Because I Was Excluded Out of the Class Transfer, I Decided to Steal My Classmate's Lover

Chapter 25 : Verbal slip witness
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Chapter 25 : Verbal slip witness

「…Are you okay Aya-chan? Somehow, you seem to be very tired」

「I’m fine, I’m just lacking in sleep」

Misuzu used her reinforced recovery on Aya who has eye bags.

The tiredness gnawing her whole body disappears and she regains her usual condition.

「If you’re feeling sick then say it right away」

「…I know. I’m not a child」

Aya who regained energy gets away from Misuzuーshe turned on the corridor, crouched and held her head.

ーI’ve done it again

Aya who returned to her room after finishing dinner, felt pain deep in her stomach again.

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That said, it’s already night. She tried to hold back and go to bed for today but there’s twitching in her thighs that she can sleep in anxiousness.

Just stroking it for a bit, Aya’s secret place discharges a lot of love nectar as if praising her touch.

The soft touch is accompanied by a stimulation, the moist slit reacts twitchingly.

Her breathing turned rough and she opened up her crotch instinctively.

Persuading herself saying ‘just a bit’, Aya slid down her panties and played with the walls of her vagina with her fingertips.

Aya who’s both contact and act turned a habit won’t be stopping from such small stimulation.

「In the end, I did it until the end… Aaah, I feel gloomy since morning」

She was able to relieve the pain caused by overdoing it with healing magic but spirit magic cannot eliminate fatigue from lack of sleep.

Spirit magicーa popular magic in this worldーis using the mana that sleeps in the body with the help of the spirits.

This world has particle of magic called spirits drifting around, the people borrow the power of the spirits and they’re able to materialize the phenomenon called sorcery.

The substance called magic is a meaningless energy as it’s the spirit’s work to make a meaningful phenomenon.

Though there are other magic than spirit magic, to be frank, its usability is not good.

For example, a non-attribute magic where you use the mana in your body to materialize.

In the old timesーthere’s a so-called monster who broke the oath and destroyed their pact with the spirit as a kind of self defense.

It seems that it was magic like natural healing and increasing resistance to bacteria instead of an aggressive one.

Therefore people doesn’t necessarily remember why the contact with spirit continues.

The later is the dark magic that can only be used by high level demons.

Having the dark image from it’s name, it forms a magic from inside the demon and use a wicked energy different from mana, it’s a magic used by demons.

Dark magic is such an intense name but it seems that it’s not only offensive magic but recovery and detoxification magic also exists.

But, since only demons can use it, there’s not much progress in study among humans.

Lastly, it’s unique magic.

To put it in simple terms, it’s the skill given to the saints.

Unlike spirit magic that can be used by anyone who has mana, it’s one special ability that can only be used by a person with “Talent” or someone who received special training.

Not only Aya’s infinite mana and Ran’s retainer training but also the magic used by the saints after they were summoned to this world, they’re also worthy of the magic that borrow the power of the spirits.

It’s an ability where the person can use it endlessly as long as one has the energy and stamina.

Hence, a person who have offensive magic is very important as a military weapon.

In case of Aya whose unique magic is a mass of talent, it’s only useful when she’s using spirit magic so it’s exceptionally different, you can say it’s strange.

It seems that someone who can use both spirit magic and dark magic doesn’t exist in this world.

There’s no such fact that someone who uses unique magic can’t use spirit magic.

「Anyway, I’ve got to go to the practice area…」

Aya who finished her basic training is now voluntarily doing combat training

It’s a practice for her to invoke the proper spirit magic on the accurate spot.

Therefore, even if she cut corners, she won’t be blamed by someone.

「Just because nobody’s looking, it’s not that I’m doing something shady」

Though she’s broken a lot of rules in the school, she’s never neglected studies nor observance of time.

Aya’s labelled as someone lacking in sincerity, but in reality, she’s a serious high school girl.

Compared to the hidden delinquent compensated dating while pretending to be a good girl on the surface, she’s quite a wholesome girl.

