Because I Was Excluded Out of the Class Transfer, I Decided to Steal My Classmate's Lover

Chapter 125: The story of boobs and boobs out of boobs
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Chapter 125: The story of boobs and boobs out of boobs

The healthy light-brown tanned skin contrasted very well when dripping the white liquid on it, no matter what it was.

It was not limited to semen, but could be substituted with various other things that looked like it, such as condensed milk, whipped cream or even vanilla ice cream, and the same could be said for breast milk.

Even the breast’s milk, which was full of female hormones, was crossed with the symbol of a sprightly woman with brown skin, making a leap forward in visual sensual expression. There was no need to foreshadow male-female relations.

Needless to say, Aya Mikoshiba, a brown-haired gal with a fake delinquent style, and Kanami Inugami, a black-haired ponytail swordfighter, both had healthy tanned skin.

Drips of gooey breast’s milk were tangled and glossy and shiny, tracing the excellent proportions. The dried, caked-on areas looked dirty and resembled a crude scar, but when Ran got closer to her face, the sweet smell wafted out mellowly, rather vulgarly and profanely stirring her lust.

Once again, the situation was tremendous.

Two of Ran’s classmates, big-breasted JKs, were both dripping with breast milk.

In normal school life, it was rare to see them.

Ran had once seen Kanami, whose lower stomach was bulging like a pregnant woman’s, and a kind of immoral inferiority complex, similar to that time, welled up inside Ran and crawled around his whole body.

“I should probably take my clothes off.”

Kanami’s breast milk was not so bad, but Aya’s breast milk was relatively thin and silky, which was probably why it flew quite far and made milk-white speckles on the floor nearby.

There was a possibility that she could be hit with fake breast’s milk while she was milking so it would be a hassle later if Ran’s clothes got dirty.

He deftly removed his uniform and stripped down to just his underpants. When he was ready, Ran confronted Kanami.

“How should I start this……?”

The hand bra that had been covering was gently slid off to expose the nipples.

The nipples, which had turned up somewhat, soared and were overflowing with a slightly viscous white fluid.

“It’s more sensitive than usual……Aah, and don’t go too hard.”

“I know.”

She ran her hands over the heavy breasts to check their condition.

Supported by Kanami’s arms, they were more firm than usual and stimulated direct lust.

Ran’s penis responded honestly and slowly pushed his pants up. Kanami, who didn’t have time to look down, didn’t seem to notice, but Aya, who was waiting next to her, gulped.

‘Should I milk it?’

Ran couldn’t squeeze it because it seemed so sensitive, and that was not to say that just tickling it would make it any easier for any length of time.

In order to estimate the degree of force, Ran traced the nipple ring with his fingertips.


A strange voice escaped Kanami’s mouth, not knowing where it was coming from.

Immediately afterwards, the thickest breast’s milk came out from the tip of the nipple and overflowed. After scooping it up with his fingertips, Ran slowly took it into his mouth.

“…… this”

A faint sweetness spread faintly.

“Is this what breast milk tastes like?”

Kanami’s ears turned bright red when he mentioned his impressions.

Surprisingly, it was not bad. Ran twirled the breast’s milk, which was overflowing with a piquant bubbling, around his finger and took it further into his mouth.

“R-ran, drunk by Ran…… My, my breast milk to Ran……”

Another thick drop of breat’s milk dripped from the tips of her nipples. Apparently, when she was sexually aroused, she became noticeably more likely to produce breast milk.

“Not very milk-like……It tastes different to what I thought it would taste like. It’s more like marshmallow…? No, what is this? It’s more like light whipped cream……”

If flavour alone were the only description, custard cream would be a suitable one, but Ran reconsidered that it would be impossible.

There was also residue of breast’s milk on Kanami’s arm, which supported the milk. Ran licked Kanami’s gooey arm. It tasted like custard cream.

“I bet Kanami’s breast milk tastes good.”

“Uhhhhhhhhhh -!!! Mooooooo -!!!!”

Kanami, who had remained silent, could no longer bear the predicament. Showing her reddened face, Kanami made a strange noise.

“So if that’s not breast milk then……! It’s like cream, it tastes like the nuts I just ate. It definitely doesn’t taste like breast milk!”

