Because I Was Excluded Out of the Class Transfer, I Decided to Steal My Classmate's Lover

Chapter 17 : Wrapped in hopes and dreams
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Chapter 17 : Wrapped in hopes and dreams

In front of his classmate exposing her breasts, Ran begins to explain what the act called『Paizuri』is, in detail.

That said, Ran isn’t that familiar with that play either.

Anyway, he explained that it’s an act of shaking the breasts on Kanami’s upper body with a violent shaking gesture that would lead his penis to climax.

The high school boy with his lower half exposed explains paizuri in front of his classmate who’s upper body is exposed.

Ran wonders if he would be receiving a special and sublime play at this point.

「ーWith that said, I’d like Kanami to sandwich my dick in her tits」

By the way, this is the reason why he only asked for a fellatio tonight.

He ultimately want to do paizuri with Kanami.

For that sake, he wanted his penis to be as wet as possible without ejaculating.

It must be supreme to be placed in between her breasts wet with saliva.

「Hmm, so that kind of act exists too. Very well, let’s try it」

Without showing an unpleasant face, Kanami used Ran’s belly as pillow and lied down over him.

Kanami’s breasts presses against his lower abdomen and her bud sticking out rubs against his belly.

「I-It’s unexpectedly difficult」

Moving and massaging her breasts with her hand, she placed his penis in her cleavage.

Soft fat mass wraps the penis, unknown pleasure attacks Ran’s waist.

The penis can feel Kanami’s heartbeat.

Kanami’s temperature is transmitted to the penis.

Warm. The pulse stimulates his penis gently without rest.

The penis wet with saliva touches her bare skin, it causes moderate friction.

「I-I’m moving」

「Uwaaa… Ah, auuu…」

The breast damp with sweat rubs the penis wet with saliva.

Different from her vagina, from the temperature and texture of her mouth, it bless Ran’s penis with love.

Kanami’s big breast firmly envelops Ran’s penis, swallowing it all.

「Uwaa… Ran’s penis is so hot」

The heat of the penis twitching in her breasts is being transmitted to Kanami’s bare breasts.

It strongly feels that Ran’s more aroused than doing this with hands or mouth.

Sandwiching the penis in between her chest, she can see Ran moaning from the pleasure.

Tightening up his penis, a warm liquid leaked from the tip.

「Ran’s penis is drooling, it looks like it’s feeling good」

Every time Ran’s penis leaks cowper fluid, the rubbing done by Kanami’s breasts grows stronger.

When the rubbing grows stronger, Kanami creates stronger pleasure.

「…This is surprisingly pleasant for me too」

Her pink colored nipples are pressed against Ran’s abdomen, Kanami rubs it seeking pleasure herself.

When the penis bounces happily in her chest, Kanami also feels happy.

There’s no mistaking that normal sex making the important places stick to each other is wonderful but this might be also good on itself.


「Hm, what?」

「Could you drip down your saliva?」

While his body trembles in pleasure, Ran speaks out while sighing.

Even Kanami who just discovered the act of of Paizuri just now, she can understand somehow what Ran intends to talk about.

Answering his appeal with a smile, Kanami dances her tongue around her mouth.

Responding to Ran’s expecting glance, Kanami lets out her tongue while making lewd sound as much as possible.

The saliva accumulated on her tongue draws a strong from the tip of her tongue to the depths of her breasts.

She then stroked her breasts and sends down the saliva to the place where the penis is stashed.

「Oh, it just twitched just now」

「Ah, yeah… Kanami’s saliva is warm」

Moving up and down in between her breasts, Ran’s penis leaks out pre-cum pleasantly.

The penis wrapped in natural lotion of mixed pre-cum and saliva, wrapped by Kanami’s body temperature and stimulating rubbing, it’s reaching it’s limit too early.

His testicles tightens and leaks out pre-cum in response.

Loosening his body, Ran prepares to ejaculate.


「Fufu, not yet」

When he relaxed to give himself to the boundless pleasure, the base of his penis was tightened.

The penis who should’ve reached it’s limit was sealed off by that stimulation.


「I’d like to do this for a bit longer. I want to feel Ran’s penis next to my hear for a bit more」

Kanami rubs Ran’s penis while showing a melting face.

Her flushed cheeks clearly tells that she’s incredibly aroused right now.

Looking at the eyes of the classmate happily dripping her saliva, Ran instinctively stretched his toes.