Going through a different route than usual, Aya steps into the usual practice area.

She’ll be arriving at the same destination every time so the route doesn’t matter.

She want to reduce the time she meets those guys as much as possible.

「…Gehehe, you’ve got some good boobs」

「Hmm, geez. Please stop it, Rigel-samaa」

As she walk around a location where there’s no people, she heard a loud voice coming from the maid and the minister from a room.

Turning her gaze as she happen to pass by, the sight of the naked minister having sex with a maid enters her eye.

The blonde maid desperately holds her voice while her waist trembles, she’s making a happy face.


Blushing, Aya quickly leave the place pretending not to notice.

‘I wonder if it really feels good to be connected with such an old man’

True, it would be comfortable to have an opposite sex deep inside the part where the fingers don’t reach but.

If it’s someone like thatー

「Aaah, seriously! I’m feeling horny again!」

Her crotch isn’t wet since she just did it last night but the itching deep in her waist is inevitable.

Where fingers can’t reachーor rather the deep part that hurts as it’s not reached by a fingernail or something else, a soft yet hard flesh stimulates it.

Just thinking about it, her back tingles.

That said, she’s not okay doing it with just anyone.

She never want to open her legs to the four otaku groupーespecially Megane and Kawasaki who’s following her.

But, somehow; The men who surrounds Aya who’s labelled as a delinquent and a slut, can never be included in Aya’s taste.

Well, actually, if you ask if Aya has a classmate she likes, she has no choice but to deny butー

「Having sex with anyone you don’t like is wrongー」

「Oh? Isn’t that Mikorin there?」

Called by a familiar voice from behind, Aya stoped trembling.

「Since you weren’t coming to the practice field, I was worried. Why are you here? Is there anything wrong?」

Putting his hand on her shoulder, Aya’s spine trembles

A rude touch along with a sticky voice. There’s no doubt. ーIt’s Megane Eichi.

「If you feel sick then say it immediately. I’m always thinking about Mikorin」

She’s feeling goosebumps on her whole body.

The way he stroke her shoulders is somewhat indecent and it feels like his breathing is a bit too close.

「…You smell better today. I love the sweet flower-like aroma coming from Mikorin」

It’s not that she doesn’t understand Megane’s behavior.

Perhaps he was anticipating her arrival in the training field, he’s trying to speak appreciation to Aya who’s not missing out her everyday self-training.

Him calling out to Aya is also because he’s sincerely worried.

Though you can’t say that there’s no ulterior motive, you won’t think that it’s only ulterior motives.

‘The last one is just a verbal slip, I think’

That said, Aya’s not a person that’s lacking in common sense.

She doesn’t intend to neglect other people’s care.

She’s not good with interpersonal relationship but, she can’t refuse a contact from other person directly.

But, the timing’s bad.

Blocked by a space painted with evil passion, she’s just right after witnessing a sex scene. Aya’s brain is in pink.

「Hey, don’t touch me!」

「Oops, I’ve done something rude… Are you okay?」

Aya distorts her face from the unpleasant act of trying to touch her body familiarly.

She knows that he doesn’t mean anything bad but, being touched by someoneーespecially Megane gives nothing but discomfort.

「ーGo away!ーWhen you look this way, I-I feel horny」


That’s wrong.

Aya closed her mouth quickly but the words released from her mouth can’t go back.

It’s true that she’s horny.

Incidentally, she’s irritated.

Furthermore, she’s feeling disgusted.

It’s mixed. Unfortunately, at this timing.


She can’t think as if the time has stopped.

She wants to push him away but the words she has thrown gave the opposite meaning.

The tingling hair wears her skin, Aya unintentionally hugs her body.

Megane who’s shocked by the sudden confession has his mouth and eyes wide open.

Megane who steps back with a cartoonish expression, his glasses had fallen and his throat trembles from happiness.

「I thought that I was seeing Mikorin’s eyes recently so it was like that…?」

Putting his finger on his bangs, Megane shows a distant gaze.