She seemed seriously embarrassed, but still showed no sign of refusing to be milked by Ran.

Kanami’s breast milk was sticky, and the sole on her arms and breasts was sticky and dripping.

What she couldn’t hold back also adhered to her waist and stomach, and a sweet scent was wafting from Kanami’s whole body.

As they had mentioned earlier, the milky white liquid secreted by the action of the nuts carried a creamy sweetness similar to the original sweetness.

It was not clear whether this feeling that had developed in Ran was sexual or appetising. But for sure, he strongly wanted to eat the classmate girl in front of him - Kanami Inugami.


He buried his face into Kanami’s breasts. The sweet smell enveloped her entire face.

Ran scooped out the breast’s milk, which was overflowing with thick, with his tongue directly. The feel of the soft tits and the sweet taste satisfied his taste buds.

‘Is this the real titty cream puff?’

“Hya, Ran … Anh! If you lick it like that …Ah, Hyan!”

Forgetting that he had been told they were sensitive, Ran rolled Kanami’s nipples around with the tip of his tongue.

The overflowing breast’s milk gained even more momentum, not only on the tip of Ran’s tongue, but also sliding and twisting around Kanami’s physique.

Chubu, Chupo

The sound of devouring tits reached her ears densely.

After tasting Kanami’s breast milk and pouring it down his throat, Ran hugged Kanami tightly in his arms.

“…… Ra, Ran?”

“No, Kanami. I can’t take it anymore.”

With the smell of milk in the air, Ran kissed Kanami deeply.

The sweet taste and wet tongue made her head spin.

“Chubu,Ran…… If you hug me that much,I’ll …… chup, chup-puh. If you hug me that much, my boobs, my boobs will rub against…”

In Ran’s arms, Kanami’s nipples still poured out breast milk.

“Kanami’s breast milk, warm and gooey……”

Ran slid his pants down, kicked them with his legs and released them in the corner of the room.

Kanami also hesitated a little before curling up and pulling her own underwear off her legs.

Kanami’s limbs, dripping with breat’s milk, were nice and warm and gooey.

Feeling the warmth, Ran’s penis became fully erect. The heated meat spear stuck to Kanami’s stomach and cried out for love to feel the soft flesh.

Breast’s milk dripping from her lower tits dripped onto the upturned tip with a Nuchu, nuch sound. Using the breast’s milk as a lubricant, Ran rubbed his hips against Kanami’s lower belly.


A string was pulled from the tip of her entwined tongue, and Kanami made a sweet sound.

With a maiden’s colour in her dignified face, Kanami bit her lip shyly.

“Ra,Ran…… ah. Aaa, if you rub that gooey stuff on me, I’ll …!”

“That gooey stuff, you mean……the one that you have produced from your own breasts…”

Looking at the breast, which was still dripping with breast milk, Ran pointed out in a nasty way.

The nipples stood out and asserted their presence strongly, with milk-white sloshing out of the tips.

It was as if the boiled milk had broken through the thin nipple and popped. The sticky cana milk slid down Ran and Kanami’s limbs and was sucked into the waist area.


Kanami’s face was painted the colour of blatant lust.

A dense, sweet scent. Was it because she had witnessed the reality of what Ran felt , using her own secreted breast milk as a lubricant.

“Ah …! Ah, annn”

Bikubiku, Kanami flooded her nipples to the brim with sticky milk.

The viscous milk dripped onto Ran’s body.

“…ah, hah. Uaaa, I’m ……Ran’s wet penis is…on mine.”

The erect penis, now gooey with breast milk lotion, was being pushed firmly against Kanami’s secret area.

Kanami’s hips, which were trying to escape, were pulled up against her. The sweet smell of her body was like candy, and the part of her that was faithful to her instincts was courted to the point of blatancy.

Kanami’s clitoris was stimulated by the homemade milk and she continued to lean her weight against Ran’s body.

Eventually, Kanami collapsed straight down and knelt in front of Ran.


In front of the soaring spear aimed at the heavens, Kanami stretched her nose lewdly.

The man’s testicles, swollen to the point of bursting, were sticky and gooey from the fresh milk.

