Because I Was Excluded Out of the Class Transfer, I Decided to Steal My Classmate's Lover

Chapter 5: Nekoyama Misuzu 2
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Chapter 5: Nekoyama Misuzu 2

「…This is a bit, even I am slightly embarrassed with this nyaa」

Her sailor uniform is rolled over to her neck and the light blue underwear is in the area.

There’s a transparent liquid sticks to the dark blue skirt clinging on her uniform.

Her shoes are taken off, her socksーー, the high schoolgirl-ish black kneesocks is still worn.

The spectacle of her in uniform without her panties is something erotic.

Ran clapped his hand in front of the spreading Eden in front of him while wiping the overflowing transparent liquid with Misuzu’s underwear.

「My crotch is so breezy that I feel strange nyaa.」

「But Nekoyama-san feels good from it don’t you?」

Blushing, Nekoyama Misuzu nodded bashfully.

Of course she won’t do this with just anyone.

The act of being forced to such an appearance by the guy she likes, Misuzu’s being swallowed by the whirlpool of expectation and arousal.

「But Nekoyama-san’s really lewd. You’re even shaving off your crotch」

It’s an excellent shaving that it can almost be called no hair.

The unused crack is colored glossy pink.

And she’s feeling arousal in this kind of situation? Sweet nectar is overflowing like waterfall since a while ago.

「N-No~! I didn’t shave it!…I-It’s just that it’s not growing yet!」


Her face has a loli feel in it and her breast is moderate.

Not satisfied with just that, Misuzu developed in such a way.

I brought my face close and looked closely.

Certainly, there’s no cut, and there’s no black dots left behind from shaving.

I touched it with my finger, then it had a smooth feeling transmitted.

「……. n, ya. Your breath is」

Misuzu shook and the sweet nectar dripping made a sound.

It’s her first time and yet her hole is very wet.

While staring at the woman’s place that’s moving as if waiting for something, the penis discharged transparent liquid.

The arousal doesn’t stop because of the magic that was added just a while ago.

I can ejaculate tens of times with this.

「If it’s this wet then…」

Misuzu is so wet that you won’t think it’s her first time.

「…What is it, when I’m being seen by Ran-kun, I think… It doesn’t stop」

Is this also the ability of underling training?

Misuzu doesn’t seem to feel pain and only gets wet, that would be convenient for Ran because it would be painful if it goes in.

「Then, Nekoyama-san.. Relax」

Caressing her thighs, my fingers opened Misuzu.

Because it’s Ran’s first time, the sequence is unclear.

Pushing in the waist, the penis that’s sending transparent liquid continuously has been pushed in to Misuzu’s vagina slowly.


「AH, ha…Seriously? This is too good」

Misuzu’s face wraps in pain showing proof that it’s her first time.

But when she looked ahead, she saw Ran feeling comfortable.

It’s scary and a bit painful but, she’s making her beloved man feel good.

Misuzu’s body is feeling Ran’s happiness right now.

Ran’s happiness is Misuzu’s happiness.

「Shit… I-I’m melting」

「…. Ran-kun, just a bit more… Push in a bit deeper. Funyaaa!?」

Just as Misuzu said, Ran’s penis penetrated deeper inside her stomach.

It’s strangely hot and there’s a sense of something stirring up. Ran’s waist instinctively clawed.

Ran heard her cry but Misuzu has already lost her reason.

She kept calling the name of her dear person without caring if someone might hear.

To answer it, Ran spins love with Misuzu.


「ーーRan-kun! Ran-kunRan-kunRan-kunRan-kunRan-kunRan-kuuuun!」

Misuzu bends her legs and clings to Ran’s waist as if not letting it go.

Feeling dizzy from the first experience, she’s opening her mouth lewdly and saliva drips from the ends of it.

The colored bump on top of the modest hill is erect since a while ago.

Ran would touch it if he can but he’s too engrossed in swinging his waist that he doesn’t notice it.

「Ran, kuun~… I want you to hug me nyaaa!」

Unable to endure it, Misuzu raised her body and hugged Ran.

Ran’s chest pressed against the pained bump.

