Because I Was Excluded Out of the Class Transfer, I Decided to Steal My Classmate's Lover

Chapter 30 Mikoshiba Aya 3
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Chapter 30 Mikoshiba Aya 3

‘I want to pour in white liquid on Aya’s healthy tanned skin’

The slut (rumored) Mikoshiba Aya had her virginity taken by Ran, the next thing he wants is to visually monopolize her.

For exampleーnot only feeling good from a girl’s devoted fellatio but also dominating inside the girl’s mouth.

In the same way, Ran wants to paint Aya’s whole body with his semen.

Normally, it’s just a fantasy, an impossible task to have the amount of semen in his testicles that’s proportional to his libido.

Though he’s a healthy high school boy, he can’t ejaculate infinitely as much as his desire can continue.

But he doesn’t need to worry about that tonight.

A physical type bestowal magic that almost has the same level as Misuzu’s enhanced recoveryーAya is able to use it endlessly thanks to her skill, infinite mana.

What does that mean? It’s simple. With that magic, Ran would be able to infinitely cum semen until his libido is exhausted.

He would be able to decorate the whole body of the girl with his own cloudy liquid.

「Ah…u, Aya’s lips is so softー」

「Fumu, geez… I told you not to press it so much」

Ran pushes his penis towards Aya’s plump mouth.

The tip of his penis changes the shape of her soft lipsーit’s very lewd.

What lewdness is with Aya’s appearance as she serve his penis with her lips as she hold the base. Gazing feverishly at Ran’s face, Aya gently caressed the root with her hands, wrapping the penis with her lips

「Aya’s lips feels really good… I feel like I’m going to cum right away」

「You don’t have to hold back. If you want to then don’t hold back and spray it on me okay?」

Swallowing up the tip, her tongue and lips lick and stimulate it. Dancing her tongue as if she’s tasting a candy, playing with the saliva from the tip of her mouth, it makes a wet kissing sound.

Compressing the testicles gently with her palm, she then raised her fingertips to the pole.

That sensation, it shows completely different feeling from before. Until now, no matter how much Aya feels pleasure, that act can only be thought by other people as slut that’s practicing and refining herself with the man she’s in a relationship.

But, Ran has completely misunderstood the school girl named Aya. Having a brown hair, short skirt, big breasts, and extraordinary cuteness. Furthermore, there was a rumor that a lot of men have been done by Aya.

Aya who’s been seen through rose-colored glasses, a slut who had sex with multiple menーof course an erotic image would come to his mind.

But, reality was different.

Aya was a complete virginーa completely sterile state, never ever had foreplay to earn pocket money.

Visualizing the virgin Aya. Though there’s quite the prejudice mixed in, it seems that story isn’t unbelievable at all.

「Even though it’s your first time, you’re licking it aggressively, Aya’s really lewd」

「Do you hate a woman interested in perverted things?」

「I love it. I want Aya to be more interested in perverted things. Of course, only for me thoughーokay?」

Unable to withstand the soft lips, Ran drained his semen towards Aya’s mouth.

The thick cloudy liquid pours into Aya’s mouth and her tanned face turned white.

The shot semen splashes to Aya’s nose, cheeks, chin, it dripped down stickily to her chest.

Aya wiped it with the back of her hand, brings it to her mouth tastes it like it’s whipped cream and swallows it deliciously

「Ran’s semen is so thick and delicious. …Where do you want to let it out next?」

As if saying that it’s not over yet, Aya begins stroking the penis that just came gently.

The bestowal magic used a while ago is still active. Ran’s penis rose again from Aya’s handjob, it begins to twitch.

「Next…could you squeeze it directly inside your mouth?」

「Kirishima really loves intraoral ejaculation. ーSure, here. Aaahn, you can do it anytime you want」

Aya continues to stimulate his penis while opening her mouth lewdly.

The rod that become slimy with saliva and cowper fluid s pressed by Aya’s soft palm, she presses it lovingly.

Unable to endure the sight of the female classmate opening her mouth waiting for his penis, Ran’s reaches climax right away.

The quantity and density of the semen didn’t diminish at all. The thick cloudy liquid released from his penis is swallowed down inside Aya’s lewdly open mouth.

Shamelessly defiling her tongue stuck out, Aya then stuffs her tongue inside her mouth and mix the semen and saliva inside her mouth.

Before long, she narrows her eyes obscenely, slowly opened her mouth with her cheeks dyed in embarrassment.

Steam drifts from her mouth and the smell of thick semen comes from Aya’s throat.

The fishy smell particular to sperm is locked inside her mouth and Aya’s throat swallowed it making an obscene sound.

Loosening her mouth, showing a proud yet vulgar and lust filled face, Aya pours in the white liquid accumulated into her mouth to the back of her throat.