The sweet taste of the breast milk mixed with the lewd smell of instinct, the embodiment of sexual desire, would have been tremendous.

“……mmN, mufuoo”

Slowly, Kanami devoured it.

She put her arms around Ran’s waist and held on tight to prevent him from escaping. She buried her face in the breast’s milk-covered spear and licked her tongue.

The soft, slimy tip of the tongue lubricated the heavy testicles. Kanami’s tongue licked up the back muscles, as if coating them with saliva.

It was as if she was licking off her own breast milk.

It was probably not a metaphor, but exactly what it sounded like. Kanami extended her tongue to Ran’s waist and thighs and began to carefully tickle the areas with traces of dripping milky white with the tip of her tongue.

A pleasant sensation, akin to an itching sensation, stirred around her waist as Kanami’s tongue crawled over him.

The ejaculation sensation, which was slowly creeping up, had reached just one step short of its limit.


Kanami caught the viscous milk overflowing from her nipples with both palms.

The clay of her homemade milk increased even more than before. The milk dripped heavily and did not stop, and when she could not catch it, it spilled out and made a speckled pattern on the floor.

The still overflowing breast milk was entwined with her fingers. Kanami’s hand, which had become slick with the milk, reached out to Ran’s crotch.


Gujyu, sticky sound.

Breast milk hand job. Using homemade milk as a lubricant, Ran’s penis was carefully wrapped.

Ran didn’t know if it was the effect of the nuts or if it was strictly breast milk. The male spear, on the verge of its limit, was covered in plenty of breast milk and spit out as much male milk as it could.

Buku, Byubu. The semen that came out so vigorously overflowed Kanami’s hands and splashed onto her face and breasts.

Her whole body was sticky with her breast milk and cum. She looked down at the residue which was still dripping gently, and smiled with satisfaction.


The breast milk produced by a female classmate was used as a lubricant, and he was given a hand job by the person who produced it.

Nutrients to nurture a child were squandered for temporary pleasure. And all for the sake of shooting in vain the seed that would carry new life.

What could be more immoral than this, based on the idea of the act of reproduction?

Semen splattered all over the palms of both hands mixed with the breast milk and connected Kanami’s fingers to Ran’s penis in a sticky thread.

Kanami, beaming with embarrassment, brought her sticky fingertips to her mouth and sucked on them with a churning, lewd sound.

A mysterious white muddy mixture of female and male milk. In a sense, was this also called male-female communion?

“Fufu, Sweet and bitter, very grown-up taste”

The mischievous look on Kanami’s face as she gazed upwards at Ran again brought agonising lust to the surface.

Her healthy brown skin was coloured with splattered breast milk, it smelled sweet and delicious.

In a double sense, in other words, Ran wanted to eat them. While observing the milk-soaked Kanami with a lustful look in her eyes, a fresh, warm liquid unexpectedly splashed onto Ran’s face.

When Ran put his hand over the wet area, a milky white liquid adhered to his fingers. It was breast milk.

“Bad Kirishima…… but I couldn’t hold back any longer either……”

Aya was staring at him with a sad face.

Her breasts, which were pressed tightly against her arms, looked slightly fuller than usual, and a deep abyss was carved in the valley where they had been pulled up.

Aya gritted her teeth and pulled and shuddered. Suddenly, as if she had raised a high-pitched voice, Aya suddenly bent over.

As her body shook , Aya’s nipples, which had been covered by her arms, popped open and were exposed.


In time with her scream, Aya’s nipples ejected a milky white liquid in puffs.

Unlike Kanami’s milk, which was somewhat viscous and dripped , Aya’s breast milk was secreted in a gush like a child’s water pistol.

“Kya,No! It won’t stop- Hya, Kya, Hyaan!”

She must have been holding back the whole time Ran was dealing with Kanami.

Aya held her breasts and tried desperately to stop her breast milk. The hand covering the nipple soon became full of breast milk, which soon dripped onto the floor.


“Uuu…… It’s not fair, dealing only with Inugami. I’m at my wits’ end too.”

Looking at Kanami. Her breasts were still overflowing with milk, but she seemed to have milked it all out earlier and did not appear to be in any pain.

