Because I Was Excluded Out of the Class Transfer, I Decided to Steal My Classmate's Lover

Chapter 24 : The princess lone Play
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Chapter 24 : The princess lone Play

「A wave of lighting clad in magic power ー Dark Lighting 《Joker Electric》」

A flash entwines the tanned fingertips.

A purple blue current whirls from the empty space then spins like thorns covering her palm in a blink of an eye.

A whip-like flash was shot out of her fingertips then runs straight ahead to the target few meters away.

The target hit by the lightingーa wooden pileーmade a dry sound and disappeared without a trace.

After looking at it for a whileーshe soon breathed out and wiped the sweat in her forehead.

Mikoshiba Aya practices her magic under the blue sky and scorching sun.

The princess of the Otaku who’s a former delinquent girl dresses a gym suit-like training wear that has a white trend, she stretches herself to the sky making an expression saying that she has done a hard task.

But still, it’s hot.

There’s a lot of trees in the place where they usually train, and since there’s the shade of the palace, you won’t feel the head even during the day.

But hereーin the current place where Mikoshiba is practicing, there’s no nearby trees nor buildings to be a shade so the temperature is high.

「…Seriously, it’s hot」

Aya scowls at the bright sun while making her breasts flutter.

Will her head cool down if she applies cold water on herself?

Better yet, throw everything away and take a cold open bath, is the thought that comes to her mind.

Unlike the former world, it’s wonderful that you don’t have to worry about voyeurs.

Just a bit of carelessness in the modern internet society turns to an eternal mental abuse, it’s as frightening as it’s convenient.

It’ll be left as a legacy where it’ll be inherited to the future ahead.

For a high school girl with a worthy body, it’s important. One has to take care of changing clothes.

If they’re just enjoying peeping on the spot, MIkoshiba won’t meddle with it.

A person’s memory fades away anyway.

「ーWait, I just thought of it a while ago」

Mikoshiba herself isn’t aware of the old wisdom of『A filthy gaze contains quite a lot of sexual element』

Well, Mikoshiba is a beauty of a high school student

When she’s walking in the station and town, it’s a daily routine to have their line of sight turned to the thighs and chest.

You can’t live in the modern Japan if you worry about the gazes from people passing through or the feverish glance from behind you’re unaware of.

If you’re an excessively self conscious woman, just having your eyes match with the other, it’ll become an endless 『Stop ogling, you’re the worst』

The topic has gone far.

Anyway, Mikoshiba is one of those who doesn’t care about the gaze of an opposite sex.

Until just a few days ago.

「Analyzing it with my “Appraisal” eyes, the magic just now is a high difficulty magic from the lightning system, Dark Lightning《Joker Electric》 My god, as expected of Mikorin, it’s wonderful」

「Eerr. A-Amazing」

「Mikorin’s good at using magic. If you don’t mind, could you teach me that? Or something?」

「It’s better if you take fluids after training. I’ll make it with magic so wait for a while」

Taking the glass given by Kawasaki Shinzou, she drinks it up in one gulp.

How’s the taste? She was asked, she answered that it was tasteless and odorless.

Wiping her hair filled with sweat, Mikoshiba left the training grounds.

She can’t dash to the shower but, it can’t be helped since the sweat is unpleasant.

‘I’d like to bath and change clothes soon’

「ーThen, why are you boys sticking with me?」

Flapping the training wear that’s sticking to her, Mikoshiba looked back in bad mood.

Showing a frank expression without hiding her feelings, Otagawa groaned and hid behind Megane but the other three doesn’t seem to be agitated at all. Rather, Ryuzaki mutters『Shit, that glare makes me tingle…』 Does he think that it’s not heard?

「No, there’s no need to mind us」

「That’s right. We’re just simply going to the same direction as you」

「…I’m going to take a bath I’d like you not to come with me」

Ryuzaki reacted『Bath? Naked!?』from what Mikoshiba said but she decided not to mind it.

「Oh, a bath?」


「Let me tell you beforehand, you’re dead if you try to peep」

Glaring at the four that shows a distant look, Mikoshiba turned to the bathing area in a hurry.

Fortunately, they’re not people who have courage to come to the girl’s bathing area so they didn’t follow her further.

Though she intends to spend the bath alone, unfortunately, there’s already someone in the bathing area before her.

For Mikoshiba who’s originally a lone wolf who’s being discharged with unfounded rumors, she’s not good with girls who have a stronger standpoint than her.

The strong position of course doesn’t mean military power but as a flockー To make it simple, it’s the girls like foxes who borrow the power of the tiger making a fuss in the upper castle.

For example the class vice chairman, Jougaoka Reikaーthe two she always flatter.

Mikoshiba doesn’t clearly know what Reika herself behave to anyoneーeven on teachers and seniors.

Well, it’s true that she’s the enemy of a group of girls.

Thinking about it, you can say that this opportunity is fictitious.