The sticky liquid flows down Aya’s throat. As the current act had a very strong stimulation, Aya coughed and had tears on her eyes.

「Kufu, keho, keha… Sorry…Kirishima. It got stuck in my throat?」

「Are you okay? For the time being, have some water…」

Using water magic, Ran pours water into the nearby glass and handed it to Aya.

Aya receives it while choking, she then pushed into her throat wholeheartedly.

Water droplets spill from the edge of her mouth and fell down to her collarbone. The drops of water flows down from her collarbone to her cleavage, and disappeared to the abyss.

Seeing the end of the water, the next thing he see is Aya’s violent breasts.

Looking at the soft breast filled with hopes and dreams, Ran felt impatient deep in his waist.

The penis that just lost power due to ejaculating a while ago rose powerfully again due to lust.

「Wait…Kirishima. Do you intend to paint me with semen?」

「That was my intention since the beginning」

「Don’t say that with a cool face! If you do that kind of face, it makes my heart throb you know!」

Her cheeks dyed and she averted her eyes away from his penis.

She’s rejecting it butーyeah. This can do if I just push her, Ran thought of some vulgar things in his head.

Placing his hand on Aya’s shoulder, grinding his penis against her naval.

The sweat that’s oozing out of Aya’s body from the act they’ve done until now is very sensual.

「Wait… Kirishima, you’re too erotic. What do you think of me?」

「Is it okay to recognize you as my dear lover that’s irresistibly cute?」

Showing a pout, Mikoshiba Aya’s cheeks turned red.

Each of her reactions are cute, Ran instinctively wanted to bully Aya.

Ran deliberately watches Aya’s pair of eyes that avoids him. Aya pouts for a while but eventually sighed and lied down on top of the bed exhausted.

「…Just for tonight okay?」

Ran swallows his saliva as he stare at the defenseless lying Aya.


「…Seriously. I didn’t think you would actually do it」

Aya who’s whole body is painted with semen from face to feet, she wipes her body with wet towel.

The inexperienced smell and Ran’s scent blend together, it makes a strange sensation. Even though it stinks, she’s breathing deeply when she noticed it.

‘I wonder if the scent might become a habit. It feels calming or rather, it doesn’t feel bad at all’

「Furthermore, the person himself is sleeping like his batteries come off…」

Ran’s penis went beyond the limit of Aya’s special bestowal magic, at the moment his last semen was squeezed out, he seem to have lost consciousness.

At the moment Aya felt a pleasurable ejaculation in her thighs, Ran fell on the bed and didn’t move at all like a dead.

Well, it’s no wonder

Aya heard from her friend that men get pretty fatigued when they ejaculate.

He’s surely tired.

「Seriously, making such a cute sleeping face」

Rubbing her cheeks to Ran who’s sleeping comfortably, she kissed his hear softly.

‘A man’s body is straight and firm but the cheeks and earlobe are soft and cute’

Ran’s selfish action of sleeping ahead without clean up, she would normally feel resentment.

‘But for some reason, when I look at Ran’s sleeping face, no such feeling spring up’

「I love you, Kirishima… More than anyone in the world」

Whispering her love to the sleeping Ran, Aya wears her uniform and slept next to Ran.

‘The pain in the stomach has completely subsided, I think I can sleep soundly today’

Caressing her lower abdomen in satisfaction, she slept using Ran as her hug pillow, Aya fell asleep.


That day, Mikoshiba Aya was able to greet the morning with the most refreshing mood since she came to this world.

The pain deep in her stomach has also disappeared, the itchiness in her crotch she felt every morning didn’t occur this time.

And what’s more pleasant is the fuzzy feeling in her head was blown away.

It’s tied to Megane’s misunderstanding and the fake relationship, so she’s wondering how to deal with it.

She wanted a man’s body but she’d like to refrain from Megane and his friends. Even though she comforted herself every night, Aya never reached true satisfaction.

「Somehow, it feels like the world have changed」

The heavy atmosphere and the gray world as well. She feels like she sees the light, a clear world.

‘Is the act of having sex with your beloved this wonderful?’

It’s different from merely removing one’s desire. Through sexual activity, one can feel their loved one’s closer.

Narrowing her eyes and stretching like a cat, Aya tried to go out of the room with her usual uniform but she suddenly remembered.

Aya’s appearance is clearly vulgar for girls.

She tossed away the school specified sailor uniform and wore a cutter shirt which is supposed to be worn under the sailor uniform.

That appearance is also uniform but if this continues, the thin shirt she put inside would be transparent.

She doesn’t need to worry because her underwear or nipples won’t be transparent butー For some reason, she wants to refrain from men’s look with the exception of Ran.