Aya, on the other hand, looked as if she could hardly stand it, and the whole area around her was covered with scattered breast milk.

“I’m sorry… Then, I’ll milk Aya’s tits.”

Aya’s breasts turned upwards more than ever, and even the tip of her nipples stood up.

When Ran pulled them in from both sides, thin milky-white breast milk puckered from the nipples.

‘Was it too intense?’

Ran tried to support the breast a little more gently, scooping it up so that he could enjoy its chunky weight.


Ran kneaded Aya’s breast gently, carefully unwinding it. Again, thin breast milk dripped from the tips of her nipples.

Aya bit her lip, a little painfully.

‘Is she holding back? Or is she not producing as much milk as she would like?’

When Ran saw her, he thought she was a little hesitant because he had heard she was sensitive, but Ran brought his hands up to Aya’s areola and slowly squeezed her breast.


With a voice that rang out higher, Aya’s tits spurted out breast milk with great force.

The flying soles bounced up to Ran’s arms and breastplates. Aya’s breast milk was coming out, but it looked like it would be hard for her.

With her fingers, it was difficult to adjust the force. Ran, after thinking about it for a while, had some kind of flash of inspiration. He buried her face in Aya’s breast and licked the towering nipple with his tongue.


A creamy sweet taste, different from Kanami’s, spread over his tongue.

Ran put one of his hands on the other breast while his mouth on the other. The sweet, warm Aya’s breast milk gradually permeated his mouth.

“…Mmm,Nnkh, Chu, chuku … Hmm, hmm. Nkuh…”

Ran was sucking enthusiastically as if he was a baby. This was just like real breastfeeding play.

Sucking on a classmate’s tits and having her suckle directly on her freshly produced breast milk. The endless lewdness of the situation made Ran’s penis erect while sucking on her nipples.

“Ah, ah!Kirishima…Ah! Kirishima,boobs……boobs sucked.”

The oozing breast milk was licked and tasted with the tip of the tongue. Aya’s breast milk, which was slightly sweet and tinged with warmth, seemed to make Ran’s body warmer the more he tasted it.

Ran gently kneaded the upturned breast while sucking the nipple into his mouth.

He was careful not to set his teeth on them and received the nipples with pursed lips.



Aya’s voice, which was different from the charming voice that had been forced out earlier.

It was more relaxed. The movement of her hips, which had been wobbling and twitching, was now relaxed. The tension in her seemed to have relaxed and calmed down.

Aya’s breast milk overflowed as she let out such a happy voice.

Her milk overflowed with Pyukupyupu. The breast milk dripping from the upturned nipples splattered slightly, but poured down towards Ran’s oral cavity.

“Aa,aa…mm.Aa…Mnn. Kirishi,ma…Kirishi,Maaa…”

The sweet flavour of Aya’s milk filled his mouth. The thin, silky Aya’s milk slid down from the tongue to the back of the throat in a gentle caressing motion.

As Ran sucked on the milk, the strength of the secreted milk increased. At times, it spurted out so vigorously that he almost choked.

“……ku, nkk. Kuh, hmm. …… hmm.”

“Aaaa……Kirishima, Kirishima……My breast milk, Kirishima is drinking it……”

But Ran continued to suckle Aya’s breast enthusiastically, without any anguish on his face.

She looked at Ran sucking on her tits with such a full expression on his face.

‘How can I despise such a maiden’s heart like Aya?’

To tell the truth, Ran wanted to drink up all the breast milk Aya produced. But apparently, that was not going to happen.

There was only one breast that the Ran was sucking. The other breast was still secreting milk.

His fingers, who were rubbing them, were sloshing with Aya’s secreted breast milk. Aya took her hand and brought it to her mouth, tickling it and tracing between her fingers with the tip of her tongue.

“Kirishima…… I’m already …… over here too.”

When she removed her mouth from the breast, a milky white liquid dripped from the nipple.

As her eyes were caught up in what was going on, Aya put her hands on Ran’s shoulders and urged him to sit back down.

“Kirishima, my milk, you drank so much of it. …… This time, I will drink Kirishima’s milk,to…… o.”

Aya sank her hips as she straddled Ran’s thighs, who was sitting upright. Her pussy swallowed all the way to the back, neglecting any foreplay.

