Because I Was Excluded Out of the Class Transfer, I Decided to Steal My Classmate's Lover

Chapter 11 : Inugami Kanami
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Chapter 11 : Inugami Kanami

ーWho’d have thought that she’d be the one to attack.

Ran thought while violating Kanami’s mouth with his tongue.

Ran was playing with Kanami’s mouth to make her starve for a kiss.

Though it’s not the same as Misuzu, Kanami was feeling enough pleasure from Ran’s touch.

Even if she’s cursing, she’s not pushing him away and picking up the sword.

This is because Kanami doesn’t want to hurt ranーshe didn’t have the will to attack.

It’s unknown what’s the difference from the two but anyway.

「If you feel that much pleasure from your mouth, it’s natural that you’d want to kiss」

Kanami who had her retainer level increased from taking a French kiss stares at Ran with her cheeks dyed red.

It’s obviously a complexion of love but her mouth’s turned down at the corners.

Kanami who’s black hair is tied ponytail and face filled with an amazing moe element glares at Ran’s face with a strong-willed expression.

It’s understandable that she’s angry at Ran but.

A girl squatting with a blushing face, sending an upward glance is a only a kind of a sexy pose.

It’s humiliating but, it’s a good figure.

「What disgrace…」

Ran instinctively expresses a half-smile as she throws up words just as he has thought.

Even though they had a French kiss, her heart is still not charmed yet.

Or is it that there are people that can be easily or hardly handled by the same skill.

「Do you hate kissing me that much?」

「…No. Even though I’ve despised Kirishima so much a while ago, I can’t help but feel loving you so much」

Saying that, Kanami fidgets her thighs.

Familiar with that gesture, Ran crouched in front of Kanami then reached out for her groin.

He inserts his hand to the skirt then caress in between Kanami’s crotch.

Kanami body twitches but there’s no sign of resistance.

Releasing his hand after touching it for a while, Ran’s fingertips were slightly damp.

She’s feeling it.

After kissing Ran, she’s only looking on the presence in front of her.

But, guessing from the wetness, I think she’s wet from a while ago.

What does that suppose to mean?

Kanami suddenly grabbed his arm as he rubs his wet middle finger.

Then she pulled it and made it caress Kanami’s cheek.

Kanami’s cheeks blush as she pout while rubbing Ran’s hands to her cheeks.

「I wonder why. Doing it like this feels really good. Even though I know it’s because of your skill」

Having his palm rub her cheeks feels really good but that alone can’t suppress ran’s excitement.

Even though he just did it with Misuzu a while ago, but since she used reinforced recovery in the end, it got erect.

He brought his face close and took Kanami’s lips again.

It’s soft and it smells good.

Turning her arms, Kanami’s tongue enters Ran stickily.

When Ran inserts his tongue the same way, Kanami’s body twitched.

He turned his arms like wise then violate her mouth.

Even if you repeat the French kisses, the retainer level won’t rise.

But, Kanami’s own feelings are different.

「…Aaah, this really feels good. It’s like a dream」

Kanami stares at Ran’s face ecstatically.

Even she knows that it’s because of his skills, the power used by the skill Retainer Training, isn’t pleasure to resist reason.

It’s not forcing her.

There’s no meaning even if one gets impatient.

Misuzu is Misuzu.

Kanami is Kanami.

Everyone has different things they want to do with their partner.

「Can you be satisfied with just a kiss?」

To those words, Kanami reacts with a face like a mischievous child.

She can’t.

Even though he’s someone she’s bearing a grudge with, the boy in front of him is the person Kanami dearly loves.

I wonder why I fell to a guy like that, that’s the feeling.

That said, if they just stare at each other, the situation won’t change.

Ran embraced Kanami’s whole body and glued their bodies together.

Her splendid curves can be understood even on top of her clothes.

After the French kiss, hugging a pretty girl classmate, Ran’s penis grows inside his pants.

He sticks out his waist and presses it on Kanami’s crotch.


A small voice leaks out of Kanami’s mouth, then her force hugging Ran strengthens.

Ran strokes the crotches, caressing the ups and downs over the uniform.

The touch feels different from Misuzu.

It’s a flat stomach with built up muscles, the twin hills crushed by the sarashi has quite the size.

