Because I Was Excluded Out of the Class Transfer, I Decided to Steal My Classmate's Lover

Chapter 8: The melancholy of Inugami Kanami
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Chapter 8: The melancholy of Inugami Kanami

「…My underwear’s missing」

Inugami Kanami turns over the contents of her drawer inside the allocated girl’s room.

She’s wearing a sailor uniform on her upper body but she’s not wearing on the lower part.

Stimulating a fetish wonderfully, Kanami knocks out the empty drawer while sticking out her butt.

「…No way」

The skill given to Kanami is Infinite CuttingOverkill Critical a real sword skill.

Hence, her combat training time mainly focuses on getting agile movements and taking away worldly thoughts.

For that reason, Kanami had many opportunities to wear the underwear she wore at the time of the transfer normally.

As expected, it’s not hygienic to wear it on a daily basis, recently the fabric’s lackingーshe’s wearing mostly a silky feeling underwear.

By the way, she asked the Knight from the royal palaceーof course it’s a womanーand bought on the stalls in the town.

Therefore, rubber doesn’t pass and it was adjusted with a string.

What disappeared this time is not an underwear bought from this world.

It’s the one Kanami wore from when they moved to this world.

「Someone took it?」

A closed spaceーespecially no holidays nor entertainment, daily abstinence.

Did someone from the boys sneak into the room and take it?

No wayー Kanami doesn’t want to admit the fact.

It’s too embarrassing to steal a classmates’ underwear, especially only panties.

Furthermore, on that day, she came with a less cute underwear.

Furthermore, it’s not a set.

She’s wearing black on top but the panties that disappeared is white.

Furthermore, it’s childish.

「Of all things, why me?」

Even if it’s a girl’s room, each of the students were given a room temporarily.

It’s a small room but it’s important that you can be alone even at night.

Their privacy is protected as there are no surveillance cameras.

ーThat’s what she thought until now but.

「If they knew it was mine and took it…」

I don’t want to think about it too much but, you can’t think of any use but only that.

Someone’s using Kanami’s underwear for such a thing.

「But, It might not be only me. Perhaps, other girls might be suffering similar damage」

As a disciplinary committee member, she can’t overlook this.

Kanami posses a strong mentality to endure such things.

But, the other girls…especially those unfamiliar with this life, the stress and fatigue might accumulate in this situation.

If they discover that their underwear was stolen, they could be in shock.

Kanami kicked the door and jumped out of the roomーhowever, she remembered that she’s not wearing anything below so she hurried back to the room.

Dangerous. Someone almost saw the very important place as a girl.


Kanami walks on the corridor quickly while resenting the unknown pervert.

Even Kanami knows that humans have the time where their lust expode.

That said, it’s absurd to use underwear of other sex as a toll to process one’s lust.

I’ll find out the criminal and hang him up.

Is what she thought.

「ーAh, ah, ah, Err, I-Inugami-san!」

Called out stale, Kanami’s will turned to the limp sound.

There’s no female swordsman filled with tension, what’s there is only a brave ponytail girlーInugami Kanami on her usual look.

Turning around to the voice she heard, there’s a short boy staring at Kanami.

Her line of sight shifted a bit.

The boy’s glance goes through Kanami then turns to the corridor in the back.

He must be a shy boy.

「What? I’m in a hurry」

「S-Sorry! B-But, there’s something I have to say by all means」

While saying, the boy put his hand on his pocket then handed a white chunk to Kanami.

A familiar shapeーand a nostalgic feeling.

When she spread it out, it was the not-cute underwear Kanami has been looking up to.

Why is this with him? A big question mark appears above Kanami’s head.

Looking at it, there’s white dirt on the edge of the underwear.

This was after using it? It’s too late to notice.

「Why do you have this?」

「When I opened up my drawer to change clothes a while ago, it was inside. I don’t know who owns this but I think it’s from the girls… But, if they discover that this came out of my room, I thought I would be treated a pervert」

「Thus, you went for me?」

「I thought that if it was Inugami-san, she’d listen calmly」

「Hmm, Got it. You didn’t take this from the girl’s room?」

Kanami glared at him then the boy corrected his posture.

He’s frightened, I don’t think he’ll lie.

For the time being, Kanami believed the boy’s story.

「Okay, got it. I’ll take this and return it to the owner since this is important」

「T-Thank you very much!」

The school boy bowed his head then ran through the corridor in short steps.

After seeing him off, Kanami glares at the underwear again.

It definitely belonged to Kanami.

What’s different is something like a doubtful liquid on the mouth and the important part.

