Because I Was Excluded Out of the Class Transfer, I Decided to Steal My Classmate's Lover

EX-5 : Sayaka’s slimy sex
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EX-5 : Sayaka’s slimy sex

The moonlight illuminate the dark midnight palace. There’s one girl walking in the dark corridor, trying not to make footstep sounds.

Her backbone’s rounding, nervous as she walk wary of her surroundings, she creates a modest Japanese woman atmosphere.

‘This might become a habit.’ Touching her braided hair multiple times, stopping besides the window occasionally, fixing her glasses or swaying her forelock, she nods gladly.

From her behavior, her worry about her hair and gestures, expression of anticipation and delightーhappiness can be seen from her.

Walking cheerfully like a maiden in love, she reached a certain door, put her hand on her flat chest and breathed deeply.

「K-Kirishima. It’s meーSayaka」

Knocking the door twice, Sadogashima Sayaka arranged her bangs and uniform again.

Before long, the sound of the lock being undone, the face of the familiar boy shows from the gap of the door opened slightly.

Is it because it’s his room? He’s wearing training clothes of this world that’s like gym clothes

Since he’s usually wearing the stretched butler clothes, it’s fresh to see the shape of his arm and calf in full view.


「I’ve been waiting for you, Sayaka」

Pulling her in, Sayaka was taken in Ran’s room.

At the same time the door closes, Saya’s body is embraced in Ran’s chest.

Feeling the temperature of her beloved across her body, Saya’s stretched out her arm and caressed Ran’s nape.

After caressing the nape like she’s licking it, Sayaka stretches her hand to Ran’s back and gives him a sweet kiss.

Though she wants to take it deeper, Sayaka endured with just a normal kiss.

When Ran decided to believe Sayakaー

When the world has accepted Ran’s existence.

At that time, Sayaka has decided to try an adult kiss with Ran.

「Kirishima-kun, nn, I love you. I love Kirishima-kun more than anyone in this world」

The kisses done repeatedly and the feelings of the two gradually rise.

Even if they don’t, they’re high school male and female who are in their mature years to have reproductive instinct.

Embracing each other’s body in the middle of the night, their mind and body became ready.

「Kirishima-kun. Here, touch it」

Holding Ran’s hand, Sayaka rubs his fingertips in her thighs. Ran’s hand touching on top of her underwear is very hot, Sayaka leaks out a sweet voice.

Every time Ran caresses Sayaka’s slit, Sayaka’s breath changes amorously.

While spilling muffled heated sighs, Sayaka narrows her eyes filled with sadism over her glasses.

「How about Kirishima-kun?」


Putting her hand on his crotch, she caress Ran’s hot penis on top of his underwear.

The penis that’s already stiff inside his underwear, it twitches, reacting to Sayaka’s contact.

That reaction is too cute that Sayaka didn’t hesitate and put her hand inside Ran’s pants.

「…Fufu, it’s erect」

「I-It’s because Sayaka’s so cute…」

Touching it raw, Ran’s penis leaks out cowper fluid delightly.

Gently stroking the slimy tip, Sayaka careses Ran’s cheeks with her free hand.

「Don’t hold back and ejaculate a lot」

Showing a sadistic face, Sayaka grips Ran’s penis tight.

Feeling the twitching of his penis with her hand, Sayaka loosens her cheeks.

「S-Sayaka… Wait a moment」

「Hm, what’s wrong?」

Pushing her body away with a different expression from shame or embarrasment, Sayaka looks at Ran’s face lonely.

But, Ran pretended not to notice it, turned his back to Sayaka and begin to pull out something from the drawer.

「There’s no need to prepare contraceptives this late. If it’s Kirishima-kun, I don’t mind getting pregnant.」

「…N-No, it’s not that」

Kirishima’s reproductive instinct suddenly activates from that bomb of a statement.

Impregnating Sayakaーin short, taking her to his room on her dangerous day, it means she wants to be poured a lot inside her womb.