「Wearing a sarashi, that’s boring」

「… Today was just a coincidence. I usually wear something cute」

「Oh, so the cheap panties are for today only too?」

「That’s! That’s because it’s the underwear bought from this world! It’s impossible to afford the underwear I usually wear…」

「Hmm, why?」

When Ran asked, Kanami averts her eyes, finding it hard to speak.

She can’t lie because of Retainer training.

Though it’s a bad habit of forcing hobbies, but depending on the reason, Ran will change his ways.

For example, if she got it soaked because she did it alone, he thinks of asking her to bring it without washing this time.

If the reason is girl related, then don’t pursue it deeply.

Even Ran has more or less discretion from some common sense(although it’s failing)

「…It’s dirty」

「Ah, if it’s hard to tell men then don’t say any further」

「Someone stole my underwear and smudged it with dirty liquid on the important parts」


Kanami looks at Ran with tears floating in the corner of her eye.

It’s different from the normal anger or hate.

They’re sad eyes seeking help.

Kanami’s protecting the schoolgirls even if she has to sacrifice herself.

She announced candidacy as a member of disciplinary committee and tried to remove the problems outside the class.

Surely, she’d like to tell someone about what just happened.

But she can’t.

She’s someone who should protect, not the one to be protected.

That’s what her heart is set on.

「It was painful wasn’t it?」

「…Yes, it felt so painful, so sorrowful」

The treasured cloth that protects Kanami’s important parts.

That was violated by someone she doesn’t know.

It’s unforgivable.

Someone putting their mark on Kanami before Ran.

「Did you wear that pantie already?」

「No way. I washed it thoroughly and left it」

Of course.

Okay, then that’s good.

Staring at Kanami, Ran pulled down his pants and underwear.

Ran’s penis who’s hard enough shows itself going against the gravity.

Kanami’s gaze turned to his penis then raised a lovely scream.

He thought of the same thing when he did it with Misuzu but the scream might become a habit.

「What a thing to show after this flow. Hurry up and put it away!」

Covering her eyes with her hand, Kanami backs off.

Even if she hides her eyes and face that’s blushing, her lovely eyes doesn’t move it’s gaze away from Ran’s penis.

Her mouth opening and closing is very cute.

「I will overwrite Inugami-san」


Kanami doesn’t have to endure being tainted by the semen who she doesn’t know where it came from.

It seems that she hasn’t worn it yet but it won’t stay like that in the future.

Before that, Ran will color Inugami Kanami with his own color with his own hands.

「Rather than that, Kirishima… Showing such a thing to a girl classmate. A-Are you not embarrassed?」

「Hm? Not at all. Want me to bring it closer?」


Sticking out his waist, he shows his erect penis before Kanami’s eyes.

though Though Kanami’s cheeks are flushed, she stares at Ran’s penis out of curiosity.

From her reaction, it’s her first time to see one.

「…C-Can I touch it?」

Answering consent, Kanami timidly touches Ran’s penis.

The soft and cold fingers stroking his penis raises the prepuce.

When his penis twitched more than she expected, Kanami retracted her hand in surprise.

「I-It moved」

Of course it will. It’s a part of a body.

Each of her reactions are cute.

It makes me want to tease her more.

Holding Kanami’s head with both hands, he brought his hips closer.

The tip of the penis touches the soft plump lips.

He pushed his waist after then the penis slides inside Kanami’s mouth.

As soon as he insert it to the mouth filled with saliva, pleasure runs through his spine like electricity.

「ー!? W-What are you doing?!」

「I want a fellatio. Inugami-san, I’d like you to lick my penis.」

「…T-The thing Nekoyama-san did earlier?」

Though she showed hesitation for a while, Kanami started rolling Ran’s penis in her mouth.

Does she not want to taste the penis’ flavor, she’s hanging down a lot of saliva on the edge of her mouth.

The swordswoman drools a lot while filling her mouth with his penis.

It’s much lewder than a normal fellatio.

「Kuh, what disgrace」

「That’s what you say but aren’t you quite intense on using your mouth?」

She’s speaking disgust with a sullen look but, Kanami’s fellatio is really devoted.

She’s licking really good you won’t think it’s her first time, the feeling of being wrapped in a lot of saliva and mouth feels good.

I instinctively want to let it out but sadly, let’s have it for the next time.

