Behemoth's Pet

Chapter 34 - The Ability of Vice Commander
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Chapter 34: The Ability of Vice Commander

____________________「Uhm,,,,,,,,,, Is this really alright? For someone like me to be with you inside of the carriage………」

Aria said with a shy voice inside the coach.

For some reason, of all people, the one who is coaching the carriage is Cedric, the commander himself, Howard and Dany are on lookout on both sides of the carriage.

The ones inside the coach are Vulcan, Tama, Aria, and bikini armor duo, Kenny and Marietta.

「Don’t worry about it, Aria. The lookout duty of our troop is using shift system, I mean our commander is that」

「Geez, what a waste of his handsome and refreshing face」

Kenny and Marietta are replying with disgusted looks to Aria question.

It seems the one who is shocked by Cedric’s preference isn’t Aria alone.

Aria and Vulcan are also learning to drive the carriage and horse along the way.

Though they became flustered over seeing Cedric about to ride on the coachman seat……..

「Don’t worry about such matters girls. I like to be outside. I mean it’s hard for me to even endure breathing the same air as you girls inside that narrow carriage☆」

…….. He then said those lines while flashing his refreshing smile. For some reason it’s not just not being interested in girls, one might say that he detested their very existence. Despite being the owner of a face that will make any girl turn around whenever they’re passing each other by…….. It really is just as Marietta said, he’s wasting his handsome face.

「By the way Marietta, it’s about time to change」

「What are you talking about Kenny, we just changed shifts a while ago」

Kenny and Marietta are having such an exchange.

Looking closer, Tama’s head is popping out from Marietta’s bikini armor. Because these two are taking their turn to embrace the adorable Tama.

Tama’s consciousness became vague as he enjoyed the comfortable body heat of Marietta and Kenny. On top of that, their peach sized fruits are giving a nice and comfortable feeling due to the shaking of the carriage.

「Haa~n……. Though I love to hug Tama, he’s the most adorable kitten even when I’m not embracing him」

(Nya~~. Aria-chan really loves Tama huh. Well even though he’s a beast, it’s not like he wouldn’t feel anything when she saved his life)

Vulcan thinks so seeing Aria looking at Tama who seems to enjoy Marietta’s embrace with an entranced expression on her face.

It was at that time――

「Nyah? The carriage stopped moving nya~」

「Could it be, monsters? 」

Vulcan prepared her gauntlets as soon as the carriage stopped.

Aria’s hands are reaching for her knives.

Monster encounters on the highway is an everyday occurrence.

「Everyone, it’s group of orcs. But it’s just a piece of cake. Dany! 」

「Right here, commander! 」

Cedric is saying so to those inside the carriage from the coachmen’s seat.

As expected, they met a monster.

But, Cedric sent a command to Dany, stopping Aria and Vulcan before they make their move.

Aria and Vulcan are looking outside from the window.

Thereupon, they confirmed several orcs running toward their carriage.


Dany is shouting a provocation to the orcs while jumping down from the carriage. (ED: this part originally said “while jumping down from his orcs” so I just guessed it meant the carriage, unless he was riding orcs?)

Orcs are idiots, but they do have some level of intelligence.

Angered by that provocation, they’re rushing at Dany.

「Hahaha, as simple as ever! 」

Dany is being surrounded. But, he’s using the momentum from running to slide. And just like that slipped through between the legs of an orc.


The orc’s body is trembling. The moment they think so, 「BUHIIIIIIIII!!?? 」, that orc raised an agonizing scream as it crumbles down in place. On closer look, one of it legs is already severed.

And then, a bloodied long sword is held in Dany’s hand. It seems he cleaved the orc’s leg when he slid through them.

「Amazing! Such a feat……… Is that some kind of skill? 」

「Hahaha, what are you talking about, Aria. Dany doesn’t use his skill you know」

Aria is raising a surprised voice seeing Dany’s feat of evading and attacking at the same time.

But Kenny just smiles lightly at Aria’s reaction.

After finishing off the fallen orc, now is Dany’s turn to attack.

He stepped forward. It’s looked like a light step, but he crossed the considerable distance between them.

The orcs fall into panic when he crossed such a distance in moments.

「Oh, O-………. Ops!! 」

Thereupon, Dany circles around them.

Jumping overhead.


Followed by that sound resounding.

After Dany lands on the ground――……..

The heads of two orcs tumbled onto the ground.

That move just now was seen by Aria.

The moment they passed each other in the air, Dany decapitated the orc’s necks with a rotational slash.

Two orcs left――

One of them raised their club and swung it down towards Dany.


But, Dany is saying so without giving a desperate feeling and suddenly evades the club by a hair’s breadth. He kicks the shin of the orc whose attack just missed, making it tumble down and―― He stabbed it from the back all the way through it’s heart. Though the sole remaining orc was charging from behind him, Dany pulled his sword out. He’s rotating his body by using the recoil from when he uprooted his sword and then landing a hit on the solar plexus of the orc with the handle of his sword.

It’s body is blown to the side folding in half.

「Amazing…………. This is………… The ability of the vice commander! 」

「Nnyaa, as expected of one of the braves nya! 」

Aria and Vulcan are raising voices of admiration after seeing Dany’s power.

(Fumu, to hit an orc till it become like that without using any skill. Moreover……….. He’s not even breathing hard after moving around like that. He really is someone who survived the Dusk of Devils《Ragnar?k》)

Dany returned to his horse as if nothing happened.

Tama, who was a knight like Dany is also admiring his power deep in his heart.

(The scene of the other knights fight is also a sight to behold!)

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