The school girl who’s bathing in front of her is one of the rare person among the class Mikoshiba can pleasantly talk to.

「Ah, Aya-chan.」 Thanks for the hardwork nyaa」

Hiding her modest breasts with her hand, Nekoyama Misuzu shows an innocent smile along with her fangs.

Mikoshiba responds by raising one of her hand and walked to the screen with an unchanging height.

「How was your practice nyaa?」

「It’s going well. But recently, the otaku group sticks with me it’s annoying」

Pouring the bucket of water on her head, Mikoshiba sighs.

Looking at the skin burned by the sun, she began to wash her body with soap.

She scrubs her waist and arms while her breasts shake violently.

The breeze hitting her wet skin makes it supreme. What a sense of liberation.

At first, she was resisting to expose her bare skin outdoors but she’s now used to it

That said, her shame hasn’t weakened, she’s doesn’t forget to be cautious of the surroundings.

「Aya-chan, was it half or quarter?」


「…Even if your hair is brown, the bottom’s black」


「As expected, there’s a lot of girls who are well developed nyaa…」


「How do you grow… The hair on the crotch nyaa?」


Scratching the back of her head, Mikoshiba Aya screams as she can’t endure anymore.

Even though she wanted to spend her time quietly alone, it seems that her hopes didn’t come true.

‘Those four strange guys were following me, what’s with this treatment?’

Mikoshiba Aya wonders if the Goddess watching over her is taking a nap right now.

「I’m a pure Japanese! I just dyed my hair! It’s black originally! I didn’t color it down there so it’s black! Satisfied?!」

She shouted unexpectedly but that’s how Mikoshiba feels usually so Misuzu didn’t mind it in particular.

Actually, Mikoshiba doesn’t want to drive away Misuzu either.

But, she just want it to be quiet now.

「How do you grow your crotch hair nyaa?」

「Who cares about that? It’s not like you’re going to show it to anyoine. It doesn’t matter if you have or don’t, right?」

Right?! Then she look at Misuzu, she shows a blushing face and looking down embarrassed.

Looking at that reaction, Mikoshiba understood everything.

At the same time, the sense of guilt and defeat has surged in helplessly.

「…R-Right. Nekoyama has s-someone to show it」


Looking at Misuzu hiding her chest bashfully, Mikoshiba averts her eyes uncomfortably.

The silent reaction gradually wears her heart.

Her chest hurts as if she just did something terrible.

「I-It’s crotch hair right? I-If you have sex, won’t it just grow? W-Well, even if I didn’t it did grow butー」

「…It didn’t grow」

Past tense.

Mikoshiba felt something cracking from inside her due to the unconscious remark.

Mikoshiba herself doesn’t understand what it was.

Perhaps, it’s her pride or superiority complex, Mikoshiba thought.

Without saying any further, Mikoshiba quickly dried her body and prepared her uniform.

Somehow, she’s much more tired than before.

Confirming that Megane and others aren’t waiting for an ambush, Mikoshiba went back to the girl’s room.

Somehow, being alone hurts.



Her smooth fingertips fits into the plump mountains.

The little finger moves around searching for something then it stops at a point.

Pushing the fingertips to the crevasse covered with a black wheat field, a sweet pleasure runs through the whole body.

Her legs opened wide trembles, the finger’s ownerーthe one who teases leaks out a glossy sigh from the end of her mouth

「Ah…T-There… More, stir it up more」

As if persuading her own lips, Mikoshiba Aya leaks out a spoiled scream.

The one that’s playing with Aya’s slit is the fingertips of her own.

But, in Aya’s delusional world, the fingertip that’s playing with her is different from herself.

A boy’s finger who she doesn’t know, his face unseen.

It’s a charming boy that lives in Aya’s delusional world only to make her happy.

Immersing herself in the delusion of her body being tinkered by the nonexistent boy, Aya’s fingers speeds up.

「Nn, fuu… Do you want to touch my breasts?」

A hand different from the one playing with her crotch is gently carried to her own mouth.

Forcibly twisting three fingers including her middle finger to her closed lips, she makes it moist.

Pulling her fingers filled with her own saliva, she then wrapped her breasts with that hand.

The nipples towering to the heaven, the moisture passes through.

Feeling the soft shape changing breasts, she slowly stimulates and massage it.

Her body twitches occasionally and the slit in between her thighs becomes wet.

The cold air enters her moist thighs and it feels refreshing.

Feeling aroused by the sense of liberty, Aya bends her body.

「…nn, haa. Love, lovelovelovelovelovelovelove, I love thiiiis!」

The movement of her fingertips accelerates as she shout love to a man who’s not existing.

The figure of the boy in her delusion world gradually swallowed up by the white fog then her legs opened loosely begins to cramp.

「ーNnn, haaauu!」

Biting on the sheets, Aya’s whole body convulsed and her body bent once again.