After thinking for a while, Aya decided to wear the school designated uniform on top of the cutter shirt and left the room.

Although the upper part is an adult sailor uniformーthe lower part is wearing a provocative length of a skirt that stimulates your thigh fetish.

Anyway, satisfied that she’s able to hide her bare breasts, Aya draws a satisfied smile and walk through the bright corridor.

Arriving at the dining room, she was greeted with two kinds of air as usual.

One is the disgusting feeling directed to an isolated student entering the class.

Like looking at something pitiful, feeling relieved somehow, a very subtle atmosphere.

But, well, Aya’s already used to that atmosphere

Without worrying about it, she sat on her usual fixed position in the corner table, and decided to wait for her breakfast to be carried.

「Good morning! Yah, isn’t it a great morning, Mikorin?」

「G-Good morning, M-Mikorin」

「…I’m so hungry I’m gonna die」

Just when she sit down, the usual trio appears on Aya’s table.

Megane who’s in high tension, Otagawa who’s gaze isn’t fixed as usual, Kawasaki who’s still starvingーand today, Ryuzaki seems to be clinigng to Tanaka Haruto’s group.

「Oh, Mikorin? Somehow, you seem to be cheerful this morning?」

「Is that so? Am I different than usual?」

「Yes, you seem to be brighter than usual or rather, how do I say it…」

「H-How should I say it, M-Mikorin today is cuter than usual…」

Blushing, Otagawa Kenjirou scratches her cheeks.

Pondering that word in his mouth, Megane finally hits his palm as he noticed.

「Yes, that’s right, somehow, Mikorin’s smile is very cute today. …N-No, I don’t mean that you’re not cute normally okay?」

Aya rubs her cheek instinctively from what Megane said.

She’s wondering if if her cheeks were slackened this morning. It seems that Aya’s change is exposed from the third party.

「And you’re wearing a sailor uniform today. It suits you」

「U-Un! Mikorin looks good in sailor uniform. Y-You’re cute!」

「Is that so? Thanks」

Aya shows an angelic smile from the compliments of the two.

Though the words were short and cold, Otagawa and Megane got HNGGGG from the sudden smile accompanying it.

Normally, she’s seen with a sullen face every day but it’s the first time both of them saw Aya with a relaxed and happy expression.

Otagawa who received a beautiful girl’s smile turned red and looked down.

「TーThat said, Mikorin. That, I’ve always been thinking about this since then」

Megane’s face blushed and he rubs the back of his head in impatience.

「As expected, I, as Mikorin’s boyfriend…I thought of wanting to get rid of Mikorin’s itching, that」

Aya draws an arc in her mouth from Megane’s manly remark.

That smile gave him a HNGG, Megane Eichi unleashed his courage and released his desire towards Aya.

「I-I definitely want to spend some time with Mikorin tonightー」

「Eh…you’re not my boyfriend so no thanks」

「N-No, there’s no need to hold back…what?」

Looking surprised, Megane fixed his tilted glasses.

Aya softly closed one of her eye and smiled from the comical appearance of his.

「T-That wasn’t hiding embarrassment?!」

「Wasn’t I denying it all the time?」

「B-But, Mikorin gets horny when she looks at meー」

「Ah, I guess it’s rude to apologize seriously about that. …Err, sorry, Megane. I misspoke it, I meant that I get irritated when I look at Megane. I’m really sorry」

Aya makes a serious face that doesn’t suit her visually, she then apologized to Megane sincerely.

Actually, she feels bad for Megane who jumped to the conclusion from that situation. ‘I feel sorry that I have invited another man while the other notices that they’re misunderstanding’

Besides, it’s better to break it properly.

With Megane. If she leave it alone, he’ll say “I won’t forgive the one who stole Aya! I’ll find him and take revenge!”

Even Aya doesn’t want to trouble Ran further than this, so she won’t do anything unnecessary.

She’d like to settle this incident by herself.

「Besides…I already have a prince that resolves all of my desires」


The princess of the otaku blushes, showing a flowery smile in front of Megane who’s mouth is wide open in amazement.

That gaze is definitely a maiden in love, then that meansー


Megane who’s beaten by despair shouts like the heavens have fallen, he then fell down to the table.

The classmates were surprised by the sudden cry and turned their eyes to the table with different purposes.

‘I wonder if I did something bad’

‘If I’m going to say it, I should’ve told him in a place where there’s no one elseーor during training’

‘I never thought that he’d be this shocked’

‘That said, nobody would be courting me anymore’

The class is convinced that Aya’s supposed to be a nymphomaniac slut.

This relationship is the same as usual anywayー They’re thinking that she’s doing it with a butler or the minister

Aya closes her eyes and pats her lower abdomen.

Aya shows an enchanted happy face while imagining what Ran would do with her tonight.

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