Though he’s a high school boy who’s not mature enough as a human, he’s no different from a man.

With the girl in front of him saying that she wants a child, he won’t be able to not think about it.

「Well, but it might be good to take Sayaka as my wife…」

「Fuoooo!? Somehow, Kirishima-kun today is so aggressive! S-Should we do it? If we pour in Kirishima-kun’s semen every day from now on I think we’ll be able to do it someday」

「That’s a nice invitation but let’s postpone that until everything settles down. I don’t know if we can go back to our world or we’ll live permanently in this world but, it’s not something we need an answer right away」

That was close…Ran sighs in his heart.

He certainly is attracted by Sayaka’s happy family talk but, if he chose one person in high spirits, Ran perhaps would be stabbed in the back.

Besides, Sayaka was the one who suggested it so his instinct towards her has risen. If another girl says the same thing, it’s likely that he’ll react the same way. If it’s Ran now, if Misuzu, Kanami, or Aya asks for a kid, he’d gladly work hard for it. He loves everyone equally, they also rise up his desire.

Thinking about it, Ran thought that he has fallen to the lowest category as a person.

「ーThen, what are you searching for?」

「On the SM playground before, I mean the basement training ground. The knights bought me a new one」

Saying that, he took out a transparent case from the drawer.

It looks like plastic but there’s no such thing in this world.

It’s mostly a material from a demon, they’re convinced it’s such

「What’s that…?」

Inside the case is a transparent sticky liquid.

Ran takes it out from the container, fills his fingertips and pull out a string

「Yellow butterfly, is a demon that collects honey, they take out the nutrition or the decaying ingredients. To put it simply, it’s something like a lotion」


Even a pure high school student have heard this word at least once.

Sayaka and Ran recognizes that it would feel cold and sticky, a slimy pleasant charming liquid would be painted in their genital and nipples.

At any rate, a regular high school student won’t know how to obtain it, and it seems that only few people use it because of the trouble of cleanup.

「It’ll be troublesome if it sticks to our clothes so let’s take it off」


Making her heart throb from the enchanting liquid, Sayaka takes off her uniform cheerfully.

‘I see, that’s why Ran’s not wearing his butler clothes tonight’

‘He was thinking of doing this slimy act since the start’

「Should I take off my underwear?」

「Let’s see, it’ll be troublesome if it sticks on the floor later so let’s do it on top of this」

Ran spread out the monster fur on the floor wondering how far he should prepare.

By the way, this is the fur of the monster that’s said to be the yellow butterfly’s enemy, if honey and mucus falls to it, it’s washed off right away.

When he asked the nights for the lotion, this was also handed to him for convenience’s sake.

What an attentive knight. It’s eerie to think that they understand what’s the use for this lotion.

‘While Ran’s preparing the liquid, Sayaka turned stark naked, she then walk on the fur restlessly.

‘If Ran used that thing when she felt so much normally, how much would he pant cutely?’

‘Just thinking about it makes me feel thrilled’

Imagining Ran cutely screaming, Sayaka caress her flat chest and winks lewdly towards Ran.

「Come, Kirishima-kun I’ll make you feel good, come here?」

Stroking her smooth limbs to invite him, Sayaka twists her waist coquettishly.

Looking at Sayaka’s sexy pose, Ran swallowed his saliva in expectations.

Who said that women’s charm is only boobs? This magnificent flat chest feels like it has forgotten to grow, then Sayaka caressing her splendid waist is truly sensual.

Even without curves that makes her uneven, her supple and smooth bare skin alone would stir up boy’s curiosity.

「Hm, what’s wrong Kirishima-kun? Your penis is twitching」

「Sakaya…that feels great」

Rather, because it’s flat, the licking gesture creates a sensual atmosphere.

It’s absolutely not childish. Her moist slit is filled with a black wheat field, and you can see signs of growth on the back side of her young upper body.

