Because I've Been Reincarnated as the Piggy Duke, This Time I Will Say I Like You

Chapter 1 - The pig me, I am a pig duke aren’t I?
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Chapter 1: The pig me, I am a pig duke aren’t I?

When I open my eyes, all of my previous life memories came back to me. I get up from the bed in a rush and look at myself in the mirror.

[Wow, I’m so fat]

Grey ash hair and a big body that shows its prosperity, no it’s a pig body. But I know this face from my life before. He is a character that is hated because of his face in an adult anime called “Girl and Shuya”.

‘Girl and Shuya’ is an anime about a boy from a baron household which is holding a talent for fire magic and is entering the school. In there he made a good relationship with the girls and is not just helping them to solve their problems, he’s also giving them solutions about foreign affairs.

And the person who will be loathed by him is me.

The third son of the Duke’s Household the pig duke, Slow-Dening.

Someone who looked down on people, always bragging his family name, a fatty, having characteristics the same as an orc, and finally the man who will be banished from the country.

It is the tragic future that awaits the pig duke.

[As I thought, so fat]

And his misfortune doesn’t just end there, his attendant for whom he secretly has a crush will become one of the protagonist’s harem. The pitiful pig misfortune doesn’t end like that, his parent even told him they don’t have any connection to him and he was just a boy they picked up from the bridge.

[Man, this is just like a real orc isn’t it]

While thinking those thing, a knock sounded from the door.

[Slow-sama have you woken up? The breakfast has been prepared]

The attendant, Charlote.

As a student of the Kurushu Magic Academy I should have joined with the other students for breakfast in the dining hall, but because I am abusing my family’s name I could have a luxurious breakfast in my own room.

[I am awake. Enter now Charlote]

A beautiful silver hair hanging and flowing in to the shoulder.

A majestic feeling of a snow goddess overflowed from Charlote exceeding that of an attendant.

But it is that isn’t it.

I know all about Charlote’s secret, the truth is that she is a princess of a ruined foreign country.

[I will prepare it for a bit, please wait for a moment]

Yeah, this Charlote is the one who will be stolen by the protagonist.

But, there are some people who watch the anime show think that the pig duke wanted to tie the knot with Charlote.

And eventually I am one of those people too.


After Charlote was picked up by the Dening household, she has been together with the pig duke since he was 6 years old.

Charlote was helped by the pig duke when she was sold as a slave in the forest of one of the Dening Household territory.

Since Charlote was a child she held favor for the pig duke, but as the war with the empire went on in the border they slowly got separated.

And after that winter, second year of the magic school.

The anime scene shown that for the sake of helping the protagonist from a great danger, Charlote became one of the harem member.

Even the pig duke realized that Charlote was attracted to the protagonist, but it didn’t matter how hard he tried, it was too late.

All the things he tried to build had come to nothing, and he became a laughing stock.

The worst character piggy duke, became the number one in the popularity ranking in anime “Girl and Shuya”.

There are three reason why it became like that.

The first one is that the protagonist simply is not popular.

Like hell you deserve a harem!! That kind of jealousy is also there.

It can’t be helped, all the girls in the “Girl and Shuya” are so cute after all.

[Slow-sama the preparation for breakfast is ready. The soup is still hot, please let it cool first]

The second one is because the misfortune the piggy duke had.

The setting was that piggy duke knew Charlote was a princess of a downfallen kingdom.

And the piggy duke was fighting to protect Charlote from assassins of the empire and other countries, which aimed for her all day and night.

But that achievement was not come to light, the good parts were all taken by the protagonist in the anime.

On top of that, the love that piggy duke held for Charlote never came to light till the end.

In his last year the hated piggy duke, while he was bound as a magic slave, in his last breath he was calling Charlote name.

And that tragic end is really well received by the viewers.

And there is another reason why the piggy duke is taking first place.

[…Charlote. Thank you for everything buhi]


Hearing my word Charlote is honestly surprised.

So surprised she dropped the teapot she was holding, and made a really loud voice when it dropped.

[Fo-forgive me, Slow-sama]

[No, don’t mind it]

I saw the surprised Charlote gathering all the broken pieces in haste.

The broken pieces as if announcing its own magnificence float above the red carpet beautifully.

It’s not told in the anime but—–

[The wind mischief quietly begin (winder dance)]

—–The piggy duke written in the history, was extremely loved by the wind spirit.

The season is hot summer.


The piggy duke, no, I am 16 years old.

It has been a year since I entered the Kurushu Magic Academy, my bad reputation in school is known not only around the school premise but to the other countries too.

But that kind of thing I won’t mind it.

[Charlote, it’s kinda late but… good morning]

My attendant, Charlote.

No, the princess of a downfallen kingdom Charlote Lili Hughjack.

[Go-good morning, Slow-sama]

I am looking to your eyes that are peeking while you lower your head.

In the anime it couldn’t be fulfilled .

But I will become a man that is appropriate for you, I vowed that in my heart.

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