Because I Was Excluded Out of the Class Transfer, I Decided to Steal My Classmate's Lover

Chapter 15 : Barrier
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Chapter 15 : Barrier

A magenta carpet embroidered with gold.

A carpet with a luxurious design as what you would expect from the royal palace’s corridor, it’s carved with strange sizes of footprints from both adult and children.

The carpet that can be called beauty by standards stepped on by the shoes is casually pasted with dirt and soil from the outside.

Some lower-class servant will clean it up later mostly.

There are two saints walking in there.

Stepping on the carpet, the saintーNiigaki Takeo begin to check the situation around.

He’s currently walking as the representatives of the saint class.

This is because, earlierーa knight directly under the royal family went to the training grounds for the saints and told that two saints have to come to the reception room for a short talk.

From the high school student point of view, it’s the so-called summoning.

Usually, it would be Torao Shigenobu who’s the chairman and another person.

Sadly, Torao was attacked by an intense abdominal pain and he wasn’t at the training ground at that time.

With that said, Niigaki was forced to take over Torao.

「It has it’s perks in a sense」

Niigaki walks with an expression filled with nervousness.

Eighty percent of his consciousness is directed to his classmate walking next to him.

A disciplinary girl who’s black hair is tied in a ponytail.

Long slit pupils narrows attractively and bangs that shine radiantly .

A healthy training wear that reminds him of the original world gym clothes.

The arms and legs peeking out gives a male high school fantasy a mass lump of sexual fantasies.

Looking at the classmate whose breast is the biggest among the girls sway aroundーNiigaki sighs inside his mind.

ーNo matter how you look at her, she’s really cute

For justice, for morals.

The righteous Kendo girl who protects the weak.

Her straight minded will is natural. Her grades and style are also excellent. On top of that, she’s a beauty.

In addition to her naturally well-shaped face, her dignified behavior and rich expression, her laugh is also cute.

Niigaki isn’t the only school boy who’s healed by her smile.

「What’s wrong, Niigaki? Is there anything on my face?」

In addition, her not noticing her own charm is also one of her moe points.

Though a female student who has the three requisites which is, clever, cute, and cool. If she realized it and boasted, the charm would wither.

Needless to say, Kanami’s popularity is unlikely to decline.

「No, nothing.」

「Is that so? If you feel sick then say it immediately. You seem to be staggering since a while ago. Even I can use some simple healing magicーah, but stamina can’t be recovered with it, right」

Staggering, Niigaki made a wry smile when he heard that word.

He’s not walking staggered because he’s tired nor drowsy.

Keeping a strange distance where their shoulders touch and not, he occasionally comes close pretending it’s a coincidence.

Casuallyーor rather, unconsciously, it’s been avoided at the brink of touching.

When he gathered his courage and reach out for her hand, her hand would be withdrawn at the exact timing and that also didn’t come true.

Her question just now is her half-noticing his trivial acts.

If it’s another high school girl they’d say, ‘don’t misunderstand’ or something provocative.

Inugami Kanami is the other party you would want to notice.

Embarrassed, he can’t show such a disgraceful appearance.

「I can use healing magic myself so I’ll be fine, So don’t worry」

All he could do is to be blunt and pretend that it’s nothing to mind about.


「Excuse me」

Entering the reception room, a strange sense of unease tortured Niigaki’s body.

A discomfort from an unpleasant chill, like his clothes were torn from behind.

Kanami seems to have felt the same thing and she covered her breast area unpleasantly.

「Somehow, I feel like my underwear was just taken off」


Niigaki strongly insisted in his heart that he doesn’t need to make a tsukkomi.

That’s better.

Do you have such experience? Niigaki looks at Kanami with doubtful eyes.

Her breasts, her firmly tight waist, Kanami’s just wrapped in a piece of clothing.

Just imagining it, standing upright becomes hard.

He deluded about Kanami’s unhealthy appearance.

The door was opened from the other side and made noise.


A beautiful woman appeared behind the door protected by several imperial knights.

A beautiful woman with a western style face and a thin blonde hair stretching to her waist.

Her sea-like eyes and red lips were very charming.

The mole under her chin brings the presence of her lips in and it’s very erotic.

Contrary to her fascinating appearance, her body is wrapped in a bright red dress, it’s not flattery if you call it surprisingly glamorous.