Aya seemed to be quite aroused by the breastfeeding play with her classmate.

“Ah, ah, ah! Kirishima, Kirishima Kirishima, Kirishima……”

Aya was clinging and rocking her hips enthusiastically, as if rubbing her limbs, which were sticky with breast milk.

The breasts swaying below were still dripping with the residue of breast milk that was not squeezed out. The raw, warm milk slid down and touched Ran’s lower belly.

The scent of dense milk made Ran feel a strange feeling swelling inside him something he had never felt before.

He was in the middle of having sex with his precious girl. He was about to be squeezed to death by the myriad folds that entwined around his dick. Even though the ejaculation sensation was still alive and well.

“…… dangerous! More than that, the smell of your boobs makes my head spin.”

A feeling of being drowned, in a sea of breast milk. Just as the boundary between fiction and reality was becoming blurred, Ran was presented with a new pair of tits in front of her.

It was Kanami’s breast.

“…… Kanami?”

“Sorry,Ran……I was watching Mikoshiba breastfeeding Ran and my boobs started to get all mushy……”

Kanami lightly unravelled her own breast and squeezed out the thick milk-white fluid.

The viscous Kanami milk dripped in front of Ran’s eyes in a faint string. It dripped heavily and coloured Ran’s already milk-covered body even more.

“I want to pour a lot of breast milk on Ran…… I know it’s a weird feeling, I know that, but I really want to do it while I still can……”

“Me too—Aaahhh. I feel strange when I put my boobs on Kirishima……aah, Auu”

Kanami and Aya. Thirsty dripping Kanami milk and silky dripping Aya milk. While being alternately doused with their breast milk, Ran did not resist the rising sensation and let his semen gush into the back of Aya’s vagina.

Like a slow emergence from a dense sea of breast milk. Ran had a full-body encounter with the mystery of life and released the seed of life with a calm, yet heart-filled feeling.

As soon as he ejaculated into the back of her vagina, the warm stuff landed on Ran’s shoulders and breasts.

Kanami pointed the tips of her nipples at Ran’s shoulders and dripped mother’s milk as if she were squeezing whipped cream.

Throbbing Kanami’s breast milk dripped down Ran’s shoulders and slid down her back.

Aya couldn’t stand it, so she pinched the tips of her nipples, and with a sizzle, she vigorously ejected her breast milk towards Ran’s breasts.

Biting her lip and desperately suppressing her voice, Aya’s face was, however, melted and distorted with pleasure, as if she was about to climax.

“… He, heiiiiii. I’ve made Kirishima’s body soaked with my tits.”

Aya, smiling with a dishevelled face, looked heartily satisfied and happily gazed at Ran’s breastplate to lower belly, which was now coated with her milk.

“I, too, have poured a lot of my breast milk on Ran. It’s also strangely exciting to milk the man you love.”

Kanami stroked Ran’s shoulders and back, smearing the breast milk as it slid down his back. It was a perverse love affair, but strangely, Ran was also amorous about the situation, perhaps hit by the scent of the milk.

“I ejaculated a lot of milk inside Aya’s vagina.”

“Right. My uterus was getting warmer and warmer…… I feel like I could really breastfeed at this point.”

Aya stroked her lower belly and smiled benevolently. Kanami looked at Aya with envious eyes, but her expression was not sulky because she had been excluded from the group, but with a passionate look of anticipation for what lay ahead.

Kanami’s hand caressing Ran’s shoulder changed to something more seducing. Aya, who had been stroking her lower belly, also noticed something, looked at her crotch, which was still connected, and throbbed happily.

“Apparently our prince hasn’t milked it enough yet.”

The three of them coloured each other with lewd milk and looked at each other expectantly.

Aya and Kanami were no longer afraid to show their tits, and they plucked their own nipples and poured milk on Ran without any hesitation.

The three made love amicably in a room filled with the scent of sweet milk, while their whole bodies were bedraggled with the overflowing breast milk.


“Ki, Kirishima-kun ……!”

In his hazy head, Ran thought he faintly heard someone’s voice.

That person put her hand on her heavy forehead and shook his body.