It seems that Kanami has gained pleasure from the act while serving him using her breasts.

But, Paizuri is different from sex.

It’s basically an act to stimulate the man’s genital and encourage ejaculation.,

Though she’s aroused by the atmosphere and temperature, it’s impossible for Kanami to be satisfied by just Paizuri.

「Wait, Kanami… I’ll make you feel good too once we’re done so let me cum first」

「Ran’s penis… It’s trembling, it looks like it’s feeling good. I’ll make you feel even better…」

The lovely classmate dyed with lust can’t hear Ran’s words at all.

Imprisoning his penis in betweeh her breasts, she rubs the tip with her moist skin.

The ejaculation feeling tortures Ran again and again but he’s not reaching the next step, the temendrous pleasure only remains on the depths of his waist.

Stretching his toes, bending aback, he’s trying to escape the unbearable pleasure.

Unable to endure the endless pleasure, he just kept leaking out panting voices from his mouth.

「Ah…Kanami. Please, make me cum! If you do further than this, I’m already!」

「…Hm? You want to cum already?」

Loosening her alluring mouth, Kanami’s natural lotion enters the abyss again.

The penis is given new temperature and he stretched his toes, unable to endure the pleasure.

「Very well. Let out a lot of semen」

「Uwaa… If you suddenly let loose…!」

Ran’s penis bounced from the sudden liberation.

Along with the sensation of semen being squeezed out of his testicles, everything that’s been accumulated has been released.

The white liquid accumulated in the abyss, Kanami’s breastーa pure white torrent flowed out of her cleavage.

Kanami scooped the semen that flew cheerfully and carried it to her mouth without hesitation.

After tasting it in her fingertips, Kanami happily loosened her mouth.

「Your semen tonight is thicker. Also, you let out a lot…」

In analogy, it’s a white water gun.

Thick white liquid gushes out vigorously from Kanami’s cleavage.

Visually, that’s a very arousing situation.

Sandwiched in between the cleavage of his classmate, being able to reach such a pleasant climax to this degree.

「…I’m really happy right now」

「Me too」

Swaying the breasts colored with white liquid, Kanami relaxed over Ran.

Then they hold hands and did a soft kiss.

They look at each other again.

「We’re not done with this, right?」

Her soft hand holds his penis and the softened penis stood up immediately.

Of course, Ran doesn’t think of ending his tryst with Kanami with just a Paizuri.

Caressing Kanami’s head filled with expectations, Ran put his hand on Kanami’s skirt.


「…But still, socks aren’t taken off」

「It was very exciting when we did it in that look before」

Looking at the legs wrapped in black knee-socks, Ran hugs Kanami’s body.

Ran once again got aroused when their bare sweaty skin intertwined.

The penis that’s far from erection is being stroked by Kanami.

Ran sucks Kanami’s breast that just served him like a baby.

Playing with the protruding nipple with his tongue, he fills his mouth with Kanami’s breasts.

Though it’s just a breast of a high school girl, it doesn’t have any taste in particular.

This tension and amorous touchy feeling might become a habbit.

Kanami’s nipple becomes harder as he suck it, it also trembles when touched.

Pushing his face on her breasts, stroking his chest with her let down hair.

「Ran really loves breasts. Nekoyama-san would get jealous if this goes on you know?」

「It’s fine. It didn’t get sandwiched but I did eat Misuzu’s breast too」

Or rather, Misuzu’s size can’t put his penis in between it.

「…Did you suck Nekoyama’s breasts too?」

「Eh, ah…you see. I did」

Kanami glares at Ran with serious eyes.

By the way, Ran still keeps sucking on Kanami’s breasts.

Rolling his tongue on Kanami’s nipples, Ran looks up at Kanami’s face.

「What was Nekoyama-san’s breast taste like?」

「…Very delicious」

Apart from the size, Misuzu’s breast isn’t different from high school girls.

The elasticity is impeccable, it’s fluffy and smells sweet as well.

The impression that it’s delicious isn’t a lie.

Or rather.

What kind of play is Kanami doing, asking his impressions about sucking Misuzu’s breasts while having hers sucked.

Is this some kind of shame play?

「…Is mine delicious too?」

「Ah, yeah. Kanami’s breasts is so delicious」

Saying this face to face makes one blush.

It’s not Ran, the questioned who’s blushing but Kanami, the one who asked.

Well, this reaction is inevitable.

When you’re told that your breasts tastes good while it’s being sucked, it’s something.