At first glance her unbalanced body matches with Sayaka’s narrow body, you can’t take your eyes away from it.

I’d like to be driven by the urge to bang her instinctively butーthat’s for later


「Sayaka, come here」

「Okay, Kirishima-kun. You don’t have to hold back」

Speaking words that blow his reason away, Sayaka stands in front of Ran.

Then she turned her gaze to Ran’s penis that’s about to explode any moment, Sayaka turned her arms to Ran’s butt and made it snug to her slit.

「Au, oh… Fuauu…」

Pushing the wet pussy to his penis, Ran’s face flushed in pleasure.

「Want to put it in? I’d like Kirishima-kun’s genes to be poured inside my stomach」

Pushing their important parts to each other, Sayaka caresses Ran’s ass lewdly, as if she’s inviting him.

His waist instinctively raised up from the pleasure of her stroking his butt with her fingertips.


「Rather than that, let’s do something better first」

Ran removed the lid of the case, and spill the lotion on his palm slowly and thinly.

Sayaka who thought that it would be passed on herself was confused by the unexpected action.

Sayaka looks at him with eyes blinking in surprise, Ran’s hand wet with lotion is pressed against Sayaka’s modest chest.

She raised a small scream from that sensation, Sayaka was unable to escape from this act.

Ran’s hand is filled with slimy liquid, he start to knead Sayaka’s breasts while breathing roughly with his nose.

「…No, there. Nn, Naah, Ya…no, what’s this」

Sayaka’s body twitch to the feeling that sticks to her bare skin.

Sayaka begins to leak sweet screams from her mouth as the pleasant electric feeling flows through her waist.

Even though it’s flat, Sayaka’s breasts are still a woman’s breast. They’ll feel it when the boy they like touch it, they won’t be able to keep their calm if their nipples were kneaded by fingertips.

Furthermore, this caress is different from a normal contact. Ran’s hand, Ran’s fingertips are painted with slimy and chilly lotion. Each of the fingertips of her beloved is licking up her sensitive nipples.

「…Sayaka’s nipples are standing」

Sayaka’s nipples stood up prettily in Ran’s hand.

In the middle of her smooth and fluffy breasts, the feeling of her standing nipples are mixed in.

The hand wet with lotion strokes Sayaka’s breasts slimily. The glossy fat chest has a but sticking out obscenely.

Playing with the bud intensely with his fingertips, Ran sweetly bites Sayaka’s earlobe.

「Hyaa…! K-Kirishima-kuun…! If you massage it like that, I…」

Sayaka who’s shivering from the pleasure is embraced in Ran’s chest. While embracing, he didn’t forget to massage the back and waist of Sayaka with his magical lotion.

Pushing the hot penis against Sayaka’s crotch, Ran crawls his tongue in Sayaka’s ears.

「…Sayaka, you’re so cute. I’ll make Sayaka feel really good tonight」

「That’s… It’s unfair to use lotion…」

‘This is definitely sly but,’

Ran feels bored that Sayaka’s always making him cum one-sidedly, he feels slightly miserable as a boy.

That said, it’s difficult to make Sayaka who rides on top of him having sadistic tendencies.

During the first time he had sex with Sayaka, it seems that her body isn’t something that doesn’t cum.

「Sayaka’s pussy…it’s tightening so much so I’ll cum immediately from pleasure」

「Nnn, nyaaa! T-That’s normalーisn’t that a pleasing thing for men?」

Talking about exceptional compatibility with your beloved, is something that’s pleasing more than anything for a boy.

However, constantly getting a level of satisfaction, they’ll be dissatisfied with the current situation and seek for a new stimulus and further pleasure.

It’s no doubt that ejaculating inside Sayaka’s vagina is pleasing but.

‘Sometimes, I’d like Sayaka to moan too’

「I’d lie to see Sayaka’s cumming face 」

「I decided to never say this to my beloved Kirishima-kun but sorry…let me say it at least once. …Kirishima-kun no Hentai!」

Narrowing her eyes through the glasses, Sayaka shows up a self-assured face.