Chewing the cloth to hold back her voice, Aya starts convulsing.

Her open legs stretched out and before long, they are wrapped in the sheets as they weaken.

Wiping her finger tips after releasing out love nectar from the pleasure, Aya then throws down her body as she sighs.

The scenery reflected inside her head becomes hazy.

Aya drools from her mouth while letting out a face melting in pleasure.

「…I’ve done it again」

Looking at her breasts moving up and down as she breathes, Aya sighs making a cold look.

「Even though I never did this in the former world」

Using water magic, she washed away her fingertips dirty with love nectar.

Feeling her vaginal hole still twitching, Aya changed her clothes.

Since when did Aya started masturbating?

She doesn’t remember the exact date but it’s not recent.

After transferring to this world, Aya only felt hate and anger.

Infinite Mana 《Over Energy》, an uninteresting skill given to Aya, means repeated practice of an amazing amount of spirit magic

Unlike Misuzu who’s given reinforced recovery, and Kanami who’s given Infinite Cutting, Aya’s skill doesn’t make sense on itself.

Even if she possess infinite mana, it’s meaningless if there’s no technique to use it.

Therefore, she needs to know as much spirit magic as possible.

Grimoires and magic books handed over, she memorizes how to use spirit magic.

Simple things are fine with imagination and chanting but when it comes to high difficulty magic, it won’t go as easy.

There’s also magic circles with incomprehensible ancient characters drawn on it and special magic tools.

Forcibly invoking magic where the principle and process is impossible to understand is considerably painful.

‘It was at that time, I guess?’

Aya dives in the bed in the middle of the night, her body hurts and her stomach itches.

Aya’s a virgin but she’s also a healthy high school girl that’s already ripe.

She’s also curious about lewd things, she’d like to try sex even once.

Unable to endure the hot feeling deep in her stomach, she caressed her slit on her crotch, that was the start.

At first, the stimulation was only stroking, it gradually becomes intense and now she inserts her fingers to the limit, trying not to damage the hymen

That said, there’s a limit.

At first, comforting it with her own hands, the pain in her stomach weakens.

But the increase in frequency, it becomes impossible to settle it with only little stimulation.

「Ah…No good. Somehow, I feel very horny」

She was able to somehow release the dissatisfaction of her vagina hole but the burning inside her body doesn’t go away.

Aya’s a woman. Her libido is inferior compared to men who’s always in head but it doesn’t mean that it’s nonexistent.

When she was in middle school hanging out with girls, she looks at the boy who doesn’t seem to have resistance changing clothes, taking a sexy pose and showing various things at the pool.

The boy hiding his lower abdomen in panic was interesting but, the reality that it’s an arousing act remains.

「I wonder if sex feels good…」

But, deep in her heartーMikoshiba Aya’s a pure girl.

She’s not an easy woman that will be satisfied if a penis just thrusts inside her.

If she’s going to do it, then she’d like to have sex feeling sincere pleasure.

She doesn’t want to open her legs to Megane or Otagawa even by mistake.

‘I feel sorry to say this but I don’t feel any lust for them’

「In the end, who took Nekoyama?」

Basing from her behavior so far, Misuzu’s lover would be Torao Shigenobu, the class committee chairman.

Aya can’t imagine the scene of the two of them having sex by all means.

True, they’re a couple that suits each other

There’s the class chairman who’s clean, and have a wide and healthy friendship in the middle.

You don’t feel that him going out with Misuzu who’s treated as the idol of the male students is out of place.

Both of their surnames have cats in it, but it’s unrelated but.

「Recently, Nekoyama seems to be keeping distance from the boys…」

Nekoyama Misuzu’s seducing the male students that Jougaoka’s followers make her an enemy.

Actually it’s a natural act but, that’s unrelated when it comes to the results.

Nekoyama’s burikko actーit’s actually falseーcreates a reverse harem state however, there’s only few girls who feel disgust.

Misuzu grabs the hearts of men like it’s breathing but, recently it’s been quiet.

Though, she’s not missing her daily routine of using reinforced recovery on them.

Even if someone falls on the side, she’s not jumping ahead.

Even Tanaka Haruto who’s been rejected by two people approaching her, she shook him off without even batting an eye.

If it was Misuzu before, she’d say「It can’t be helped nyaa…」then does it firmly.

Somehow, she’s moving on a place where Aya and others don’t know.

Not from the class but from the outside.

She’s trying to change something bit by bit so it won’t be noticed.

「Well, who cares」

Though there’s doubt, she doesn’t have a cool thought of finding out.

For now, she wants to get rid of her libido.

She’ll think about the other things after this is over.

Narrowing her eyes, Aya opened her mouth wide and yawned.

Because of her playing alone earlier, she’s gotten sleepy.

‘There’s still a lot of time before dinner. Let’s take a nap for the time being’

Thinking about such a thing, Aya fell asleep on the bed she’s just on recently.

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