Is the feeling swirling in Kanami’s mind motherhood or lust?

Kanami who feels unbearably hot in her chest can’t clearly tell which it is.

Anyway, that being said, in the situation where her own breasts is being sucked by Ran, it’s embarrassing and arousing at the same time.

「…Ran, suck it stronger」

「You sure?」

「It’s fine, it doesn’t hurt」

Actually, it might hurt.

But, such small pain can’t be felt by Kanami at all.

Instead of pain, it’s hot.

It’s more pleasant than hot.

Her beloved classmate is sucking up her prided breasts. This might become habbit.

Both stretched out their hands to each other’s back.

Ran’s hand is stroking Kanami’s back strongly, Kanami’s fingertips touches Ran’s waist smoothly.

Caressing the erect penis passionately and strongly, she pinched it between her thighs.

Ran slowly pushes her beloved man’s penis to her slit while he sucks her breasts.

A melting hot sensation attacks Kanami’s important part.

Panting from that sensation, Kanami embraced Ran’s body strongly.

「Today, should we do it while sucking breasts?」

Ran licks up Kanami’s nipple then tries to get away his lips for a moment.

The wind hits the wet nipple and she shivered.

「I’ll be fine. Let’s have it easy for Kanami」

「I’m fine with this. Here, you don’t need to hold back.」

Ran’s penis pushes into Kanami’s dripping wet slit.

At first, it’s only the swelling tip.

Pushing it down little by little, eventually, Kanami’s vagina swallows Ran’s penis until the root.

After confirming that it’s completely inside, Kanami and Ran exchanged glances.

The feverish glance painted with lust intertwine, Ran’s lips hold Kanami’s nipple deep.

「…Isn’t it painful in this position?」

「As long as I can suck Kanami’s breasts, this will be fine」

That said, Ran’s doing his best to taste Kanami’s breasts.

He doesn’t have the time to shake his waist and rub the penis and vagina together.

「Ran, you can take it easy」

Feeling an extraordinary heat on her left breasts, Kanami swings her waist skillfully.

She serves Ran while feeling the penis rage inside her vagina.

Is it because it ejaculated earlier?

The penis more sensitive than usual matches with Kanami’s movement and twitches to make the vagina feel good.

The fact that Ran’s feeling it accelerates Kanami’s arousal further.

Of course, Kanami’s not the only one who’s aroused by this, Ran is also the same.

Tasting Kanami’s breasts with his mouth, Ran’s breathing turned rough.

While being squeezed by Kanami’s vaginal walls, Ran’s penis overflow with precum.

The love nectar mixes in and that’s enough lubricant for Kanami and Ran.

He felt that Kanami’s hard nipples inside his mouth.

The seductive downpour of lovely voice from above makes Ran reach his limit.

「Kana…I’m at my limiーmuguu!?」

「N-No, Ran. I want you to stay like this」

Kanami’s arms pressed his released face back to her breasts again.

His nose pressed against her breast changed shape, his breathing turned rough.

At the moment his consciousness was taken away by the breasts in front of him, an unbearable feeling to ejaculate attacked Ran’s waist.

「Ah… Au, uu, uaaaa!」

Tightened by Kanami’s vaginal walls, Ran’s penis jumps from the pleasure.

Feeling the elastic breast filling his mouth, Ran instinctively stretched his toe.

Feeling intense pleasure through the penis, Ran entrusted his body to Kanami.

Ran’s penis’ dam broke and white liquid from the pleasure was released to Kanami’s vagina.

「Uwaa, Kana-Kanami…! Kanamii!!」

Ran can only scream the name of his beloved due to the angry waves of pleasure that could take his consciousness away.

Making a sloppy face pressed against her breasts, Ran stretched his back and a hot torrent drained down.

「That’s an amazing amount you don’t think it’s your second time…」


Having his ejaculation praised by his beloved, Ran instinctively loosened his face.

When his face is finally released from her breasts, Kanami’s cheeks flushed and their gazes intertwined.

The moist eyes and saliva drips from her mouth, unable to endure it, Ran moved his body and piled his lips with Kanami.

A thick kiss, tasting each other, twining their tongues.

Caressing each other’s back, they feel the reverberations with each other’s whole body.

Releasing their mouth, a sticky light string bridges the two.

Feverish glance twine once again, then Ran and Kanami used each other’s body, exchanged a passionate embrace once again.

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