「Inugami-san, you’re absurdly good at licking」

「Shut up. You’re just saying that I’m like a dog. I’ll bite you」

「Isn’t that a dog’s act?」

However, enjoying Kanami’s mouth has to end.

Ran pulls out his penis that’s being loved plenty by Kanami’s mouth slowly.

When he pulls it out, a light thread connects the tip of penis and Kanami’s mouth

「Are you done already? You’re unexpectedly modest」

「There’s no way we’d end here. The real one’s here」

He grabbed the ankle of Kanami who’s greatly obedient through the pleasure then rolled her down.

Then he covered on top of her and kissed her soft cheeks.

He inserts his hand in her skirt then removed her moist panty slowly.

Kanami’s blushing but she’s not resisting.

「Who would’ve thought that my first partner would be you, Kirishima」

「You hate it?」

Kanami turned her face away from his mean question.

Even if she can’t lie, she can still stay quiet.

「Well, there’s no need to tell me if I can just look down there」

「…! Kirishima, you p-pervert」

Touching the crotch where he took the panty off, it feels wet enough from love nectar.

Just from a light touch, Kanami’s pot is already filled with honey.

If she reacts this much then there’s no need to speak.

「T-Then, let’s begin」

「B-Be gentle」

Of course, Ran reached out for Kanami’s twin hills.

Because it’s crushed by the sarashi, it doesn’t feel soft.

Every time his palm crawls, Kanami’s body twitches cutely.

Even though she can let out her voice

「S-Should I take off the sarashi?」


It would be troublesome if he just pulled it badly and her nipples got wounded.

It’s better to be left to Kanami who’s the one wearing it.

Hearing a rustling sound, Kanami’s twin hills suddenly rushed up.

Ran instinctively stares at the unreal spectacle.

It’s a scene that reminds him of a volcanic eruption.

Misuzu’s words were right.

Kanami’s breasts are quite large.

「…Don’t stare at it too much. It’s embarrassing」

The shadow of a protrusion appears from the thin uniform.

Because of the embarrassment, she brings her arm in her chest then her twin hills swell even further.

Furthermore, there’s nothing underneath I think.

「…Hya! D-Don’t massage it suddenly!」

I massage Kanami’s breasts on top of her sailor uniform.

If you push it a bit, it’ll change shape then push back.

It’s quite elastic.

You can do anything as you like, Ran’s is in danger of keeping his reason.

「I’ll take it off right now. Let go of your hand, Hmm…」

Holding back her sweet voice, Kanami tries to pull up the hem of her sailor uniform.

Her navel with a vertical muscle forged appears but, Ran stopped it.

「You don’t need to take it off. I’d like to do Inugami-san while wearing uniform」

「I-Is that so…?」

No-bra no-panty uniform girl is an experience not done easily.

Especially Kanami, who’s high school girl atmosphere is sexy.

I want to violate her while in school uniform.

「Could it be, you want to take it off?」

「No, that’s not the case…」

「You’ve got a lewd body after all. I understand」

「…! As expected, you’re a pervert!」

Even if she keeps cursing ‘pervert, pervert’, Kanami didn’t seem to hate the situation in particular.

Is she hiding embarrassment?

Well, if she doesn’t hate it then there’s no need to hesitate.

He spread Kanami’s crotch then pushed his waist to the hole.

After confirming that both of them are firmly wet, Ran pushed his penis in Kanami’s crack.

It entered more smoothly than Misuzu.

The relief was only for a moment.

When he pushed it, a small cry of pain leaked out from Kanami’s mouth.

Though it’s the proof that it’s her first time, Kanami shows an attitude where it’s nothing then she shows an utmost smile towards Ran.

「Ha, haa… T-This is quite pleasurable」

The penis swallowed up to the root is stimulated by Kanami’s body temperature.

Blushing, Kanami pretends to be tough.

That devoted expression further rises Ran’s arousal.

The black haired ponytail female swordsman holds her mouth with the sleeve of her sailor uniform and stares at Ran’s face with moist eyes.

Her strong willed gaze is completely melting down from the tension.

Only Ran can see the form of Kanami who’s touched dignified.

「A-Are you done? It’s surprisingly not a big deal」

「No way, we’re just getting started」

Though she’s saying that, Ran doesn’t have intention of scaring her nor the hobby of purposely making her in pain.