Misuzu smoothed Ran’s cheeks then overlapped his lips with her own.

The sticky tongue twined with each other then the lovely voice was sealed off.

After that, Ran released Musuzu’s lip.

「S-shit! I-I’m at my limit already!」

Misuzu’s movement constricts, push in, and presses the penis hard.

There’s a limit on being shameless.

This girl is aiming at Ran’s preference too much.

She looks cute and her girlish high canine takes your attention.

The attractive smile looks like a small gentle animal and the adult bob cut black hair.

Though she’s slim, it doesn’t mean that she has no womanly charm, it’s a slim and delicate body.

The ideal beautiful girl I fell in love madly since the first time I talked to her.

「Misuzu, I can’t endure it already!」

The pure white stream gushes out and the temperature of the penis rises remarkably.

The cloudy liquid was sent out to the constricting root and everything was let out inside Misuzu’s vagina.

「…Nn. Ah, Ah, I-It’s hot!」

Misuzu’s clamping strengthened and her body jumps for a moment.

The body becomes sensitive because of the Underling training and Ran’s penis was harder because of the reinforced recovery

An absolute pleasure that never happened before runs at Misuzu’s back and she lost consciousness for a moment.

「Funyu, funyuuuuu…… Funyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan~!?」

The penis that was forcibly made erect with the reinforced recovery pours in a very thick cloudy liquid inside Misuzu’s womb

Misuzu wasn’t able to endure anymore so her body twists and convulsed, trying to pull up Ran’s penis.

「I-I’m…at my limit nya」

Misuzu who reached climax from her first sexual experience stretched her limbs and began to fix her rough breathing.


「Ehehe…Ran-kun. I’m the happiest person in the world right now」

A short while after the act. Misuzu snuggles and began licking Ran’s cheek.

Immediately after Misuzu reached climax, Ran felt 『Underling Level has been raised』 inside him.

First is action, stealing the body.

With Ran was able to steal her heart by doing a French Kiss.

And lastlyーー Reaching climax at the same time apparently made Misuzu completely fallen somehow.

Misuzu’s been looking at Ran with charmed eyes since a while ago.

It’s the first time seeing a woman who’s treating everyone as equal pouring her sense of love on someone so much.

When her head and back is stroked, she snuggles and looks really happy.

If her waist is being caressed, she tries to throw down a glaring eye.

Nekoyama Misuzu has completely fallen.

「Misuzu, you love me, don’t you?」

「N, Nn! I do, I love you!」

The invisible tail swings around as she embrace hard.

Ran’s the happiest person in the world as the class’s most beautiful and popular girl is in love with him.

「Can you promise not to do anything I hate?」

「I-I can! I will never do anything Ran hates」

Nekoyama Misuzu is an idol that’s the mood maker of the class.

Even if she’s Ran’s girlfriend, she will spread a smile on other schoolboys because of her character.

That’s troubling.

The 『Former』 class Idol, Nekoyama Misuzu, is now Ran’s 『Property』

Having one’s own possession showing affection on other guys isn’t something comfortable.

「Then, I have something to ask Misuzu. From now on the other schoolboyーーNo, can you not behave familiar and be sociable with anything that’s biologically a man?」

「…Does that mean, anyone other than Ran-kun?」

It’s great that you understand, Ran nodded.

「Can you?」

「It would be a trouble if I show any interest on any man other than Ran-kun!」

「That’s great. But it’s okay to get along with women. I don’t want Misuzu to be isolated from the class for no reason after all」

It must be hard if she won’t get along with the girls in the class.

Ran doesn’t want to bind Misuzu that much that it would become stressful for her.

「It feels quite exciting to be ordered by the man you like nyaa.」

Is she really interested in M before? Misuzu doesn’t seem to be troubled with it in particular.

Rather, it seems that she’s expecting and is aroused from being tied up.

Misuzu really digs Ran’s taste accurately.

「Now then, it’s dangerous if you don’t go back. There’s a clean lake on the other side so let’s wash our bodies」

Holding Misuzu’s shoulder, Ran invited her on the bed Ageha taught him.

Having a bath after the passionate act makes hearts leap secretly.

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