She naturally has an adult body compared to the women usually seen at town but, she doesn’t have that much suggestiveness compared to an overseas sexy actress.

Rather, the mole in her jaw might be much more erotic than her chest and waist.

Niigaki thought of her as unusual as it’s not her genital nor her limbs that are sexy.

「…Her ears seems long」

Kanami speaks up and Niigaki’s gaze goes naturally to the ears of the woman in red dress.

True, it seems that her ears are long.

He remembered a rare card with a high defense that came out in a certain TCG he was hooked during elementary days.

‘If I recall, this is what they call elf?’1

「Actually, my husbandーthe King usually comes in here but unfortunately, he’s not feeling well」

A person calling the king her husband.

Then this means that she’s the Queen of this country.

Niigaki and Kanami straightened their posture facing the queen.

But, the queen only said that far and she quietly shut her mouth.

「The queen’s body isn’t that strong as well. I will be the one to speak from now on」

A minister with good build stepped forward and looked at Niigaki and Kanami.

Niigaki didn’t miss his eyes that shook only for a moment.

By the way, this minister is on the faction who regards Kirishima Ran’s skill as danger. In addition, he’s quite a womanizer. It’s not exaggeration to say that all of the maids in the building have already been touched by him.

Niigaki felt displeasure from those eyes of the minister reflecting Kanami in her training attire.

But, Kanami herself is taking a dignified posture.

Is she not noticing his glance?

Or she’s used to that kind of eyes?

Niigaki would hate it if it’s the later.

「What is there to talk about?」

「It’s not such a big deal. As the queen says, the king’s physical condition isn’t very well. We would like you to depart as soon as possible. What is the current situation of the saints」

Niigaki tried to open his mouth but one of the knight run up to the minister and began to whisper.

Turning his gaze over them from time to time, he pointed at the parchment and nodded.

「…There seems to be no problem in the use of spirit magic. The treatment of fighting spiritーindividual differences are remarkable?」

In terms of magic, because they have individual skills, the speed of learning is strangely fast.

But, physicallyー As for the combat technique which uses the applied technology of using qi, there are a lot of stains who haven’t gotten used to it yet.

By the way, Kanami and Niigaki have cleared the use of spirit magic and releasing fighting spirit without problems.

Basically, their adaptability to the environment and the ability to learn new matter is high.

In contrary, a prime example for the students who are late to acquire fighting spirit, Torao Shigenobu would be listed first.

Torao Shigenobu who has a tiger-fication skill and Ryusaki Tsubasa who gained the dragon-fication skill use extraordinary stamina when using their skills.

Fighting spirit is something like a substitute for the body.

Pushing out the gap of the body with magic, hardening, and wearing outside of the body as a second one.

When running, jumping, hitting someome.

The fighting spirit helps the muscles in combat.

It’s possible to keep your stamina consumption to the limit.

And it seems that it’s somewhat incompatible with the skill specialized in hand-combat like Torao and Ryuzaki.

「Since there’s someone with reinforced recovery in the saints, they won’t be annihilated butー」

The minister stops speaking then cleared his throat to gloss it over.

「Well, the existence of the saints are considerable assets of this countryーthat’s a major fact. We don’t intend to send you to overthrow the Maou in a half-hearted state」

「We’re unworthy of those words」

Though his attitude is respectful, Niigaki is feeling slightly out of place from the behavior of the minister.

If you think about the King’s condition being not good, they would look in respect of being worried.

What was he trying to say before the atmosphere have changed?

ーAnnihilation. ‘I’m sure that I heard him say that’

Is it estimated that they would be failing to overthrow the demon lord’s army from the start?

Or is something bad going on without Niigaki and others knowing.

He had several doubts. Niigaki isn’t so foolish to speak about such question in that place.

Niigaki switched his head by throwing his doubt to the whirlpool of thought that won’t be answered.

「Is that all?」

「Oh, I would beー」


The elf queen raised her hands to stop the minister from speaking./

「Let me ask one thing」

An adorable voice like a bell dyes the reception room with a spring scenery.

The elf queen who have a mole under her mouth slowly rolled her long eyelashes and drew a thin arc with her mouth.

A glimpse of her sapphire eyes captured Niigaki Takeo.

