Being Blind For Five Years, All My Disciples Became Forbidden Curse Mages

Being Blind For Five Years, All My Disciples Became Forbidden Curse Mages

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    Fang Ping was blind. By chance, he transmigrated to another world. Upon his arrival, he was ambushed by a ferocious beast. Fortunately for him, he was rescued by a woman. After being saved, he discovered that this world also used English. However, to his surprise, the denizens of this world had proficiency below that of a kindergartener from his world. Yet alone say an entire sentence, they even fumbled about pronouncing single words.

    Coincidentally, he awakened the Master Teacher System. In order to repay them for saving his life, he decided to stay and teach them English.

    He began by teaching them to recognize the alphabet and then phonetics and finally began to teach them vocabulary.

    However, Fang Ping was unaware that his students were abnormal. They were the famous night elves, and the person who had saved him was the next queen of the night elves clan. She was the daughter of the current queen.

    The English that he was teaching was the vocabulary of this world’s magic spells. Hence, the weak night elves began mastering magic spells and their forces grew powerful once again.

    Five years later, Fang Ping opened his eyes.

    He looked at the people of all races kneeling before him. It was as though a whole country had come to the royal court. There were giants, dwarfs, fox demons etc. Beside him, the sexy, stunning queen of the night elves was looking at him with a worshiping gaze. Fang Ping finally realized that he had taught them some incredible things.

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