If that schoolboy is the culprit, why would he purposelyーbring it to Kanami who’s the other party concerned.

I want to believe his story.

「If I recall, he’s always with Glasses…」

Suddenly, the content of the fight of Glasses and Niigaki comes to her mind.

I think it doesn’t matter but it’s strangely worrying.

I should be careful of similar things happening in the future.

Leaking out a snort, Kanami headed to the bathing area with her underwear.

Even if it’s stained with dirty liquid, it’s the only underwear she brought from the original world.

She can’t throw it away.


「…No but, it’s a very wonderful experience. Isn’t it?」

Niigaki Takeo rolls down the bed showing a dirty satisfied smile.

Ahead his glance is the sight of Torao Shigenobu sitting on a chair somewhere with his waist open.

He’s burned out…that’s what you can say in the spectacle.

「Don’t mind it. Nobody would think that you did it. This incident’s end would be all taken up by that disgusting otaku」

Torao Shigenobu is at his wit’s end about escape from what Niigaki said from his mouth.

Why did it come to this/


Misuzu suddenly changed.

Nekoyama Misuzu who’s gentle to everyone.

Several days ago, she stopped giving the schoolboys a smile.

At first, it’s thought that it was due to stress and fatigue.

Seeing her chatting with girls normally, Shigenobu somehow understood that she’s doing something unimaginably mysterious.

Misuzu has a new man.

Furthermore, Misuzu’s depending and rolling on the palm of someone not Shigenobu.

That Misuzu’s dyed in the color of another man.

Misuzu who’s a soft and pure like a white sheet, is no longer there.

Shigenobu hates non-virgins

He thinks that girls who have a broken hole has no value.

Misuzu in his mindーthe class president who’s the idol of the whole class.

The prof was torn down by someone who’s unknown in appearance.,

Shigenobu who lost his confidence is completely under Niigaki’s control from several days ago.

『Torao, go to the girl’s room and take Inugami’s panty』

Niigaki orders Shigenobu as if asking him to buy yakisoba bread.

He can’t do anything but follow.

But, Shigenobu who has a hole in his heart can’t refuse Niigaki’s command.

He went to the girl’s room in a hazy state then stole Inugami Kanami’s panty without doubt then brought it to Niigaki.

It’s locked but it’s not as sturdy as the one used in modern Japan.

Thanks to becoming partial tiger, it’s easy to break the lock with his nails.

He noticed that he committed a crime of trespassing when he’s looking at Niigaki in front of him.

「But still, Inugami’s panty is surprisingly boring. I was imagining that it’s a black or purple underwear, a bit more stimulating」

「Are we really safe…?」

「Don’t worry. If ever someone doubted you, I would be proving your alibi. Of course, if I get suspected, you’d be testifying for me, right? Mutual respect is necessary for humans」

Shigenobu stares at Niigaki thinking that it’s a big deal.

When it comes to physical attacks and some degree of magical attacks, he owns a number of reflexive skill.

However, if that skill is abused, it can scorn and humiliate someone.

When there was a small trouble with the otaku group the other day, it was used as a self-defense in the end

An honor student who received a serious fighting training.

「But why is Niigaki not going out with Inugami?」


「I’m dating Misuzu more or less? Shouldn’t Niigaki want to do a lot with Inugami」

Niigaki shows a dirty smile when Shigenobu asked.

「Well yeah, of course I want to fuck her. I want to watch Inugami’s dignified look change to a lewd female bitch color」


「For that sake, I have to make Inugami fall for me first. If it’s just confession, won’t I end up like you who got Misuzu stolen before you could even hold hands?」

It’s a caustic word but Niigaki knows what he’s thinking.

Even if a boy confesses and they started dating, women is a lump of mystery so they won’t easily give you her body.

It’s all the more on a discipline girl like Inugami Kanami.

But, on the contrary.

If the girl confessed and they began dating, could the boy coldly refuse the girl’s temptation.

No way he could refuse.

Even Shigenobu, if Misuzu tempted him then he would happily jump.

Even if you say it now, it’s too late.

「But, aren’t you just making a pretense because you don’t have courage?」

Was it a bull’s eye? Niigaki fell silent then turned around.

I suppose I’ll support with my poor ability.

Inugami Kanamiーshe’s a girl far from Shigenobu’s preference.

Rather, Niigaki and Kanami sticks together, Niigaki’s chance of seducing girls might come.

Shigenobu’s got an indirect advantage when the two date.

I’ll just actively support.


But, Torao’s thoughts were fruitless.

Niigaki Takeo’s thought of reaching Inugami Kanami, won’t happen.

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