Megane shows a smile while as he pretends not to be shaking but his right leg is twitching in excitement.

The smile doesn’t suit his face but there wasn’t anyone in the place who have a state of mind that can point it out.

「I-it’s not… That’s not it!」

「It’s okay. There’s no way I’d make a mistake about Mikorin’s feelings」

「Listen to me!」

「…If you make too much noise, I’ll close up your cute mouth」

Aya retreats to escape from having her lips sealed.

「Seriously, Mikorin’s so naive」

Megane conveniently interprets the action created by disgust, he then rushed happily screaming『My youth’s at spring!』

Aya looks at his back in daze but she finally regained herself when he has disappeared.

She’s at her wit’s end as something irrevocable is done, she crouches at the place while screaming even though her voice won’t come out.

Mikoshiba Aya has made her second verbal slip after coming to this world.


「…I might’ve witnessed an unexpected moment」

Sadogashima Sayaka who’s in a small room where the small equipment is packed simply, covers her mouth with her hand in surprise.

Scattered around Sayaka is a rusted sword, broken armor and a broken torture tool.

All of them are useless items if left alone.

Sayaka can’t understand why she’s putting those away.

「Or rather, rather than that」

Sayaka looks around from the door of the small room restlessly.

The halls of the palace is long and slim enough to be seen through.

After confirming that there’s nobody outside, Sayaka begins to ponder about the spectacle she just saw.

‘There’s no doubtーor could it be that I misheard it?’

‘No, but, people’s preference are different they say’ It’s not good to put on labels on someone selfishly just by looks and atmosphere.

It’s a common setting in shoujo manga that an unfriendly delinquent girl likes small animals, or a boyish girl have a girlish hobby.

‘I can’t just say it’s impossible’

Actually, Even Sayaka who’s thought to be a docile literary girl is actually a lewd sadist.

She knows that it’s not good to judge people by their appearances.

「So Mikoshiba-san likes Megane-kun…」

Sayaka doesn’t have much good memories with the female student named Mikoshiba Aya.

If you ask her why, she’s not good with her.

She shouted at Torao and Niigaki right after transferring to this world.

Mikoshiba also showered curses at Otomezaki and Sayaka who were crying in shock.

Well, she’s originally known to be that kind of student so it didn’t cause that much trauma.

From Sayaka’s perspective, Mikoshiba Aya’s image as a student is a delinquent girl.

‘Was that too short?’

That said, Sayaka doesn’t know Mikoshiba that much.

She’s always alone and she doesn’t move away from her desk during breaks.

According to Otomezaki Emi and Fujiyoshi Yuri, she’s a slut who have a physical relationship with the seniors.

But well, in Emi and Yuri’s sense, non-virgin = prostitute so there’s not much credibility there.

「Recently, Megane-kun and Mikoshiba-san have been together but… So that’s how it is」

The lone wolf of the class and the lower class Otaku group.

So the unfounded rumors of Mikoshiba and Megane and his group getting along is true.

The gloomy otaku who doesn’t have any presence on females and the JK Bitch who’s spreading a male odor(is what the rumors said) Thinking about it normally, it’s a contradictory existence.

In regards to their appearanceーit’s hard to say it clearly in a away it’s not rude butーit feels that they’re not in balance.

Mikoshiba Aya’s treated as the bottom of the class but, she’s a school girl with a good style and stunning proportions.

if she wants to stand out brightly then she’d take the boys as her prisoners in a blink of an eyeーwell, in short, she’s a beauty.

Then, Meganeー He’s unknown to the world.

「I’d like to share this exciting feeling with someone but I can’t tell this to Emi-chan and Yuri-chan…」

She’s already tired of hearing such rumors of that girl having physical relationship to support herself or a hidden huge penis.

She would like to talk to someone about the pure love pattern(from the third person’s view) to someone

Sayaka’s a woman too.

She can’t speak about her own romantic circumstances but she likes love stories themselves.

「Well, I’ve got to focus what’s in front of me for now」

Holding the rusty shield and armor, Sayaka left the small room.

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