“Hey,Kirishima-kun! What’s wrong, What happened!”

Called out by a voice laced with impatience, Ran slowly clawed his way to the emerging consciousness and finally unearthed a clue to his awakening from his dreamy state.

Then, as soon as he recognised the owner of the voice, Ran jumped up in a panic.


“Good morning, Kirishima-kun.”

When he raised his body, Sayaka’s face was in front of him.

Through her glasses, her eyes reflected Ran’s surprised face in frustration.

“Mikoshiba-san and Inugami-san……What’s going on? Is he okay?”

Next door, Emi was talking to Aya and Kanami.

“What on earth has happened?”

Before he could dig up any memories, Ran realised he was down to his underpants.

“What, why, I’m like this ……”

“…Who knows. I felt sorry for the poor little guy, so I let you wear them……No matter how strong Kirishima-kun is, Yuri-chan and Emi-chan would feel awkward if they saw you bare like that.”

Sayaka’s cheeks turned peachy.

Sayaka’s lips pouted a little, and she continued in a reserved voice, whispering.

“Or you should be thanking me. I was embarrassed to put my trousers on Kirishima-kun, too……They were so big, it was hard to put them inside……”

While playing with the ends of her hair over and over with her hands, Sayaka blurted out a few words.

It seemed that she was being somewhat irresistibly immoral,embarrassed and awkward, even the quintessential Ran blushed unintentionally.

“T-thanks, Sayaka.”

“You’re welcome……What’s more, what happened? It’s like, there’s something really going on in the room.”

Awakened by Sayaka, Ran looked around with dim memories.

Seeing the devastation of the milky-white speckles spread all over the floor, Ran finally remembered everything.


Sayaka looked a little grim, her binoculars jittery and half-lidded over her glasses.

“I knew Kirishima-kun had something to do with it.”

“That’s right. With all this evidence, it’s impossible to be irrelevant!”

A cheerful voice was heard from behind Sayaka.

Yuri, with a sparkling face like a young child who had been given a new toy, came out of the back of Sayaka’s head.

“Well, I can understand Sayan’s disbelief. It’s amazing how many adolescent boys, no matter how adolescent they are, get the whole floor wet. I don’t know what kind of play Mikoshiba-san and Inugami-san gave you, but…… Kirishima-kun, you ejaculate too much. How much did you ejaculate?”

Muttering strange words like [confirmed pregnancy cum bath], Yuri bent down to the spot and extended her fingers towards the floor.

“Well, let’s start the crime scene investigation…”

Glancing over at Ran, Yuri grinned with hearty enjoyment and took her fingertips that touched the floor into her mouth.

“Pero, this is………This is…… thing? There’s something sweet about it.”

Licking her fingers, Yuri looked mystified.

The first to react to this attitude was none other than Aya and Kanami.

“Aaahhh! Fujiyoshi, don’t lick it any further!”

“Aaaa, never mind what it tastes like! That’s right, can you bring me something to wipe with, please? We’ll take responsibility for making sure it’s clean!”

Yuri looked stunned as they clutched their chests in enthusiasm.

“Wait, wait, wait! Why are Mikoshiba-san and Inugami-san embarrassed? Could it be something to do with the two of you? Or maybe it’s something the two of you put on! I can’t believe I licked it!”

Yuri was making a lot of noise, while Aya and Kanami were embarrassed with bright red faces.

Emi, who seemed not to be keeping up with the situation, says: “Ehh, ehh!”. Yuri, who had not fully grasped the situation, seemed to have made a big mistake.

Sayaka looked grim and gazed with jittery eyes at the milky-white speck stuck to the floor.

From the way she was secretly stroking her breasts, Sayaka seemed to have some idea of what had happened.

After a sigh of resignation, Sayaka quickly prepared cleaning supplies for the number of people in the room and began arranging them.

“Let’s clean up before the other girls come home. It’s hard when more people start asking questions, isn’t it?”

Aya and Kanami received a rag from Sayaka with a very apologetic look on their faces and began to carefully clean the area around them.

Neither of them mentioned anything else about the day, perhaps because the cause of this was a matter of breast


In any case, it was a bit of a challenge to clean up the mess before the other girls returned.

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