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Chapter 37: I was reincarnated

In the middle of the academy, right in front of the cathedral where a lot of students pray, a place with a beautiful park was built for the students to relax.

I can see a lot of students enjoying their time while I sit on the bench eating my lunch with Charlotte here.

Charlotte wished that she didn’t have to stay outside too often. That was the reason why she would soon get back to her own room, and lock herself inside whenever she finished her work.

There is no doubt it was the birth of a Hikikomori princess.

Well, It was my fault too that she turned out like this.

[Slow-sama, what happened?]

And it’s really rare for that meddling great wind spirit-san to not be today by Charlotte’s side.

Well, I actually asked him to watch every single one of Aruru-sensei’s action since last night.

At first, that great wind spirit-san hesitated to do what I asked, but when I offered a fresh fish, it promised me that it would take me to an interesting place.

Up till this morning, Aruru-sensei hadn’t show any suspicious movements, but she will, sooner or later.

[I was watching over everyone practicing their magic this morning. Among them, there is an attendant practicing together. He is quite an interesting fellow…]

And then, I told Charlotte what was I talking about with that attendant.

With great interest, Charlotte was hearing about my conversation with that attendant while nodding numerous times.

[He was always together with that noble girl since they were just children——]

For a high class noble, the followers he choose would be by his side as long as they both live.

Those attendants are mostly doing odds jobs for their employee, like buying their employee Yakisoba bread for his lunch or any other odd job.

And, even though he was a noble that does suspicious things, if you told that it was your attendant’s advice, many people would still believe that.

[——and I was surprised hearing that sometimes they even fight with each other.]

I turned my eyes toward Charlotte.

I saw the girl that was always besides me since we were children.

A girl who has a slender body and a shoulder-length silver hair.

While doing a perfect sitting posture, she exudes a dignified aura that could be felt from a high class noble. Calm on the surface, but a strong woman on the inside.

And that exact same Charlotte anxiously kept glancing to where I sit.


We were also raised together since we were children.

Even though I think we had a good relationship, I guess there is still a wall between us.

[I think I have something that I have to tell you properly.]

My chest is beating like crazy.

I can’t see the scenery around me anymore.

Something I have to tell her no matter what.

I know about your secret, I know you are a princess since the first day we met.

Blood was drained from my face.

Thinking towards the words that couldn’t be said by the black piggy duke.

And even though I have turned into the marshmallow-white piggy duke, the promise to protect her was still the same inside my heart.

Charlotte, the truth is, I——–.

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