Slowly moving inside her vagina, trying to piston it without hurry.

Just a slight movement makes Kanami’s body twitch.

Contrary to her strong figure, her reaction’s are quite cute.

「Are you okay? Just say if it hurts」

「Who would, fuu, kuh… There’s no way it hurts」

Unlike Misuzu in a different meaning, Kanami’s the type that devotes herself.

She probably thinks that if she says it hurts then Ran won’t be able to let it out in peace.

Thinking as he move inside Kanami, she suddenly turned her arms on his back.

Then she embraced him tightly and pushed her breasts against his chest.

It’s absurdly soft.

「Who cares about the process, I love Kirishima and can’t endure it. I don’t want to be a woman who holds back her beloved!…Kuun」

Whispering on his ear, her body twitched and bends.

Even among the same person who received the retainer training, there’s so much difference.

Making herself secondーKanami exposes her true nature of thinking of other’s as priority.

She subdued her own ego for the person she admitted she liked.

It’s an intolerable personality for someone she likes but, Ran’s different.

「InugaーKanami. You don’t need to hold back, you can let out your voice, if it hurts then say that it hurts」

If that’s Kanami’s natureーif it goes naturally then Ran will accept it.

But he thought that if it’s painful then he doesn’t want her to do it if possible.

He didn’t want to intentionally bother her.


「It’s okay. Also, I get fired up when I hear a cute scream」

「You’re really a pervert」

「I don’t mind being a pervert」

Rubbing his chest to her breasts over her uniform, he thrust his waist forward.

Piercing Kanami’s vagina, she leaks out a voice from her mouth.

「…nn, Haa」

Holding her fingertip in her mouth, Kanami turned her moist eyes towards Ran.

That reaction makes his spine shiver.

Power naturally enters his waist, the speed stirring her vagina also increases.

「Nn… ah, wait, nn, intense, nnnnnn!!」

Kanami’s genital that’s swallowing Ran’s penis has love nectar overflowing like saliva.

Kanami’s breasts that hits his chest is now pointing towards the sky.

It’s soft even though it’s over the uniform.

Ran’s arousal accelerates further.

「Does it still hurt?」

「Ah, nnn! I-It’s okay now. Ah, but, something’s…nn!?」

Clearly, a different reaction from before.

A scream different from pain.

That was a lovely scream from pleasure.

Suddenly, the root of the penis is tightened up.

The sudden stimulation running up Ran’s waist gives the illusion of the semen being sucked up from his testicles.

「ー! Kiriーran, something, suddenly, amazing!」

Kanami’s thighs coil around Ran’s back.

Kanami holds Ran tightly then uses her arms and legs to firmly wrap Ran’s body.

Though she’s a school girl, Kanami’s an ace in the athletic club.

Ran’s embraced by the power that will never let him go, drowning in the pleasure beyond imagination, her body loses strength.

The pressed breasts and the tightened penis.

Ran who’s turned to a hugging pillow has reached his limit without making any movements.

「Au, KanaーKanami!」

The pure white torrent gushes out and the hot things overflow inside Kanami’s vagina.

Kanami starts losing her consciousness at the moment the cloudy liquid comes out.

The sensation of her stomach melting down, the strange feeling attacking Kanami, the certain pleasure runs in Kanami’s whole body

「ー!? Hyaa, h-hot! So hoot!」

The vagina stirred by the penis twitches then Kanami strengthens her embrace.

Her standing nipples rub with the uniform, electric current runs through her spine to her waist.

Her body bent for a moment then she raised a happy voice.

「Fu, fuu, fukyuuuuuuuuuuー!?」

Holding Ran’s back, her thighs holds his waist firmly.

She feels like if she doesn’t hold to something, she’ll lose consciousness.

Her lovely face surface as her vision shakes.

Breathing in pleasure, Kanami turned her hot gaze to the boyーKirishima Ran.

Just staring at him, her heart beats faster, she’s excited.

She doesn’t care if it’s from the skill or not.

Kanami loves Ran very much.

Even if it’s a false affection, she can’t disobey that feeling.

For Kanami now, Ran is her life itself.

「R-Ran. …I love Ran the most in the world」

Inugami Kanami surrendered perfectly after collapsing from the climax.

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