An ordinary taunt coming from the mouth of his beloved girl. Normally, it’s a word that hurts when a girl says that, but.

Being cursed with Sayaka’s voice like that, it’ll flare him up.

Being aroused by women’s curses, who turned this body this shameless?

Sayaka herself is the onw who planted the M, to Ran who likes to dominate girls basically.

Caressing her smooth skin, enjoying the roundness from the shoulder to her upper arm from the bottom of his heart.

Though it’s a slim body , Sayaka’s also a beauty of a high school student. She has both meat and fat to some extent, her waist and ass have a woman’s part in it, it’s growing softly and properly.

Breathing roughly while feeling the skin that’s sticking to him, Ran rolls his tongue on Sayaka’s shoulder.

The throat that’s different from the curved texture of a man rings, Ran tastes her upper arms with his tongue.

「Nn, nnuuuu! W-Why are you licking there?!」

「Sorry, I overdid it I guess」

「If you’re going to lick it then instead of my shoulder or arms, there…」

Averting her eyes in embarrassment, Sayaka herself puts her hand on her breasts.

It’s a poor flat chest but it’s definitely a woman’s breast. If you pull it up, there would be a bulge empasized.

「I’d be happier if you do it here, or rather」

「Sayaka, you’re actually quite eager aren’t you?」

「…Hmm, I might be a bit aroused」

Sayaka’s a sadist but, it’s not like she has the desire to see males suffer.

If anything, she’s someone who has her heart throb watching boy who work hard desperately without being disheartened, and happily smiling when he achieved his objective.

Perhaps, maternal instinct is also mixed in it.

Looking at the boy who wishes to be praised wagging his tail, she wants to embrace it in her chest.

With that said.

Ran who’s desperately making an effort to make Sayaka cum makes her heart throb.

「As a reward for Kirishima-kun who does his bestーif I say that you’ll get angry right?」

「There’s no way I’d get angry to a girl who does lewd things」

Kneading the breasts slimy with lotion with his fingertips, Ran brought his face close to Sayaka’s chest.

As he blows breath to the but with pale color, he get off his face and smiled.

「Sayaka… It’s gotten amazing down there」

Sayaka’s intense honey pot, is leaking down love nectar.

If he continue to tease her this way, this is just pitiful for Sayaka.

Sounding his throat on her swelling nipples, Ran puts Sayaka’s breasts in his mouth.

His nosed blessed with the soft touch and sweet smell, the scent of the thick sweet makes him almost nosebleed.

Feeling the breasts filling his mouth, his tongue roll around her hardened nipples. Ran sucked up Sayaka’s nipples while turning his eyes on two different feelings.

「ーuuuuu! Ah, aaaaaah…aaaaahn!」

Leaking out a sweet voice, Sayaka’s whole body convulses.

Holding Sayaka’s body firmly that her waist is likely to crush, he enjoys the smooth taste of her breasts.

The lotion soaked in earlier enters his mouth but it’s guaranteed safe so there’s no problem.

「Hyaaaaan! I-I…N-No moreeee…!」

Looking up at Sayaka who raises a sweet voice while holding her mouth with the back of her hand, Ran took his mouth away from her breasts.

Because he’s attacking only her nipple, Sayaka’s crotch is twitching lonely.

It’s good to have Sayaka reach climax by only playing with her breasts but it will only become a mere self-satisfaction for Ran.

‘Today, I decided to make Sayaka feel good even with the help of some tools’

‘It’s about time I play with this’

「Sayaka, relax. You can lie down」

Sayaka shows an enchanted yet teary expression, she lies down on the lotion coated fur.

Only her head isn’t put down on the fur so the lotion won’t stick, Ran covers on top of Sayaka.

Spreading her crotch slowly while caressing it, Ran’s breath is taken away by the spectacle in front of him.

