiful girl, he’s still so calm.”

“Sure, he’s not as superficial as you.”

“Aren’t you superficial? Just now you stared at that girl for the longest time, and your eyes almost popped out.”

Sheng Yue was relieved to see Han Jinyu’s reaction and was a bit pleased.

Fortunately, Han Jingyu wasn’t a superficial man. He liked girls who were smart and had good grades, not just some “vase”.


Chen Lan brought Sheng Yang into Class Seven and the students responded the same, some gossiped fervently and some gasped in shock.

There were many beautiful girls in the world, but very few girls excelled in both appearance and temperament like Sheng Yang.

A boy stood up and shouted in excitement, “Great, we always lose to Class One whether it’s the highest score, average score, or title of the model class, but now we can finally place first. The most beautiful girl in the school is in our class! Yeah!”

Chen Lan frowned. How could this boy say that? He would scare their new classmate!

She quickly looked at Sheng Yan, worried. “Please take no offense. Although your classmates seem a bit rude, they’re actually very nice. You’ll find out after getting acquainted with them.”

Sheng Yang looked at the boy seriously. “Perhaps two firsts.”

The boy: “???”

Other students: “???”

Chen Lan’s smile was a little stiff. The new student seemed to be more difficult to deal with even than the naughtiest boy in her class. Although being confident was good, It wasn’t good to be overconfident.

She had read her resume. Her grades had improved by leaps and bounds in the township high school this year and she had even gotten first place on the exam, but being number one at that kind of school meant nothing.

She heard that there were only a few dozen students in the entire high school.


However, that was already the best Sheng Yang could do. Getting the highest score in the township high school meant she got full marks, which determined her upper limit.

“Just sit there.” Chen Lan pointed to a seat next to a girl.

Many students fell in love in their senior year of high school. As such a good-looking girl, Sheng Yang might not concentrate on her studies if she sat next to a boy.

Sheng Yang didn’t say anything and walked towards that seat.

During a break, that naughty boy rushed up to Sheng Yang first. “Hello, Gorgeous, my name is Ou Ye.”

His name sounded like “Oh Yeah!”, which was as hilarious as his face.

The other boys also rushed over, trying to start a conversation with Sheng Yang.

This class had more boys than girls, not to mention that Sheng Yang was so pretty, so every boy tried to impress her.

“Okay, okay, don’t you see our new classmate is busy? She needs to sort out her books, check the class schedule, and read to keep up with us.” Seated at the same table was a little sweet girl with dimples. She was called Fang Duo and was very protective of Sheng Yang.

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