Because I've Been Reincarnated as the Piggy Duke, This Time I Will Say I Like You

Chapter 21 - Let’s have fun Hearing His Love Story
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Chapter 21: Let’s have fun Hearing His Love Story

Step by step I walk towards that voice. Someone is inside my room, who is it? Inside there was a ghost with blond hair standing there

His eyes are swollen red because of crying so much, his eyes made him look like an abandoned puppy now.

[Hiii!!… Oh, it’s just you. What the heck are you doing in my room?]

[Ahh, S-Slow-sama… Buhii]

I can almost see a grey cloud floating above Vision. And how come he looks so shabby like that? If I remember it correctly, he was just wearing a brand new looking white shirt this morning, and now he looked filthy and brought a strange smell to my room.

Where is the one who proclaimed himself proudly as a noble while living in a commoner’s room? …Heck, it’s so smelly in here. I have to sterilize this room later with magic.

[Hoi Vision, what happened? Weren’t you having fun dating a girl today?]


Where has your happy face from before gone? Wasn’t it you who proclaimed you will told me about your date? I was really looking forward to your story, you know? I need that because I don’t have any experience in love at all. And why are you mimicking my buhibuhi now?

[Let’s just go to the dining room… Ah, change your shirt before that, that smell is killing me…]

Right now Deppa, Vision, and I are currently sitting together in the dining room.

It seems it was Deppa’s rest time now. And just like what Rokomoko sensei had said, I can see a glimpse of quite good muscle popping out from his sleeves, even though his face is so childish… What a gap.

[You see, she said she didn’t had a boyfriend… And the atmosphere was really good… And then we both went to the back alley and just before we kissed, she slapped me… At the same time a group of men came at me, one of them said, ’Don’t touch my girl’ …And they asked for my money. ‘Bring out your wallet, Hurry’, they said… ’So it is the problem child from that Greytroad house’ …In the end they even took pity of me because of how little money I have… It’s the first time I felt that kind of humiliation… I understand now the feelings of those nobles that got captured because they used magic against the commoners…]

There is such a gloomy atmosphere coming from Vision, and everyone in that dining room can’t help but take notice of that. O-Oy, I can even see that black aura around you with my eyes. Rather than the dark piggy, are you turning into the dark noble now?

[…Vision-sama, you’ve been scammed it seems. It has happened quite a lot now so I heard]

Deppa told us what he knows about this scam that has happened a lot in this city. And their modus operandi is exactly the same to what happened to Vision. Well, it was a cooperation supposedly made by a group of rogues and some town girl to earn some pocket change. It’s basically the same, their target is always a noble that wanted an easy way with a commoner girl. He also warn us that they are also targeting rich commoner students from Kurushu Magic Academy so we should be careful.

It bring shivers to my spine.

Scary! The girls in this town are so scary!

It would have left a deep trauma in me if the same happened to me! Buhi!

[…Why did they targeted me?]

[Your luck was just bad today. Here, eat some meat and cheer up!]

[…Meat …I don’t have money you know?]

Those scammers just took his last miniscule emergency money from him, and now he just became suspicious of us too. Deppa quickly explained it was to thank us so it’s free to him, and just then Vision started eating the meat while crying.

And of course I am also joining that feast now. What? Diet? It will be alright, I will just drink that weight reducing medicine.

[The girls in town are scary… the girls in the school are the best… buhii]

[By the way Vision. Since when and why are you saying buhibuhi?]

[…Eh? I just followed what you did though. Aren’t you also buhi-buhi-ing no matter if it’s a sad or happy time? I can even feel happiness already seeping inside me… buhi]

Vision is reaching out to the next pastry on the table while keep buhi-buhi-ing. Ah, that is something I was aiming! And what the heck did he just said, me? Buhi-buhi-ing? That’s impossible you know.

[I really did that? …Nonono, don’t said such a lie]

After hearing such a pitiful false story about me from Vision, I ask Deppa to prove me right. Deppa is always with me day and night, he runs together with me in that desolate research building. He must know whether I was really buhi-buhi-ing or not.

[Yes… I always thought it was your original breathing technique!]

[Eh, eeeh…? Really? Did I really said buhi buhi?]

I never realized that. I can’t believe it. They are not teasing me now, right?

After that we are talking about our love interest like what kind of girl we like, what kind of timing we will pick to confess, and so on. It got quite heated up that Deppa’s father had to warn us to lower our voices.

That night I slept with a happy feeling.

Talking about love techniques, it was a whole lot of fun. That dark piggy didn’t had friends, so I believe he would be happy if he saw this.

And with that our small trip to Yolem ended.

I won the competition and got the weight reducing medicine! After we get back to academy Rokomoko sensei will give me Silva’s address! And it seems the headmaster is preparing the stage for my return! And I feel like I became closer to everyone!

The age of the dark piggy has end! It’s was really fun! Hyahooo!

[I really had fun there. Buhi]

On the way back to the boy’s dorm in the academy, I unconsciously speak my mind out loud.

And Vision who walks in front of me suddenly turns to look at me. Ng? What is it?

[Slow-sama! Just now, you just say it don’t you!?]

[Ha? There is no way I was mimicking a pig like that]

Geez, what did you just said to me Mr. I don’t have money.

But, I truly had fun there! Buhii!

Well then, next is talking with the headmaster!

[…I have no shape nor mind nor presents. Heed my call, Great spirit of Darkness, and connect me with your great curse! Change!]

At the same time that those guys happily got back to the academy, there is a single carriage inside Yolem city. From the inside, a woman comes down while removing her hat. Some onlookers appears to whisper. Is that guy the driver? Why did such an old customer came now? Doubting stares come out, but they soon conclude its a misunderstanding.

The woman just inclined her head a bit and that man hurriedly come to her side and assist her to walk out from the carriage.


Then, the woman and the driver were surprised.

The secret dark shop that only a few people know and that was always quiet. That item shop that was disguised perfectly so nobody could find it easily, was now crowded with spectators.

From the people talking around they understood that the shop’s owner already got caught.


The woman is thinking why and how that store got found that easily.

But they’ve got no other business here now because they know the shop is no more. Just before the woman in the carriage went back to where she belongs, she saw them… From inside the crowd there were two conspicuous persons, a red headed boy and a princess who try her best tiptoeing just to peek at the condition of the destroyed shop.

[I can see it, I know, I know. This is the hammer of justice, the judgment! But it’s vexing… truly vexing! I don’t know what happened here at all! Eh, the crystal tells me that the piggy duke is connected to this…!? Eh, seriously!?]

[Slow pig!? Are you sure!?]

Actually the shop is not directly connected to the woman’s current task. But as someone who lives as a mercenary, among the merchandises that this shop provided there was a really rare material that made their life easier.

She can almost see the end of her job after all this long time of doing it. But she suddenly heard that famous red haired student talking about something she can’t believe… That piggy duke was involved in the destruction of this shop?

But this woman has also already heard the rumors about how the piggy duke is trying to change himself. Of course she also knows about him being a prodigy in magic too.

They can’t do any investigation now. And with this their job has concluded.

But the woman can’t hide her irritated face now. It’s about time for that uncle’s secret to be exposed, and she should be helping him on his escape about right now.

[…That piggy just increased my workload huh]

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