「Haa, haauuu… …What’s wrong, Kirishima-kun」

「Sayaka’s look right now is insanely lewd…」

Drunk in pleasure, a drooling expression shows that she’s in heat The delicate line from her shoulder to her arm is moist with Ran’s saliva.

The gentle chest and the standing nipple’s surroundings are wet with the lotion and Ran’s caress, it’s shining from the moonlight.

Then Ran opens Sayaka’s slit, wet with love nectar from expectations and arousal, it’s very sensual.

The love nectar to her thighs, and the lotion lit by the moonlight.

Ran’s arousal further accelerates to that spectacle he’s not used to seeing.

He’s done Aya, his classmate a lot and filled her with white liquid but it seems that Sayaka’s not painted in semen yet.

Of course, that’s because Ran’s semen isn’t enough. It’s mostly because Sayaka’s not been completely corrupted as a slave.

In fact, it’s hard to say that a stage one retainer is an obedient slave.

There’s still ego left in Sayaka, and she doesn’t think of Ran’s will as hers.

Although there’s lust included, if he tries an obviously perverted play, it’s possible she’ll resist.

Therefore, Ran has never smeared semen on Sayaka’s face or body.

Ran knows that Sayaka likes the pure ran so she doesn’t want that act from the bottom of her heart.

「Sayaka… I’m putting it in?」


Pushing the penis to her secret place, pushing it down.

Distorting for an instant, her face quickly changed to one that’s melting in pleasure at the moment it swallowed Ran’s penis.

「Ah…it feels, feels really good!」

The penis caught inside Sayaka’s vagina hole is tightening hard.

It seems that it’s sucking up the semen from his testicles in a lewd way never done before.

He embrace over Sayaka and kisses her lightly panting mouth. Caressing Sayaka’s nipple, he kisses her mouth and shakes his waist.

「Hyauuuuu!! Doing it at the same time, whaat!」

Sayaka’s lewdly melting face is illuminated by the moonlight. Her puffy upright wet nipples. A slender but glossy tailored curvesーall of the visual information pushes Ran’s arousal.

Her cute face, beautiful breasts, obscene waistーall of them are lovely.

‘I want Sayaka’

‘I want all of Sayaka’

‘Sadogashima Sayaka, I want to make her mine’

「Saya…I’m at my limit…」

「L-Limit…? Ah, ah, hyaaaaaan! If you move that intenselyーAh, fu, fuyaaaan!」

At the moment she was ready to reach climax, Sayaka’s mouth released a lovely shriek

Her delicate body convulses, Sayaka collapses as if she lost something.

Facing Ran with tears on her eyes, her drool is leaking from her mouth powerlessly.

「What was that just now… That…was amazing…」

Sayaka stares at Ran with melting eyes.

Ran’s arousal rise up at an extraordinary speed from that dreamy look.

He was able to see Sayaka’s face at the moment she climaxes.

It doesn’t seem as painful as he thought. Leaking out a rough sigh, he licks up her pink nipples.

Staring at Sayaka’s face happily exhausted, Ran entrusted his body to the rising pleasure.

The long forelocks sticks to her sweaty forehead, tears due to pleasure float on her tears over her glasses.

Burning the indecent appearance of his beloved in his memory, Ran pours in his semen inside her vagina.

「Fuaa, fuaaaa, hyaaaaーahn!」

Ran’s semen is poured into the pussy that just came a while ago

Sayaka’s twitching slit is swallowing Ran’s white liquid tastily.

Before long, he’s able to let it all out and both of them leak out a sigh of happiness.

「You let out a lot tonight as well…」

「Yeah, I ejaculated a lot inside Sayaka’s vagina.」

Exchanging glances while breathing roughly, both of them leak out a happy smile.

Sayaka and Ran who both reached climax, they were thinking the same thing as they stare at each other.

ーIf we make one as is, that might be happy in itself.

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