Trembling for a moment, Niigaki retreated half-step.

「Are all the saints healthy? I think it’s the best for the young ones should get along and help each other out. When the relationship breaks, trust weakens as well, you’ll lose vigor. Isn’t that right?」

「Yes, that’s right」

Feeling strong distrust as if his mind is being peeked at, Niigaki looked down instinctively.

Help each other. Trust. Everyone’s healthy.

As if he’s being blamed for chasing out a certain someone.

Then strongly pressing that the fact never happened.

For Niigaki, it’s a fact that he’s somewhat relieved.

Niigaki wasn’t able to notice the change in Kanami’s face who stare at him with her mouth bent down on the corner in displeasure.

Unable to tolerate the feeling of his head being peeped through, Niigaki instinctively used his skill of creating an absolute defensive wall.

If the strange sensation is magic or something that actually invade inside Niigaki, he can completely deflect it with his skill. Or that should be the case.


「My my. Even though you look cool, that was surprisingly fast. But, you can’t do that」

A red tongue peeps from her ruby lips, the Queen elf closes her eyes sweetly.

Looking at her reaction, Niigaki clicked his tongue in his mind.

He came up with the reason why he felt doubt earlier.

Niigaki with an absolute defense wall and Kanami with her infinite cutting.

The two posses a terrific spec that can annihilate the both offensive yet incompetent knights alone.

It would be strange if the queen of the country appears in the reception room without preparing anything against the two people who are uncertain whether they can be trusted or not.

That’s the discomfort Niigaki felt when he first came to the room.

That feeling of his clothes being taken off was indication of his skill being taken off.

Entering this room, Niigaki Takeo and Inugami Kanami has been degraded to just a high school student who can use basic spirit magic and combat.

「…Inugami-san. Could you try to hit my shoulder for a bit?」

「Hm? I don’t mind but…」

Kanami lifted her sword from the sheath then hit Niigaki’s shoulder with the tip.

Normally, it’s an action regarded as an attack to Niigaki and the same pain should be reflected on Kanami’s shoulder.

「As expected, it’s not deflecting」

When it comes to the training ground or bedrooms he should be able to use his skill without difficulty.

Torao’s skill can be used also when he entered Kanami’s room.

He’s using his skill on the training grounds everyday without doubt.

No, rather, it’s his first time to experience this.

Looking around his surroundings doubtfully, the Queen elf smiled sweetly.

「Don’t be so impatient. It’s not something mysterious. The royal family has set up advanced barriers to seal unique magic skills in various places」

Various placesーit seems that it’s not the whole thing

However, it’s something natural.

If there’s no restriction on using skills on the place where the royal family lives, then;

The saints would be trapped in a place like prison and be forced to live a life with minimum necessity and common sense forced on them.

With them being able to live how they want, it’s probably troublesome for them to put barriers on places where it would be troublesome if they use skills.

Then, it would be better to give a tool to repel the skills from the start.

Well, something that convenient won’t be lying around.

「ーTherefore, don’t be arrogant even if you make a mistake」

「I’ll bear that in mind」

At the end of her speech, the queen, accompanied by a few servants disappeared on the other side of the door.

The gaze from the knights standing silently were painful.

Niigaki feels like he’s being looked down on.

Were they called this time with that intention?

Though they’re saints that match a thousand, they can’t be conceited under the royal palace.

ーI’m really glad Torao wasn’t there.

It was better for Niigaki himself to feel that experience.

Even if you hear it through words, you won’t know the actual feeling of being unable to use your skills.

ーI might not be liked by God. If you’re arrogant and conceited, you won’t get what you want.

Combing his hair, Niigaki sent Kanami a glance.

In a world where there’s no entertainment, there’s nothing more pleasurable than admiring women.

Ejaculating on the underwear of the person you desire is enough for once.

‘NextーI’d like to make Inugami Kanami herself to become my thing’

Wiping off the unpleasant gaze of the knights, his beloved enters his sight.

Kanami’s beauty purifies evil thoughts.

A black haired disciplinary girl who doesn’t know any defilement.

He’d like to see where this female student fall into lust first more than everyone.

Leaving the reception room, Niigaki tries to put his hand on Kanami’s shoulder quietly.

Once again, instead of casually touching her, his hand never reached Kanami.

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